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The Fourth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning

eL&mL 2012

January 30 - February 4, 2012 - Valencia, Spain

Preliminary Program

DigitalWorld 2012

ICDS 2012 / GEOProcessing 2012 / ACHI 2012 / eTELEMED 2012 /
eKNOW 2012 / eLmL 2012 / CYBERLAWS 2012

Conference Place
Conferences take place at
Polytechnic University of Valencia
8E Building (3rd and 4th floor)


“Ingeniero Fausto Elio” Street // Entrance "Meeting Point 7" see map
[go to -1 floor, take access B, go upstairs or by elevator, to the third floor]
Follow the signs “IARIA”
See instructions

Conference rooms
Time slots

Room A

Room B

Room C

Room D

Monday, January 30


Registration starts
Note: The registration desk is located at the 3rd floor

14:00 - 16:45

Tutorial 1

Cloud Computing: Legal Traps to Look Out For

by David Snead, Attorney + Counselor, Washington, D.C., USA

Tutorial 2

From Microblogging to a Zero Costs e-Prescribing System: Building a Social e-Prescribing System Using Open Source Technologies

by Piero Giacomelli, TeSAN, Italy

Tutorial 3

Digital Investigations and Forensic Analysis - Practices and Technologies

by Syed Naqvi, CETIC, Belgium

16:45 - 17:00 


17:15 - 17:30

Opening Session

Francisco José Mora Más, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Jose Valerdi-Tormo, FT R&D at Orange, Spain
Gregorio Martinez, University of Murcia, Spain
Jaime Lloret Mauri, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Petre Dini, Concordia University - Montreal, Canada / China Space Agency Center - Beijing, China

17:45 - 18:30

Keynote Speaker

ePortfolios: A Vision of Their Use as a Life Record, from Birth to Death
by Prof. Stephen White, The University of Huddersfield, UK

18:30 - 18:45


18:45 - 20:15





20:15 - 21:15

Welcome Cocktail
Note: You must have your badge to attend the cocktail

Tuesday, January 31

09:15 -10:15

Keynote Speaker

Adapting Interfaces Based on User Needs
by Prof. Dr. Leslie Miller, Iowa State University - Ames, USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 20:00

PANEL  GEOProcessing

Challenges in Handling Large Data Volume for GEO Processing

Bernd Resch, MIT and University of Osnabrueck, USA / Germany

Guest panelists
Claus-Peter Rückemann, Leibniz Universität Hannover / WWU / HLRN, Germany
David Pheanis, Arizona State University-Tempe, USA  
Hirotomo Ohuchi, Nihon University, Japan
Bernd Resch, MIT and University of Osnabrueck, USA / Germany
Yerach Doytsher, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - Haifa, Israel

Wednesday, February 1

09:15 -10:15

Keynote Speaker

Internalizing Externalities for Improving Computing Architectures: Trust, Privacy, Regulation, and Intellectual Property Rights
by Prof. Mark Perry, The University of Western Ontario, Canada

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 20:00

Industrial Presentation: g.tec - Accelerate your Bio-signal Research
by Julita de la Vega Arias, g.tec medical engineering, Spain


Web 2.0 Valorization Toolkits to Increase the Uptake of eHealth Technologies

Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Guest panelists
Kathryn Bowles, University of Pennsylvania , USA
Nicol Nijland, University of Twente , The Netherlands
Hans Ossebaard, RIVM, The Netherlands  
Åsa Smedberg, Stockholm University , Sweden   
Lex van Velsen, University of Twente , The Netherlands
Jobke Wentzel, University of Twente , The Netherlands
Sinclair Wynchank, Medical Research Council, South Africa

Thursday, February 2

09:15 -10:15

Keynote Speaker

E-Assessment of Creative Tasks

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kuchen
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster,
Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik,
Praktische Informatik in der Wirtschaft, Münster, Germany

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:30

Special EU Presentation - The Community Building Platform

by Eleni Galyfianaki, Consulting Team, EU


Accessibility/Usability Through Advanced Interactive Devices

Leslie Miller, Iowa State University - Ames , USA

Guest panelists
Silvana Roncagliolo, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile  
Alma Leora Culén, University of Oslo , Norway  
Volker Paelke, Institut de Geomàtica - Castelldefels, Spain
Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College - Tønsberg, Norway

20:00 - 24:00


Restaurant (by private bus)

