The Tenth International Conference on Performance, Safety and Robustness in Complex Systems and Applications


February 23, 2020 to February 27, 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal



Nov 12, 2019


Dec 13, 2019


Dec 27, 2019

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Jan 09, 2020

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PESARO 2020 - The Tenth International Conference on Performance, Safety and Robustness in Complex Systems and Applications

February 23, 2020 - February 27, 2020

PESARO 2020: Program

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Novotel Lisboa
Avenida José Malhoa 1 1A
Nº de Registo:543
Phone: +351 21 724 4800

Note: The final program might vary slightly according to the number of successful special tracks and the final registrations.

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Sunday, February 23


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14:00 - 17:00

Tutorial I

Vehicles to Everything Communications and Services on 5G Technology
Prof. Dr. Eugen Borcoci, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

17:00 - 17:30


17:30 - 19:30

Tutorial II

Using the BlueLab IoT Systems
Dr. Vitor Vaz da Silva, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) / Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL), Portugal

19:30 - 20:30

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, February 24

09:00 - 09:15

Opening Session

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speech

Performance Analysis of NASA Deep Space Communications Systems - Expectations and Lessons Learned
Timothy T. Pham, Chief Deep Space Network System Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - California Institute of Technology, USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 16:45

Keynote Speech

Can Secure Computing Solve the Data Security Issues in the Cloud?
Dr. Mamadou H. Diallo, United States Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific - San Diego, U.S. Department of Defense, USA

16:45 - 17:00


17:00 - 19:00

Panel on Telecommunications and Mobility

Theme: Fast Mobility and the Telecommunications Convergence

Petre Dini, IARIA, USA

Eugen Borcoci, University "Politehnica"of Bucharest (UPB), Romania
Carlo Vitucci, Ericsson, Sweden
Petre Dini, IARIA, USA

Tuesday, February 25

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speech

Moving the SDN-NFV into the RAN
Carlo Vitucci, Ericsson, Sweden

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 14:45

Keynote Speech

Adding Value to Satellite Images using Machine Learning and Image Processing Techniques
Prof. Dr. José Manuel Fonseca, UNINOVA, Portugal

14:45 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:45




16:45 - 17:00

Coffee Break

17:00 - 19:00

Panel on Software and Data

Theme:  Big/Small Data and Software Adaptation Approaches

Bernard Stepien, University of Ottawa, Canada

Jedrzej Rybicki, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany
Bernard Stepien, University of Ottawa, Canada
Claudia Werner, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wednesday, February 26

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speech

Directions in Machine Learning
Dr. Michele Covell, Google, Inc., USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 14:45

Keynote Speech

Systems Governance: An Overview on a New Trend Applied to Societal Systems
Prof. Dr. Mo Mansouri, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA | University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

14:45 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:45




16:45 - 17:00

Coffee Break

17:00 - 19:00

Panel on Networking and Systems

Theme: Cyber-systems: From Deep-Space to Deep-Waters

Timothy Pham, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA, USA

Paul Labbé, Defence Research and Development Canada, Canada
Christopher Graves, NIWC Pacific, U.S. Department of Defense, USA
José Manuel Fonseca, UNINOVA, Portugal
Timothy Pham, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA, USA

19:00 - 20:00

Coffee and Social Meetings

20:00 : 23:00


Thursday, February 27

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speech

A Skeptical View on AI Application in Science
Dr. Jedrzej Rybicki, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 12:30

Coffee Break

12:30 - 14:15




14:15 - 14:30

Coffee and Closing session


Friday, February 28

Recommended tourist objectives to be visited on your own:

Sintra - National Palace
Peña Palace - São Pedro de Penaferrim

Cabo da Roca

The Medieval Borough of Alfama
Lisbon's Borough of Belém
Tower of Belém
National Coaches Museum
Monastery of the Jerónimos (Hieronymite Monks, built in 1502)
Panoramic: Commerce Square, Down Town, Rossio Square, Avenue da Liberdade and Campo Grande



Detailed Program


ALLDATA 2020, The Sixth International Conference on Big Data, Small Data, Linked Data and Open Data

ALLDATA 1: Linked Data
Session chair: Ilkay Wunderlich

Development and Implementation of an Ontology to Support the Product Development of Smart Textiles Using Open Innovation Platforms
Inga Gehrke, Magnus Knuth, Sabine Kolvenbach, Urs Riedlinger, Thomas Gries, Sebastian Tramp

