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The Third International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services

ICIW 2008

June 8-13, 2008 - Athens, Greece

Preliminary Program


AICT 2008 // ICIW 2008
SLAECE 2008 //  VEWAeL 2008

Sunday, June 8


Registration starts

13:00 - 16:00

Tutorial 1

Performance Evaluation in Wireless Networks and Technologies from 2.5 G, 3G, LTE to 4G and Beyond
Dr Reda Reda
ICTMC, Austria

16:00 - 19:00

Tutorial 2

Web Services for Mapping
Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis
Harokopio University of Athens, Greece

19:30 - 20:30

Welcome Cocktail

Monday, June 9

09:00 - 9:15

Opening session

Prof. Dr. Tulin Atmaca, TELECOM SudParis, France
Prof. Dr. Petre Dini, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA / Concordia University, Canada
Prof. Dr. Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Mihhail Matskin,  ICT-KTH, Sweden // IDI-NTNU, Norway
Prof. Dr. Guadalupe Ortiz, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain

9:15 - 10:15

Invited Speaker

Web-Based Information Systems for the Agile Economy: Enablers and Challenges
by Prof. Dr. Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 18:30

Working Group Meeting: Web Services

Tuesday, June 10

08:30 -10:15




10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 18:30

Working Group Meeting: Advanced Topics in Telecommunications

Wednesday, June 11

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





19:00 - 24:00

ICIW 2008 & AICT 2008 Gala Dinner

Restaurant: Litharitsia
Location: Gounari Str. 42, Elliniko

Thursday, June 12

8:30 - 10:15




10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 17:45

Closing Session

Friday, June 13

8:00 - 18:00

One day visit
Athens and Corinth, including lunch

 (see the registration form)

Visit the Acropolis, the symbol of Athens. Walk to Areopag (Paulus prediction place) and over Agora (ancient market place). Afterwards, drive through Athens, over Syntagma Square, the Zeus Temple and National Garden, the University, the Academy of Science and the National Library of Athens, the King's Palace and the Olympic Stadium, where the first Olympic Games had taken place.

Drive to Corinth, to visit the old Corinth, the starting place of Apostle Paulus. Short Stop at Corinth Canal. Visit the Agora, Lechaion street and the Apollo Temple. Short Stop at Kenchrea.



Opening: Eleanna Kafeza, Dickens Chiu (Workshop Chairs)
Session chair: Eleni Kosta

Flow Diagram Based Formulation for Protecting Patent and Trade Secret in Information Systems
Hideyasu Sasaki

Tracing Mobile Attackers in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network1
Ming Hour Yang, Chien-Si Chiu, and Shiuhpyng Shieh

File-Sharing versus Gift-Giving: A Theoretical Approach
Konstantina Zerva

Ethical-Legal Challenges in User-Centric AmI Services
E. Kosta, O. Pitkänen, M. Niemel., and E. Kaasinen

A Domain Model for eParticipation
Evangelos Kalampokis, Efthimios Tambouris, and Konstantinos Tarabanis

Opening:  Guadalupe Ortiz (Workshop Chair)
Session chair: Matthias Ehmann

Experiences in Online Teaching and Learning
M. Goetz, M. Ehmann, S. Jablonski, and M. Igler

Employing Bayes Classifier for Improving Learner's Proficiency
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Marian Cristian Mihaescu, and Bogdan Logofatu

Information Filtering for a Collaborative Learning Environment: A Multiagent Approach
André Luis Silva dos Santos, Sofiane Labidi, and Zair Abdelouahab

U-Training. A Framework to Create Ubiquitous Training Portals for Higher Education Teachers
Oscar Díaz-Alcántara

Session chair: Florian Waldner

Experiences with Virtual Environments in the EHEA
Guadalupe Ortiz

eduWEAVER: Integrated Design, Development and Deployment of eLearning Scenarios
F. Waldner, M. Nemetz, and C. Steinberger

Dependence Maps: A Methodology for Subject Planning and Learning Assessment in Virtual Learning Environments
Rommel W. de Lima and Sergio V. Fialho

ICIW 1: WSSA - Web Services (1)
Session chair: Howard Foster

Leveraging Integrated Tools for Model-Based Analysis of Service Compositions
Howard Foster and Philip Mayer

Evaluating the Use of AOP and MDA in Web Service Development
Guadalupe Ortiz, Behzad Bordbar, and Juan Hernández

