The Second International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services

ICIW 2007

May 13-19, 2007 - Mauritius

Preliminary Program

Sunday, May 13


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14:00 - 17:00

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OFDMA towards Next Generation of Wireless Systems

Uma S. Jha, Ph.D., Director, Qualcomm Inc.

Prof. fred harris, Professor, San Diego State University

Semantic Web Services for Business Processes Management

Dr. Carlos Pedrinaci , Open University, UK

Michael Stollberg, DERI, Austria

Sebastian Stein, ARIS Research | IDS Scheer AG


18:00 - 20:00

Welcome Cocktail

Monday, May 14  

09:00 - 09:15

Opening Address

Prof. Dr. Petre Dini, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA // Concordia University, Canada

09:15 - 10:15

 Invited Speaker

Metro Access
Prof. Dr. Tulin Atmaca, INT, France
Dr. Viet Hung Nguyen, GET/INT, France

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Kick-off meeting: IARIA Workgroup on Advanced Topics

Tuesday, May 15

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19:30 - 23:00

AICT 2007 & ICIW 2007 Gala Dinner

Wednesday, May 16

09:15 - 10:15

 Invited Speaker

Where now for P2P?
Dr. James Walkerdine, Lancaster University, UK

10:15 - 10:30

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Kick-off meeting: IARIA Workgroup on Web Services

Thursday, May 17

8:30 - 10:15



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12:15 - 12:30

AICT 2007 and ICIW 2007 Closing Session

Friday, May 18

8:00 - 18:00

Cerf Island

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One day trip including lunch



AICT 2007

Session chair: Attahiru Sule Alfa

A Comparison of Three Programming Models for Telecom Service Composition
Yuan Yuan, Jia Jia Wen, Wei Li, and Bing Bing Zhang

Optimizing Bandwidth Allocation of Different Traffic Classes for Traffic between an ISP and a Future Home Area Network
Eugene Ng and Attahiru Sule Alfa

On Anomalies in Annotation Systems
Matthias Brust and Steffen Rothkugel

Analysis of BGP Convergence Using SHLPN Model
Lijun Wang, Wu Jianping, and Xu Ke

Analytical Modeling of the Influence of Connection Handoff on UMTS Traffic Characteristics
Mariusz Głąbowski, Maciej Stasiak, and Maciej Sobieraj

Session chair: Vic Grout

Modeling of Systems with Overflow Multi-Rate Traffic
Mariusz Głąbowski, Maciej Stasiak, and Katarzyna Kubasik

Practical Security Testing of Telecommunications Software—A Case Study
Reijo Savola and Kaarina Karppinen

BPTraSha: A Novel Algorithm for Shaping Bursty Nature of Internet Traffic
Karim Mohammed Rezaul and Vic Grout

Stochastic Bounds for Loss Rates
Jean-Michel Fourneau, Lynda Mokdad, Samir Youcef, and Nihal Pekergin

Session chair: Andres Arjona

An Accurate Pulse-Level Timing Acquisition Scheme for UWB Signals
Qiang Sun and Tiejun Lv

The Google Muni WiFi Network—Can it Compete with Cellular Voice?
Andres Arjona and Sami Takala

Novel Two-Stage Synchronization for UWB System
Qu Jing and Tiejun Lv

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of an Energy Constraint Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mounir Frikha and Fatma Ghandour

Session chair: Vladimir Zaborovsky

A New Optimization Approach for Energy Consumption within Wireless Sensor Networks
Fady Shebli, I. Dayoub, J.M. Rouvaen, and A. Zaouche

Metaheuristics for Wireless Network Optimisation
Mike Morgan and Vic Grout

Network Complexity: Cross-Layer Models and Characteristics
Vladimir Zaborovsky, Alexsander Gorodetsky, and Andrey Lapin

Advance Detection Techniques for beyond 3G Wireless
Naelah A. Al-Dabbous and Bayan S. Sharif

Session chair: Gemma Cambpell

Ontologies to support Call Control Policies
Gemma Cambpell and Kenneth Turner

Efficient Wavelet Packet Modulation for Wireless Communication
Matthieu Gautier, Marylin Arndt, and Joël Lienard

Agent-Based Location Aware Services in Wireless Mobile Networks
Ashok Sutagundar, Sunilkumar Manvi, and Mahantesh Birje

