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The First International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications


April 29 - May 4, 2012 - Chamonix / Mont Blanc, France


Content Oriented Routing and Forwarding
Prof. Dr. Eugen Borcoci, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania

The society needs and market trends clearly show a strong requirement from the Future Internet (FI) to better serve the networked multimedia content delivery services which will be dominant in the next years. Therefore, many efforts and studies are dedicated to a new revolutionary approach named  content oriented networking (CON) and information centric networking (ICN), based by decoupling contents from hosts at the networking level. This is expected to better support new flexible business models, in which the classic client-server communication style is possible, but also peer-to-peer, multicast, broadcast and social networks. The FI should support multiple user roles as consumer, content producer, or even manager. Towards these goals, among other concepts, the routing and forwarding paradigm is proposed to be significantly changed.

This tutorial will present the main trends, perspectives but also challenges of CON/ICN – based routing and forwarding as a main functional component of Future Internet aiming to overcome the native limitations coming from host-to-host routing principle. Naming and caching are also discussed as related to routing and forwarding. Several research results and solutions are presented in comparative way, together with scalability and deployment problems. Content aware networking (CAN) based on virtualization and network aware applications (NAA) are also approaches included in the larger area of CON. Sample examples of a CAN oriented architecture and solutions are given, extracted from an IP FP7 European research project: ALICANTE „MediA Ecosystem Deployment through Ubiquitous Content-Aware Network Environments”, 2010-2013.

Eugen Borcoci

He graduated from Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty, Romania and then from University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Romania. He obtained his Ph.D degree in telecommunications at Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. Currently he is professor at University Politehnica Bucharest (UPB), Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Faculty, Telecommunications Department, (

His expertise, teaching activities and research have been oriented to specific domains of telecommunications and computer networks and services. Specific areas of expertise and interest have been: layered multiple-plane architectures, broadband networking technologies, communication protocols (specification, validation, performance evaluation and implementation), signaling systems and applications. In the last decade, his research area has been focused in Quality of Services assurance and management over multiple domains networks and multicast and multimedia flows transportation over IP networks and heterogeneous access, IP technologies including wireless (mesh, WiMAX). Recently, his research interest and activities are on Information Centric Networking and Content Aware networking. He has published 5 books, 4 textbooks and over 130 scientific or technical papers and scientific reports. Dr. Eugen Borcoci has been long time and currently is involved in research and development in the above mentioned areas. He has been UPB team leader in several European Commission funded joint IST research projects: COP62, KIT, MOICANE, Euro-Next Generation Internet Network of Excellence (EuroNGI, 2004-2006, Euro-Future Generation Internet (Euro-FGI, 2006-2008, ENTHRONE (2004-2008,, WEIRD (2006-2008, SMART-Net (2008-2011,, ALICANTE (2010-2013,, etc. Also he participated as a team leader or team member in a lot of national R&D projects, (over 30).

He was member of several Int’l Conferences Committees: PSTV'95, CFIP'96 - 99, IEEE ICT 2001, 2002, Eurasia ICT 2002, FORTE 2003, MoMM2004, NGI 2005-2008, AICT 2005-2012, COMM 2002-2012, ICWMC 2007-2008, CTRQ 2008-2012, TEMU 2008, 2010, 2012 WOMAN/ICME 2011, 2012, MOWAN 2010, 2011, etc. In the last four years he was an active person to promote and contribute to IARIA Conferences, both as an author contributor (papers, tutorials) and some specific organizational activities. He contributed also as a scientific reviewer to several national and international journals in the field.

Eugen Borcoci is member of IEEE Communication Society. He is also member of the Technical Sciences Academy of Romania. He obtained several national awards for research activities in the above mentioned fields.


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