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The Eighth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances

ICSEA 2013
October 27 - November 1, 2013 - Venice, Italy

Preliminary Program

SoftNet 2013

ICSEA 2013 / ICSNC 2013 / CENTRIC 2013 / VALID 2013 / SIMUL 2013

Conference Location
Hotel Novotel Venezia Mestre Castelana
Via Ceccherini 21
30174 Venezia Mestre

Sunday, October 27

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15:30 - 18:30


From Software Engineering to IT Service Management
by Prof. Dr. Marko Jäntti, University of Eastern Finland, Finland


18:30 - 19:30

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, October 28

09:00 - 09:15

Opening session

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Predicting the Unpredictable in Complex Information Systems
by Dr. Kevin Mills, NIST, USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

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17:30 - 19:15


Title: Top Challenging Issues for Software Development

Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany

Luigi Lavazza, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Italy
Jameleddine Hassine, KFUPM, KSA
Stephen Clyde, Utah State University, USA
Adriana Martin, National University of Austral Patagonia (UNPA), Argentina
Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany

Tuesday, October 29

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Rethinking the Networks Basics
by Prof. Dr. Renzo Davoli, University of Bologna, Italy

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

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17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

17:45 - 19:30





Wednesday, October 30

09:15 -10:15

Keynote Speaker

The Life Management Initiative
Towards User-centric and Personalized Service Provisioning

Dr. Mario Hoffmann, The Fraunhofer-Institution for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) in Garching, Germany
Prof. Dr. Josef Noll, University of Oslo & Movation, Norway

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

Towards Prescriptive Analytics for Increasing R&D Competitiveness

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:15


Title: Challenges for Simulation and Validation

Philipp Helle, EADS Innovation Works, Germany

Jos van Rooyen, Bartosz, The Netherlands
Marek Bauer, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Colin Potter, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK
Amr Arisha, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Philipp Helle, EADS Innovation Works, Germany


20:15 - 24:00


Thursday, October 31

9:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

User-centric innovation
Prof. Dr. Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College - Tønsberg, Norway

10:15 -10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30


Title: Applying User-centered Approaches in a Technology-driven World: Indispensable Premise or Dazzling Promise?

Stephan Böhm, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Till Halbach, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway
Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College - Tønsberg, Norway
Colin Potter, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK
James Granger, Technology Survey Group/Department of Defense, USA
Stephan Böhm, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Germany

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 18:00

Closing session




ICSEA 2013, The Eighth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances

ICSEA 1: Advances in software testing I
Session chair: Marko Jäntti

Kongdroid: A Proposal for a Cloud Service for Stress Testing on Android Applications
Leonardo Sodré, Felipe Ferraz, Gustavo Alexandre, Ana Caravalho

Functional Software Testing: A Systematic Mapping Study
Gilmar Ferreira Arantes, Plinio de Sa Leitao-Junior, Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi, Fabio Nogueira de Lucena

A Multi-Objective Technique for Test Suite Reduction
Alessandro Marchetto, Md. Mahfuzul Islam, Angelo Susi, Giuseppe Scanniello

Applying Mutation Testing to ATL Specifications: An Experimental Case Study
Yasser Khan, Jameleddine Hassine

ICSEA 2: Advances in software testing II
Session chair: Jameleddine Hassine

The Use of Experimentation Packages for Evaluating the Quality of Mobile Software Products
Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi, Gilcimar Divino de Deus, Joao Carlos da Silva, Plinio de Sa Leitao-Junior, Jose Carlos Maldonado, Marcio Eduardo Delamaro

How Exception Handling Constructions are Tested: An Initial Investigation with Open Source Software
Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincennzi, Joao Carlos da Silva, Plinio de Sa Leitao-Junior, Jose Carlos Maldonado, Marcio Eduardo Delamaro, Marcos Lordello Chaim

Towards Scalable Bug Localization using the Edit Distance of Call Traces
Themistoklis Diamantopoulos, Andreas Symeonidis

Finding Common Subsequences in Recorded Test Cases
Martin Filipsky, Miroslav Bures, Ivan Jelinek

ICSEA 3: Advances in software testing III
Session chair: Giuseppe Scaniello

Architecture-Based Conformance Testing
Elena Leroux, Flavio Oquendo, Qin Xiong

Combining Model-based Testing and Continuous Integration
Martin Koskinen, Dragos Truscan, Tanwir Ahmad, Niklas Grönblom

Static Analysis Techniques and Tools: A Systematic Mapping Study
Vinicius Rafael Lobo de Mendonca, Cassio Leonardo Rodrigues, Fabrizzio Alphonsus A. de M. N. Soares, Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi

