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The Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications


October 11 - 16, 2015 - St. Julians, Malta

Preliminary Program

InfoWare 2015

ICCGI 2015 / ICWMC 2105 / VEHICULAR 2015 /
INTERNET 2015 / COLLA 2015 / INTELLI 2015 / HUSO 2015 / InManEnt 2015

Conference Venue Location
Conference Hotel
Le Méridien St Julians Hotel and Spa
39 Main Street · Balluta Bay · St Julians STJ 1017 · Malta
Phone: (356) 2311 0000

Conference rooms
Time slots

Room A

Room B

Room C

Room D

Sunday, October 11


Registration starts
The registration desk is located in front of the conference rooms
Opened during the entire conference

14:00 - 16:30

Tutorial I

Software Reuse and Reusability based on Requirements
Prof. Dr. Hermann Kaindl, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

16:30 - 16:45


16:45 - 18:30

Tutorial II

Communication and Security in Current Industrial Automation
Dr. György Kálmán, mnemonic AS, Norway


19:00 - 20:00

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, October 12

09:00 - 09:15

Opening session

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Content Distribution in Wireless/5G Environments
Prof. Dr. Eugen Borcoci, University "€œPolitehnica"€ Bucharest, Romania

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30

Panel on  ICCGI / COLLA

Topic: Challenges in Knowledge Sharing

Dan Tamir, Texas State University, USA

Dieter Kranzlmüller, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), Germany
Hermann Kaindl, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
Brian Thoms, California State University, Channel Islands, USA
Dan Tamir, Texas State University, USA

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





Tuesday, October 13

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Intelligent Manufacturing in the Past, Present and Future
Prof. Dr. Leo van Moergestel, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30


Topic: Challenges on Security and Trust in Mobile Environments

Josef Noll, University Graduate Center (UNIK), Norway

Pascal Urien, Télécom ParisTech, France
Markus Ullmann, BSI, Germany
Josef Noll, University Graduate Center (UNIK), Norway

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




InManEnt 3

Wednesday, October 14

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Collaborative Activity and New Augmented Spaces
Prof. Dr. Pierre Leclercq, University of Liege, Belgium

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30

Panel on INTELLI/InManEnt

Topic: Intelligent Production Agents

Gil Gonçalves, FEUP, Portugal

Norbert Link, University of Applied Sciences - Karlsruhe, Germany
Oleksandr Sokolov, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
Ingo Schwab, University of Applied Sciences - Karlsruhe, Germany
Leo van Moergestel, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
Gil Gonçalves, FEUP, Portugal

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 – 18:30

Industrial presentation on  IQRF
Vladimir Sulc, Microrisc, s.r.o., Czech Republic



20:00 - 23:00


Thursday, October 15

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Digital Inclusion for Sustainable Developments
Prof. Josef Noll, Basic Internet Foundation and University of Oslo/UNIK, Norway

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30


Topic: Data Analytics over Internet: Capturing Humans' Behavior

Dirceu Cavendish, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Bourret Christian, University of Paris East, France
Linda Pfeiffer, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Josef Noll, University Graduate Center (UNIK), Norway
Dirceu Cavendish, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Jan Radil, CESNET, Czech Republic

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 18:00


Friday, October 16

Recommended tourist objectives to be visited on your own:
Malta Classic Tours
Valletta, The Capital
Mdina Medieval City
Marsalokk Fishing Village
Hagar Qim Temple
Tarxien Temple
Gozo Island



ICWMC 2015, The Eleventh International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications

ICWMC 1: Wireless and mobile technologies
Session chair: Erkki Laitinen

Light Fidelity (LiFi) - The New Wireless Communication System
Olivier Bouchet, Maryline Lebouc

An Improved Unambiguous CBOC Signal Tracking Scheme in the Galileo System
Sunghyuk Woo, Keunhong Chae, Huaping Liu, Seokho Yoon

Level Crossing Rate of System with Macrodiversity and Three Branches Microdiversity Reception in Gamma Shadowed Rician Fading Channels
Danijela Aleksic, Dragana Krstic, Nikola Vučić, Muneer Masadeh Bani Yassein, Piotr Zwierzykowski

On the Design of a Radio Numerology for 5G Wide Area
Gilberto Berardinelli, Klaus Pedersen, Frank Frederiksen, Preben Mogensen

A Comparative Study on Mobile Content Delivery Networks
Mohammad H Al Shayeji, Sa’ed Abed, Aisha E Bourahma, Mault D Samrajesh

ICWMC 2: Wireless and mobility
Session chair: Dragana Krstic

Trilateration Technique for WiFi-Based Indoor Localization
Veli Ilci, V. Engin Gulal, Reha Metin Alkan, Huseyin Cizmeci

