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The Eleventh International Conference on Networks

ICN 2012

February 29 - March 5, 2012 - Saint Gilles, Reunion Island

Preliminary Program

GlobeNet 2012
ICN 2012 / ICONS 2012 / DBKDA 2012 / VisGra 2012

Conference Hotel:

L'Hermitage, Avenue de la Mer
97434 Saint Gilles Les Bains
Reunon Island

Conference rooms
Time slots

Room A

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Room C

Wednesday, February 29


Registration starts

13:00 - 15:00

Tutorial 1

Robust Computation in Engineering, Geometry and Duality

by Prof. Dr. Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia - Plzen & VSB-Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic

15:30 - 18:30

Tutorial 2

Chaotic Neural Network for Biometric Pattern Recognition

by Prof. Dr. Marina Gavrilova, University of Calgary, Canada


18:30 - 19:30

Welcome Cocktail

Thursday, March 1st

09:00 - 09:15


09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

In-Memory Data Management for Enterprise Applications
Jens Krueger, Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Germany

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:00

DBKDA Panel: On the Quality of Non-structured Data

Friedrich Laux, Reutlingen University, Germany

Guest panelists:
Andreas Schmidt, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Chris Ireland, Open University, UK
Eloy Gonzales, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
Maria Del Pilar Angeles, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, University of Craiova, Romania

Friday, March 2nd

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Challenges in Implementing IT Service Management Systems
Marko Jäntti, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30- 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30






17:30 - 20:00

Industrial Keynote Speech

Oracle Labs: Leading the Way in Hardware Software Co-design
by Nipun Agarwal, Oracle Labs, Redwood Shores, California, USA

ICONS Panel: Requirements Engineering for Software vs. Systems in General

Hermann Kaindl, TU-Vienna, Austria

Guest panelists:
Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Kazumi Nakamatsu, University of Hyogo, Japan
Marko Jäntti, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Roland Rieke, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, SIT, Germany

Saturday, March 3rd

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Environments, Services and Network Management for Green Clouds
Carlos Becker Westphall, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30- 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:30

Research Keynote Speech

Consuming Norwegian Linked Open Data: Applications in Regional Development and Environmentally Friendly Behavior
by Dumitru Roman, SINTEF, Norway

ICN Panel: Internet at Crossroads!

Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute-Alsace, France

Guest panelists:
Benoit Escrig, Université de Toulouse, France
Mingmei Li, KDDI R&D Labs., Japan
Pavel Zahradnik, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
Fanilo Harivelo, Université de la Réunion, France
Katsuhiro Naito, Mie University, Japan

20:00 - 24:00

GlobeNet 2012
Gala Dinner

Sunday, March 4th

9:15 - 11:00




11:00 - 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 - 13:00




13:00 - 13:30



Monday, March 5th

07:30 - 19:30
check the exact timing at the conference
registration desk

One day trip (bus, lunch, drinks, guide)

Volcano Piton de la Fournaise

Only for those registered via the registration form
(see the registration form, lunch, drinks, and entry fees included)

7:30am Starting from the Conference Hotel

Heading to the capital of the south, St. Pierre.
On our way to the volcano, we will pass Le Tampon and the moor lands of the Plaine des Cafres with gorse and arums as well as the desert landscape of the volcano. Getting to the Plaine des Sables, we will have the possibility to enjoy an absolutely stunning view of the vast area of black and red scoriae, resembling a lunar landscape. Once more, we will realize that Reunion is a very unique tropical island. Having crossed the Plaine des Sables you will go up from former craters to the rampart which marks the central volcanic crater of the enclosure. There, at the edge of a balcony 300m high, you will be able to admire Formicaléo and the Piton de la Fournaise.

Notice: Possibility to descend to the caldera of Formicaléo on your own responsibility. The guide is not a mountain guide; he will await you at the top.

Traditional Creole lunch

On the way back, this excursion leads us to the village of Bois-Court, where we can admire a hydraulic watch and enjoy the fascinating view on the gorges of Bras-de-la-Plaine. The small village Gand-bassin is situated between two mountains. Vegetables and fruits are cultivated around this village and cattle-breeding and tourism practiced. Going down to St. Pierre, you will visit the museum "La Saga du Rhum". Integrated in the heart of the distillery Isautier (established in 1845), the museum proposes a historic view on the aromas of this liqueur, which are bound to the history and to the development of Reunion.

