Dr. Herman Kaindl

Dr. Hermann Kaindl is the director of the Institute of Computer Technology and a member of the senate at TU Wien. He joined this institute in early 2003 as a full professor. Prior to moving to academia, he was a senior consultant with the division of program and systems engineering at Siemens AG Austria. There he has gained more than 24 years of industrial experience in software development. His current research interests include software and systems engineering focusing on requirements engineering and architecting, and human-computer interaction as it relates to interaction design and automated generation of user interfaces. He has published five books and more than 200 refereed papers in journals, books and conference proceedings. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Distinguished Scientist member of the ACM, Fellow of the IARIA and a member of the AAAI, and is on the executive board of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence.

Previously, he held tutorials at CAiSE’00, RE’01, RE’02, HICSS-36, INCOSE’03, RE’03, IUICADUI’ 04, INCOSE’04, RE’04, HICSS-38, IRMA’05, INCOSE’05, AAAI’06, HCI’06, OOPSLA’06, HICSS-40, ICONS’07, IR-MA’07, INCOSE’07, IFIP Interact’07, OOPSLA’07, HICSS-41, ICCGI’08, RE’08, ICSEA’08, ICIW’09 , IFIP Interact’09, SMC’09, HICSS-43, ACHI’10, EICS’10, ICSEA’10, TdSE’10, RE’11, HICSS-44, SAC’11, INCOSE’11, AAAI’11, RE’11, HICSS-45, ACM SAC’12, ACM CHI’12, PROFES’12, BCS HCI’12, APSEC’12, HICSS-46, ACM SAC’13, NexComm’13, PROFES’13, ICSOFT’13, IEEE Africon’13, APSEC’13, HICSS-47, ACM SAC’14, WEB’14, SMC’14, PROFES’14, HICSS-48, SAC’15 and RCIS’15.