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The Twelfth International Conference on
Digital Telecommunications

ICDT 2017
April 23 - 27, 2017 - Venice, Italy

Preliminary Program

NexComm 2017

ICDT 2017 / SPACOMM 2017 / ICN 2017 / SOFTENG 2017 / ICONS 2017 / MMEDIA 2017 / PESARO 2017 / CTRQ 2017 / COCORA 2017 / ALLDATA 2017 / KESA 2017 / SOFTNETWORKING 2017

Conference Venue Location
Via Ceccherini 21
30174 Venezia Mestre

Note: Sessions marked with /s are from special tracks. The final program might vary slightly according to the number of successful special tracks and the final registrations.

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Sunday, April 23


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The registration desk is located in front of the conference rooms
Opened during the entire conference

13:00 - 15:00

Tutorial 1

Management and Security for Cloud and Internet of Things

Prof. Dr. Carlos Becker Westphall, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Prof. Dr. Carla Merkle Westphall, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Tutorial 4

Unraveling Stories from Your Massive Datasets

Prof. Dr. Venkat N Gudivada
East Carolina University, USA

15:00 - 15:15


15:15 - 17:15

Tutorial 2

From Vehicular Ad hoc Networks to Internet of Vehicles

Prof. Dr. Eugen Borcoci
University "Politehnica"of Bucharest (UPB), Romania

Tutorial 5

Dependability Analysis through Monte Carlo Methods: The Case of Rare Events

Dr. Gerardo  Rubino
INRIA, Rennes, France

17:15 - 17:30


17:30 - 19:30

Tutorial 3

Statistical Methods for System Dependability: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Resiliency

Prof. Dr. Andy Snow
Ohio University, USA

Tutorial 6

Bringing ICT into Newborn Monitoring: A Video-Based Approach

Prof. Dr. Riccardo Raheli
University of Parma, Italy



19:30 - 20:30

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, April 24

09:00 - 09:15


09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

IP 2020 as a Step to Advance to the Next Generation Internet:
A Discussion on Breaking Current Internet’s Limitations

Dr. Renwei (Richard) Li, Chief Architect, Future Networks, Huawei, USA
Vice-Chair, Next-Generation Protocols ISG, European Telecommunications Standards Institute

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00





12:00 - 13:00

Lunch on your own

13:00 - 14:30





14:30 - 14:45


14:45 - 16:15





16:15 - 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 - 18:00





18:00 - 18:10


18:10 - 18:40

Keynote speaker

NFV & SDN Innovations for 5G and Telco Business

Dr. Gino Carrozzo, Deputy Head of R&D, Nextworks, Italy

18:40 - 20:30

Installation+vEPC Service Description and Design || Wouter Tavernier,Janos Elek
SDK Emulation, Testing and Monitoring || Steven Van Rossem
Service Platform Demo || Thomas Soenen

Tuesday, April 25

09:00 - 10:30





10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:30

Keynote Speaker [COCORA 3: MEC&mmW]

Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5G

Prof. Dr. Tommy Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden

11:30 - 11:40


11:40 - 12:25

Keynote Speaker [COCORA 3: MEC&mmW]

Merging mmWave and MEC in Future 5G networks

Prof. Dr. Sergio Barbarossa, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy | IEEE Fellow

12:15 - 13:15

Lunch on your own

13:15 - 14:45


ICDT 2/SmartSys



14:45 - 14:50


14:50 - 16:20





16:20 - 16:35

Coffee Break

16:35 - 18:00





18:00 - 18:05


18:05 - 18:45

Keynote Speaker

Old-Fashion Rejuvenated - Software Handover Yesterday and Today!

