Vladimír Šulc

Vladimír Šulc graduated Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in 1992. He is now preparing his dissertation 'Microelectronics wireless networks for telemetry and building automation' as PhD candidate at Brno Technical University, Czech Republic. Vladimir Sulc is a founder and CEO of MICRORISC, working from 1991 on many projects related to wireless communication and security. He specializes in LR-WPAN, mesh networking algorithms and encoding. Author or co-author of over 30 patents in CZ, EU, USA, China and Japan. As a leader of several projects granted mainly by Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade he is actively working on projects related to his specialization: Open wireless communication platform. His papers related to mesh networks were awarded by Best Paper Awards at IARIA conferences. As a CEO of MICRORISC he received in 2014 Česká Hlava award, the most prestigious scientific award in the Czech Republic.