Business Episodes and Workflow Integration: A Use Case in LD-CAST
D. Karagiannis, R. Woitsch, W. Utz, V. Hrgovcic, and H. Eichner

Different Approaches to Semantic Web Service Composition
Thomas Weise, Steffen Bleul, Diana Comes, and Kurt Geihs

A Novel Approach for Service Capabilities Representation Based on Statistical Study on WSDL
Yan Liu, Mingguang Zhuang, Qingling Wang, and Hanli Wang

ICIW 2: IWAS - Web Applications Design and Development (1)
Session chair: Christian Meusel

Automatic Generation of Ruler-Based User Interfaces of Web Applications
Nomunbilegt Batsukh, Matthias Book, Tobias Brückmann, Jens Geier, Volker Gruhn, Alex Klebeck, and Clemens Schäfer

Web Application to Generate Route Bus Timetables
Kazunori Toshioka, Takao Kawamura, and Kazunori Sugahara

System’s Design and Implementation for Easy Creation of Mobile Commerce Systems
John Garofalakis, Flora Oikonomou, and Vasilios Stefanis

Graphical History List with Multi-window Support on a Mobile Web Browser
Elina Vartiainen, Virpi Roto, and Janne Kaasalainen

ICIW 3: WSSA - Web Services (3)
Session chair: Benoit Christophe

Semantization of Legacy Web Services: From WSDL to SAWSDL
Philippe Larvet, Benoit Christophe, and Alain Pastor

A Rough Similarity Measure for Ontology Mapping
Yi Zhao, Wolfgang Halang, and Xia Wang

Checkable Domain Management with Ontology and Rules
Atif Alvi and David J. Greaves

Personal Preference for Reliable Transaction Identification on Web Service
Taewan Gu, Seong-Jun Hong, Jae-Bong Yoo, and Kwang-Mo Lee

ICIW 4: WSSA - Web Services (2)
Session chair: Ralph Mietzner

Defining Composite Configurable SaaS Application Packages Using SCA,Variability Descriptors and Multi-tenancy Patterns
Ralph Mietzner, Frank Leymann, and Mike P. Papazoglou

Dynamic Binding Framework for Adaptive Web Services
Abdelkarim Erradi and Piyush Maheshwari

WSDL 2.0 Message Exchange Patterns: Limitations and Opportunities
Jörg Nitzsche, Tammo van Lessen, and Frank Leymann

DBOWL: Towards a Scalable and Persistent OWL Reasoner
Maria del Mar Roldan-Garcia and Jose F. Aldana-Montes

A Reflective Framework to Support Adaptive Service Composition under Correctness Constrains
Yanlong Zhai, Hongyi Su, and Shouyi Zhan

ICIW 5: IWAS - Web Applications Design and Development (2)
Session chair: Flora Oikonomou

A Dynamic Voice Portal for Delivery of Cultural Content
Evangelia Boufardea, John Garofalakis, and Athanasios Plessas

Dynamic Web-Page Generation in Resource-Constrained Environments — The Kertasarie Server Pages
Christian Hochberger and Christian Meusel

Enabling the Evolution of Service-Oriented Solutions Using an UML2 Profile and a Reference Petri Nets Execution Platform
Javier Fabra, Joaquín Pena, Antonio Ruiz-Cort.s, and Joaquín Ezpeleta

Methodological Aspects of Semantics Enrichment in Model Driven Architecture
M. Diouf, K. Musumbu, and S. Maabout

A Navigational Web Requirements Validation through Animation
Joumana Dargham and Rima Semaan

Session chair: Alexander Stocker

Integration of Internet Based Labs and Open Source LMS
E. Sancristobal, S. Martin, R. Gil. G. Díaz, A. Colmenar, M. Castro, J. Peire, J.M. Gómez, E. López, and P. López

NAT Traversal Method for Multi-Agent-Based Meeting Scheduling System
Yusuke Hamada, Shinichi Motomura, Takao Kawamura, and Kazunori Sugahara

Towards a Framework for Social Web Platforms: The Neurovation Case
Alexander Stocker, Gisela Granitzer, Patrick Hoefler, Viktoria Pammer, Reinhard Willfort, Anna Maria Koeck, and Klaus Tochtermann

Trust Inference in Web-Based Social Networks Using Resistive Networks
Mohsen Taherian, Morteza Amini, and Rasool Jalili

Session chair: Voicu Groza

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Platform for Supporting a Risk Management Network of Practice
Katerina Papadaki and Despina Polemi

