The Advisory Committee is seeking Mini Symposium Proposals on topics of the main conference from the program committee members. The idea is to have a closer relation between a Chair and his/her invited papers for a Mini Symposium, especially with the authors, projects and teams known to be working on a particular topic.

This model has been suggested by committee members and participants in order to facilitate a possibility of "grants for activity". The Symposium Chair will be supported with a Submission site (for accurate peer-reviews) and publisher's site information.

Financial support and scientific activities

For 5 or more registered papers, one free registration is granted to the Mini Symposium Chair. The Mini Symposium Chair is invited to provide a Preface of the Mini Symposium that will be published. The Symposium Chair is expected to invite the authors and handle the selection.

Scientific and logistic support

The IARIA logistics will provide the URL of the submission site. The IARIA logistic will assist for editorial issues and camera-ready cross-check.

Submissions can be:

  • research papers, 6 page long, with validated results;
  • research papers, 4-6 page long,  with preliminary results;
  • idea papers, to validate potential future explorations, with no preliminary results, and
  • surveys, white papers, slide-based presentations (presentation only; not in the proceedings)

The Mini Symposium Chair must organize the Technical Program Committee (TPC) of the symposium. The list of mini symposium committee is not public; it serves only for supporting the reviewing process in addition to the conference review committee.

The review process is handled by the Mini Symposium Chair via a dedicated system provided by IARIA. The Mini Symposium Chair communicates the info <name><affiliation><email address> of all committee members to Reviews must be ready 14 days before the notification deadline. Additional editorial reviews are performed by the logistics. Notification of acceptance is done simultaneously with the main conference.

IARIA logistics communicate to the Mini Symposium Chair the registered papers; based on this, a Preface can be written.

The deadlines for the final delivery of camera-ready papers of the Mini Symposium should reflect the deadlines for the main conference as all papers of the conference and Symposia will be published in the same Proceedings.

Registration, hotel booking, and other logistic services (e.g., publisher's site) will be handled by the organizers of the main conference.
This will be communicated to the authors along with the notification emails.

If less than 5 papers, the Mini Symposium Chair agrees that the registered papers go into the main conference into an appropriate track.

Steps to follow

Step 1:

  • identify a title&logo
  • invite some potential authors
  • propose the mini symposium (see emails below)
  • get the submission URL and instructions to handle the site
  • select the accepted papers

Step 2:

  • get the list of registered papers from the logistics
  • write a preface
  • upload it along with camera-ready version of accepted papers on the publisher's site (URL for the logistics)
  • send the registration from for yourself (hopefully, fees are granted, due to symposium registered papers)

Step 3:

  • attendance
  • chairing the symposium's session(s)
  • selection of the papers/s going to be invited for extended version in an IARIA journal (see:


Submit your Symposium Proposals to and

Please find below an example of the symposium proposal.

Symposia Board Chair
Claus-Peter Rückemann

=========== example of a proposal ==========
IARIA Conference: list one of IARIA conference., e.g., BUSTECH 2014
Mini symposium mnemonic: TATOO 2014
Symposium title: The First Symposium on Tatoo Techniques
Symposium URL: <TBD>

Mini symposium manifesto:
- a few sentences on the topics
- a list of subtopics

Instructions to the authors
See the Call for Papers of the conference

Important deadline [generally same as the main conference]
Submission deadline

Type if submissions
- research papers, 6 page long, with validated results
- research papers, 4-6 page long,  with preliminary results
- idea papers, to validate potential future explorations, with no preliminary results
- survey papers, white papers, position papers
- slide-based presentations (presentation only, no in proceedings)

Paper format
See: <URL> [from the conference Call for Papers]

Editorial Rules

Mini Symposium Chair: John Tatooer
Mini Symposium technical program committee (might be all the invited authors)(not public; just for reviews): <TBD>


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