Prof. Dr. Mira Kajko-Mattsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

18:45 - 20:30


Topic: On-Device Software: Challenges of Embedded Software

Pål Ellingsen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Mira Kajko-Mattsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Roberto Meli, DPO Srl, Italia
Bernard Stepien, University of Ottawa, Canada
Yoshihisa Udagawa, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan

Wednesday, April 26

09:00 - 10:30

Panel on Safety and Resilience

Topic: Safety and Resilience with 5G and IoT Advents

Mark Austin, University of Maryland, USA

Mohammad Rajabali Nejad, University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands
Seppo Yrjölä, Nokia, Finland 
Andy Snow, Ohio University, USA

10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:15

Lunch on your own

13:15 - 14:45




14:45 - 15:00

Coffee Break

15:00 - 16:30




16:30 -16:45


16:45 - 17:45

Keynote Speaker

Integral Planning of Services in Smart Cities

Dr. Frank Phillipson, TNO, the Netherlands

 17:45 - 19:30


Topic: Data Analytics and Computing Challenges

Venkat Gudivada, East Carolina University, USA

Torsten Ullrich, Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH, Austria
Maaike de Boer, TNO & Radboud University, the Netherlands
Nuccio Piscopo, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.,Italy
Jolon Faichney, Griffith University, Australia
Florence Nicol, ENAC, France

20:00 - 23:30


Thursday, April 27

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote Speaker

Industry 4.0 and Cloud Computing

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich, University of Applied Science Furtwangen, Germany

10:00 - 10:15

Coffee Break

10:15 - 11:45




11:45 - 12:00


12:00 - 13:30

Panel on Communications on ICN & SPACOMM

Topic: Feeling the (Pain of) Convergence: mmWave, 5G, SDN, NFV, IoT, ION, MEC, ...

Renwei (Richard) Li, Future Networks, Huawei, USA

Tommy Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology - Gothenburg, Sweden
Eugen Borcoci, University "Politehnica"of Bucharest (UPB), Romania
Valerio Frascolla, Intel Deutschland GmbH - Neubiberg, Germany

14:00 - 15:00

Lunch on your own

15:00 - 16:30





16:30 - 17:45


Friday, April 28

Recommended tourist objectives to be visited on your own:
From: Piazzale Roma
Scuola Grande di San Rocco
Frari Church
Grand Canal by public Vaporetto Lines [from Piazzale Roma]
Rialto Bridge
Food Market of Rialto
Former Financial District of Venice
Fenice Opera House
Church of San Marco
Dodges’ Palace
San Marco Belltower
San Marco Piazza

Detailed Program

ALLDATA 2017, The Third International Conference on Big Data, Small Data, Linked Data and Open Data (includes KESA 2017)

ALLDATA 1: Big Data
Session chair: Didem Gürdür

Flexible Management of Data Nodes for Hadoop Distributed File System
Wooseok Ryu

Curves Similarity Based on Higher Order Derivatives
Stephane Puechmorel, Florence Nicol

Automated Generation of SQL Queries that Feature Specified SQL Constructs
Venkat Gudivada, Kamyar Arbabifard, Dhana Rao

ALLDATA 2: Linked Data
Session chair: Stephane Puechmorel

Data Visualization of A Cyber-Physical Systems Development Toolchain: An Integration Case Study
Didem Gürdür, Jad El-Khoury, Tiberiu Seceleanu, Morgan Johansson, Stefan Hansen

Processing Information about Junior Specialists for Small IT-projects Teams Using Linked Data
Nafissa I. Yussupova, Dmitry A. Rizvanov, Olga N. Smetanina, Artur F. Galyamov, Konstantin V. Mironov

Introduction of Cloud Service for High Throughput Analysis of Biological Big Data [POSTER]
Pan-Gyu Kim, GunHwan Ko, Byunguk Lee, Gukhee Han, Wangho Song, Ryan W. Kim

ALLDATA 3: Open Data
Session chair: Venkat Gudivada

Reproducible Evaluation of Semantic Storage Options
Jedrzej Rybicki, Benedikt von St. Vieth

TLEX: A Temporal Analysis Tool for Time Series Data
Mohammed AL Zamil, Bilal Abu AL Huda

Empirical Evaluation of Open Government Data Visualisations
Elena Ornig, Jolon Faichney, Bela Stantic

ALLDATA 4: Challenges in Processing Big Data and Applications I
Session chair: Maaike de Boer

Applying Prescriptive Analytics by Scalable Vectors Metamodels Framework - Introducing vectors dataframes modeling [PRESENTATION]
Nuccio Piscopo

Analyzing Browsing and Purchasing Across Multiple Websites Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Nadine Schröder, Andreas Falke, Harald Hruschka, Thomas Reutterer

