Dr James Walkerdine

Dr James Walkerdine is a research fellow at Lancaster University’s Computing Department with interests in the areas of Peer-to-Peer, Web Services, Software Engineering and HCI.

He has worked within the field of P2P for over 6 years, and has extensive expertise in developing P2P applications and experience of a wide range of P2P protocols and architectures. He worked on the EU project P2P ARCHITECT that developed methods for building dependable P2P systems, and currently works on the EU project PEPERS, that provides support for secure mobile P2P systems, and also on the EU project SeCSE, that provides support for the development of services and service centric applications.

Along with colleagues from Lancaster, he has performed pioneering work on the monitoring of P2P systems and the empirical analysis of P2P user behaviour. In 2006, he was involved in the first study to quantify the scale and characteristics of illegal pornographic distribution on P2P file-sharing systems.

He has reviewed for and is on the program committees for many international conferences and journals within the field of P2P, and has published numerous papers in the area himself. James is also Managing Director of Isis Forensics - a consultancy that offers P2P monitoring solutions to organisations