Friend-to-Friend Computing - Instant Messaging Based Spontaneous Desktop Grid
Ulrich Norbisrath, Keio Kraaner, Eero Vainikko, and Oleg Batrašev

Robust Watermarking with High Bit Rate
Daniela Stanescu, Victor Groza, Mircea Stratulat, Daniel Borca, and Ioana Ghergulescu

An Agent-Based Architecture for Supply Chain Finance Cooperative Context-Aware Distributed Data Mining Systems
Xiang Liu

Modeling Cross Media Publishing
Andreas A. Veglis

Session chair: Quincy Wu

Design and Architecture of a Portable User Agent in SIP Collaboration Systems
ChingChen Chang and Quincy Wu

A Collaborative System for Environment and Tourism Information Authoring and Web Publishing: An Institutional Case Study
Barbara R. Barricelli, Nicola Maiellaro, Marco Padula, and Paolo L. Scala

Distributed Creative Problem Solving over the Web
Florian Forster

A Collaborative Information Aggregation System for Idea Management
Efthimios Bothos, Dimitris Apostolou, and Gregoris Mentzas

ICIW 9: IWAS - Next Generation Networks
Session chair: Shujun Zhang

ACVS: An Advanced Certificate Validation Service in Service-Oriented Architectures
Antonio Ruiz-Martínez, Daniel Sánchez-Martínez, C. Inmaculada Marín-López, Manuel Gil-Pérez, and Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta

Web Portals in SMEs - Two Case Studies
Martin Wynn and Shujun Zhang

A Secure Mobile Framework for m-Services
Spyridon Papastergiou, Athanasios Karantjias, Despina Polemi, and Milan Markovic

A Proposed Structure for Application Server in NGN
H. Yeganeh, A. H. Darvishan, M. Dindoost, and H. Sabaei

UTISP: An Urban Traffic Information Portal Based on WebGIS
Yan Liu, Mingguang Zhuang, Qingling Wang, and Biao Yu

ICIW 10: PSPSA (1)
Session chair: Liu Weidong

A Service and Knowledge Ecosystem for Telco3.0-Web3.0 Applications
Antonio Manzalini and Alexandros Stavdas

Performances Study of the Distributed Spanning Tree an Overlay Network for Server Lookup
Sylvain Dahan, Alexandru Dobrila, Jean-Marc Nicod, and Laurent Philippe

Enhancing Tit-for-Tat Strategy to Cope with Free-Riding in Unreliable P2P Networks
Dongsheng Peng, Weidong Liu, Chuang Lin, Zhen Chen, and Xuehai Peng

Updating XML Documents without Breaking Their Validity
Joumana Dargham, Zeina Alti, and Marcel Karam

Self-Organization of Autonomous Peers with Human Strategies
Lu Liu, Jie Xu, Duncan Russell, and Nick Antonopoulos

ICIW 11: PSPSA (2)
Session chair: Carlos Abalde

NAT Traversal for Pure P2P e-Learning System
Kazuo Kuramochi, Takao Kawamura, and Kazunori Sugahara

The Effect of Sub Communities in a Community-Based Peer-to-Peer Model Based on Social Networks
Amir Modarresi, Ali B. Mamat, Hamidah Ibrahim, and Norwati Mustapha

Efficient Discovery of Widely Distributed and Non-volatile Resources on DHTs
Carlos Abalde, V.ctor M. Gulías, and Laura M. Castro

DhtFlex: A Flexible Approach to Enable Efficient Atomic Data Management Tailored for Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlays
Udo Bartlang and Jörg P. Müller

ICIW 12: PSPSA (3)
Session chair: Jani Suomalainen

Super-Peer Selection in Peer-to-Peer Networks Using Network Coordinates
Peter Merz, Matthias Priebe, and Steffen Wolf

Governed Content Distribution on DHT Based Networks
Walter Allasia, Francesco Gallo, Marco Milanesio, and Rossano Schifanella

A Security Analysis of a P2P Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Devices
Jani Suomalainen, Anssi Pehrsson, and Jukka K. Nurminen

Kapa: A File Sharing System Based on HP2P
Bo Wang, Zhenhua Duan, and Lei Wang

ICIW 13: IWAS - Web Technologies, Frameworks, Languages, Mechanisms (1)
Session chair: Ulrich Norbisrath

