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The Ninth International Conferences on
Pervasive Patterns and Applications

February 19 - 23, 2017 - Athens, Greece


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference. For the awarded papers, a digital award will be issued in the name of the authors. The authors of these papers are also receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Awarded Papers

Embedding and Detecting Patterns in a 3D Printed Object
Kosuke Nakamura, Masahiro Suzuki, Hideyuki Torii, Kazutake Uehira, Youichi Takashima

Optical Watermark Pattern Technique using Color–Difference Modulation
Kazutake Uehira, Hiroshi Unno

Declarative vs. Imperative: Two Modeling Patterns for the Automated Deployment of Applications
Christian Endres, Uwe Breitenbücher, Michael Falkenthal, Oliver Kopp, Frank Leymann, Johannes Wettinger

Toward Evolvable Document Management for Study Programs Based on Modular Aggregation Patterns
Gilles Oorts, Herwig Mannaert, Ilke Franquet

Easing Pattern Application by Means of Solution Languages
Michael Falkenthal, Frank Leymann

Analysing Human Migrations Patterns Using Digital Social Network Analysis
Charles Perez

Temporal Patterns: Smart-type Reasoning and Applications
Dineshen Chuckravanen, Jacqueline W. Daykin, Karen Hunsdale, Amar Seem

Detection and Classification of Defective Electronic Circuit Boards Using CNN Features and Keypoint Extraction
Yohei Takada, Tokiko Shiina, Hiroyasu Usami, Yuji Iwahori, Bhuyan Manas Kamal

Internet of Things Patterns for Devices
Lukas Reinfurt, Uwe Breitenbücher, Michael Falkenthal, Frank Leymann, Andreas Riegg


The following papers have been selected on the basis of their contents, specificaly for lending themselves to an interesting extended work. The authors of these papers are receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Papers Invited for IARIA Journals

A Study Setup Optimization - Providing Solutions with Patterns
Artur Lupp, Alexander G. Mirnig, Andreas Uhl, Manfred Tscheligi

Patterns as Formulas: Patterns in the Digital Humanities
Johanna Barzen, Frank Leymann

On the Modular Structure and Evolvability of Architectural Patterns for Housing Utilities
Peter De Bruyn, Jeroen Faes, Tom Vermeire, Jasper Bosmans

Exploring Evolvable Modular Patterns for Transportation Vehicles and Logistics Architectures
Peter De Bruyn, Herwig Mannaert, Philip Huysmans

Towards Scenario-based Discovery of Domain-Specific Patterns: a Case Study
Philip Huysmans, Jan Verelst, Gilles Oorts

Analyzing User Generated Content on Instagram: the Case of Travel Agencies
Rony Germon, Karina Sokolova, Adil Bami

Trie Compression for GPU Accelerated Multi-Pattern Matching
Xavier Bellekens, Amar Seeam, Christos Tachtatzis, Robert Atkinson

A Data Adjustment Method of Low-priced Data-glove based on Hand Motion Pattern
Kenji Funahashi, Yutaro Mori, Hiromasa Takahashi, Yuji Iwahori

Obtaining Shape from Endoscope Image Using Medical Suture with Two Light Sources
Hiroyasu Usami, Yuji Iwahori, Boonserm Kijsirikul, Manas Kamal Bhuyan, Aili Wang, Kunio Kasugai

Polyp Classification Using Multiple CNN-SVM Classifiers from Endoscope Images
Masataka Murata, Hiroyasu Usami, Yuji Iwahori, Wang Aili, Naotaka Ogasawara, Kunio Kasugai

The Privacy Research Community in Computing and Information Technology
Charles Perez, Karina Sokolova


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