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The Second International Conference on
Advances in P2P Systems

AP2PS 2010

October 25 - 30, 2010 - Florence, Italy

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ISBN: 978-1-61208-102-1

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Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions to a IARIA Journal
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All tracks/topics are open to both research and industry contributions.


ADVP2P: Advances in theoretical foundations of P2P

Architectures; Overlay self-organization and management; Publish and discovery methods; Cloud computing; Semantic P2P

PERFP2P: Performance analysis of P2P frameworks and applications

Comparative performance analysis; Dependability, resilience and availability; Scalability; Stability; Benchmarking and optimization

SECP2P: Security, trust and reputation in P2P

Security of P2P systems; User security; Methods based on trust and reputation; Free-riding prevention methods; Authentication and identity management

BUSP2P: Business oriented P2P

Business models; Economic models; Charging mechanisms; Interrelation with network operators and service providers

TIMEP2P: Time-constrained P2P systems

Real-time streaming; Video on demand; P2P IPVT; P2P telephony; Hybrid approaches

QOEP2P: Quality of experience in P2P systems

Subjective studies; Objective studies; QoE based management of P2P; QoS/SLA in P2P systems; P2P measurements and control 

WIRP2P: P2P and wireless convergence

Mobile P2P; P2P over wireless networks; P2P of ad hoc networks; Integrated approaches

SENSP2P: P2P technology and sensors

P2P urban sensing; Integration of sensors and P2P technology; P2P-based sensor networks resource discovery; P2P-based large-scale sensor networks sharing; P2P mobile sensors networks; Service-based P2P mobile sensor networks; P2P and embedded sensors; P2P target tracking in sensor networks; P2P network overlay in sensor networks; P2P data aggregation in sensor networks

SERVP2P: Service-oriented P2P

P2P system analysis and design methodologies; Peer-to-Peer workflow management systems; P2P service discovery & utilization; P2P models of deployment and management of Web Services; Performance measurement, optimization and benchmarks for P2P services; Service composition in P2P networks; P2P services and Cloud computing; Computational, service, and storage Grids.

MOBP2P: Mobile P2P

P2P opportunistic networking; P2P overlay for mobile networks; Scalability on mobile P2P systems; Service and resource discovery in mobile P2P systems; Location dependent mobile P2P services; Peer access and control in mobile P2P systems; Data management in mobile P2P systems; Special applications in mobile P2P systems

MANP2P: Managing P2P

P2P and energy efficiency; P2P as target and enabler for management systems; Scalability, performance, and security of P2P-based management; Large scale, P2P-based measuring and monitoring; Autonomic management of P2P systems; Management of adaptive content in P2P infrastructures; QoS management of/using P2P networks; Delay tolerant P2P; P2P systems for MANETs management; P2P support for distributed management queries; Cooperative management

LEGP2P: Legal and regulatory issues

Privacy; Digital rights management; Content filtering; Free-riding; Harmonization among different countries and continents; Regulatory issues of network operators and service providers


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