Posters are intended for ongoing research projects, concrete realizations, or industrial applications/projects presentations. Acceptance will be decided based on a 1-2 page abstract and/or 6-8 .pdf slide deck submitted through the conference submission website. The poster may be presented during sessions reserved for posters, or mixed with presentation of articles of similar topic. The slides must have comprehensive comments. One big Poster and/or the associated slides should be used for discussions, once on the conference site.


Due to format contstraints, posters are not published in the conference proceedings. Associated slides will be posted on the IARIA's site in a section reserved for posters, demos, and ideas presentations. Poster presenters will be allocated a space where they can display the posters /or the slides decks/ and discuss them in an informal manner. The accepted Posters are also scheduled for oral presentation in specially dedicated program sessions.

It is assumed that a submission shows the intention that at least one author registers for the conference. Ultimately the author makes the effort to present the idea and defend it.


Please submit the idea contributions following the instructions for the regular submissions by using the "Submit a Paper" button on the conference site. Once inside the submission system:

  • complete all required fields
  • choose "poster" as the contribution type
  • select the topic from the window "Other topics"
  • proceed to the next steps


A confirmation email is will provide the ID associated with the submission. Use the instructions in that email to upload the contents of the submission. The notification regarding the acceptance of the submission will be sent at the same time as regular papers.

for any info: email:


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