An Approach for Validation, Verification, and Model-based Testing of UML-based Real-time Systems
Mehdi Nobakht, Dragos Truscan

ICSEA 4: Advances in fundamentals for software development I
Session chair: Jussi Kasurinen

Toward a Definition of π-DSL for Modelling Business Agents
Charif Mahmoudi, Fabrice Mourlin

Relationships Between Risks in an IT Project Development Portfolio
Rob Kusters, Jort Postema, Jos Trienekens

A Proposal of Requirements Specification Process for Adaptive Systems Based on Fuzzy Logic and NFR-Framework
João Dionísio Paraíba, Luiz Eduardo Galvão Martins

Requirements Elicitation Guide for Embedded Systems: An Industry Challenge
Luiz Eduardo Galvão Martins, Jaime Cazuhiro Ossada, Anderson Belgamo, Bárbara Stefani Ranieri

Separation of Concerns and Code Enhancement: Aspect-oriented Programming Versus Customization Approach Followed in Open Source Softwarep
Sidra Sultana, Fahim Arif

ICSEA 5: Advances in fundamentals for software development II
Session chair: Charif Mahmoudi

Design and Innovation in Game Development: Observations in 7 Small Organizations
Erno Vanhala, Jussi Kasurinen, Kari Smolander

An Automatic Petri-net generator for Modeling Multi-agent Systems
Meriem Taibi, Malika Ioualalen, Riad Abdmeziem

Data From Configuration Management Tools As Sources
Jana Šamalíková, Rob Kusters, Jos Trienekens, Ton Weijters

Refactoring of Simulink Diagrams via Composition of Transformation Steps
Quang Minh Tran, Benjamin Wilmes, Christian Dziobek

Experiences on Mobile Cross-Platform Application Development Using PhoneGap
Jussi Ronkainen, Juho Eskeli, Timo Urhemaa, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari

ICSEA 6: Advances in fundamentals for software development III
Session chair: Bjoern Schindler

A Real-Time Design Pattern for Actuators in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Hela Marouane, Achraf Makni, Claude Duvallet, Bruno Sadeg, Rafik Bouaziz

Metrics for Measuring Quality of Real-time Design Patterns
Saoussen Rekhis, Hela Marouane, Rafik Bouaziz, Claude Duvallet, Bruno Sadeg

Using a New UML Profile for Modeling Software Tests
Andrew Costa, Carlos Lucena, Ricardo Venieris, Gustavo Carvalho

An Ontology-based System to Support Distributed Software Development
Rodrigo G. C. Rocha, Ryan Azevêdo, Catarina Costa, Marcos Duarte, João Paulo Fechine, Fred Freitas, Silvio Meira, Eduardo Tavares, Daniel Figueredo

Comparative Influence Evaluation of Middleware Features on Choreography DSL
Nebojša Taušan, Jari Lehto, Pasi Kuvaja, Jouni Markkula, Markku Oivo

ICSEA 7: Advances in fundamentals for software development IV
Session chair: Nebojsa Tausan

Data Lifecycle Verification Method for Requirements Specifications Using a Model Checking Technique
Yoshitaka Aoki, Saeko Matsuura

Service Relationships Management for Maintenance and Evolution of Service Networks
Aneta Kabzeva, Joachim Götze, Thomas Lottermann, Paul Müller

Architectural Elements of Ubiquitous Systems: A Systematic Review
Carlos Machado, Eduardo Silva, Thais Batista, Jair Leite, Elisa Yumi Nakagawa

Architectural Decisions in the Development of Multi-Layer Applications
Jose Garcia-Alonso, Javier Berrocal Olmeda, Juan Manuel Murillo

CREATE: A Co-Modeling Approach for Scenario-based Requirements and Component-based Architectures
Björn Schindler, Marcel Ibe, Martin Vogel, Andreas Rausch

ICSEA 8: Advances in fundamentals for software development V
Session chair: Fernardo Sergio Barbosa

Reasoning about UML/OCL Models using Constraint Logic Programming and MDA
Beatriz Pérez, Ivan Porres

Weaving Crosscutting Concerns into Inter-process Communications (IPC) in AspectJ
Ali Raza, Stephen W. Clyde

Systematic Modeling of Workflows in Trace-Based Software Debugging and Optimization
Salman Rafiq, Adriaan Schmidt

A Pattern-based Approach towards Expressive Specifications for Property Concepts
Geert Delanote, Jeroen Boydens, Eric Steegmans

Applying Questionnaire to Assess the Lessons Learned Process in Software Project Management: a Case Study at GAIA
Marco Ikuro Hisatomi, Anderson de Souza Góes, Rodolfo Miranda de Barros