Restaurant: Alqueria del Pi
Camino Viejo de Godella, 55, Valencia

Friday, February 3

09:15 -10:15

Keynote Speaker

How do we Know what we Know?
Knowledge Management Challenges in Industry
by Prof. Dirk Malzahn, OrgaTech GmbH, Germany

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:00


Learning Analytics: Goal, Methods, Trends

Bernd Krämer, FernUniversität-Hagen, Germany

Guest panelists
Lynn Patterson, Kennesaw State University, USA
Stephen White, University of Huddersfield, UK
Andrew Sung, New Mexico Tech, USA
Dirk Malzahn, OrgaTech GmbH, Germany
Denis Gillet, EPFL, Swizerland

19:00 - 19:30

Closing Session

Saturday, February 4

07:30 - 19:30
check the exact timing at the conference
registration desk

Trip (Guadalest, Altea,  Benidorm and Historical Valencia)
(see the registration form, lunch included, by bus)

8:00 Departure from UPV
Guadalest enjoys a spectacular location, set high on a pinnacle and carved into the mountain. Declared a ‘Monument of Historical and Artistic Value’, it’s easy to see why so many tourists flock to this stunning village every year. A guided tour takes you through the cobbled streets of this fairytale village and lets you enjoy the spectacular views. Head for the upper village, through a tunnel hewn out of the rock, on which the castle ruins and church’s distinctive belfry are precariously perched.
Altea / Costa Blanca
From the “punta del Mascarat” set in a bay, Altea has found a nook between the sea and the mountains, granting an almost symbolic image of the Costa Blanca. With the blue and white dome of its Parochial Church, the municipality spreads down to the Mediterranean Sea. Small and beautiful coves and beaches extend along a littoral riddled with the same captivating white charm held by the town itself.
Visit and lunch
Panoramic visit on board a bus to the old city. Once there, visit the major monuments of Valencia: Estación del Norte, Plaza de Toros, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Mercado Central, Lonja, Plaza Redonda, Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas, Catedral, Plaza de la Almoina and Plaza de la Virgen. The visitors will then be driven past the old riverbed of the Turia to the most avant-garde part of the city to marvel at the arts and sciences complex known as Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias.

18:30 Return to UPV




ACHI 2012, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions

ACHI 1: Computer Games and Gaming
Session Chair: Leslie Miller

GPU Based Burning Process Simulation
Ran Jiao, Liu Yonggan, Hao Aimin

Context-dependent Action Interpretation in Interactive Storytelling Games
Chung-Lun Lu, Von-Wun Soo

Developing User-Centered Video Game Concepts for Language Learning
Yorick Poels, Jan-Henk Annema, Bieke Zaman, Frederik Cornillie

Online Casinos: The Addiction Under Control Role of Web 2.0 and re-documentarisation
Karim Fraoua, Christian Bourret

ACHI 2: Usability and Universal Accessibility I
Session Chair: Michael Zeising

Evaluation of User Interface Satisfaction of Mobile Maps for Touch Screen Interfaces
Ya-Li Lin

Tablet PCs – An Assistive Technology for Students with Reading Difficulties?
Andrea A. Gasparini, Alma Leora Culén

Spatial Ability and Map-Based Software Applications
Michelle Rusch, Sarah Nusser, Les Miller, Georgi Batinov, Kofi Whitney

A Presentation Support System by Expanding Embodiment with a Mobile Touchscreen Device
Michiya Yamamoto, Taku Murabayashi, Tomio Watanabe

Designing Mobile Apps for Visually Impaired and Blind Users
Javier Sanchez, Joaquín Selva Roca de Togores

ACHI 3: Usability and Universal Accessibility II
Session Chair: Yorick Poels

Building Bridges Between Elderly and TV Application Developers
José Coelho, Carlos Duarte, Pedro Feiteira, Daniel Costa, David Costa

Analysis of Volumetric Tactile Symbols Produced with 3D Printing
Jaume Gual, Marina Puyuelo, Joaquim Lloveras

Ethnographic Examination for Studying Information Sharing Practices in Rural South Africa
Amandeep Dhir, Imad Moukadem, Nobert Jere, Puneet Kaur, Sari Kujala, Antti Ylä-Jääski

Accessibility Study of Rich Web Interface Components
Juliana Braga, Rafael Damaceno, Rodrigo Leme, Silvia Dotta

Virtualization Technology for Multi-display Systems
Igor Petukhov, Lyudmila Steshina, Ilya Tanryverdiev

ACHI 4: Other Domain Applications
Session Chair: Amandeep Dhir

A Generic Approach to Interactive University Timetabling
Michael Zeising, Stefan Jablonski

