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The Fifth International Conference on
Software Engineering Advances

ICSEA 2010

August 22-27, 2010 - Nice, France


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference.

A diploma will be issued in the name of the authors and mailed to the contact author.

Awarded Papers

Evaluation of Service Designs Based on SoaML
Michael Gebhart, Marc Baumgartner, Stephan Oehlert, Martin Blersch, and Sebastian Abeck

A New General Approach to Model Event Handling
Dong Liang and Bernd Steinbach

The Automatic Discovery of Violations to the Normalized Systems Design Theorems: A Feasibility Study
Kris Ven, Dieter Van Nuffel, David Bellens, and Philip Huysmans

Placement of Entities in Object-Oriented Systems by Means of a Single-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Margaritis Basdavanos and Alexander Chatzigeorgiou

Supporting Service Design Decisions
Michael Gebhart, Marc Baumgartner, and Sebastian Abeck

CRUD-DOM: A Model for Bridging the Gap between the Object-Oriented and the Relational Paradigms
Oscar M. Pereira, Rui L. Aguiar, and Maribel Yasmina Santos

A Metamodel-Based Approach to Information Systems Evolution and Data Migration
Mohammed A. Aboulsamh and Jim Davies

On Using Metadata and Compression Algorithms to Cluster Heterogeneous Documents from a Semantic Point of View
Alexandra Cernian, Dorin Carstoiu, and Valentin Sgarciu

A Scenario of Service-Oriented Principles Adaptation to the Telecom Providers Service Delivery Platform
Natalia Kryvinska, Christine Strauss, Bernhard Collini-Nocker, and Peter Zinterhof

Living on the MoVE: Towards an Architecture for a Living Models Infrastructure
Michael Breu, Ruth Breu, and Sarah Löw

Business and Information System Alignment: A Formal Solution for Telecom Services
Jacques Simonin, Emmanuel Bertin, Yves Le Traon, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, and Noël Crespi

Experience Management for Very Small Entities: Improving the Copy-Paste Model
Vincent Ribaud, Philippe Saliou, and Claude Y. Laporte

Towards Automated Context-Aware Software Quality Management
Gregor Grambow and Roy Oberhauser

Testing-Based Selection Method for Integrability on Service-Oriented Applications
Andres Flores, Alejandra Cechich, Alejandro Zunino, and Macario Polo Usaola

Minimizing CO2 Emissions in a Computing World
Carlos L. Reis and Jorge M. Pacheco

Disjoint-Knowledge Analysis and Preservation in Ontology Merging Process
Muhammad Fahad, Nejib Moalla, Abdelaziz Bouras, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, and Muhammad Farukh

Using CPU Stubs to Optimize Parallel Processing Tasks: An Application of Dynamic Performance Stubs
Peter Trapp, Markus Meyer, and Christian Facchi


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