A Competency-Oriented Modeling Approach for Personalized E-Learning Systems
Mihaela Brut, Sabin Buraga, Sergiu Dumitriu, Gheorghe Grigoras, and Marta Girdea

Web Contents Tracking by Learning of Page Grammars
Dirk Kukulenz, Christoph Reinke, and Nils Hoeller

Automatic Generation of Web User Interfaces in PHP Using Database Metadata
Mohamed A. Mgheder and M. J. Ridley

A Novel Approach of Web Search Based on Community Wisdom
Weiliang Zhao and Vijay Varadharajan

ICIW 14: IWAS - Web Technologies, Frameworks, Languages, Mechanisms(2)
Session chair: Sam Chung

WS-Objects: First-Class Objects as Web Service Parameters
Olena Rogovchenko and Jacques Malenfant

Data Mashups & Their Applications in Enterprises
S. Kami Makki and Jaina Sangtani

Toward Trustworthy Service Consumers and Producers
Phil Bonderud, Sam Chung, and Barbara Endicott-Popovsky

New Learning Services: Customized and Secured Evaluation
R. Gil, E. Sancristobal, S. Martin, G., M. Castro, J. Peire, and A. Nishihara

ICIW 15: IWAS - Web Technologies, Frameworks, Languages, Mechanisms (3)
Session chair: Randi Karlsen

Capturing Diverse Usage Contexts forWeb-Based Images
Randi Karlsen and Joan Nordbotten

Persistency for Java-Based Mobile Agent Systems
Shinichi Motomura, Takao Kawamura, and Kazunori Sugahara

Mobile Implementation and Formal Verification of an e-Voting System
Stefano Campanelli, Alessandro Falleni, Fabio Martinelli, Marinella Petrocchi, and Anna Vaccarelli

XML Semantic Filtering via Ontology Reasoning
M. Baggi, M. Falaschi, and D. Ballis

ICIW 16: IWAS - Interaction with/from Web-Based Applications (1)
Session chair: Viktoria Pammer

A Remedial Supporting Based Learning Management System
Po-Jen Chuang, Chu-Sing Yang, and Ming-Chao Chiang

Resolving Data Heterogeneity Issues in Open Distributed Communication Middleware
Omair Shafiq, François Scharffe, Daniel Wutke, and Germán Toro del Valle

Providing Decision Capabilities to Coordinators in Distributed Processes
Michael von Riegen, Martin Husemann, and Norbert Ritter

Recommending Tags for Pictures Based on Text, Visual Content and User Context
Stefanie Lindstaedt, Viktoria Pammer, Roland Mörzinger, Roman Kern, Helmut M.lner, and Claudia Wagner

ICIW 17: IWAS - Specialized Web Applications
Session chair: Malamati Louta

SEARCHY: An Agent to Personalize Search Results
Ivan Marcialis and Emanuela De Vita

Trust Management Framework for Efficient Service Provisioning in Dynamic Distributed Computing Environments
Malamati Louta and Angelos Michalas

On Secure and Anonymous Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol
Mina Deng and Bart Preneel

A Two-Level Automatic Help Desk Based on a New Statistical Approach
Morteza Zahedi, Hamed Rahimov, and Forough Soleymani

EsaCake: A Semantic Software Environment for Sharing Software Projects Knowledge Based on the ESA Software Methodology
Juan Miguel Gomez, Myriam Mencke, Javier Chamizo, Ricardo Colomo, and Angel García-Crespo

ICIW 18: IWAS - Interaction with/from Web-Based Applications (2)
Session chair: Helena Suvinen

Interoperability and Integration of Context-Aware Services in an Ambient Intelligence Environment
Sergio Martín, Elio Sancristobal, Guillermo Temino, Pablo Losada, Nuria Oliva, Antonio Colmenar, Manuel Castro, and Juan Peire

Implementations of the Web 2.0 Phenomenon and Its Technologies for Science Outreach and Communication in the Research Network
S. Pastore, C. Boccato, M. Galliani, L. Nobili, and E. Lazzaretto

User Psychological Problems in a Wiki-Based Knowledge Sharing Portal
H. Suvinen and P. Saariluoma

An Architectural Framework of a Crawler for Locating Deep Web Repositories Using Learning Multi-agent Systems
J. Akilandeswari and N. P. Gopalan

A Framework for Generic Internet-Based Information Notification
Nader Mohamed, Jameela Al-Jaroodi, and Imad Jawhar