19:30pm Return to The Conference Hotel




DBKDA 2012, The Fourth International Conference on Advances in Databases, Knowledge, and Data Applications

DBKDA 1: Advances in fundamentals on databases
Session chair: Dumitru Dan Burdescu

Reasoning about Domain Semantics over Relations, Bags, Partial Relations and Partial Bags
Sebastian Link

Distinguishing Soft-Goals and Quality Requirements in Software Requirements Modeling
Thi-Thuy-Hang Hoang, Alain Pirotte

A Case for Inverted Indices in In-Memory Databases
Jens Krueger, Johannes Wust, Martin Faust, Tim Berning, Hasso Plattner

Sparse Dictionaries for In-Memory Column Stores
Johannes Wust, Jens Krueger, Martin Grund, Uwe Hartmann, Hasso Plattner

DBKDA 2: Knowledge and decision bases
Session chair: Sebastian Link

BI: Lean Manufacturing Indicators Applied to HR Applications - An Implementation Study
Robson Poffo, Mehran Misaghi

Improving the Quality of Knowledge Discovery Process by Information Gain Computing'
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Marian Cristian Mihaescu, Bogdan Logofatu, Costel Marian Ionascu

Education Cluster for Intelligent Provision of eLearning Services
Stanimir Stoyanov, Emil Doychev, Veselina Valkanova, Georgi Cholakov

Towards Accurate Electricity Load Forecasting in Smart Grids
Zeyar Aung, Mohamed Toukhy, John Williams, Abel Sanchez, Sergio Herrero

DBKDA 3: Data query, access, mining, and correlation I
Session chair: Anthony Maeder

Operating on Hierarchical Enterprise Data in an In-Memory Column Store
Christian Tinnefeld, Bjoern Wagner, Hasso Plattner

About Top-k Flexible Queries in Large Databases
Khaoula Mabrouki, Amel Grissa Touzi, Habib Ounalli

Association Rule Mining from Large and Heterogeneous Databases with Uncertain Data using Genetic Network Programming
Eloy Gonzales, Koji Zettsu

A Multidimensional Data Modeling of the SEER Database from the USA National Cancer Institute
Heidy M. Marin-Castro, Jose Torres-Jimenez, Diana I. Escalona-Vargas

DBKDA 4: Data query, access, mining, and correlation II
Session chair: Andreas Schmidt

Constructing a Synthetic Longitudinal Health Dataset for Data Mining
Shima Ghassem Pour, Anthony Maeder, Louisa Jorm

Business Lead Generation for Online Real Estate Services: A Case Study
Md. Rahman, Xinghui Zhao, Maria Mosquera, Qigang Gao, Vlado Keselj, Hai Wang

On Parallel Evaluation of SPARQL Queries
Zbynek Falt, David Bednarek, Miroslav Cermak, Filip Zavoral

A New Approach For Top-k Flexible Queries In Large Database Using The Knowledge Discovered
Amel Grissa touzi, Habib Ounalli

DBKDA 5: Data query, access, mining, and correlation III
Session chair: David Marks

A Knowledge Management Methodology for Studying Health Science Students’ Development of Misconceptions
Meaghen Regts, Arturo Fernandez Espinosa, Miguel Vargas Martin, Jayshiro Tashiro

Prediction Model Based on User Profile and Partial Course Progress for a Digital Media Learning Environment
Arturo Fernandez Espinosa, Meaghen Regts, Jayshiro Tashiro, Miguel Vargas Martin

Clustering Large-Scale, Distributed Software Component Repositories
Marcos Paulo Paixão, Leila Silva, Gledson Elias

OLAP Authentication and Authorization via Query Re-writing
Todd Eavis, Ahmad Altamimi

DBKDA 6: Databases technologies
Session chair: Elias Gledson

Basic Components for Building Column Store-based Applications
Andreas Schmidt, Daniel Kimmig

Leveraging Compression in In-Memory Databases
Jens Krueger, Johannes Wust, Martin Linkhorst, Hasso Plattner

A System Overview for netCDF-FastBit Integration
David Marks, Mahdi Abdelguerfi, Elias Ioup, John Sample, Kevin Shaw

A First Step Towards a Query Optimizer for Column-Stores [POSTER]
Andreas Schmidt, Daniel Kimmig, Reimar Hofmann

DBKDA 7: Data Management
Session chair: Marian Vajtersic

The Multi-Tenant Data Placement Problem
Jan Schaffner, Dean Jacobs, Tim Kraska, Hasso Plattner

Evaluation of Data Anonymization Tools
Sergey Vinogradov, Alexander Pastsyak

Dynamic Stream Allocation with the Discrepancy between Data Access Time and CPU Usage Time
Sayaka Akioka, Yoichi Muraoka, Hayato Yamana