ICSEA 9: Software deployment and maintenance I
Session chair: Geert Delanote

Refactoring to Static Roles
Fernando Barbosa, Ademar Aguiar

Linking E-Mails and Source Code Using BM25F
Raffaele Branda, Anna Tolve, Licio Mazzeo, Giuseppe Scanniello

IR based Traceability Link Recovery Method Mining
Takeyuki Ueda, Shinpei Ogata, Haruhiko Kaiya, Kenji Kaijiri

Towards Identifying the Factors for Project Management Success in Global Software Development: Initial Results
Mahmood Niazi, Sajjad Mahmood, Mohammad Alshayeb, Abdul Majid Qureshi, Kanaan Faisal, Narciso Cerpa

ICSEA 10: Software deployment and maintenance II
Session chair: Mercedes Ruiz

A DSL for Multi-Scale and Autonomic Software Deployment
Raja Boujbel, Sébastien Leriche, Jean-Paul Arcangeli

Characterization of Techniques and Tools of Visualization Applied to Software Comprehension: A Systematic Mapping
Marllos Paiva Prado, Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi, Fabrizzio Alphonsus A. de M. N. Soares, Felipe Cesar, Guilherme Pereira de Paula, Hugo Alexandre Dantas do Nascimento, Joao Carlos Silva, Juliano Lopes de Oliveira, Lucas Carvalho Lima, Thiago Fernandes

Managing IT Service Releases in a Systematic Way: A Case Study Approach
Marko Jäntti, Antti Suhonen, Mika Kurenniemi

ICSEA 11: Agile software techniques I
Session chair: Lou Schwartz

Pivots and Architectural Decisions: Two Sides of the Same Medal?
Jan Salvador van der Ven, Jan Bosch

Moonlighting Scrum: An Agile Method for Distributed Teams with Part-Time Developers Working during Non-Overlapping Hours
Davide Taibi, Philipp Diebold, Constanza Lampasona

An Agile Maturity Model for Software Development Organizations
Felipe Soares, Silvio Meira

Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process as a Ranking Tool for User Story Prioritization Techniques
Sultan Alshehri, Luigi Benedicenti

ICSEA 12: Agile software techniques II
Session chair: Gabriela Robiolo

Expert Estimation and Historical Data: An Empirical Study
Gabriela Robiolo, Silvana Santos, Bibiana Rossi

Agile-User Experience Design: an Agile and User-Centered Process?
Lou Schwartz

Distributed Agile Software Development Challenges and Mitigation Techniques: A Case Study
Abdullah Saad Alqahtani, John David Moore, David Harrison, Bruce Wood

Agile-User Experience Design: With or Without a Usability Expert in the Team?
Lou Schwartz

ICSEA 13: Agile software techniques III
Session chair: Adriana Martin

Do Agile Principles and Practices Support the Well-being at Work of Agile Team Members?
Marja Känsälä, Seppo Ilmari Tuomivaara

The Scrum Product Owner – Customer Collaboration & Prioritizing Requirements
Trish O'Connell

Benefits and Limitations of Using the MPS.BR Model with Agile Methodologies: A Survey Based on a Systematic Literature Review
Robson Amorim de Souza, Fernando Selleri Silva, Felipe Santana Furtado Soares, Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira

Opportunities for Agile Documentation Using Natural Language Generation (IDEA)
Håkan Burden, Rogardt Heldal, Peter Ljunglöf

ICSEA 14: Software performance
Session chair: Peter Debruyn

Low-Overhead Profiling based on Stationary and Ergodic Assumptions
Stoyan Garbatov, João Cachopo

A Tracking and Visualizing System of Memory Usage along to C Source Programs
Kyoko Iwasawa, Takuhiro Okamura

Run-Time Monitoring of Timing Constraints: A Survey of Methods and Tools
Nima Asadi, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Mikael Sjödin

The Impact of Intra-core and Inter-core Task Communication on Architectural Analysis of Multicore Embedded Systems
Juraj Feljan, Jan Carlson

ICSEA 15: Business technology
Session chair: Mehrdad Saadatmand

Cooperative Optimal Route Planning of Accumulator-bank Servicing Robots
Ágnes Werner-Stark, Tibor Dulai, Katalin M. Hangos

Business Architecture for a SME: A Case Study of a Manufacturing Firm in Mexico
Alicia Valdez, Carlos Vega, Elias Olivares, Juan Perez

Confirming Design Guidelines for Evolvable Business Processes Based on the Concept of Entropy
Peter De Bruyn, Dieter Van Nuffel, Philip Huysmans, Herwig Mannaert