ICIW 19: IWAS - Web-Based Applications
Session chair: Simon Moser

Online Multimedia Database for Communities of Practice in Biology: A Real Use Challenge
Didier Sebastien and Noël Conruyt

Who Reads and Writes the Social Web? A Security Architecture for Web 2.0 Applications
Matthias Quasthoff, Harald Sack, and Christoph Meinel

Task Design: Its Impact on Usability Testing
Majed Alshamari and Pam Mayhew

Generic CSSA-Based Pattern over Boolean Data for an Improved WS-BPEL to Petri Net Mappping
Thomas S. Heinze, Wolfram Amme, and Simon Moser

ICIW 20: WSSA - Data Management
Session chair: Konstantin Todorov

Combining Structural and Instance-Based Ontology Similarities for Mapping Web Directories
Konstantin Todorov

Data Repository and Data Layer in Hyperbook System Using XML RDBS
Abdoulmajid Hakki and Arto Kaarna

Service-Oriented Digital Libraries: A Web Services Approach
Xia Zhao, Enjie Liu, and Gordon Clapworthy

User Profiles in Corporate Scenarios
Cláudio Teixeira, Joaquim Sousa Pinto, and Joaquim Arnaldo Martins

ICIW 21: WSSA - Automatic Computing
Session chair: Riina Maigre

Automated Negotiations in Web Service Procurement
Vikram Patankar and Rattikorn Hewett

Handling Large Web Services Models in a Federated Governmental Information System
Riina Maigre, Peep Küngas, Mihhail Matskin, and Enn Tyugu

Worst-Case Workflow Performance Optimization
Julian Eckert, Stefan Schulte, Michael Niemann, Nicolas Repp, and Ralf Steinmetz

An Orchestration for Distributed Web Service Handlers
Beytullah Yildiz, Geoffrey Fox, and Shrideep Pallickara

ICIW 22: ENSYS (1)
Session chair: Aaron Ault

eStadium: The Mobile Wireless Football Experience
Aaron Ault, James V. Krogmeier, Steven R. Dunlop, and Edward J. Coyle

Networking Aspects for Gaming Systems
Christos Bouras, Vassilis Poulopoulos, Ioannis Sengounis, and Vassilis Tsogkas

Investigating the Applicability of Usability and Playability Heuristics for Evaluation of Pervasive Games
Kalle Jegers

Use of Ontologies for Knowledge Representation of a Film Scene
Yannis Christodoulou, Nikoletta Mavrogeorgi, and Petros Kalogirou

ICIW 23: ENSYS (2)
Session chair: Jorn De Boever

Scalable Mobile Web Service Discovery in Peer to Peer Networks
Satish Narayana Srirama, Matthias Jarke, Hongyan Zhu, and Wolfgang Prinz

Personalized MPEG2 Video-Data Transmission System
Toshiaki Suzuki, Mariko Yamada, Takehiro Urano, Keiro Muro, and Toshiyuki Odaka

Semi-automatic Film-Direction Technique in Internet-Based Interactive Entertainment
Nikoletta Mavrogeorgi, Yannis Christodoulou, and Petros Kalogirou

Value Networks of P2P TV: An Analysis of Actors and Their Roles
Jorn De Boever

ICIW 24: WSSA - Grid & Multimedia
Session chair: Roberto Furnari

Addressing Web Service Performance by Replication at the Operating System Level
Vladimir Stantchev and Miroslaw Malek

A SLA-Adaptive Workflow Integrated Grid Resource Management System for Collaborative Healthcare Services
Hyewon Song, Jay J. Dong, Changhee Han, Wooram Jung, and Chan-Hyun Youn

A SOA-Based Model Supporting Adaptive Web-Based Applications
L. Ardissono, R. Furnari, A. Goy, G. Petrone, and M. Segnan

On Interlinking of Grids: A Proposal for Improving the Flexibility of Grid Service Interactions
R. Tolosana-Calasanz, J. A. Banares, P. Álvarez, and J. Ezpeleta

AICT 1: Networking (1)
Session chair: Jeroen Famaey

The Asymmetrical Architecture of New Optical Switch Device
Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman

Distributed Optimization Algorithms for X-Domain End-to-End QoS Negotiation
Ishita Mukhopadhyay and Hélia Pouyllau

Towards Efficient Service Placement and Server Selection for Large-Scale Deployments
Jeroen Famaey, Tim Wauters, Filip De Turck, Bart Dhoedt, and Piet Demeester