ALLDATA 5: Challenges in Processing Big Data and Applications II
Session chair: Harald Hruschka

Application of Big Data Analysis in Technology Foresight [POSTER]
Lee Seung Ryong

A Vision on Prescriptive Analytics
Maya Sappelli, Maaike de Boer, Selmar Smit, Freek Bomhof

Statistical Analysis of Aircraft Trajectories: a Functional Data Analysis Approach
Florence Nicol

KESA 1: Data Mining and Knowledge Extraction
Session chair: Ilan Hazan

Analyzing Characteristics of Picture Books based on an Infant's Developmental Reactions in Reviews on Picture Books
Mizuho Baba, Hiroshi Uehara, Miho Kasamatsu, Takehito Utsuro, Chen Zhao

A Rule-based Named Entity Extraction Method and Syntactico-Semantic Annotation
Chahira Lhioui, Anis Zouaghi, Mounir Zrigui

Interactive Knowledge Extraction Tools for Area Studies [POSTER]
Akihiro Kameda

KESA 2: Analysis of Ontology Models for Natural Language Texts
Session chair: Hiroshi Uehara

iTweet about #Privacy Mapping Privacy Frames in Twitter Conversation
Federica Fornaciari

Industry Experience: Chinese Names Duplicate Records Detection
Tong Khin Thong, Badrul Affandy Bin Ahmad Latfi, Xiaomei Wang, Arichandran A/L M.S. Kandiah

Topic Models to Contextualize and Enhance Text-Based Discourses Using Ontologies
Dimitris Gkoumas, Réka Vas


COCORA 2017, The Seventh International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio

COCORA 1: Cognitive Radio and Emerging Technologies
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

Analysis of Sharing Economy Antecedents for Recent Spectrum Sharing Concepts
Seppo Yrjölä, Marja Matinmikko, Miia Mustonen, Petri Ahokangas

New Spectrum Sensing based on Goodness of Fit Testing for Cognitive Radio
Djamel Teguig, Horlin François

Spread Spectrum-Based Underlay Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks
Saed Daoud, David Haccoun, Christian Cardinal

Experimentation with Radio Environment Maps for Resources Optimisation in Dense Wireless Scenarios
Rogério Pais Dionísio, Tiago Ferreira Alves, Jorge Miguel Afonso Ribeiro

COCORA 2 / 5GSPECTRUM: Advanced Spectrum Management in 5G and Beyond Systems
Session chair: Shahid Mumtaz

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Shahid Mumtaz

X2-Based Handover Performance in LTE Ultra-Dense Networks using NS-3
Sherif Adeshina Busari, Shahid Mumtaz, Kazi Mohammed Saidul Huq, Jonathan Rodriguez

Performance Analysis of Downlink CoMP Transmission in Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A)
Maryem Neyja, Shahid Mumtaz, Jonathan Rodriguez

From concept to deployment: the visions of the 5GCHAMPION and 5G-MiEdge projects (Olympic Games are coming …) [KEYNOTE]
Valerio Frascolla, Intel Deutschland GmbH - Neubiberg, Germany

Resource and spectrum management -an European research projects survey [KEYNOTE]
Valerio Frascolla, Intel Deutschland GmbH - Neubiberg, Germany

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Shahid Mumtaz

COCORA 3 / MEC&mmW: Mobile Edge Computing and Millimeter Waves as Key Technology Enablers for 5G Systems
Session chair: Valerio Frascolla

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Valerio Frascolla

Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5G [PRESENTATION]
Tommy Svensson

Merging mmWave and MEC in Future 5G Networks [PRESENTATION]
Sergio Barbarossa

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Valerio Frascolla


CTRQ 2017, The Tenth International Conference on Communication Theory, Reliability, and Quality of Service

CTRQ 1: Quality and Reliability
Session chair: Ji Hwan Cha

Reliability Study of Multilayer Multistage Interconnection Networks Equipped with Internal Path Redundancy
Eleftherios Stergiou, Dimitrios Liarokapis, Euripidis Glavas, Georgios Rizos, Dimitrios Vasiliadis

Reliability and Quality of Service of an Optimized Protocol for Routing in VANETs
Samira Harrabi, Ines Ben Jaafar, Khaled Ghedira