An Approach for Network Selection Based on Artificial Neural Networks in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments
Pablo Rocha Moreira, Claudio de Castro Monteiro, Mauro Henrique Lima de Boni, Fabiana Ferreira Cardoso

Extending the OSS in LTE-Advance Network to Support Dynamic Resource Allocation
Ronit Nossenson

Application of the Conditional Gradient Method to Optimal Allocation of Total Network Resources
Erkki Laitinen, Igor Konnov, Aleksey Kashuba

Towards a New Generation of NFC Secure Mobile Services
Pascal Urien

ICWMC 3: Evaluation of wireless networks
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

Application Benchmark for Cellular Backhaul Network
Mandana Bekhouri, Ronit Nossenson

Throughput Analysis of Full Duplex Communication with Asymmetric Traffic in Small Cell Systems
Nurul H. Mahmood, Gilberto Berardinelli, Preben Mogensen, Frank Frederiksen

IWO Based Adaptive Algorithm for Packet Scheduling Problem
Jan Dziergwa, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak

ICWMC 4: Wireless and mobile network deployment
Session chair: Roee Nevo

Basic Internet: Mobile Content Delivery to Everyone
George Suciu, Geaba Alin Nicusor, Iñaki Garitano, Josef Noll

Frequency Hopping for Fair Radio Resources Allocation in TVWS
Mohamed Hamid, Niclas Björsell

ICWMC 5: Wireless communications basics
Session chair: Mohamed Hamid

CSMA/CA-RBT: A Novel Media Access and Power-Saving Mechanism for M2M Communications
Chung-Ming Huang, Rung-Shiang Cheng, Tzung-Han Tu

A 26μW, Two-stage VCO and Mixer for Direct DPSK Conversion in MedRadio
Ilya Chigrev, Predrag Spasojevic, Jeffrey Walling

Connectivity-Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ronit Nossenson, Roee Nevo


ICCGI 2015, The Tenth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology

ICCGI 1: Networking technologies
Session chair: Stefan Jablonski

Towards Migration of User Profiles in the SONIC Online Social Network Federation
Sebastian Göndör, Felix Beierle, Evren Kücükbayraktar, Hussam Hebbo, Senan Sharhan, Axel Küpper

Active Intrusion Management for Web Server Software: Case WordPress
Patrik Paarnio, Sam Stenvall, Magnus Westerlund, Göran Pulkkis

Idea for Location and Detection of Fiber Cuts in PON
Mary Luz Mouronte López

Security Implications of Software Defined Networking in Industrial Control Systems
Gyorgy Kalman

An Authorisation and Access Control Framework for Information Sharing on the Semantic Web
Owen Sacco, John G. Breslin

ICCGI 2: Digital information processing
Session chair: György Kálmán

Facial Part Effects Analysis using Emotion-evoking Videos: Smile Expression
Kazuhito Sato, Momoyo Ito, Hirokazu Madokoro, Sakura Kadowaki

A Color Constancy Model for Non-uniform Illumination based on Correlation matrix
Takashi Toriu, Mikiya Hironaga, Hiroshi Kamada, Thi Thi Zin

A Semantic Representation for Process-Oriented Knowledge Management to support Production Planning based on Function Block Domain Models and a Three-level Mediator Architecture
Benjamin Gernhardt, Franz Miltner, Tobias Vogel, Holger Brocks, Matthias Hemmje, Lihui Wang

ICCGI 3: Modeling
Session chair: Matthias Hemmje

On The Idle Time Model In Computer Networks
Saulius Minkevicius, Edvinas Greicius

Application of a Models Integration Module to the Cutting Slabs Problem in a Continuous Casting Machine
Konstantin Aksyonov, Anna Antonova, Elena Smoliy, Eugene Sysoletin, Alexei Sheklein

An Idea On Infinite Horizon Decision Support For Rule-based Process Models
Michaela Baumann, Michael Heinrich Baumann, Stefan Jablonski

Integrating Crime Data by the Use of Generic Data Models
Dirk Frosch-Wilke, Lennard Scheffler

ICCGI 4: Software development and deployment
Session chair: Lili Liu

Finding Potential Threats in Several Security Targets for Eliciting Security Requirements
Haruhiko Kaiya, Shinpei Ogata, Shinpei Hayashi, Motoshi Saeki, Takao Okubo, Nobukazu Yoshioka, Hironori Washizaki, Atsuo Hazeyama

Using ODA Method and FOIL Algorithm to Determine Organizational Agility Level
Gusts Linkevics, Uldis Sukovskis