A Novel Semi-blind Channel Estimation Algorithm with Low Complexity
Jianxi Yang, Yuan Wang, and Liang Chu

AICT 2: Networking (2)
Session chair: Joseph Halim

Improving Performance of Finite-Buffered Blocking Delta Networks with 2-Class Priority Routing through Asymmetric-Sized Buffer Queues
D. C. Vasiliadis, G. E. Rizos, and C. Vassilakis

Performance Assessment for the Selection Transmit Diversity in Adaptive Polarized MIMO Pre-RAKE System
Joseph V. M. Halim, Hesham El-Badawy, and Hadia M. El-Hennawy

Research on Pulse Radiation of Planar Equiangular Spiral Antennas
Shi-zhong Yang, Chang-yong Li, Hai-lin Cao, Cheng-chang Zhang, and Wei Chi

Analysis of the TE21 Mode Monopulse Tracking Technique in LEO Satellite Systems
J. Nateghi, L. Mohammady, and E. Jedari

An Infrastructure of Programmable Networks for Peer-to-Peer Applications
André Ribeiro Cardoso, Ahmed Serhrouchni, Erick Aguiar Donato, Joaquim Celestino Jr., and Mikaël Salaün

AICT 3: Networking (3)
Session chair: Bruno Zarpelão

Synchronous and Asynchronous Sequential Symbol Synchronizers
António D. Reis, Jos. F. Rocha, Atilio S. Gameiro, and José P. Carvalho

Anomaly Detection Using DSNS and a Dependency Graph for SNMP Objects
Bruno Bogaz Zarpelao, Leonardo de Souza Mendes, and Mario Lemes Proença Jr.

Overlay Topology Based Inter-domain Qos Paths Building
Serban Georgica Obreja and Eugen Borcoci

End-User Driven Service Creation for Converged Service of Telecom and Internet
Youngmee Shin, Chorong Yu, Seunghwa Chung, and Sangki Kim

Analysis of Service Transaction Flow Based on User’s Actions to Develop KQIs for WiBro Service
Dae-Woo Kim, Hyun-Min Lim, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, and Sang-Ha Kim

AICT 4: Networking (4)
Session chair: Dimitrios Georgoulas

S-RARE; a Simplified Receiver Assisted Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks
Yousef Abdelmalek, Osama Hussien, and Tarek Saadawi

High Speed Synchronizers Operating Internally at Submultiples Rate
António D. Reis, José F. Rocha, Atilio S. Gameiro, and José P. Carvalho

Intelligent Mobile Agent Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Real Time Application Case Study
Dimitrios Georgoulas and Keith Blow

Fast Recovery Paths: Reducing Packet Loss Rates during IP Routing Convergence
Fernando Barreto, Emílio C. G. Wille, and Luiz Nacamura Junior

AICT 5: Performance/QoS
Session chair: Eleftherios Stergiou

A General Analytical Method for the Performance Evaluation of Multistage Interconnection Networks Supporting Multi-class Priority Traffic
John Garofalakis and Eleftherios Stergiou

MPLS Based Mobility Model for 3G/WLAN Integrated Networks and Its Performance Evaluation
Chandi Pani (Banerjee) and Iti Saha Misra

Can VoIP Live up to the QoS Standards of Traditional Wireline Telephony?
Justus F. M. Broß and Christoph Meinel

Bit Loss Probability versus Loss Probability in the Admission Control Process of Non-Elastic Traffic Sources
Lucian Ioan and Grazziela Niculescu

AICT 6: 3G and 4G (1)
Session chair: Sergei Semenov

Modification of the D-TxAA Scheme for Fading Channel
Sergei Semenov

Towards High Quality VoIP in 3G Networks - An Empirical Study
Andres Arjona, Cedric Westphal, Antti Ylä-Jääski, and Martin Kristensson

Uplink Coverage-Capacity Estimation Using Analysis and Simulation
Subhalakshmi Datta, Muhammad Ali Imran, and Constantinos Tzaras

WSSU: High Performance Wireless Self-Contained, Surveillance Unit; an Ad Hoc Video Surveillance System
S. Sutor, F. Matusek, and R. Reda

AICT 7: 3G and 4G (2)
Session chair: Seppo Heikkinen

Attaching an IMS Subscriber to an Unknown Foreign Network
Seppo Heikkinen

Cross-Layer Protocol Design of a 3G-RNC Simulator
G. Tselikis

On the Handoff-Call Blocking Probability Calculation in W-CDMA Cellular Networks
Vassilios G. Vassilakis, Georgios A. Kallos, Ioannis D. Moscholios, and Michael D. Logothetis

