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The First International Conference on Intensive Applications and Services


April 20-25, 2009 - Valencia, Spain

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All tracks/topics are open to both research and industry contributions.


Basics on IAS (Intensive Applications and Services)

Fundamentals on IAS; Heuristics for relaxing IAS; Optimization on IAS; Coordinated checkpointing and rollback in IAS; Approximation approach in IAS; Suboptimal solutions in IAS; Distribution IAS; Pervasive parallelism IAS

Basic algorithms for IAS

Fundamental algorithms for massive data; Specialized algorithms for grapics, statistics, bio-databases; Load-balancing and cache algoritms; Hierarchical algorithms; Streaming algorithms; Sublinear algorithms; Quick convergence algorithms; Algorithms for synchronization intensive processes; Algorithms for very high speed sustainability;

Communications intensive

Transaction IAS; Bandwidth IAS; Traffic IAS; Broadcast and multicast IAS; Propagation IAS; Stream media intensive

Process intensive

Resource IAS; Computation IAS; Memory IAS; Data acquisition IAS; Data compression IAS; Replication intensive IAS; Storage IAS; Access IAS; Image processing IAS

Data-intensive computing

Computing platforms; Collaborative sharing and datasets analysis; Large data streams; Data-processing pipelines; Data warehouses; Data centers; Data-driven society and economy

Operational intensive

Cryptography IAS; Intrusion prevention IAS; Deep packet inspection IAS; Reconfiguration IAS; Load-balancing IAS; Buffering & cashing IAS; Performance IAS

User intensive

User interaction IAS; Multi-user IAS; User-adaptation IAS

Technology intensive

Mobility IAS; High-speed IAS; Intensive real-time decoding

Control intensive

Message IAS; Monitoring IAS; Power consumption IAS; Hardware for IAS; Software for IAS; Middleware for IAS; Threat containment IAS

Complex IAS

Bioinformatics computation; Large scale ehealth systems; Pharmaceutical/drug computation; Weather forecast computation; Earthquake simulations; Geo-spatial simulations; Spatial programs; Real-time manufacturing systems; Transportation systems; Avionic systems; Economic/financial systems; Electric-power systems;


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