Index submission

All IARIA conference proceedings are freely acessible via the ThinkMind digital library. Google Scholar is the preferred indexing approach.

It seems that Google Scholar is more prompt with articles submitted by individual authors. To have your work indexed by Google Scholar, you can host the articles on your academic/institution server, and then follow the instructions at

Another venue to have the articles in Google Scholar is to upload them to your ResearchGate profile, and from there, export them to Google Scholar.

For specialized conferences, specialized indexes are considered, e.g., HCIbib index [] for ACHI series, etc.

According to the content domain, and to the number of requests from the authors, the conference programs and journal contents are/might be submitted by the publisher to selected indexes, like:


  • UlrichsWeb
  • ERA
  • etc.


  • ISI Thomson
  • EI
  • MedLink
  • etc.

For ALL the above indexes and for ANY additional indexes, anyone can submit a request for indexing to the appropriate indexing entity, as the conference programs are fully displayed with free acccess in the ThinkMind digital library.

Please see a position on indexing


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