Analytical Model of the Earliest Deadline First Policy over 802.11
Ines El Korbi and Leila Azouz Saidane

AICT 8: Protocol (1)
Session chair: Martin Fischer

Approximating Low Latency Queueing Buffer Latency
Martin J. Fischer, Denise M. Bevilacqua Masi, and John F. Shortle

On the Scalability and Reliability of Network Sender Multicast Routing Protocol (NSMRP)
Khalid A. Farhan

3D Coverage Analysis under Heterogeneous Deployment Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sema Oktug, Anar Khalilov, and Hakan Tezcan

Clock Drift Estimation in Networks with Symmetric Exponential Link Delays
Qasim M. Chaudhari and Erchin Serpedin

Next Generation Network Related Standardization - Enablers for the Convergence
Tapio Väärämäki, Jani Puttonen, and Gabor Fekete

AICT 9: Protocol (2)
Session chair: Adam Kaliszan

Convolution Algorithm for State-Passage Probabilities Calculation in Limited-Availability Group
Mariusz Głabowski, Adam Kaliszan, and Maciej Stasiak

Packet Filling Optimization in Multiservice Slotted Optical Packet Switching MAN Networks
Thaere Eido, Dung Tuan Nguyen, and Tülin Atmaca

A New Link-Based Hamiltonian Cycle Protection in Survivable WDM Optical Networks
Lei Guo, Xingwei Wang, Xuetao Wei, Ting Yang, Weigang Hou, and Tengfei Wu

Topology Design of Hierarchical Hybrid Fiber-VDSL Access Networks with ACO
Rong Zhao, Hanjie Liu, and Ralf Lehnert

AICT 10: Information Theory (1)
Session chair: Amer Alhabsi

Design and Implementation of an Embedded Linux-Based Mobile Router for Telematics Computing
Jiann-Liang Chen, Shih-Hsien Wei, Yao-Chung Chang, and Yi-Wei Ma

A New Class of Adaptive Wireless Push Systems Using Multiple Smart Antennas
V. Kakali, G. I. Papadimitriou, P. Nicopolitidis, and A. S. Pomportsis

Information Theoretic Uplink Capacity of the Linear Cellular Array
Symeon Chatzinotas, Muhammad Ali Imran, and Costas Tzaras

AICT 11: Information Theory (2)
Session chair: Robert Szuman

Effective and Open System for Wavelengths Monitoring
A. Binczewski, L. Grzesiak, E. Kenny, K. Stanecki, M. Stroinski, R. Szuman, S. Trocha, and J. Weglarz

Dimensioning of Optical Networks with Incomplete Information
Claunir Pavan, Rui Manuel Morais, Abel Ricardo Correia, and Armando Nolasco Pinto

GEAP: A Fault Management Scheme in Optical Networks
Alisson Barbosa de Souza, Antônio Sérgio de S. Vieira, Jéssyca Alencar L. e Silva, Ana Luiza B. de P. Barros, Gustavo Augusto L. de Campos, Joaquim Celestino Júnior, and Laure W. N. Mendouga

Rogue Access Point Based DoS Attacks against 802.11 WLANs
Chibiao Liu and James Yu

AICT 12: Information Theory (3)
Session chair: Symeon Chatzinotas

A Reactive Tunneling (RT) Scheme to Improve Handover Latency over the Mobile Network Environment
Chung-Ming Huang, Meng-Shu Chiang, and Tz-Heng Hsu

The Capacity Region for Broadcast Channels with Conditionally Independent Message Sets
G. A. Hodtani

Capacity of Cellular Uplink with Multiple Tiers of Users and Path Loss
D. Kaltakis, E. Katranaras, M. A. Imran, and C. Tzaras

A New Efficient Convolutional Decoder for GSM Communication Standard with Fuzzy Logic
S. Ananthi, K. Visalakshi, and S. Rajakumari

AICT 13: Web Services Communications
Session chair: Keattisak Sripimanwat

User Profile Selection by Means of Ontology Reasoning
Michael Sutterer, Olaf Droegehorn, and Klaus David

Simplification of Frequency Test for Random Number Generation Based on Chi-Square
Kruawan Wongpanya, Keattisak Sripimanwat, and Kanok Jenjerapongvej