Optimising Development Process and Software Maturity through eScience Partnerships
Dieter Kranzlmüller, Matti Heikkurinen

ICCGI 5: Mobile and intelligent techniques
Session chair: Dan Tamir

Health Professional Students’ Acceptance of Mobile Information Communication Technologies for Learning - a Study Using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)
Lili Liu, Shaniff Esmail, Elizabeth Taylor, Adriana Maria Ríos Rincón, Antonio Miguel Cruz

Web Service Selection Based on Integrated QoS Assesment
Olga Georgieva, Dessislava Petrova-Antonova

Does the Integration of the Concept of Rapid Instructional Design in Project Management Approaches Support the Efficient Realisation of E-learning Projects?
Michal Kuciapski

On Behavioral Process Model Similarity Matching: A Centroid-based Approach
Michaela Baumann, Michael Heinrich Baumann, Stefan Jablonski

ICCGI 6: Optimization and performance
Session chair: Mikchal Kuciapski

Energy-Efficient Thread Migration via Dynamic Characterization of Resource Utilization
Claudia Alvarado,, Dan Tamir, Apan Qasem

Evaluating Neural Network Methods for PMC-based CPU Power Prediction
Mario Gutierrez, Dan Tamir, Apan Qasem

Evaluation of Heuristic Algorithms for Solving a Transportation Problem
Kacper Rychard, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Dawid Zydek, Leszek Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak


INTERNET 2015, The Seventh International Conference on Evolving Internet

INTERNET 1: Internet performance, monitoring and control
Session chair: Jan Radil

Impact of Router Security and Address Translation Mechanisms on the Transmission Delay
Dominik Samociuk, Blazej Adamczyk, Andrzej Chydzinski

A Simple Passive Method to Estimate RTT in High Bandwidth-Delay Networks
Iria Prieto, Mikel Izal, Eduardo Magana, Daniel Morato

Congestion Avoidance TCP Improvements for Video Streaming
Dirceu Cavendish, Kazumi Kumazoe, Gaku Watanabe, Daiki Nobayashi, Takeshi Ikenaga, Yuji Oie

AccessWeb Barometer - A Web Accessibility Evaluation and Analysis Platform
Ramiro Gonçalves, José Martins, Frederico Branco, Jorge Pereira, Carlos Peixoto, Tânia Rocha

Session Management of a Variable Video Rate Streaming Session over Multi-Channel Networks
Rachel Behar, Yael Samet, Ronit Nossenson

INTERNET 2: Advanced internet mechanisms
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

Optical Last Miles for Research and Education in the Czech Republic
Jan Radil, Lada Altmannová, Ondřej Havliš, Miloslav Hůla, Stanislav Šíma, Josef Vojtěch

FPGA Based TCP Session Features Extraction Utilizing Off-Chip Memories
Satoshi Fuchigami, Hajime Shimada, Yukiko Yamaguchi, Hiroki Takakura

Reliable Assurance Protocols for Information Systems
Mahalingam Ramkumar, Somya Mohanty

An Investigation of a Factor That Affects the Usage of Unsounded Code Strings at the End of Japanese and English Tweets
Yasuhiko Watanabe, Kunihiro Nakajima, Haruka Morimoto, Ryo Nishimura, Yoshihiro Okada


INTELLI 2015, he Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications

INTELLI 1: Intelligent human-computer interaction systems
Session chair: Olgierd Hryniewicz

Modelling Communicative Space.From Human Communication to Conversational Agents
Mare Koit, Haldur Õim

Low-level Automation as a Pathway to Appropriate Trust in an Intelligent PED Enterprise: Design of a Collaborative Work Environment
Michael Jenkins, Arthur Wollocko, Martin Voshell, Mike Farry

Evaluation of Visual Impression of Delayed Movement of Avatar while Exercising
Taeko Tanaka, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Sho Yokota

INTELLI 2: Intelligent applications and systems
Session chair: Haldur Oim

On the Robustness of Regression Type Classifiers
Olgierd Hryniewicz

Bio-inspired Design of High-speed Transmission Line
Moritoshi Yasunaga, Ikuo Yoshihara

Evaluation and Monitoring for Disaster Management
Alexander Ryjov

G-Form: A New Approach for Visual Interpretation of Deep Web Form as Galaxy of Concepts
Radhouane Boughammoura, Lobna Hlaoua, Mohamed Nazih Omri

INTELLI 3: Intelligent agents
Session chair: Alexamdr Smirnov

Experimental Analysis of Black Virus Decontamination by DisJ
Jie Cai

Multi-Agent Technology in Real-time Intelligent Resource Management Systems
Igor Mayorov, Petr Skobelev