Periodical Mark Forcing Schemes for Hunting-Free Framer Design for Digital Transmission and Multiplexing
Yoshitaka Takasaki

Session chair: Pascal Lorenz

Design and Implementation of a Monitoring System Based on IPFIX Protocol
Farzaneh Fatemipour and Mohammad Hossien Yaghmaee

False-Path Reduction in Downlink WCDMA Channel Estimation by Threshold Algorithm
David Cibaud, Lahouari Fathi, Marylin Arndt, and Geneviève Jourdain

Design and Performance of LDPC Codes for OFDM Based Aeronautical Communication Systems
Basharat Shah and Yelluri Rao

Use of Hilbert Transform  Data encoding for spread spectrum communications
T.Rajakumari,  S.Ananthi and K.Visalakshi

Session chair: Marina Solesvik 

Model Driven LMS Platform Integration
Zuzana Bizoňová and Daniel Ranc

Federated Knowledge Spaces
Sylvia Encheva, Sharil Tumin, and Marina Solesvik

SFIDE: Challenges towards Synchronous Interaction in e-Learning
Michele Albrigo, Roberto Burro, Olga Forlani, Franco Bersani, Corrado Ferreri, and Giovanni Michele Bianco

E-Learning at the Faculty of Computer Science of Valencia: A Report
Eduardo Vendrell, Emilio Sanchis, and Andrés Terrasa

e-learning Platform Offering As-in-Class e-lectures
Nael Hirzallah

Session chair: Marina Solesvik 

Implementation of Distributed E-Learning System on Power Line Network
Khosro Bahrami, Mehrnoosh Abedi, and Behzad Daemi

An Overview of the Interpretations of Trust and Reputation
Farookh Khadeer Hussain and Elizabeth Chang

Towards Security Analyses of an Identity Federation Protocol for Web Services in Convergent Networks
Maurice ter Beek, Corrado Moiso, and Marinella Petrocchi

Managing User Preferences for Personalization in a Pervasive Service Environment
Howard Williams, Nick Taylor, Eliza Papadopoulou, and Sarah McBurney

An e-Learning Framework Based on Semantic Weblogs
Sonia Berman and Victor Katoma

Session chair: N. Mohamudally

Comparative Study of Path Loss Using Existing Models for Digital Television Broadcasting for Summer Season in the North of Mauritius
Vinaye Armoogum, N. Mohamudally, K.M.S. Soyjaudah, and T. Fogarty

Ant-DSR: Cache Maintenance Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Mohamed Aissani, Messaoud Fenouche, Hadi Sadour, and Abdelhamid Mellouk

Adjacent Channel Interference for DVB-T at UHF Bands in the South of Mauritius for Summer Season
Vinaye Armoogum, N. Mohamudally, A. Jugurnauth, K.M.S. Soyjaudah, and T. Fogarty

Improved PTS for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
Yue Xiao, Qing-song Wen, Xia Lei, and Shao-qian Li

Adaptive IEEE 802.11i Security for Energy-Security Optimization
M. Razvi Doomun and K.M. Sunjiv Soyjaudah

Queue Priority Based on Cross-Layer Collaboration for Motorway Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Saad M. Almajnooni, Bayan S. Sharif, Charalampos C. Tsimenidis, and N. A. Al-Dabbous


ICIW 2007

Session chair: James Walkerdine 

Exploiting Proximity in Cooperative Download of Large Files in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Lei Zhang, Jogesh Muppala, and Wanqing Tu

Towards a Framework for Dynamic Verification of Peer-to-Peer Systems
Theofrastos Koulouris, George Spanoudakis, and Theocharis Tsigkritis

An Open Tracing System for P2P File Sharing Systems
Danny Hughes, Kevin Lee, and James Walkerdine

Session chair: Daniel Pakkala 

Reputation Management Techniques in DHT-Based Peer-to-Peer Networks
Natalya Fedotova, Luca Veltri, and Marco Bertucci

P2P Middleware for Extending the Reach, Scale and Functionality of Content Delivery Networks
Daniel Pakkala, Aki Koivukoski, Tuomas Paaso, and Juhani Latvakoski

Towards Secure Mobile P2P Systems
James Walkerdine and Simon Lock

Session chair: Annemari Auvinen 

New Topology Management Algorithms for Unstructured P2P Networks
Annemari Auvinen, Mikko Vapa, Matthieu Weber, Niko Kotilainen, and Jarkko Vuori

