The Second International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection

ICIMP 2007

July 1-6, 2007 - Silicon Valley, USA

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Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services
Posted: IEEE Digital Library
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Important deadlines:

Submission deadline March 4, 2007
Notification April 7, 2007
Registration and camera ready April 20, 2007


  • TRASI: Internet traffic surveillance and interception
  • IPERF: Internet performance
  • RTSEC: Security for Internet-based real-time systems
  • DISAS: Disaster prevention and recovery
  • EMERG: Networks and applications emergency services¬†
  • MONIT: End-to-end sampling, measurement, and monitoring
  • REPORT: Experiences & lessons learnt in securing networks and applications
  • USSAF: User safety, privacy, and protection over Internet

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