Mining Hot Topics based on Subject-Predication-Object triple: a Case on Stem Cell [PRESENTATION]
Zhengyin Hu, Xiaomei Wang, Xiaochu Qin,Yuan Xu

Synonym Predicate Discovery for Linked Data Quality Assessment Without Requiring the Ontology Semantic Relations
Samah Salem, Fouzia Benchikha

On Sensitivity Analyses for Partial Non-additive Fuzzy Measure AHP [PRESENTATION]
Shin-ichi Ohnishi,Takahiro Yamanoi

ALLDATA 2: Challenges in Processing Big Data and Applications
Session chair: Magnus Knuth

Statistical Analysis of Stock Profits to Evaluate Performance of Markets
Yoshihisa Udagawa

Designing a Data Logistics and Model Deployment Service
Jedrzej Rybicki

DFSCC: A Distributed Framework for Secure Computation and Sharing in the Cloud
Mamadou Diallo, Christopher Graves, Michael August, Verinder Rana, Kevin Groarke

An Overview of Arithmetic Adaptations for Inference of Convolutional Neural Networks on Re-configurable Hardware
Ilkay Wunderlich, Benjamin Koch, Sven Schönfeld


ICDT 2020, The Fifteenth International Conference on Digital Telecommunications

ICDT 1: Digital Telecommunications
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

A Model for Infant Acquisition of Spoken Words Using Genetic Algorithm and Fujisaki Model
Tomio Takara, Ryoichi Eto

Transmission Control to Suppress Interference Between Periodic and Non-Periodic Traffic in Wireless Coexistence Scenarios
Ryota Ikeuchi, Hiroyuki Yomo


ICN 2020, The Nineteenth International Conference on Networks

ICN 1: Communication
Session chair: Mohamad Salhani

Proposal of a Quadrature SSB Modulation Scheme for Wireless Communication Systems
Hiroaki Waraya, Masahiro Muraguchi

A Vehicle Position Estimation Method Combining Roadside Vehicle Detector and In-Vehicle Sensors
Shunya Yamada, Yousuke Watanabe, Hiroaki Takada

Delay-Conscious Defense Against Fingerprinting Attacks
Jingyuan Liang, Chansu Yu, Kyoungwon Suh

ICN 2 / SOFTNEWORKING: Advances in Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization
Session chair: Carlo Vitucci

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Eugen Borcoci, Carlo Vitucci, Nicola Ciulli

Implementation and Deployment of a Server at the Edge Using OpenStack Components
Carlo Vitucci, Tommaso Cucinotta, Riccardo Mancini, Luca Abeni

Provisioning Using Opendaylight OVSDB into Openstack: Experiments
Alexandru Eftimie, Eugen Borcoci

Study on Use-Cases of Open Source Management and Orchestration Framework in 5G Projects
Andra Ciobanu, Cosmin Contu, Eugen Borcoci

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Eugen Borcoci, Carlo Vitucci, Nicola Ciulli

ICN 3: Networking I
Session chair: Fatima Hussain

Using the Proactive Algorithms and the User Transfer Algorithms for Load Balancing in Ultra-Dense Networks
Mohamad Salhani

Caching Data Protection Scheme for Information-Centric Wireless Sensor Networks
Shintaro Mori

Selective Process Replication for Fault Tolerance in Large-scale, Heterogeneous Environments with Non-Uniform Node Failure Distribution
Longhao Li, Taieb Znati, Rami Melhem

ICN 4: Networking II
Session chair: Leonel Piscalho Junior

Towards a Software Defined Multi-Domain Architecture for the Internet of Things
Leonel Piscalho Junior, José Moura, Rui Neto Marinheiro

RSSI-Based Access Points and Channel Selection Method Using Markov Approximation
Masato Kagaya, Tomotaka Kimura, Kouji Hirata, Masahiro Muraguchi

ICN 5: Computation and Networking
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

Spectral Handoff in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
Cesar Augusto Hernandez Suarez, Diego Armando Giral Ramirez

Development of Secure IoT System based on Secret Sharing
Hiroyuki Dekihara

Design and Implementation of Password less Single Sign On Authentication Mechanism
Fatima Hussain, Rasheed Hussain, Damir Samatov, Andrey Bogatyrev, Salah Sharieh