Towards Ontology-Driven Approach for Data Warehouse Analysis. Case study : Healthcare domain
Lama El Sarraj, Bernard Espinasse, Thérèse Libourel, Sophie Rodier

Light-PubSubHubbub: A Lightweight Adaptation of the PubSubHubbub Protocol
Porfírio Dantas, Jorge Pereira, Everton Cavalcante, Gustavo Alves, Thais Batista

ICSEA 16: Software engineering techniques, metrics, and formalisms I
Session chair: Michael  Gebhart

Semantic Symbols Extraction Model for Emergency Hazard Map
Lijian Sun, Jie Zhao, Lihong Shi, Zheng Gong, Yi Zhu, Agen Qiu

Interactive Hyperbolic Tree for Industrial size Software Product line Architecture
Abeer Khalid, Salma Imtiaz

Creating a ITIL-based Software Incident Categorization Model for Measurement: A Case Study
Sanna Heikkinen, Antti Suhonen, Mika Kurenniemi, Marko Jäntti

Implementation of the ITIL-Based Service Level Management Process to Improve an Organization’s Efficiency: A Case Study
Antti Suhonen, Sanna Heikkinen, Mika Kurenniemi, Marko Jäntti

Measuring the Functional Size of Real-Time and Embedded Software: a Comparison of Function Point Analysis and COSMIC
Luigi Lavazza, Sandro Morasca

ICSEA 17: Software engineering techniques, metrics, and formalisms II
Session chair: Sanna Keikkinen

MCReF: A Metric to Evaluate Complexity of Functional Requirements
Carlos Roberto Paviotti, Luiz Eduardo Galvão Martins

Hierarchical Multi-Views Software Architecture
Ahmad Kheir, Mourad Oussalah, Hala Naja

Object Oriented Petri Nets in Software Development and Deployment
Radek Koci, Vladimir Janousek

A Measurement-based Approach to Software Development Process Tailoring in R&D Organization
Apinporn Methawachananont, Pawarat Nontasil

Study to Secure Reliability of Measurement Data through Application of Game Theory (POSTER)
Ko Sang-Bok

ICSEA 18: Software engineering techniques, metrics, and formalisms III
Session chair: Ahmad Kheir

Towards Probabilistic Models to Predict Availability, Accessibility and Successability of Web Services
Abbas Tahir, Sandro Morasca, Davide Tosi

Measuring Design Quality of Service-Oriented Architectures Based on Web Services
Michael Gebhart

Towards Automatic Performance Modelling Using the GENERICA Component Model
Nabila Salmi, Malika Ioualalen, Mehdi Sliem

Ensuring Consistency of Dynamic Reconfiguration of Component Based Systems
Hamza Zerguine, Nabila Salmi, Malika Ioualalen

An Investigation on Quality Models and Quality Attributes for Embedded Systems
Lucas Bueno Ruas Oliveira, Milena Guessi, Daniel Feitosa, Christian Manteuffel, Matthias Galster, Flavio Oquendo, Elisa Yumi Nakagawa

ICSEA 19: Specialized software advanced applications
Session chair: Oksana Nikiforova

Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar System with Laser Simulation Software
Maria Epp, Hendrik Rothe

Towards Cloud-based Collaborative Software Development: A Developer-Centric Concept for Managing Privacy, Security, and Trust
Roy Oberhauser

Two-Dimensional Models’ Processing Using Principles of Knowledge-Based Architecture
Andrejs Bajovs, Oksana Nikiforova

Towards a Smart City Security Model Exploring Smart Cities Elements Based on Nowadays Solutions
Felipe Ferraz, Carlos Sampaio, Carlos Ferraz, Gustavo Alexandre, Ana Carvalho

Camera Trajectory Evaluation in Computer Graphics Based on Logarithmic Interpolation
Mikael Fridenfalk

ICSEA 20: Software economics, adoption, and education
Session chair: Mari Epp

Metaphors Applied to Interaction Design in Group Learning
Anderson Cavalcante Gonçalves, Deller James Ferreira

ProDec: a Serious Game for Software Project Management Training
Alejandro Calderón, Mercedes Ruiz

Open Source Legality Compliance of Software Architecture
Alexander Lokhman, Antti Luoto, Imed Hammouda, Tommi Mikkonen

Can Business Process Management Benefit from Service Journey Modelling Language?
Eunji Lee, Amela Karahasanović

ICSEA 21: Advanced design tools for developing software
Session chair: Eunjii Lee

A Method of Generation of Scenarios using Differential Scenario
Eiji Shiota, Atsushi Ohnishi