Regional Comparisons of Critical Telecommunication Infrastructure Resiliency Based on Outage Data
Andrew P. Snow, John C. Hoag, Gary R. Weckman, Naga T. Gallamudi, William A. Young

CTRQ 2 / IONCOMM I: Identity Oriented Networks-based Infrastructure and Communications I
Session chair: Richard Li, Coordinator: Kiran Makhijani

Opening: High Level Presentation from Huawei on Importance of ID [PRESENTATION]
Richard Li, Kiran Makhijani

Identity composition in ID Oriented Networking [PRESENTATION]
Bob Moskowitz

A universal mechanism to handle ION packets in SDN network
Lixuan Wu, Jiang Liu, Tao Huang, Weihong Wu, Bin Da

CTRQ 3 / IONCOMM II: Identity Oriented Networks-based Infrastructure and Communications II
Session chair: Richard Li, Coordinator: Kiran Makhijani

A ID/Locator Separation Prototype Using Drone for Future Network
Shoushou Ren, Yongtao Zhang

Enabling Advanced Network Services in the Future Internet Using Named Object Identifiers and Global Name Resolution
Shreyasee Mukherjee, Parishad Karimi, Francesco Bronzino, Dipankar Raychaudhuri

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Richard Li

CTRQ 4: IoT - Recent Trends, Technologies and Techniques
Session chair: Ilias Iliadis

Cross-Silo and Cross-Eco IoT Communications with ID Oriented Networking (ION)
Bin Da, Richard Li, Xiaofei Xu, Xiaohu Xu

IBS Enabled Authentication for IoT in ION Framework [PRESENTATION]
Donghui Wang, Bin Da

CTRQ 5: Reliability and Maintenance
Session chair: Carla Merkle Westphall

Reliability Assessment of Erasure Coded Systems
Ilias Iliadis, Vinodh Venkatesan

Modelling of Cascading Effect in a System with Dependent Components via Bivariate Distribution
Hyunju Lee, Ji Hwan Cha


ICDT 2017, The Twelfth International Conference on Digital Telecommunications

ICDT 1: Digital Communications
Session chair: Constantin Paleologu

Optimisation of Heterogeneous Migration Paths to High Bandwidth Home Connections
Frank Phillipson

A Low-Overhead Framework for Inexpensive Embedded Control Systems
Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti, Tingting Hu, Gilda Ghafour Zadeh Kashani

5G Candidate Waveforms Comparison Regarding Time-Frequency Resources in the Nonlinear HPA
Heung-Gyoon Ryu

ICDT 2 / SMARTSYS: Issues in Smart Systems: Grids, Homes, Vehicles, Cities and the IoT
Session chair: Stan McClellan

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Stan McClellan

An Identity-Based Encryption Scheme with Performance Optimization for Privacy Preservation in Smart Grid Communication
Ulas Baran Baloglu, Yakup Demir

A Novel Smart Grid Device Location Mapping Technique
Jim Shima, Stan McClellan, Wuxu Peng

Using Smart Sensors to Monitor Concrete Infrastructure Assets for Useful Life Prediction Modelling
Peter Schemmel, John Schemmel, Evan Humphries

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Stan McClellan


ICN 2017, The Sixteenth International Conference on Networks (includes SOFTNETWORKING 2017)

ICN 1: Networking I
Session chair: Carlos Becker Westphall

A Congestion Control Approach for M2M Networks
David Aragão, Dario Vieira, Miguel Franklin de Castro

Offline Routing and Spectrum Allocation Algorithms for Elastic Optical Networks with Survivability
Rana Alaskar, Anwar Alyatama, Imtiaz Ahmad

Design of Composite Routing Metrics in LOADng Routing Protocol for IoT Applications
Deepthi Sasidharan, Lillykutty Jacob

ICN 2: Computation and Networking
Session chair: Constantin Paleologu

An Intelligent Agent for Computer Security and Forensic Training
Davi França, André dos Santos, Marcial Fernandez

Distributed Cross Layer Cooperative MAC Protocol for Multihop Wireless Networks
Shamna Hamsa Rahim, Lillykutty Jacob

Mode Selection, Power Adaptation and Channel Assignment in Device-to-Device Communication
Neeta Ann Ninan, Lillykutty Jacob

