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The Eighth International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management

eKNOW 2016

April 24 - 28, 2016 - Venice, Italy


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference. For the awarded papers, a digital award will be issued in the name of the authors. The authors of these papers are also receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Awarded Papers

fNIRS Neural Signal Classification of Four Finger Tasks using Ensemble Multitree Genetic Programming
Jinung An, Jong-Hyun Lee, Sang Hyeon Jin, Chang Wook Ahn

Process Analysis and e-Business Adoption in Nigerian SBEs: A Report on Case Study Research
Olakunle Olayinka, Martin George Wynn, Kamal Bechkoum

WordNet Exploration and Visualization in Neo4J - A Tag Cloud Based Approach
Enrico Giacinto Caldarola, Antonio Picariello, Antonio M. Rinaldi

ReSCU: A Trail Recommender Approach to Support Program Code Understanding
Roy Oberhauser


The following papers have been selected on the basis of their contents, specificaly for lending themselves to an interesting extended work. The authors of these papers are receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Papers Invited for IARIA Journals

Performance Indicators for Business Rule Management
Martijn Zoet, Koen Smit, Eline de Haan

Cluster Development through Connectivity: Examples from Southeast Asia
Hans-Dieter Evers, Thomas Menkhoff

Recommendation Techniques on a Knowledge Graph for Email Remarketing
László Grad-Gyenge, Peter Filzmoser

Implementing Integrated Software Solutions in Iranian SMEs
Maryam Rezaeian, Martin Wynn

A Semantic Layer for Urban Resilience Content Management
Ilkka Niskanen, Mervi Murtonen, Fiona Browne, Peadar Davis, Francesco Pantisano

TripleSent: a Triple Store of Events Associated with their Prototypical Sentiment
Veronique Hoste, Els Lefever, Stephan van der Waart van Gulik, Bart Desmet

Knowledge Discovery from Social Media Data: A Case of Public Twitter Data for SMEs
Christopher Adetunji, Leslie Carr

Semantic Network Skeleton - A Tool to Analyze Spreading Activation Effects
Kerstin Hartig, Thomas Karbe


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