Towards a UML Meta Model Extension for Aspect-Oriented Modeling
Meriem Chibani, Brahim Belattar, Abdelhabib Bourouis

A Case Study of Requirements Management: Toward Transparency in Requirements Management Tools
Markus Kelanti, Jarkko Hyysalo, Antti Välimäki, Pasi Kuvaja, Markku Oivo

Two-Hemisphere Model Based Approach to Modelling of Object Interaction
Oksana Nikiforova, Ludmila Kozacenko, Dace Ahilcenoka

ICSEA 22: Web accessibility
Session chair: Sultan Alshehri

A Device For Electromechanical Braille Reading Digital Texts
Cicília Leite, Davi Magalhães, Pedro Neto, Suellem Queiroz, Yáskara Fernandes

Australia's National Transition Strategy: first stage implementation report
Justin Brown, Scott Hollier, Vivienne Conway

Web Accessibility for Older Users: A Southern Argentinean View
Viviana Ester Saldaño, Adriana Elba Martin, Gabriela Gaetan, Diego Sebastián Vilte

ICSNC 2013, The Eighth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications

ICSNC 1: Wireless networks I
Session chair: Piotr Remlein

A Design of Full-Rate Distributed Space-Time-Frequency Codes with Randomized Cyclic Delay Diversity
Hong-yu Fang, Meng-lin Bao, Lei Xu, Xiao-hui Li

EEMC-MAC: An Energy Efficient Protocol for Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
Thiago Neves, Jacir Bordim

Distance Estimation of Smart Device using Bluetooth
Joonyoung Jung, Dongoh Kang, Changseok Bae

Verification of Microwave Air-Bridging for Sky-Net
Chin E, Lin, Ying-Chi Huang

A New Design of Dual Band Fractal Antenna for LEO Applications
Lahcene Hadj Abderrahmane, Ali Brahimi

ICSNC 2: Wireless networks II
Session chair: Thomas Larhzaoui

Coexistence of Earth Station of the Fixed-Satellite Service with the Terrestrial Fixed Wireless System in 8 GHz Band
Jong-Min Park, Nam-Ho Jeong, Dae-Sub Oh, Bon-Jun Ku

A Novel Unambiguous BOC Acquisition Scheme for Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Youngseok Lee, Seokho Yoon

A Novel Cognitive Engine Based on Genetic Algorithm
Keunhong Chae, Youngseok Lee, Seokho Yoon

Multiuser Coded FDM-CPM Systems with MIMO Transmission
Piotr Remlein, Mateusz Jasinski, Alberto Perotti

Wavelet Based Alternative Modulation Scheme Provides Better Reception with Fewer Errors and Good Security in Wireless Communication
Ramachandran Hariprakash, Raju Balaji, Sabapathy Ananthi, Krishnaswami Padmanabhan

ICSNC 3: Vehicular networks
Session chair: Thiago Neves

Towards a Dynamic QoS Management Solution for Mobile Networks based on GNU/Linux Systems
Gorka Urquiola, Asier Perallos, Itziar Salaberria, Roberto Carballedo

Analysis of PLC Channels in Aircraft Environment and Optimization of some OFDM Parameters
Thomas Larhzaoui, Fabienne Nouvel, Jean-Yves Baudais, Virginie Degardin, Pierre Laly

Intelligent Train System Using GSM Networks and GPS (PRESENTATION)
Trupti S Deshpande, Shaakthi K, Seema S, Narendra Kumar

ICSNC 4: Multimedia communications systems
Session chair: Abderrahmen Mtibaa

Privacy-aware Nomadic Service For Personalized IPTV
Amira Bradai, Emad Abd-Elrahman, Hossam Afifi

Toward a Global File Popularity Estimation in Unstructured P2P Networks
Seddiki Manel, Benchaiba Mahfoud

Exploiting Semantic Indexing Images for Emergence Recommendation Semantics System
Damien E Zomahoun, Pélagie Y Houngue, Kokou Yetongnon

Performance Analysis of the Opus Codec in VoIP Environment Using QoE Evaluation
Péter Orosz, Tamás Skopkó, Zoltán Nagy, Tamás Lukovics

ICSNC 5: High speed networks
Session chair: Yuichi Ohsita

Multi-threaded Packet Timestamping for End-to-End QoS Evaluation
Péter Orosz, Tamás Skopkó

Performance Analysis of Network Subsystem on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure System utilizing SR-IOV NIC
Soo-Cheol Oh, SeongWoon Kim

Improving Reliability of Inter-connected Networks through Connecting Structure
Yuka Takeshita, Shin'ichi Arakawa, Masayuki Murata