ICN 3: Communication
Session chair: Davi França

A Study on Off-path Caching Scheme by using Successive Interference Cancellation for Information-Centric Network-based Wireless Sensor Network
Shintaro Mori

Adaptive Data Transmission Control for Reliable and Efficient Spatio-Temporal Data Retention by Vehicles
Hiroki Teshiba, Daiki Nobayashi, Kazuya Tsukamoto, Takeshi Ikenaga

Privacy Token: A Mechanism for User's Privacy Specification in Identity Management Systems for the Cloud
María Elena Villarreal, Sergio Roberto Villarreal, Carla Merkle Westphall, Jorge Werner

ICN 4: Networking II
Session chair: Jose Brito

Entity Title Architecture Pilot: Scaling Out the Deployment of a Clean Slate SDN Based Network at a Telecom Operator
Luiz Claudio Theodor, Pedro Henrique Melo, Rogerio Ribeiro, Flavio Silva, Pedro Rosa, Alex Mendes, Joao Henrique Pereira

Network Clustering and Cluster Control in Energy Harvesting Wireless Video Sensor Networks
Hwan-hee Lee, Keon-woo Park, Doo-sik Kang, Myeong-jin Lee

Resolving Bufferbloat in TCP Communication over IEEE 802.11n WLAN by Reducing MAC Retransmission Limit at Low Data Rate
Masataka Nomoto, Celimuge Wu, Satoshi Ohzahata, Toshihiko Kato

ICN 5: NGN and Network Management
Session chair: Kassem Kallas

Preserving Privacy with Fine-grained Authorization in an Identity Management System
Gerson Camillo, Carla Westphall, Jorge Werner, Carlos Westphall

Throughput Analysis in Cognitive Radio Networks with Imperfect Sensing Using Slotted Aloha and CSMA Protocols
Pedro Guimarães, José Brito

NW-Hamster -Support System for Network Testing with Whitebox Switches - [POSTER]
Megumi Shibuya, Hidehiko Kawakami, Teruyuki Hasegawa, Hirozumi Yamaguchi

ICN 6 / AAFAA: Advances in Adaptive Filtering for Acoustic Applications
Session chair: Cristian Anghel

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Cristian Anghel

Recursive Least-Squares Algorithms for Echo Cancellation - An Overview and Open Issues
Camelia Elisei-Iliescu, Constantin Paleologu

The Impact of the Acoustic Environment on Recovering Speech Signals Drowned in Loud Music
Robert Alexandru Dobre, Radu-Mihnea Udrea, Cristian Negrescu, Dumitru Stanomir

On the FPGA Implementation of the VR-RLS Algorithms
Cristian Anghel, Silviu Ciochina

Low Complexity Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm for Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Cristian Lucian Stanciu, Lucian Stanciu, Roxana Mihăescu

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Cristian Anghel

ICN 7 / DMM: Distributed Mobility Management - Towards Efficient and Scalable Mobile Networks
Session chair: Nivia Cruz Quental

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Nivia Cruz Quental

Modeling Handover Latency in PMIPv6-based Protocols with Timed Petri Nets
Nivia Quental

CI-PMIPv6: An Approach for Inter-domain Network-based Mobility Management
Nivia Quental, Paulo Gonçalves

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Nivia Cruz Quental

SOFTNETWORKING 1: Software Defined Networking
Session chair: Gino Carrozzo

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Eugen Borcoci

SEED, a Server Platform for the Edge of the Network
Carlo Vitucci, Alf Larsson

Distributed Control Plane Optimization in SDN-Fog VANET
Eugen Borcoci, Tudor Ambarus, Marius Vochin

An Application-aware SDN Controller for Hybrid Optical-electrical DC Networks
Giada Landi, Marco Capitani, Domenico Gallico, Matteo Biancani, Kostas Christodoulopoulos, Muzzamil Aziz

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Eugen Borcoci

SOFTNETWORKING 2 / SDNNFV: Control, Scalability and Performance
Session chairs: Eugen Borcoci, Paolo Secondo Crosta

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Eugen Borcoci, Paolo Secondo Crosta

NFV Information Model Extensions for Improved Reliability and Lifecycle Management
Giovanni Fausto Andreotti, Paolo Secondo Crosta, Emanuele Miucci, Giuseppe Monteleone