ICONS 2020, The Fifteenth International Conference on Systems

ICONS 1: Application-oriented Systems
Session chair: Vitor Vaz da Silva

A Systemic Look at the Norwegian Health Care System with Focus on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Ellen Veronica Bjørkkjær, Mo Mansouri

Validation of a Failure-Cause Searching and Solution-Finding Algorithm in Production based on Complaint Information from the Use Phase
Marius Heinrichsmeyer, Nadine Schlüter, Fynn Kösling, Amirbabak Ansari

Investigating the Feasibility to Acquire System Performance Information of a Complex System from Limited Maintenance Data
Snow H. Tseng, Tzu-Chia Kao

Publishing and Retrieval System for Traffic Court Cases
Wei Kit Shiu, Chai Kiat Yeo

ICONS 2: Advanced Embedded Systems and Applications/Services
Session chair: Mo Mansouri

BlueLab IoT Architecture
Vitor Vaz da Silva

Automated Greenhouse Using Arduino Mega
Badour AlAbri, Hawa AlSaraai, Roghaieh Parvizsedghy, Ali Al-Humairi, Hayat El Asri, Laila Benhlima

Smart Chair for Mitigation of Skin Pressure Ulcers
Miguel Gomes, Pedro Rebelo, Vitor Silva

Teaching Machines to Understand Urban Networks
Maria Coelho, Mark Austin

ICONS 3: Systems Theory and Practice
Session chair: Marius Heinrichsmeyer

Point Cloud Mapping using Only Onboard Lidar in GNSS Denied and Dynamic Environments
Misato Yamaji, Seiya Tanaka, Masafumi Hashimoto, Kazuhiko Takahashi

Multiview-Fusion-Based Crowd Density Estimation Method for Dense Crowd
Liu Bai, Cheng Wu, Yiming Wang, Feng Xie

A Multi-Objective Optimization Method on Consumer's Benefit in Peer-to-peer Energy Trading
Mitsue Imahori, Ryo Hase, Norihiko Shinomiya

ICONS 4 / WiSEB I: Widening Systems Engineering Borders I
Session chair: Giulio Telleschi

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Giulio Telleschi

Strategic Engineering as closed loop approach to address Complex Systems
Agostino G. Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Kirill Sinelshchikov

An Innovative Memristor-based Near Field Communication Topology Adopted as Security Key
Colin Sokol Kuka, Mohammed Alkahtani, Gor Poliposyan, Muflah Alahammad

Transdisciplinary Approach to Enhance Customer Engagement in the Design of Complex Defence Systems [PRESENTATION]
Giulio Telleschi, Andrea Romano

ICONS 5 / AIMBSE: Advanced and AI-based Methods for Model-based Systems Engineering
Session chair: Christoph Knieke

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
David Inkermann, Christoph Knieke

Data-driven Approach for Accurate Estimation and Validation of Ego-Vehicle Speed
Adina Aniculaesei, Meng Zhang, Andreas Rausch

Adapting the CO2-Compass Architecture to Further Optimize Data Generation Methods - Enhancing CO2 Emission Forecasts by Minimizing the Area of Observation
Lucas Hüer, Helge Fischer, Sebastian Lawrenz, Hans-Jürgen Pfisterer, Oliver Thomas

An Approach for Configuration of the Industry 4.0 Technologies on Production Systems
Daning Wang, Christoph Knieke, Helge Fischer, Andreas Rausch

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
David Inkermann, Christoph Knieke

ICONS 6 / WiSEB II: Widening Systems Engineering Borders II
Session chair: Giulio Telleschi

Digital Twins [PRESENTATION]
Saverio Romano

Requirements Based Testing and MBSE in Defence [PRESENTATION]
Mark Williamson

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Giulio Telleschi


MMEDIA 2020, The Twelfth International Conference on Advances in Multimedia

MMEDIA 1: Multimedia Applications
Session chair: Hideyuki Torii

AR Smart Home: a Smart Appliance Controller Using Augmented Reality Technology and a Gesture Recognizer
Sora Inomata, Koya Iwase, Kosuke Komiya, Tatsuo Nakajima

Safe Route Navigation Using Traffic Volume Estimated by Noise Data
Kenji Tsukamoto, Tatsuo Nakajima

Optimizing QoE and Cost in a 3D Immersive Media Platform: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Panagiotis Athanasoulis, Emmanouil Christakis, Konstantinos Konstantoudakis, Petros Drakoulis, Stamatia Rizou, Avi Weit, Alexandros Doumanoglou, Nikolaos Zioulis, Dimitrios Zarpalas