DBKDA 8: Data quality
Session chair: Sergey Vinogradov

Relevance of Quality Criteria According to the Type of Information Systems
Maria del Pilar Angeles, Francisco Javier Garcia-Ugalde

Cloud-based Medical Image Collection Database with Automated Annotation
Anthony Maeder, Birgit Planitz

Algebraic Constructs for Querying Provenance
Murali Mani, Mohamad Alawa, Arunlal Kalyanasundaram


ICN 2012, The Eleventh International Conference on Networks

ICN 1: Network management, scheduling and policy
Session chair: Boris Simák

Strict Priority Scheduler for Rate Controlled Transmission
Lukasz Chrost, Agnieszka Brachman

Network and Services Monitoring: A Survey in Cloud Computing Environments
Guilherme Da Cunha Rodrigues, Vinicius Tavares Guimaraes, Glederson Lessa dos Santos, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Liane Rockenbach Tarouco

The Space-Time Information in the Access Management
Jaroslav Kadlec, Radimír Vrba, David Jaroš, Radek Kuchta

A High-level Network-wide Router Configuration Language
Miroslav Sveda, Michal Sekletar, Tomas Fidler, Ondrej Rysavy

ICN 2: Performance evaluation, tools, simulation
Session chair: Agnieszka Brachman

A New Approach to NGN Evaluation Integrating Simulation and Testbed Methodology
Marcial Fernandez, Sebastian Wahle, Thomas Magedanz

Impact of Propagation Factors on Routing Efficiency in Wireless Mesh Networks: A Simulation-based Study
Ewa Osekowska, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak

Comparison of Heuristic Methods Applied to Optimization of Computer Networks
Tomasz Miksa, Leszek Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak

Wireless Home Automation Network Stability Testing
Radek Kuchta, Radovan Novotny, Jaroslav Kadlec, Radimir Vrba, Vladimir Sulc

ICN 3: Signal processing in communications
Session chair: Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka

Band-Pass Filters for Direct Sampling Receivers
Pavel Zahradnik, Vlcek Miroslav, Simak Boris, Kopp Michal

Comparison of the Fully-Differential and Single-Ended Solutions of the Frequency Filter with Current Followers and Adjustable Current Amplifier
Jan Jerabek, Kamil Vrba

Precision Full-wave Rectifier Using Current Conveyors and Two Diodes
Jaroslav Koton, Norbert Herencsar, Kamil Vrba

Single GCFDITA and Grounded Passive Elements Based General Topology for Analog Signal Processing Applications
Norbert Herencsar, Jaroslav Koton, Kamil Vrba, Abhirup Lahiri

ICN 4: Computer communications
Session chair: Tatiana Aubonnet

How Many Cores Does Parallel BGP Need in a High-Speed Router
Yaping Liu, Shuo Zhang, Zexin Lu, Baosheng Wang

Multi-level Machine Learning Traffic Classification System
Géza Szabó, János Szüle, Zoltán Turányi, Gergely Pongrácz

TCP SYN Protection: An Evaluation
Pascal Anelli, Fanilo Harivelo, Richard Lorion

Extension of the Shared Regional PACS Center MeDiMed to Smaller Healthcare Institutions
Karel Slavicek, Michal Javornik, Otto Dostal

ICN 5: Communications security
Session chair: Geza Szabo

Multi-Tenancy Authorization System with Federated Identity for Cloud-Based Environments Using Shibboleth
Marcos A. P. Leandro, Tiago J. Nascimento, Daniel R. dos Santos, Carla M. Westphall, Carlos B. Westphall

A SPIT Avoidance Workflow for SIP-Provider
Nicolas Rueger, Sebastian Huebner, Bettina Schnor

Using PGP Signatures for Securing SIP Infrastructures
Sebastian Huebner, Nicolas Rueger, Bettina Schnor

Developing Trust and Reputation Taxonomy for a Dynamic Network Environment
Tanja Ažderska, Borka Jerman Blažič

ICN 6: Next generation networks [NGN] principles
Session chair: Sebastian Huebner

A Reference Model for Future Computer Networks
Hoda Hassan

Application Design over Named Data Networking with Its Features in Mind
Sen Wang, Jianping Wu, Jun Bi

Feedback, Transport Layer Protocols and Buffer Sizing
Shankar Raman, Shashank Jain, Gaurav Raina