GPU-accelerated Video Transcoding Unit for Multi-access Edge Computing Scenarios
Antonino Albanese, Paolo Secondo Crosta, Claudio Meani, Pietro Paglierani

Combined NFV and SDN Applications for Mitigation of Cyber-attacks Conducted by Botnets in 5G Mobile Networks
Giacomo Bernini, Pietro Giuseppe Giardina, Gino Carrozzo, Alberto Huertas Celdran, Manuel Gil Perez, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Qi Wang, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Pedro Neves

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Eugen Borcoci, Paolo Secondo Crosta

SOFTNETWORKING 3 / SOMA: NFV Service Development and Operations for the SONATA MANO Platform
Session chair: Wouter Tavernier

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Wouter Tavernier

SONATA Project Overview
Wouter Tavernier

SDK Overview
Steven Van Rossem

SP Overview
Thomas Soenen

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Wouter Tavernier

Session chair: Wouter Tavernier

Introduction [PRESENTATION]
Wouter Tavernier

Installation + vEPC Service Description and Design [PRESENTATION]
Wouter Tavernier, Janos Elek

SDK Emulation, Testing and Monitoring [PRESENTATION]
Steven Van Rossem

Service Platform Demo [PRESENTATION]
Thomas Soenen


ICONS 2017, The Twelfth International Conference on Systems

ICONS 1: Advanced Systems
Session chair: Paolo Maresca

Performance of Authenticated Encryption for Payment Cards with Crypto Co-processors
Keith Mayes

Distributed System Behavior Modeling of Urban Systems with Ontologies, Rules and Many-to-Many Association Relationships
Maria Coelho, Mark Austin, Mark Blackburn

Challenges in Functional Testing on the Way to Automated Driving
Steffen Wittel, Daniel Ulmer, Oliver Bühler

ICONS 2 / EVSYS: Evolving Systems
Session chair: Fabrice Mourlin

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Fabrice Mourlin

Evolving agent architecture for data collection
Ali Esserhir

Design of Mobile Services for Embedded Device
Guy Lahlou Djiken, Asnae Mostadi, Fabrice Mourlin

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Fabrice Mourlin

ICONS 3: Application-oriented Systems
Session chair: Steffen Wittel

BioWallet: A Biometric Digital Wallet
Elif Benli, Ilkan Engin, Chousein Giousouf, Muhammed Aziz Ulak, Serif Bahtiyar

Security of Mobile Agents in Distributed Java Agent Development Framework (JADE) Platforms
Timo Bayer, Christoph Reich

Semantic Models and Rule-based Reasoning for Fault Detection and Diagnostics: Applications in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
Parastoo Delgoshaei, Mark Austin, Daniel Veronica

Scoring Methods to Enable Bespoke Portfolio Management
Daniel Pashley, Theodore Tryfonas, Andrew Crossley, Chris Setchell


MMEDIA 2017, The Ninth International Conferences on Advances in Multimedia

MMEDIA 1: Multimedia Services
Session chair: David Doukhan

The Research of Critical Success Factors for Performance-oriented Electronic Support Systems - Resource-Based View
Jhen-Shien Lee, Wan-Hsuan Yen, Chin-Cheh Yu

3D Model Representations and Transformations in the Context of Computer-Aided Design: a state of the art overview
Christoph Schinko, Ulrich Krispel, Eva Eggeling, Torsten Ullrich

MMEDIA 2: Multimedia Applications
Session chair: Torsten Ullrich

Investigating the Use of Semi-Supervised Convolutional Neural Network Models for Speech/Music Classification and Segmentation
David Doukhan, Jean Carrive

Adaptive Queue Management Scheme for Flexible Dual TCP/UDP Streaming Protocol
Arul Dhamodaran, Kevin Gatimu, Ben Lee

Improving Feature Extraction Accuracy for Skin Analysis
Woogeol Kim, Hyungjoon Kim, Eenjun Hwang

MMEDIA 3 / SBD I: Social and Big Data I
Session chair: Shohei Yokoyama

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Hiroshi Ishikawa, Shohei Yokoyama, Masaharu Hirota