Modeling the Dynamics of Insulin-Glucose Subsystem Using a Multi-agent Approach Based on Knowledge Communication
Sebastian Meszyński, Oleksandr Sokolov

Multicast Routing for High-Quality Multimedia Environments: Deployment and New Problems
Pavel Troubil, Hana Rudova, Petr Holub

INTELLI 4: Formal ontology and semantics
Session chair: Diala Jomaa

An Iterative Method for Enhancing Text Comprehension by Automatic Reading of References
Amal Babour, Fatema Nafa, Javed Khan

Crowdsourcing-Based Multi-Layer Automated Ontology Matching: An approach and Case Study
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Nikolay Teslya, Alexey Kashevnik

Object-Oriented Communication Model for an Agent-Based Inventory Operations Management
Rafal Cupek, Adam Ziebinski, Lukasz Huczala, Daniel Grossmann, Markus Bregulla

Granular Meta-Ontology and Extended Allen’s logic: Some Theoretical Background and Application to Intelligent Product Lifecycle Management Systems
Valery B. Tarassov, Alena V. Fedotova, Rainer Stark, Baurzhan S. Karabekov

INTELLI 5: Intelligent robotics
Session chair: Rafal Cupek

A Lightweight Simulator for Autonomous Driving Motion Planning Development
Tianyu Gu, John Dolan

A NAO-based Intelligent Robotic System for a Word Search-like Game
Víctor Lobato-Ríos, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez, José Martínez-Carranza

LQG Control of a Two-Wheeled Mobile Pendulum System
Ákos Odry, Ervin Burkus, Péter Odry

INTELLI 6: Hybrid artificial intelligent systems
Session chair: Steffen Scholz

Estimation of Nuclear Reactor Vessel Water Level in Severe Accidents Using Cascaded Fuzzy Neural Networks
Man Gyun Na, Dong Yeong Kim, Kwae Hwan Yoo, Geon Pil Choi

Prediction of Golden Time Using SVM for Recovering SIS in Severe Post-LOCA Circumstances
Man Gyun Na, Kwae Hwan Yoo, Dong Yeong Kim, Ju Hyun Back

Automatic Trigger Speed for Vehicle Activated Signs using Adaptive Neuro fuzzy system and ClassificationRegression Trees
Diala Jomaa, Siril Yella, Mark Dougherty

InManEnt 1: Optimization and control of production systems and lines I
Session chair: Susanne Ficher

Process Chain Optimization using Universal State and Control Features
Melanie Senn, Ingo Schwab, Norbert Link

Application of Tast-to-Method Transform to Laser Seam Welding
Jürgen Pollak

Globally Optimized Production by Co-operating Production Agents Based on Bellmans Principle
Norbert Link

SMARTLAM - A Modular, Flexible, Scalable, and Reconfigurable System for Manufacturing of Microsystems
Steffen Scholz, Matthias Plasch, Hannes Limbeck, Tobias Iseringhausen, Markus Dickerhof, Andreas Schmidt, Tobias Müller, Christian Woegerer

InManEnt 2: Optimization and control of production systems and lines II
Session chair: Ingo Schwab

Process State Observation Using Artificial Neural Networks and Symbolic Regression
Susanne Fischer

Efficient Implementation of Network-enabled Devices into Industrial Environment
Martin Kasperczyk, Eileen Ridders

Optimizing Product Paths in a Production Grid
Leo van Moergestel, Erik Puik, Daniel Telgen, John-Jules Meyer

InManEnt 3: Cooperation and communication in manufacturing environments
Session chair: Martin Kasperczyk

Self-organising Smart Components in Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Rui Pinto, João Reis, Ricardo Silva, Vitor Sousa, Gil Gonçalves

Self-Diagnosis and Automatic Configuration of Smart Components in Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Rui Pinto, João Reis, Vitor Sousa, Ricardo Silva, Gil Gonçalves

Comparing Knowledge Representation Forms in Empirical Model Building
Hao Wang, Ingo Schwab, Michael Emmerich

Test Platform for the Performance Evaluation of OPC-UA Servers for Fast Data Transfer Between Intelligent Equipment
Flavio González Vázquez


VEHICULAR 2015, The Fourth International Conference on Advances in Vehicular Systems, Technologies and Applications

VEHICULAR 1: Fundamentals on communication and networking
Session chair: Julien Ostermann

Communication Protocol for a Swarm Based Routing Algorithm Using the IEEE 802.11p Standard
Christian Stolcis, Steve Zakrzowsky, Wilhelm R. Rossak

