Renzo Davoli

Renzo Davoli is a very lucky person. He has been studying Computer Science for 35 years and he has been researcher and lecturer for 20 years. He has taught and published papers on: operating systems, networking, virtual systems design, and computer science education. As an Associate Professor of the University of Bologna, he receives a salary to do exactly what he wished.

There were two traumatic events in my childhood. I learnt assembly programming at the age of twelve. In 1976, it was unusual to have a computer. My machine (actually my parents' office machine) had 4 kB RAM in ferrite cores and a teletype as a printer. My second trauma was owning two building sets whose bricks were incompatible; so, I could not use them together for my creations. I had to make some interconnection blocks to solve the problem. So, nowadays, I study and teach how to create virtualization concepts able to eliminate incompatibilities between existing tools. Meanwhile, I moved from assembly to C.