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The Second International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences


September 29 - October 4, Valencia, Spain

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Archive: 2007
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Important deadlines:

Submission deadline May 5, 2008 May 15, 2008
Notification June 15, 2008 June 18, 2008
Registration and camera ready July 5, 2008


Computing techniques:

Hybrid computational methods, Advanced numerical algorithms, Parallel and grid computing, Autonomic computing, Computational logics, Neuronal networks, Genetic algorithms, Fractals & Superfractal algorithms, Random graph dynamics, Clustering large and high dimensional data, Computation Genomic, Biological Sequence analysis, Biomecatronics, System theory and control

Computing support:

Support for scientific problem-solving, Support for decisions, Agent-assisted workflow support, Middleware computation support, High performance computing, Problem solving environments, Computational science and education

Application domains:

Advanced scientific computing, Development of numerical and scientific software-based systems, Management of scientific data and knowledge, Advanced computing in bioinformatics and biophysics, Advanced computing in molecular systems and biological systems, Application of engineering methods to genetics, Medical computation and graphics, Advanced computing in simulation systems, Advanced computing in mathematics, Advanced computing for statistics and optimization, Advanced computing in operation research, Advanced computing in mechanics and quantum mechanics, Advanced computing in civil engineering, Advanced computing in physics science, Advanced computing in chemistry science, Advanced computing for geosciences and meteorology, Maps and geo-images building, Curve and surface reconstruction, Financial computing and forecasting, Advanced computing in economics, Advanced computing in robotics and manufacturing, Advanced computing on Earth science, geosciences and meteorology, Advanced computing in electronics and electrical science, Advanced computing in power systems, Environmental advanced computing

Semantic processing

Fundamental of semantic processing (storing, computing, representation, communications, etc.) , Semantic-driven system design, Syntactic and semantic processing models, Semantic networking and routing, Hardware and software support for semantic processing, Microprocessors for semantic processing, Multi-model semantic systems, Semantic annotation of multimedia supports, Semantic multimedia information retrieval, Natural language semantic processing, Context-based semantic processing, Content-based semantic processing, Performance in semantic processing, Information security in semantic processing, Applications, services and systems based on semantic processing, Speech, text and picture recognition, Semantic email workflow and content, Semantic blogs and wikis, Semantic email addressing, Semantic web and digital libraries, Semantic processing for biomedical knowledge, Semantic processing in e-Health, Semantic-driven tutoring systems, Semantic processing platforms , Lessons learnt

Advanced searching for video, voice and speech [VVS]:

Engines and methods for VVS advanced searching, Advanced process for multimedia information mining, Searching using metadata, semantics, and ontology, Advanced searching in digital libraries, Advanced use of  RDF and OWL, Patterns in VVS searching, Contextual VVS searching, Rapid VVS searching, Accuracy in VVS searching, Noise in VVS searching, Performance in VVS searching, Metrics for VVS searching, Text and VVS searching, Applications of VVS


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