Toward Reliability Guarantee VC Services in an Advance Reservation based Network Resource Provisioning System
Huhnkuk Lim, Youngho Lee

ICSNC 6: Mesh networks and sensors
Session chair: Colin Potter

Delay-Energy Tradeoff in Mobile Cloud Computing: An Experimental Approach
Abderrahmen Mtibaa, Roberto Beraldi, Khalil Massri, Hussein Alnuweiri

3D On-chip Data Center Networks Using Circuit Switches and Packet Switches
Takahide Ikeda, Yuichi Ohsita, Masayuki Murata

Architecture for Platform- and Hardware-independent Mesh Networks
Sebastian Damm, Michael Rahier, Thomas Ritz, Thomas Schäfer

Performance Evaluation on OpenGIS Consortium for Sensor Web Enablement Services
Thiago Tavares, Regina Santana, Marcos Santana, Júlio Estrella

Tracking System Using SAW Tag (POSTER)
Song Jaichul, Kyoungpil Ra, Lee Dongdoo, Oh Seyoung, Lee Changhwa, KapSeong Ro, Massood Atashbar, Han Haesook, Lim Heuiseok

ICSNC 7: Security systems I
Session chair: Stefan Poslad

Commercialized Practical Network Service Applications from the Integration of Network Distribution and High-Speed Cipher Technologies in Cloud Environments
Kazuo Ichihara, Naoko Nojima, Yoichiro Ueno, Shuichi Suzuki, Noriharu Miyaho

Identity Management Approach for Software as a Service
Georgiana Mateescu, Marius Vlădescu

OTIP: One Time IP Address
Renzo Davoli

ICSNC 8: Security systems II
Session chair: Georgiana Mateescu

A Privacy-Enhanced User-Centric Identity and Access Management Based on Notary
Hendri Nogueira, Rick Lopes de Souza, Ricardo Felipe Custódio

Resilient Delay Sensitive Load Management in Environment Crisis Messaging Systems
Ran Tao, Stefan Poslad, John Bigham

Methodology of Newly Designating Major Information and Communication Infrastructures (PRESENTATION)
Jun Heo, Hee Woon Park, Won Tae Sim

CENTRIC 2013, The Sixth International Conference on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services

CENTRIC 1: Technologies for personalized services
Session chair: Guillaume Schaff

MobileSage - A Prototype Based Case Study for Delivering Context-Aware, Personalized, On-Demand Help Content
Till Halbach, Trenton Schulz

Personalized Shopping Experience with NFC Smartphone Apps and Electronic Shelf Label
Chia-Chi Teng, Mark Bishop, Jarom Brown, Andrew Hansen, Reed Kleinman, Nigel Palmer

Student Driven Innovation: Designing University Library Services
Alma Leora Culén, Andrea Alessandro Gasparini

CENTRIC 2: User research and usage behavior
Session chair: Till Halbach

UWB Radar with Array Antennas for Human Respiration and Heartbeat Detection
Huan Bang Li, Ryu Miura

Applying Augmented Reality to Tourism Pamphlet and its Evaluation
Tadashi Miyosawa, Kentaro Hara, Kikunori Shinohara

Experiential Adaptation to Provide User-Centered Web Content Personalization
Silvia Mirri, Catia Prandi, Paola Salomoni

An Application to Estimate the Cyber-risk Detection Skill of Mobile Devices Users (IDEA)
Guillaume Schaff, Carlo Harpes, Romain Martin, Marianne Junger

CENTRIC 3: User-centric advanced applications I
Session chair: Silvia Mirri

Development and Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Program using Kinect™ Motion Capture Technology
Tadashi Miyosawa, Shinya Yanagisawa, Masao Okuhara

Interface Design Techniques for Electronic Nose Sensors:A Survey
Saeed Samadi

Study of Cochlear Implants Electrodes Stimulation Based on the Physics of the Ear for Audio Signal Integrity Improvement
Umberto Cerasani, William Tatinian

Sightseeing Spot Communication System using Four-Frame Stories
Tomoko Izumi, Masaki Masuda, Yoshio Nakatani

An Opportunistic Tourism Navigation System using Photography Location Recommendation
Hiroya Sakaguchi, Tomoko Izumi, Yoshio Nakatani

CENTRIC 4: User-centric advanced applications II
Session chair: Christina Di Valentin

Disaster Information Sharing System Using Pictograms Only
Kakeru Kusano, Tomoko Izumi, Yoshio Nakatani

Engaging Practitioners to Deliver Government Carbon and Energy Phased Reduction Targets: Toward a Web 3.0 Approach
Yacine Rezgui, Haijiang Li, Tom Beach, Ioan Petri