A Generic Service Model for QoS Management
Tatiana Aubonnet, Noemie Simoni

ICN 7: Wireless communications
Session chair: Matthias Vodel

Towards Opportunistic Data Dissemination in Mobile Phone Sensor Networks
Viet-Duc Le, Hans Scholten, Paul Havinga

Towards A Theoretically Bounded Path Key Establishment Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks
Aishwarya Mishra, Tibor Gyires, Yongning Tang

Selective Link Cost Alteration in Reservation-Based Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks
Christian Köbel, Walter Baluja García, Joachim Habermann

Reliable Technology for Wireless Mesh Networks with Low System Requirements
Vladimir Sulc, Radek Kuchta, Radimir Vrba

Forwarding and Routing Stateless Multi-Hop Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Rivo S. A. Randriatsiferana, Richard Lorion, Frederic Alicalapa, Fanilo Harivelo

ICN 8: Mobile networking and systems
Session chair: Tibor Gyires

Resource Management for Advanced, Heterogeneous Sensor-Actor-Networks
Matthias Vodel, Mirko Lippmann, Wolfram Hardt

Improving Fairness in Wireless Mesh Networks
Jorge Peixoto, Marcial Fernandez, Luis Felipe Moraes

An Integrated Location Method using Reference Landmarks for Dead Reckoning System
Mingmei Li, Kazuyuki Tasaka, Kiyohito Yoshihara

MANET with the Q-Routing Protocol
Ramzi Haraty, Badieh Traboulsi

ICN 9: Advanced communications
Session chair: Sylvain Durand

Estimation of Collision Multiplicities in IEEE 802.11-based WLANs
Benoit Escrig

CTC Turbo Decoding Architecture for LTE Systems Implemented on FPGA
Cristian Anghel, Valentin Stanciu, Cristian Stanciu, Constantin Paleologu

Multi-Relay Cooperative NB-LDPC Coding with Non-Binary Repetition Codes
David Declercq, Valantin Savin, Stephan Pfletschinger

A Redundancy Information Protocol for P2P Networks in Ubiquitous Computing Environments: Design and Implementation
Rafael Araujo, Hiran Ferreira, Pedro Rosa, Renan Cattelan

ICN 10: Advanced networks
Session chair: Pascal Lorenz

Kernel Module Implementation of IPv4/IPv6 Translation Mechanisms for IPv4-oriented Applications
Katsuhiro Naito, Kazuo Mori, Hideo Kobayashi

A Complementary Approach for Transparent NAT Connectivity
Lucas Vella, Lásaro Camargos, Pedro Rosa

Minimization of Branching in the Optical Trees with Constraints on the Degree of Nodes
Massinissa Merabet, Sylvain Durand, Miklos Molnar

Mitigating Spoofing Attacks in MPLS-VPNs using Label-hopping
Shankar Raman, Gaurav Raina

A Proposal of Dynamic RWA Using Ant Colony in Optical Burst Switched Networks
Erick Donato, Joaquim Celestino Júnior, Antônio Vieira, Ahmed Patel

ICONS 2012, The Seventh International Conference on Systems

ICONS 1: Security and protection systems
Session chair: Dirk van der Linden

Mobile Code Security in Contemporary Information Systems - Past, Present and Trends
Denis Trcek, Marko Bajec

A Trusted Information Agent for Security Information and Event Management
Luigi Coppolino, Michael Jäger, Nicolai Kuntze, Roland Rieke

New Approach to Mitigating Distributed Service Flooding Attacks
Mehmud Abliz, Taieb Znati

Architecture of a Security and Surveillance System
Florian Segor, Axel Bürkle, Sven Müller, Rainer Schönbein, Matthias Kollmann

ICONS 2: Complex systems
Session chair: Denis Trcek

Reliability Aspects of Uniformly Parameterised Cooperations
Peter Ochsenschläger, Roland Rieke

System Reverse Engineering to Requirements and Tests
Qi Zhang, Andreas Karcher

Context ontology for Event-Driven Information Systems
Ana Šaša Bastinos, Marjan Krisper

A Top-Down-View on Intelligent Surveillance Systems
Yvonne Fischer, Jürgen Beyerer

ICONS 3: Systems engineering I
Session chair: Yvonne Fischer

Designing a Fault-Tolerant Satellite System in SystemC
Kashif Javed, Elena Troubitsyna

How About Agile Systems Development?
Hermann Kaindl, Edin Arnautovic, Jürgen Falb

Towards Applying Normalized Systems Concepts to Modularity and the Systems Engineering Process
Peter De Bruyn, Herwig Mannaert

