Dr. Gyorgy Kalman

Dr. György Kálmán received his M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) in 2005. Here his focus areas were high speed telecommunication networks and railway communication. After an internship at Telenor R&D he was admitted to the Ph.D. program of the University of Oslo earning his Ph.D. within secure mobile service access. At ABB Corporate Research (2009-2015) he was a senior scientist in the Industrial Communication research program. In 2015 he joined mnemonic, a privately owned security consultancy company. Here he is involved in daily security analysis and penetration testing of various systems, while also works as a scientist at NTNU in the Critical Information Infrastructure protection research group.
His teaching activities include wireless sensor networks and measurable security in the Internet of Things.

Current research topics include:
· QoS metrics for industrial networks
· Critical infrastructure protection
· Software-Defined Networking in industrial applications