A Data Model for Integrating Data Management and Data Mining in Social Big Data
Hiroshi Ishikawa, Richard Chbeir

Examination of Best-time Estimation Using Interpolation for Geotagged Tweets
Masaki Endo, Shigeyoshi Ohno, Masaharu Hirota, Yoshiyuki Shoji, Hiroshi Ishikawa

Classification of Unlabeled Deep Moonquakes Using Machine Learning
Shiori Kikuchi, Ryuhei Yamada, Yukio Yamamoto, Masaharu Hirota, Shohei Yokoyama, Hiroshi Ishikawa

MMEDIA 4 / SBD II: Social and Bid Data II
Session chair: Masaharu Hirota

Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Features to Classify the Deep Moonquake Sources Using Balanced Random Forest
Kodai Kato, Ryuhei Yamada, Yukio Yamamoto, Masaharu Hirota, Shohei Yokoyama, Hiroshi Ishikawa

Measurement-based Cost Estimation Method of a Join Operation for an In-Memory Database
Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Hiroshi Ishikawa

A Proposal of Activation Mechanism for User Communication based on User Behavior analysis on Wedding Community Sites
Toshinori Hayashi, Yuanyuan Wang, Yukiko Kawai, Kazutoshi Sumiya

A Node Access Frequency based Graph Partitioning Technique for Efficient Dynamic Dependency Analysis
Kazuma Kusu, Izuru Kume, Kenji Hatano

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Hiroshi Ishikawa, Shohei Yokoyama, Masaharu Hirota

MMEDIA 5 / STCD I: Models and Algorithms for Spatially and Temporally Correlated Data I
Session chairs: Marco Martalò,  Riccardo Raheli

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Marco Martalò, Riccardo Raheli

Resolution Enhancement of Incomplete Thermal Data of Earth by Exploitation of Temporal and Spatial Correlation
Paolo Addesso, Maurizio Longo, Rocco Restaino, Gemine Vivone

A Message Passing Approach for Decision Fusion of Hidden-Markov observations in the presence of Synchronized Attacks in Sensor Networks
Andrea Abrardo, Mauro Barni, Kassem Kallas, Benedetta Tondi

MMEDIA 6 / STCD II: Models and Algorithms for Spatially and Temporally Correlated Data II
Session chairs: Marco Martalò,  Riccardo Raheli

Statistical Models of Spatially Correlated Binary Sources with Application to Communication Networks [PRESENTATION]
Marco Martalo, Riccardo Raheli

Modelling Temporal Structures in Video Event Retrieval using an AND-OR Graph
Maaike Heintje Trijntje de Boer, Camille Escher, Klamer Schutte

Extraction of Periodic Features from Video Signals
Davide Alinovi, Riccardo Raheli

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Marco Martalò, Riccardo Raheli


PESARO 2017, The Seventh International Conference on Performance, Safety and Robustness in Complex Systems and Applications

PESARO 1: Safety
Session chair: Mohammad Rajabalinejad

Fall Detection of the Elderly in the Activities of Daily Living
Taekyeong Lee, Youngho Lee, Jaemin Kim, Soonmoon Jung, Dongwook Yang, Beomgeun Jo, Jeongwoo Lee, Junghwa Hong

Determination of the Environmental Conditions by the Evaluation of Test Drive Data
Steffen Wittel, Daniel Ulmer, Oliver Bühler

PESARO 2 / ESITIS: Evolution of Safety in Transportation and Industrial Systems
Session chair: Mohammad Rajabali Nejad

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Mohammad Rajabali Nejad

Measuring Safety in Aviation: Empirical Results about the Relation between Safety Outcomes and Safety Management System Processes, Operational Activities and Demographic Data
Steffen Kaspers, Nektarios Karanikas, Alfred Roelen, Selma Piric, Robbert van Aalst, Robert Jan de Boer

ERTMS Challenges for a Safe and Interoperable European Railway System
Katja Schuitemaker, Mohammad Rajabalinejad

Supporting Risk-Based Design by Computational Synthesis
Mohammad Rajabalinejad, Robert Velten, Hans Tragter

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Mohammad Rajabali Nejad

PESARO 3 / MAIS: Machine Learning Algorithms in Image and Signal Processing
Session chair: Javier Hoffmann

