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The Ninth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances

ICSEA 2014

October 12 - 16, 2014 - Nice, France


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference. For the awarded papers, a digital award will be issued in the name of the authors. The authors of these papers are also receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Awarded Papers

Intertwining Relationship Between Requirements, Architecture, and Domain Knowledge
Azadeh Alebrahim, Maritta Heisel

Several Issues on the Layout of the UML Sequence and Class Diagram
Oksana Nikiforova, Dace Ahilcenoka, Dainis Ungurs, Konstantins Gusarovs, Ludmila Kozacenko

Quality-Oriented Requirements Engineering for Agile Development of RESTful Participation Service
Michael Gebhart, Pascal Giessler, Pascal Burkhardt, Sebastian Abeck

An Approach for Modeling and Transforming Contextually-Aware Software Engineering Workflows
Roy Oberhauser

Design of Mobile Services for Embedded Platforms
Fabrice Mourlin, Sanae Mostadi, Guy Lahlou Djiken

Model Reverse-engineering of Mobile Applications with Exploration Strategies
Sébastien Salva, Stassia Resondry Zafimiharisoa


The following papers have been selected on the basis of their contents, specificaly for lending themselves to an interesting extended work. The authors of these papers are receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Papers Invited for IARIA Journals

Communication Aspects with CommJ: Initial Experiment Show Promising Improvements in Reusability and Maintainability
Ali Raza, Jorge Edison Lascano, Stephen Clyde

Towards Duplication-Free Feature Models when Evolving Software Product Lines
Amal Khtira, Anissa Benlarabi, Bouchra El Asri

A Software Category Model for Graphical User Interface Architectures
Stefan Wendler, Detlef Streitferdt

On Some Challenges in Assessing the Implementation of Agile Methods in a Multisite Environment
Harri Kaikkonen, Pilar Rodríguez, Pasi Kuvaja

Productivity-Based Software Estimation Model: An Economics Perspective and an Empirical Study
Alain Abran, Jean-Marc Desharnais, Mohammad Zarour, Onur Demirors

Automatic Unit Test Generation and Execution for JavaScript Program through Symbolic Execution
Hideo Tanida, Guodong Li, Indradeep Ghosh, Tadahiro Uehara

Enabling Functional Integration Testing of Software-Intensive Technical Systems
Thomas Bauer, Frank Elberzhager

A Model-Driven Approach to the Development of Heterogeneous Software Product Lines
Thomas Buchmann, Felix Schwägerl

On the Ability of Functional Size Measurement Methods to Size Complex Software Applications
Luigi Lavazza, Sandro Morasca, Davide Tosi

EM3: Software Retirement Process Model
Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Anna Hauzenberger, Ralf Fredriksson

Implementing IT Service Management as an Organizational Change: Identifying Factors Affecting the Change Resistance
Marko Jäntti, Sanna Heikkinen

A Classification Schema for Development Technologies
Davide Taibi, Christiane Plociennik, Laurent Dieudonné

Working With Reverse Engineering Output for Benchmarking and Further Use
David Cutting, Joost Noppen

Vergil: Guiding Developers Through Performance and Scalability Inferno
Christoph Heger, Alexander Wert, Roozbeh Farahbod

A Usability Inspection Approach to Assist in the Software Development Process
Priscila Silva Fernandes, Bruno Araújo Bonifácio, Tayana Uchôa Conte


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