Advertising Roadside Services using Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) Opportunistic Capabilities
Kifayat Ullah, Luz Jaimes, Roberto Yokoyama, Edson Moreira

Public Key Infrastructure and Crypto Agility Concept for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Markus Ullmann, Christian Wieschebrink, Dennis Kügler

VEHICULAR 2: Challenges
Session chair: Markus Ullmann

Schedule Rating Method based on a Fragmentation Criterion - Schedule Optimization in Corporate Carsharing of Electric Vehicles
Falko Koetter, Julien Ostermann, Daniel Valerian Jecan

Checking and Verifying Security Requirements With the Security Engineering System Model Core
Hendrik Decke, Jean-Pierre Seifert

Embedded Network Combining CAN, ZigBee and DC-PLC for Motorhome
Fabienne Nouvel, Hussien Kdouh


HUSO 2015, The First International Conference on Human and Social Analytics

HUSO 1: Social human analytics I
Session chair: Gaoxi Xiao

Integration of Emotions and Feelings of Patients to Improve Their Care - the Case of Healthcare Interface Organizations in France
Christian Bourret

The analysis of the Movement of Experienced and Inexperienced Persons in Japanese Bowing
Tomoko Ota, Tomoya Takeda

Effectiveness of Analysis with NIRS for Japanese EFL Learners
Rumi Tobita

Automatic Detection and Prevention of Cyberbullying
Cynthia Van Hee, Els Lefever, Ben Verhoeven, Julie Mennes, Bart Desmet, Guy De Pauw, Walter Daelemans, Véronique Hoste

HUSO 2: Social human analytics II
Session chair: Christian Bourret

Aircraft in Your Head: How Air Traffic Controllers Mentally Organize Air Traffic
Linda Pfeiffer, Georg Valtin, Nicholas Hugo Müller, Paul Rosenthal

Preliminary Study on Bit-string Modelling of Opinion Formation in Complex Networks
Yi Yu, Gaoxi Xiao

Computationally Detecting and Quantifying the Degree of Bias in Sentence-Level Text of News Stories
Clayton J. Hutto, Dennis J. Folds, D. Scott Appling

Efforts for realizing an accessible work-environment for blind employees [POSTER]
Rieko Hamachi

HUSO 3: Emotion basics
Session chair: Linda Pfeiffer

Reliability of Physiological Signals induced by Sadness and Disgust
Eun-Hye Jang, Hyo-Young Cho, Sang-Hyeob Kim, Youngji Eum, Jin-Hun Sohn

Moral Behavior and Empathy Modeling through the Premise of Reciprocity
Fernanda M. Eliott, Carlos H. C. Ribeiro

Loneliness and Relational Biography - Affective Communication
Cécile Treton, Christian Bourret

Automatic Emotion Detection in Social Media for On the Fly Organizational Crisis Communication
Karolien Poels, Veronique Hoste


COLLA 2015, The Fifth International Conference on Advanced Collaborative Networks, Systems and Applications

COLLA 1: Collaborative architectures and mechanisms
Session chair: Samai Ben Rajeb

Enhancing Mobile Devices with Cooperative Proactive Computing
Gilles Irénée Fernand Neyens, Remus Alexandru Dobrican, Denis Zampunieris

Instrumented Analysis Method for Collaboration Activities
Samia Ben Rajeb, Pierre Leclercq

Online Learning Community Software to Support Success in Project Teams
Brian Thoms, Evren Eryilmaz

COLLA 2: Cooperation and collaboration mechanisms
Session chair: Georg Groh

ShareLab, Support for Collective Intelligence. 1 deadline, 11 designers, 1 project.
Samia Ben Rajeb, Alexandru Senciuc, Irene Pluchinotta

Agile Knowledge Networking - A Novel Approach to Research Collaboration Between Industry and Academia
Bjørn Erik Munkvold

Exploiting Argumentation Content and Structure to Advance Collaboration through Hybrid Recommendations
Spyros Christodoulou, Nikos Karacapilidis, Costas Pappis

A Policy Specification Language for Composite Services
Muhammad Asim, Susana González Zarzosa, Qi Shi, Bo Zhou

COLLA 3: Collaborative applications
Session chair: Nikos Karacapilidis

SilentMeet - A Prototype Mobile Application for Real-time Automated Group-based Collaboration
Remus-Alexandru Dobrican, Gilles Irénée Fernand Neyens, Denis Zampunieris

An Experience on Leadership Identification in Social Cognocracy Network
Alberto Turón, Juan Aguarón, José María Moreno-Jiménez, María Teresa Escobar

An Attempt to Evaluate Chances and Limitations of Social Information Retrieval
Christoph Fuchs, Georg Groh


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