Dr. Viet Hung Nguyen

Viet Hung NGUYEN received the IT Engineer diploma from Hanoi Poloytechnical Institut in 2000, the Master of Science degree in distributed computer systems from University of Paris XI (Orsay) in 2002, and the Ph.D. degree in computer science from the Institut National des Telecommunications (GET/INT) - France in june 2006.

He is currently researcher at the department of Telecommunication Network and Services of GET/INT. His primary research area is network architectures and performance modelling. In this area, Dr. Nguyen has been working on performance study of optical packet switching networks (MAN and WAN), with an emphasis on access protocols (MAC) and quality of service (QoS) mechanisms. He is the author and co-author of some twenty scientific reports, conference papers and journal papers. He is involved in numerous European and French national research projects on optical networking: Euro-NGI/FGI, ROM-EO, CARRIOCAS, ECOFRAME, etc.