A Static Verification Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Applications
Andrea Zisman

A Software Architecture for the Provisioning of Mobile Services in Peer-to-Peer Environments
Fabricio Gonçalves, Carlo Oliveira, Izalmo Silva, Luiz Gustavo Moura, and Felipe França

A Node Selection Algorithm for Many-to-many Mappings in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Seung Chul Han, In Kwan Yu, Ye Xia, and Richard Newman

Two-Way/Hybrid Clusering Architecture for Peer to Peer Systems
Kasim Öztoprak and Gözde Bozdaği Akar

Session chair: Stephan Grimm

WordRank: A Method for Finding Search-Ad Keywords for Internet Merchants
Zachary Mason

Applying Formal Methods to Compositionality Description of Web Service
HuaiKou Miao and JunFeng Wu

Intersection-Based Matchmaking for Semantic Web Service Discovery
Stephan Grimm

Web Service Composition Approaches: From Industrial Standards to Formal Methods
Maurice ter Beek, Antonio Bucchiarone, and Stefania Gnesi

An Adaptable Formal Model for Web Services Protocols
Pemadeep Ramsokul and Arcot Sowmya

Session chair: Monika Kaczmarek 

A Refined Goal Model for Semantic Web Services
Michael Stollberg and Barry Norton

Architecture for Web Services Filtering and Clustering
Dominik Zyskowski, Witold Abramowicz, Konstanty Haniewicz, and Monika Kaczmarek

Semantic Web Services in Corporate Memories
Moussa Lo and Fabien Gandon

A Faceted Approach to Service Specification
James Walkerdine, John Hutchinson, Pete Sawyer, Glen Dobson, and Victor Onditi

Constructing Web Service Flows with Reusable Aspects
Yang Xu, Shengqun Tang, Zukai Tang, Youwei Xu, and Ruliang Xiao

Session chair: Frank Goethals 

Considering (De)Centralization in a Web Services World
Frank Goethals, Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck, and Jacques Vandenbulcke

Web Deployed Interface for a Medical Knowledge Grid
Martin Kuba and Zora Sebestianová

Using UML Diagrams to Model Real-Time Web Services
Maria-Emilia Cambronero, Gregorio Díaz, Juan-José Pardo, and Valentín Valero

Combining Web Services and Multi-Agent Technology to Increase Web Cooperative Capacities
Nicolas Singer, Sylvie Trouilhet, and Jean-Marie Pécatte

Towards Semantically-Enhanced Distributed Service Discovery
Raphael Romeikat and Bernhard Bauer

Session chair: Pascal Lorenz

Analysis of Web Services Secure Conversation with Formal Methods
Llanos Tobarra, Diego Cazorla, Ferando Cuartero, and Gregorio Díaz

A Formalism for Active and Informative Web Services
Laure Bourgois, Alexandre Delteil, and François Lévy

Qos-Aware Automatic Composition of Web Services Using AI Planners
Mahsa Naseri and Ahmad Towhidi

Execution Time Analysis of Aspectized Web Services
Muhammad Usman Bhatti, Samir Youcef, Lynda Mokdad, and Valérie Monfort

Investigating Semantic Web Services Execution Environments: A Comparison between WSMX and OWL-S Tools
Omair Shafiq, Matthew Moran, Emilia Cimpian, Adrian Mocan, Michal Zaremba, and Dieter Fensel

Session chair: Guadalupe Ortiz

Type-Based Static and Dynamic Website Verification
Jorge Coelho and Mário Florido

ARWOPS: A Framework for Searching Workflow Patterns Candidate to be Reused
Giovanni Di Dio

Free Information Usage System on the Network Introducing DACS Scheme
Kazuya Odagiri, Rihito Yaegashi, Masaharu Tadauchi, and Naohiro Ishii

A Case Study on Integrating Extra-Functional Properties in Web Service Model-Driven Development
Guadalupe Ortiz and Juan Hernández

Context-aware Web Services for Distributed Retrieval of Points of Interest
Daniele Riboni and Claudio Bettini

Session chair: Mihhail Matskin 

Optimization of XQuery Queries Including FOR Clauses
Jong-Hyun Park and Ji-Hoon Kang