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Javier Hoffmann

Shift-Invariant Motif Discovery in Image Processing
Sahar Torkamani, Volker Lohweg

A Survey on CNN and RNN Implementations
Javier Hoffmann, Osvaldo Navarro Guzmán, Florian Kästner, Benedikt Janßen, Michael Hübner

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Javier Hoffmann


SOFTENG 2017, The Third International Conference on Advances and Trends in Software Engineering

SOFTENG 1: Software Testing and Validation I
Session chair: Christian Drabek

Visualizing Execution Models and Testing Results
Bernard Stepien, Liam Peyton, Mohamed Alhaj

A Comparative Study of GUI Automated Tools for Software Testing
Peter Sabev, Katalina Grigorova

Chimera: A Distributed High-throughput Low-latency Data Processing and Streaming System
Pascal Lau, Paolo Maresca

SOFTENG 2: Software Testing and Validation II
Session chair: Demetrio Cortese

Integrating Static Taint Analysis in an Iterative Software Development Life Cycle
Thomas Lie, Pål Ellingsen

Method for Automatic Resumption of Runtime Verification Monitors
Christian Drabek, Gereon Weiss, Bernhard Bauer

Quality Evaluation of Test Oracles Using Mutation
Ana Claudia Maciel, Rafael Oliveira, Marcio Delamaro

SOFTENG 3: Software Designing and Production I
Session chair: Pål Ellingsen

Visual Component-based Development of Formal Models
Sergey Ostroumov, Marina Waldén

Analysing the Need for Training in Program Design Patterns - An empirical exploration of two social worlds
Viggo Holmstedt, Shegaw A. Mengiste

A Model-Driven Approach for Evaluating Traceability Information
Hendrik Bünder, Christoph Rieger, Herbert Kuchen

SOFTENG 4: Software Reuse
Session chair: Mira Kajko-Mattsson

On the Effect of Minimum Support and Maximum Gap for Code Clone Detection- An Approach Using Apriori-based Algorithm -
Yoshihisa Udagawa

Function Points and Service-oriented Architectures
Roberto Meli

Overview of a Domain-Driven Design Approach to Build Microservice-Based Applications
Roland H. Steinegger, Pascal Giessler, Benjamin Hippchen, Sebastian Abeck

SOFTENG 5: Software Reliability, Robustness, Safety
Session chair: Roland Steinegger

The Safety Assessment of a Control System of Assistance by a Biometric Means by Quality Standards [PRESENTATION]
Carlos Hiram Moreno, Liliana Sandoval, Blanca Valencia

Consistent Cost Estimation for the Automotive Safety Model based Software Development Life Cycle
Demetrio Cortese

A Team Allocation Technique Ensuring Bug Assignment to Existing and New Developers Using Their Recency and Expertise
Afrina Khatun, Kazi Sakib

SOFTENG 6: Software Designing and Production II
Session chair: Demetrio Cortese

Self-Governance Developer Framework
Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Gudrun Jeppesen

Security and Software Engineering: Analyzing Effort and Cost
Callum Brill, Aspen Olmsted

Improving a Travel Management Procedure: an Italian Experience
Antonello Calabrò, Eda Marchetti, Giorgio Oronzo Spagnolo, Pierangela Cempini, Luca Mancini, Serena Paoletti


SPACOMM 2017, The Ninth International Conference on Advances in Satellite and Space Communications

SPACOMM 1: Space Communications Services
Session chair: Timothy Pham

The 'C' Trinity - Converged, Cross-layer and Cooperative Integration of Satellite Communication System
Su Gao, Yufei Shen, Ying Tao, Houtian Wang, Na Zhou, Zhicheng Zhou

Topologies for the Provision of Network-Coded Services via Shared Satellite Channels
Ulrich Speidel, 'Etuate Cocker, Muriel Médard, Janus Heide, Péter Vingelmann

SPACOMM 2: Satellite and Space Communications
Session chair: Muriel Medard

Multi-Pool Based Resource Allocation Scheme in Broadband SATCOM System
Luoyu Qin, Ying Tao, Houtian Wang

DSN Wide Area Network Architecture, Capacity and Performance
Timothy Pham, Roger Cortez, Jason Liao


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