In Search of Rules for Evolvable and Stateful run-time Deployment of Controllers in Industrial Automation Systems
Dirk van der Linden, Herwig Mannaert

ICONS 4: Systems engineering II
Session chair: Karsten Huenlich

Towards the Explicitation of Hidden Dependencies in the Module Interface
Dirk van der Linden, Herwig Mannaert, Peter De Bruyn

A Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Design – A Concept Study
Ondrej Rysavy, Miroslav Sveda, Radimir Vrba

ISA-95 Tool for Enterprise Modeling
Dazhuang He, Andrei Lobov, Jose Luis Martinez Lastra

Evaluating Service-Oriented Orchestration Schemes for Controlling Pallet Flow
Johannes Minor, Jorge Garcia, Jacaan Martinez, Andrei Lobov, Jose Luis Martinez Lastra

ICONS 5: Systems engineering III
Session chair: Andrei Lobov

Exploring Entropy in Software Systems: Towards a Precise Definition and Design Rules
Herwig Mannaert, Peter De Bruyn, Jan Verelst

MDE-based QoS management framework for RTDB management systems development
Salwa M'barek, Leila Baccouche, Henda Ben Ghezala

Examining Challenges in IT Service Desk System and Processes: A Case Study
Marko Jäntti

ICONS 6: Systems engineering IV
Session chair: Marko Jantti

Branching Program-Based Programmable Logic for Embedded Systems
Václav Dvořák

Orchestration Driven by Formal Specification
Charif Mahmoudi, Fabrice Mourlin

Optimized Testing Process in Vehicles Using an Augmented Data Logger
Karsten Hünlich, Daniel Ulmer, Steffen Wittel, Ulrich Bröckl

ICONS 7: Application-oriented systems
Session chair: Hannes Payer

Providing In-house Support to Disabled People Through Interactive Television
Begoña Fuentes Merino, Miguel Angel Gómez Carballa, Carlos Rivas Costa, José Ramón Fernández Bernárdez, Rubén Míguez Pérez, Manuel José Fernández Iglesias, Luis Anido Rifón

The Pervasive Fridge. A smart computer system against uneaten food loss.
José Rouillard

A Graphical Development Tool for Earth System Model Using Component Description Language
Chao Tan, Sujun Cheng, Zhongzhi Luan, Si Ye, Wenjun Li, Depei Qian

Magnetic Resonance Signal Processing in Medical Applications
Jan Mikulka, Eva Gescheidtová, Karel Bartušek

Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement from Spatially Mapped Reaction Field
Petr Marcon, Eva Gescheidtova, Karel Bartusek

ICONS 8: Specialized systems
Session chair: José Rouillard

Hierarchical PLABs, CLABs, TLABs in Hotspot
Hannes Payer, Christoph M. Kirsch, Harald Roeck

Intelligent Processing of Video Streams for Visual Customer Behavior Analysis
Johannes Kröckel, Freimut Bodendorf

A Cellular Automata Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yijun Wang, Zhihong Qian, Dayang Sun, Ce Zhou

Intelligent Safety Verification for Pipeline Process Order Control Based on EVALPSN
Kazumi Nakamatsu, Jair Abe, Seiki Akama

Secure communication based on indirect coupled synchronization
Rupak Kharel, Krishna Busawon, Zabih Ghassemlooy


Requirements Engineering for Software vs. Systems in General
Hermann Kaindl, Marko Jäntti, Herwig Mannaert, Kazumi Nakamatsu, Roland Rieke


VisGra 2012, The First International Workshop on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics

VisGra 1: Scientific and technical visualization
Session chair: Vaclav Skala

Radial Basis Functions for High-Dimensional Visualization
Vaclav Skala

Visual Data Mining Using the Point Distribution Tensor
Marcel Ritter, Werner Benger, Biagio Cosenza, Keera Pullman, Hans Moritsch, Wolfgang Leimer

3D visualizations for supporting social awareness in learning communities
Ekaterina Prasolova-Forland

A new Robust Method of Line Detection in a Structured Light System
Hussam Yousef, Regis Huez, Laurent Hussenet, Michel Herbin

VisGra 2: Computer graphics
Session chair: Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland

Finding 3D Positions from 2D Images Feasibility Analysis
Hannagala Gamage Lochana Prematunga, Anuja T Dharmaratne

Interpolation and Intersection Algorithms and GPU
Vaclav Skala

Quaternion Lifting Scheme for Multi-resolution Wavelet-based Motion Analysis
Agnieszka Szczesna, Janusz Slupik, Mateusz Janiak


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