On Trustworthy Reputation Evidence Establishment: Rating Analysis and Defense against Dishonesty
Chunmei Gui, Quanyuan Wu, Huaimin Wang, and Jian Qiang

A Template-Based Orchestration Framework for Hybrid Services
Guo Jie, Cheng Bo, Chen Junliang, and Zhang Lei

A Preliminary Practice for BPEL Based Multimedia Conference Web Services Orchestration
Cheng Bo, Guo Jie, Chen Junliang, and Lin Xiangtao

AICT 14: Communication Theory/Signal Processing (1)
Session chair: Shoko Kuroda

Performance Validation of Carrier Super-Positioning Satellite System with Multi-component Code
Shoko Kuroda, Takao Hara, and Minoru Okada

BER and Complexity Comparisons of the MPIC Receiver and the Linear Chip Equalizer
Aymen Ayari, Boujemâa Hatem, and Siala Mohamed

A New Method to Measure the Jitter of a Signal
António D. Reis, José F. Rocha, Atílio S. Gameiro, and José P. Carvalho

A Technique for Blind Identification of Uplink Signals in Multibeam Smart Antenna
Qinghua Chen and Xianzhong Xie

AICT 15: Communication Theory/Signal Processing (2)
Session chair: Niyazi Odabasioglu

Efficient ML Decoder for Quasi-orthogonal Space-Time Codes When Using QAM Constellation
Andrei Alexandru Enescu, Silviu Ciochina, and Constantin Paleologu

Degradation of BER by Group Delay in Digital Phase Modulation
A. Azizzadeh and L. Mohammadi

Cooperative Diversity with Orthogonal Space Time Coded MSK
Niyazi Odabasioglu

A Novel Time and Frequency Synchronization Technique for MIMO-OFDM System
Xu He, Xiaoyong Peng, Yue Xiao, and Shaoqian Li

AICT 16: Communication Theory/Signal Processing (3)
Session chair: John Vardakas

Thermal Noise Effect in FTTH Communication Systems
Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Mohd Faisal Ibrahim, and Ashrani A. Abd. Rahni

Blocking Analysis in Hybrid TDM-WDM PONs Supporting Elastic Traffic
John S. Vardakas, Vassilios G. Vassilakis, and Michael D. Logothetis

Application of Hunting-free Codes to Novel Asynchronous Multiplexing
Haifeng Zhou, Ziwei Gen, Zuojian Song, and Yoshitaka Takasaki

Dependence of Jitter Accumulation on Line Codes for Clock Recovery with Minimal Filtering
Zuojian Song, Haifeng Zhou, Ziwei Geng, and Yoshitaka Takasaki

Less Faulty and Simpler Statistical Prediction of Sun-Synchronous Polar LEO Satellite Visions for Ground Stations
Arezoo Modiri, Leila Mohammady, and Nader Molanian

AICT 17: Communication Theory/Signal Processing (4)
Session chair: Christian Minge

An Improved Method for Analyzing & Compensating of Group Delay Variations in Broadband Satellite Signals
L. Mohammady, A. R. Eskandari, and G. Dadashzadeh

Improved Optical Network Topology Redesign Ensuring Biconnectivity
Christian Minge, Rong Zhao, and Mathias Schweigel

A Novel Method for Reducing the Side Information of MSR-OFDM System
Xu He, Qingsong Wen, Yue Xiao, and Shaoqian Li

Fault Tolerant Hardware for High Performance Signal Processing
S. S. Erdogan, Ted Shaneyfelf, Geok See Ng, and Abdul Wahab

AICT 18: Optical Communications
Session chair: Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman

The OSNR Study on Optical Cross Add and Drop Multiplexer (OXADM): With Limitation Highlight
Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman

Optical Cross Add and Drop Multiplexer: An Analytical Approach
Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Mohd Faisal Ibrahim, Ashrani A. Abd. Rahni, Sahbudin Shaari, and Kasmiran Jumari

Performance Study of OBS Reservation Protocols
M. A. Aydin , T. Atmaca, H. Zaim, O. C. Turna, and V. H. Nguyen

Asymptotic Approximation of the Probability Density Function of the Nonlinear Phase Noise Using the Method of Steepest Descent
V. Vgenopoulou, I. Roudas, K. P. Ho, I. Chochliouros, G. Agapiou, and T. Doukoglou

Improvement of WDM Transmission Perfromance by Enhancement of Signal Detection
Amer Alhabsi and Hadj Bourdoucen


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