Compositional Logical Semantics for Business Process Languages
Mihhail Matskin, Riina Maigre, and Enn Tyugu

Synchronization Solutions for Decentralized Service Orchestrations
Ustun Yildiz and Claude Godart

A Test Bed for Web Services Protocols
Pemadeep Ramsokul, Arcot Sowmya, and Sethu Ramesh

Factors Affecting e-Tailing Website Effectiveness: An Indian Perspective
Ankit Sharma, Yatendra Kumar Singhal, Arti Bakhshi, Dhawal Makhija, Anuj Kumar Goyal, and Naman Agarwal

Session chair: Philip Huysmans

Connecting Industrial Controllers to the Internet through Software Composition in Web Application Servers
Herwig Mannaert, Philip Huysmans, and Paul Adriaenssens

A New Security Scheme for Integration of Mobile Agents and Web Services
Junqi Zhang, Yan Wang, and Vijay Varadharajan

Web-Based Application for Traffic Anomaly Detection Algorithm
Jun Lv, Xing Li, and Tong Li

Warnings for Disjoint Knowledge Omission in Ontologies
Muhammad Abdul Qadir and Wajahat Noshairwan

QoS Composition of Services for Data-Intensive Application
Luigi Presti and Antonio Bucchiarone

Session chair: Luiz G.L. Moura

A Safe Regression Test Selection Technique for Web Services
Michael Ruth and Shengru Tu

The Use of Watermark and Hash Function for the Authentication of Digital Images Mapped through the Use of the Wavelet Transform
Fernanda Barbosa Coelho, Jamil Salem Barbar, and Gustavo Salvadori Baptista do Carmo

Quantifying Failure for Risk Based Decision Making in Digital Business Ecosystem Interactions
Omar Khadeer Hussain, Elizabeth Chang, Farookh Khadeer Hussain, and Tharam Dillon

The Impact of Number of Query Words on Image Search Engines
Fuat Uluç, Erkan Emirzade, and Yıltan Bitirim

Pyndorama, Integrating Web Learning System in a Single Application
Carlo E.T. de Oliveira, Lívia Castro, Luiz G.L. Moura, and Felipe M.G. França

Session chair: Elizabeth Chang

Project Track and Trace Ontology
Hai Dong, Farookh Khadeer Hussain, and Elizabeth Chang

Global Grid Paradigm—A Collaborative Approach to People, Resources and Services Using Distributed Technologies in the Asia-Pacific Region
Christine Amaldas and Avinash Shankaranarayanan

A Business Process Engine Based E-Government Platform
Peter Salhofer and David Ferbas

E-Satisfaction—A Comprehensive Framework
Akshay Anand

Optimizing the Wire Layout in Wireless Mesh Network
Wu Ruizhe, Han Fei, and Ren Li

Session chair: Pekka Isomursu

Research Library: A New Look of Academic Digital Libraries
Aditya Bhide, Yoo Jae Heung, and Choi Mun Kee

Achieving Collective Intelligence via Large-Scale On-line Argumentation
Mark Klein

How to Consider Requester’s Preferences to Enhance Web Service Discovery?
Nomane Ould Ahmed M’Bareck and Samir Tata

Creating a Web-Based Collaboration Tool to Support Research Work
Minna Isomursu and Pekka Isomursu

An Evaluation of Popular Search Engines on Finding Turkish Documents
Rabia Gülçin Demirci, Vildan Kişmir, and Yıltan Bitirim

Session chair: Petre Dini

Collaborative Visualization of Large Scale Datasets Using Web Services
Yongwang Zhao, Chunyang Hu, Yonggang Huang, and Dianfu Ma

Mapaci: A Real Time e-Health Application to Assist Throat Complaint Patients
Jesus Bobadilla, Pedro Gomez, and Juan I. Godino

Network Distribution of Security Policies via Ant-like Foraging Behavior
Attila Ondi, Ronaldo Menezes, and Richard Ford

Point or Click? Evaluation of Two Input Modalities for Mobile Entertainment
Johan Bodén, Kalle Jegers, Mattias Lidström, Charlotte Wiberg, and Mikael Wiberg

A Secure Web Service for Electricity Prepayment Vending in South Africa: A Case Study and Industry Specification
K.P. Subramoney and G.P. Hancke


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