IARIA Fellows

Upcoming Deadline

Submission deadline extended to:

August 02, 2024


SocSys 2024 Congress
Nice, France
Nov 03 - Nov 07, 2024




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Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions to a IARIA Journal

Indexing Procedure

IARIA Fellows

IARIA Fellows is in recognition for:

  • outstanding scientific research results endorsed by international peers
  • exceptional scientific contribution to the IARIA events
  • continuous leadership roles in IARIA conferences

The IARIA fellowship program is a reward for exceptional volunteers and implies a continuous and sustainable support. The IARIA Board expects that IARIA Fellows continue to be examples of scientific honesty towards the international community. It is also assumed that the IARIA Fellows manifest an increased level of voluntarism for IARIA events, the only way IARIA Fellowship has a sense and recognition.


2024 Fall / 2025 Winter Awarded Fellows

2024 Awarded Fellows

2023 Awarded Fellows

2022 Fall / 2023 Winter Awarded Fellows

2021 Fall / 2022 Winter Awarded Fellows

2020 Fall / 2021 Winter Awarded Fellows

2019 Fall / 2020 Winter Awarded Fellows

2018 Winter / 2019 Spring Awarded Fellows

2017 Winter / 2018 Spring Awarded Fellows

2016 Winter / 2017 Spring Awarded Fellows

2016 / 2017 Fall/Winter Awarded Fellows

2016 Spring/Summer Awarded Fellows

2015 / 2016 Fall/Winter Awarded Fellows

2015 Summer/Fall Awarded Fellows

2014 Winter/Spring Awarded Fellows

2013 Summer/Fall Awarded Fellows

2013 Winter/Spring Awarded Fellows

2012 Fall/Winter Awarded Fellows

2012 Spring/Summer Awarded Fellows

2011 Awarded IARIA Fellows, part B

2011 Awarded IARIA Fellows, part A

2010 Awarded IARIA Fellows, part B:

2010 Awarded IARIA Fellows, part A:

2009 Awarded IARIA Fellows, part B:

2009 Awarded IARIA Fellows, part A:

2008 Awarded IARIA Fellows

2007 Awarded IARIA Fellows

How to become a IARIA Fellow:

Recommendation by 2 IARIA Fellows and/or IEEE Fellows and/or ACM Fellows

A special email must be sent to fellows@iaria.org, containing:

  • the name, affiliation, email address, and address of the nominee.
  • statements covering the three items mentioned above.
  • the name, affiliation, email address, and address of the recommending Fellow.

Selection process:

For one year, nominations can come from January 1st through December 31.
Selection process will be done in the next 6 months.
Announcement will be posted by mid next-year.