Modeling of the Organ of Corti Stimulated by Cochlear Implant Electrodes
Umberto Cerasani, William Tatinian

CENTRIC 5: Personalization
Session chair: Stephan Boehm

Towards a Framework for Business Models in Event Management
Christina Di Valentin, Andreas Segl, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos

Privacy-Centric Modeling and Management of Context Information
Florian Dorfmeister, Sebastian Feld, Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Stephan A. W. Verclas

Towards Context-Driven User Interfaces in Smart Homes - The Cloud4all Project’s Smart House Demo
Gottfried Zimmermann, Alexander Henka, Christophe Strobbe, Simone Mack, Annette Landmesser

User-Centric Adaptive Automation through Formal Reconfiguration of User Interface Models
Benjamin Weyers

CENTRIC 6: User experience and usability
Session chair: John Hitchner

A Multi-Method Approach to Assessing the Usability of Mobile Job Advertisements
Stephan Böhm, Susanne J. Niklas, Wolfgang Jäger

An Exploration of Relationships between Culture Images and User Experience of Gesture Interaction
Tian Lei, Shuaili Wei

The Case for Integrating Needs and Preferences in the Internet of Things
Andy Heath, Gill Whitney, Irena Kolar, Mark Springett

Process of Gamification. From the Consideration of Gamification to its Practical Implementation
Cathie Marache-Francisco, Eric Brangier

Citizen-centric eGovernment Serviices
Lasse Berntzen

VALID 2013, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle

VALID 1: Software verification and validation
Session chair: Quang Minh Tran

Model-Based MCDC Testing of Complex Decisions for the Java Card Applet Firewall
Roderick Bloem, Karin Greimel, Robert Koenighofer, Franz Roeck

Enabling Interface Validation through Text Generation
Håkan Burden, Rogardt Heldal, Peter Ljunglöf

Efficient Elimination of False Positives Using Bounded Model Checking
Tukaram Muske, Advaita Datar, Mayur Khanzode, Kumar Madhukar

State Space Reconstruction for On-Line Model Checking with UPPAAL
Jonas Rinast, Sibylle Schupp, Dieter Gollmann

Formal Composition based on Roles within a Model Driven Engineering Approach
Cédrick Lelionnais, Jérôme Delatour, Matthias Brun, Olivier H. Roux, Charlotte Seidner

VALID 2: Testing techniques and mechanisms
Session chair: Bernard Peischl

Preliminary Test Suite Reduction
Vitaly Kozyura, Sebastian Wieczorek

Performance Characterization of TAS-MRAM Architectures in Presence of Capacitive Defects
João Azevedo, Arnaud Virazel, Yuanqing Cheng, Alberto Bosio, Luigi Dilillo, Patrick Girard, Aida Todri, Jeremy Alvarez Herault

Automatic Linking of Test Cases and Requirements
Thomas Noack

Developing Test Education for Universities and Universities of Applied Science (POSTER)
Jos van Rooyen

VALID 3: Debugging and diagnosis
Session chair: Thomas Noack

Using Filtering to Improve Value-Level Debugging of Verilog Designs
Bernhard Peischl, Naveed Riaz, Franz Wotawa

Towards an Integrated Methodology for the Development and Testing of Complex Systems
Philipp Helle, Wladimir Schamai

An Evaluation of Client-Side Dependencies of Search Engines by Load Testing
Emine Sefer, Sinem Aykanat

Compact Traceable Logging
Wishnu Prasetya, Ales Sturala, Arie Middelkoop, Jurriaan Hage, Alexander Elyasov

SIMUL 2013, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation

SIMUL 1: Practical applications on process simulations
Session chair: Bassem Hassan

A Standardized Simulation Model with Strategic Approach for Distribution Networks: A Case Study in Mexico
Homero Hector Contreras Pulido, Jose Pablo Nuño de la Parra, Eric Porras Musalem, Eduardo Zelaya de la Parra

Hycon 2 Network Show Case: Sugar Factory
Alexander Rodriguez, Luis Felipe Acebes, Rogelio Mazaeda, Alejandro Merino, Cesar de Prada

Towards Unified Conceptual Modeling and Integrated Analysis in Joint Applications of Project Management, Business Process Management and Simulation
Germano de Souza Kienbaum, Álvaro Augusto Neto, Carlos Alberto M. B. dos Santos, Andréa N. P. Durán, Renato Fernandez, Celso Israel Fornari

Application of Lean Thinking Using Simulation Modeling in a Private Hospital
Ayman Tobail, Patricia Egan, Waleed Abo-Hamad, Amr Arisha