MMEDIA 2: Multimedia Content and Modeling
Session chair: Tatsuo Nakajima

Embedding Information in 3D Printed Objects with Curved Surfaces Using Near Infrared Fluorescent Dye
Piyarat Silapasuphakornwong, Hideyuki Torii, Kazutake Uehira, Siravich Chandenduang

Seamless Audio Melding: Using Seam Carving with Music Playlists
Michele Covell, Shumeet Baluja

Promoting Fluency of Streaming Video by Learning Human Perceptive Traits to Reveal the Vital Section in Outstanding Quality
Shu Chiao Chiang, Tatsuo Nakajima

MMEDIA 3: Multimedia Services
Session chair: Michele Covell

Motion Analysis Using Machine Learning for Vocational Training Support
Haruka Kataoka, Masahiro Yokoyama, Masaki Endo, Norikatsu Fujita, Hideyo Tsukazaki, Hiroshi Ishikawa

A New Advertisement Method of Displaying a Crowd
Taku Watanabe, Yuta Matsushima, Kenji Tsukamoto, Kota Gushima, Tatsuo Nakajima

MMEDIA 4 / AIART: AI for Arts: AI Imagination?
Session chair: Baoyang Chen

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Baoyang Chen

AiArt: Towards Artificial Intelligence Art
Weiwen Chen, Shidujaman Mohammad, Xuelin Tang

Beauty + You are Living in the Desert of the Real, but I am in the Beautiful [PRESENTATION]
Funa Ye

A non-Invasive Approach to Extract the User’s Patterns of Visual Arts Exploration through Wearable Technologies Application: the NEFFIE Project
Diana Trojaniello, Matteo Zardin, Marco Mura, Alberto Sanna

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Baoyang Chen


PESARO 2020, The Tenth International Conference on Performance, Safety and Robustness in Complex Systems and Applications

PESARO 1: Systems Performance and Safety
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

Accelerating Real-time Processing of Articles by Using an OpenCL-based FPGA for the OSS Syntactic Parser SyntaxNet
Yoshiki Kurokawa, Yuichiro Aoki, Yuki Kondo, Yaoko Nakagawa

Monitor for Safety-Critical Mirror Drivers of MEMS Micro-Scanning LiDAR Systems
Philipp Stelzer, Andreas Strasser, Philip Pannagger, Christian Steger, Norbert Druml

Challenges in Mitigating Soft Errors in Safety-critical Systems with COTS Microprocessors
Amer Kajmakovic, Konrad Diwold, Nermin Kajtazovic, Robert Zupanc


SOFTENG 2020, The Sixth International Conference on Advances and Trends in Software Engineering

SOFTENG 1: Software Reuse
Session chair: Robert Fuller

Mapping on the Use of Games for Programming Teaching with an Emphasis on Software Reuse
Diego Cardoso, Cláudia Werner

An Overview of SAP Core Data Services
Add Belati, Firas Alomari

A Development Framework to Standardize Software Engineering Practices
Jishu Guin, Michele Macrì, Andrus Kuus

SOFTENG 2: Software Requirements
Session chair: Petre Dini

Broadening the Lens: Toward the Collective Empathic Understanding of Product Requirements
Robert C. Fuller

Test Coordination and Dynamic Test Oracles for Testing Concurrent Systems
Bernard Stepien, Liam Peyton


SPACOMM 2020, The Twelfth International Conference on Advances in Satellite and Space Communications

SPACOMM 1: Remote Sensing
Session chair: Timothy T. Pham

Region-based N-cuts Polarimetric SAR Image Segmentation Algorithm
Lingkai Zhao, Mingchuan Yang

A Tensor Completion-Based Selection Method of a Single Data Collection Point for Multiple Shelters in a UAV Enabled Disaster Recovery Network
Azusa Danjo, Shinsuke Hara, Takahiro Matsuda, Fumie Ono

Cognitive Radars (CRs) Could Improve Target Engagement Success Rate
Paul Labbé

SPACOMM 2: Satellite and Space Communications
Session chair: Timothy T. Pham

LEO Satellite Constellations: An Opportunity to Improve Terrestrial Communications in the Canadian Arctic
Paul Labbé

Column Norm Sorting Based Successive Interference Cancellation Algorithm for Multi-beam Satellite Communication System
Jingchao Wang, Quan Yu