Prof. Dr. Eugen Borcoci

Dr. Eugen Borcoci is professor at University „Politehnica” of Bucharest (UPB), Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Faculty, Telecommunications Department, ( His expertise, teaching activities and research have been oriented to specific domains of telecommunications and computer networks architectures, technologies and services, like:  communication protocols and control/data plane, quality of services assurance and management over multiple domains networks, multicast and multimedia services over IP networks and heterogeneous access. Recently, his research interest and activities are on new technologies like Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network function virtualization (NFV), Cloud/fog/edge computing, 4G/5G networking and slicing, vehicular communications and Information Centric Networking.  He has published 5 books, 4 textbooks and over 170 scientific or technical papers and scientific reports. He has been UPB team leader in several European research projects: MOICANE (2001-2002), Euro-Next Generation Internet - Network of Excellence – EuroNGI (2004-2006), Euro-Future Generation Internet Euro-FGI, (2006-2008), ENTHRONE (2004-2008), WEIRD (2006-2008), SMART-Net (2008-2011), ALICANTE (2010-2013), DISEDAN (2014-2015), etc. He participated as a team leader or team member in several   national R&D projects.

He has been and still is member of several Int’l Conferences Committees: like IEEE ICT 2001, 2002, Eurasia ICT 2002, FORTE 2003, MoMM2004, NGI 2005-2008, AICT 2005-2019, COMM 2002-2018, ICSNC 2008 – 2019, ICCGI 2007-2019, INTERNET 2008-2019, AFIN 2011- 2019, CTRQ 2008-2019, TEMU 2008-2016, WOMAN/ICME 2011, 2012, MOWAN 2010, 2011, INC 2016, etc. He contributed as a scientific reviewer to several national and international journals in the field. Eugen Borcoci is member of IEEE Communication Society and member of the Technical Sciences Academy of Romania. He obtained several national awards for research activities in the above mentioned fields.

May 27, 2019.