SIMUL 2: Transport simulation
Session chair: Amr Arisha

Simulation Model of a Bus Line in Changing Traffic Conditions
Marek Bauer

A System of Pendulums on a Regular Polygon
Alexander P. Buslaev, Alexander G. Tatashev

Concept for a Task–Specific Reconfigurable Driving Simulator
Bassem Hassan, Jürgen Gausemeier

SIMUL 3: Model based system prediction
Session chair: Roel Bakker

Simulation and Validation of a Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for Multicore Systems
James Docherty, Alex Bystrov, Alex Yakovlev

Reasoning on Concurrency: An Approach to Modeling and Verification of Java Thread-safe Objects
Franco Cicirelli, Libero Nigro, Francesco Pupo

Monitoring and Modeling Web Server Performance: A Symbiotic Simulation Approach
Antonios Kogias, Mara Nikolaidou, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos

A Flexible Analytic Model for a Dynamic Task-Scheduling Unit for Heterogeneous MPSoCs
Oliver Arnold, Benedikt Noethen, Gerhard Fettweis

SIMUL 4: Simulation methodologies
Session chair: Arnold Oliver

Practical Methodology for Adding New MANET Routing Protocols to OPNET Modeler
Rani Al-Maharmah, Guido Bruck, Peter Jung

Combining Genetic Algorithms and Simulation to Search for Failure Scenarios in System Models
Kevin Mills, Christopher Dabrowski, James Filliben, Sandy Ressler

A Matlab/Simulink Simulation Approach for Early Field-Programmable Gate Array Hardware Evaluation
Celso Barbante, Jose Oliveira

Rapid Weighted Random Selection in Agent-based Models of Infectious Disease Dynamics Using Augmented B-trees
Roel Bakker, Tony Busker, Richard G. White, Sunil Choenni

Estimating Energy Efficiency of Data-Link Layer in System Level Performance Evaluation
Subayal Khan, Jukka Saastamoinen, Jyrki Huusko, Juha Korpi, Jari Nurmi

SIMUL 5: Simulation models I
Session chair: Adrien Bullich

Modeling Planned and Unplanned Store Stops for the Scenario Based Simulation of Pedestrian Activity in City Centers
Jan Dijkstra, Joran Jessurun

Pricing the Cloud: An Adaptive Brokerage for Cloud Computing
Philip Clamp, John Cartlidge

Simulating Tree Plasticity with a Functional-structural Plant Model: Being Realistic in Behavior
Haoyu Wang, Jing Hua, Mengzhen Kang, Xiujuan Wang, Philippe de Reffye, Baogang Hu

A Non-Modular Modeling and Simulation Approach Based on DEVS for the Forest Fire Spread
Maamar Hamri, Youcef Dahmani

SIMUL 6: Simulation models II
Session chair: Amr Arisha

ComCas: A Compiled Cycle Accurate Simulation for Hardware Architecture
Adrien Bullich, Mikaël Briday, Jean-Luc Béchennec, Yvon Trinquet

Evaluating Options of Viennese Commuters to Use Sustainable Transport Modes
Gerda Hartl, Gabriel Wurzer

Evaluation of the Northern Sardinia Forests Suitability for a Wood Biomass CHP System Installation
Pier Francesco Orrù, Emanuela Melis, Laura Fais, Francesca Napoli, Cristina Pilo, Michele Puxeddu

Developing a Simulation Model for a Level of Usage
Andrew Greasley

SIMUL 7: Simulation tools and platforms
Session chair: Stephen Treado

A CC2420 Transceiver Simulation Module for ns-3 and its Integration into the FERAL Simulator Framework
Anuschka Igel, Reinhard Gotzhein

Physical Layer Simulation of Large Distributed Automation Systems in SPICE
Patrick Diekhake, Eckehard Schnieder

A New Distributed Parallel Event-driven Timing Simulation for ECO Design Changes
Seiyang Yang, Doohwan Kwak, Jaehoon Han, Namdo Kim

GRIND: An Generic Interface for Coupling Power Grid Simulators with Traffic, Communication and Application Simulation Tools
David Chuang, Bjoern Schuenemann, David Rieck, Ilja Radusch

SIMUL 8: Building simulation
Session chair: Patrick Diekhake

Personalizing Thermal Comfort in a Prototype Indoor Space
Sotirios D Kotsopoulos, Antoine Cuenin, Federico Casalegno

The Impact of Control Setpoints on Building Energy Use
Stephen Treado, Xing Liu

Design and Simulation of an Energy-Positive Building
Catalina Tiberiu, Popescu Razvan, Soare Martha, Serban Ovidiu, Bajenaru Nicolae


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