Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich is professor at the faculty of computer science at the university of applied science in Furtwangen (HFU) and teaches in the field of distributed systems, Cloud Computing, IT security. He is CIO of the HFU Information- and Media Centre, that is the scientific director for the IT data centre, Online-Services, Learning-Services, and library department. He is head of the Institute of Cloud Computing and IT-Security (IfCCITS; Several research projects have been done or still running under the supervision of Prof. Reich.

One of the BMBF-founded projects, Security Audit as a Service (SAaaS), goal was to develop an software architecture provided as a Software as a Service, which enables an auditor to do a security audit of a Cloud Computing infrastructure. The FP7 EU project A4Cloud ended 2016 brought accountability to the cloud provider. Our part of the project is to implement an evidence framework, working on an assertion tool and build an audit tool to show the accountability of the cloud infrastructure. The current project HALFBACK tries to ensure hight-availability production (HAP) processes by predicting machine and tool failures, product quality losses, resources flow problems, etc.. In addition, HAP should be achieved by an optimized and intelligent way of scheduling maintenance at the right time, replacing components in non-productive times, re-scheduling production processes, and even relocating production to another company.

To summarize, Christoph Reich's research interests are in Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0, IT-Security and Data Privacy.