The Utility of Controlled Vocabularies within Bookmark Management Tasks
Siu-Tsen Shen, Stephen D. Prior

Designing Multi-Modal Map-Based Interfaces for Disaster Management
Volker Paelke, Karsten Nebe, Christian Geiger, Florian Klompmaker, Holger Fischer

Multilingual Ontology Alignment Based on Visual Representations of Ontology Concepts
Srdan Mihic, Dragan Ivetic

TsoKaDo: An Image Search Engine Performing Recursive Query Recommendation Based on Visual Information
Lazaros Tsochatzidis, Athanasios Kapoutsis, Nikos Dourvas, Savvas Chatzichristofis, Yiannis Boutalis, Konstantinos Zagoris

ACHI 5: Interfaces I
Session Chair: Mark Neerincx

Head Nod and Shake Gesture Interface for a Self-portrait Camera
Shaowei Chu, Jiro Tanaka

Towards 3D Data Environments using Multi-Touch Screens
Francisco R. Ortega, Armando Barreto, Naphtali Rishe, Malek Adjouadi

User Interface for Trust Decision Making in Inter-Enterprise Collaborations
Puneet Kaur, Sini Ruohomaa, Lea Kutvonen

Human Operator Perspective to Autonomic Network Management
Marja Liinasuo, Iina Aaltonen, Hannu Karvonen, Beatriz Fuentes, Alfonso Castro

Contents Enforme: Automatic Deformation of Content for Multi-features without Information Loss
Hiroaki Tobita

ACHI 6: Interfaces II
Session Chair: Alexander Jensenius

Authenticated Tangible Interaction using RFID and Depth-Sensing Cameras
Florian Klompmaker, Holger Fischer, Helge Jung

Generic Brain-computer Interface for Social and Human-computer Interaction
Julita de la Vega Arias, Christoph Hintermüller, Christoph Guger

A Conversational System to Assist the User when Accessing Web Sources in the Medical Domain
Marta Gatius, Tsetsegkhand Namsrai

Face Detection CUDA Accelerating
Jaromír Krpec, Martin Němec

User Attention in Mobile Devices
Pekka Isomursu, Minna Isomursu, Mari Ervasti

ACHI 7: Interaction & Interface Design & Evaluation I
Session Chair: Florian Klompmaker

Semiautomatic Evaluation of Websites Usability
Eva Garcia, Antonio Garcia-Cabot, Luis de-Marcos, Salvador Oton, Jose-Ramon Hilera

Motion-sound Interaction Using Sonification based on Motiongrams
Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Touchscreen Interfaces for Visual Languages
Michael Hackett, Philip T. Cox

Design Guidelines for Hybrid 2D/3D User Interfaces on Tablet Devices - A User Experience Evaluation
Katri Salo, Leena Arhippainen, Seamus Hickey

A Usage-Centered Evaluation Methodology for Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Jurriaan van Diggelen, Rosemarijn Looije, Tina Mioch, Mark Neerincx, Nanja Smets

ACHI 8: Interaction & Interface Design & Evaluation II
Session Chair: Rafael Radkowski

An Error Analysis Model for Adaptive Deformation Simulation
Umut Kocak, Karljohan Lundin Palmerius, Matthew Cooper

On the Evaluation of Auditory and Head-up Displays While Driving
Christina Dicke, Grega Jakus, Saso Tomazic, Jaka Sodnik

Evaluating the Usability and the Communicability of Grid Computing Applications
Cristian Rusu, Silvana Roncagliolo, Arturo Figueroa, Virginica Rusu, Dorian Gorgan

Designing and evaluating camouflage pattern (POSTER)
Woon Jung Cho, Jeeyea Park, Myung Shik Kim, Sang Min Lee, Kwang Hee Han

Practical Usability in XP Software Development Processes
Zahid Hussain, Martin Lechner, Harald Milchrahm, Sara Shahzad, Wolfgang Slany, Martin Umgeher, Thomas Vlk, Christina Koeffel, Manfred Tscheligi, Peter Wolkerstorfer

ACHI 9: Human-robot Interaction
Session Chair: Jaka Sodnik

Emotion Recognition Through ANS Responses Evoked by Negative Emotions
Eun-Hye Jang, Byoung-Jun Park, Yeongji Eum, Sang-Hyeob Kim, Chul Huh, Jin-Hun Sohn

Identification of Optimal Emotion Classifier with Feature Selections Using Physiological Signals
Byoung-Jun Park, Eun-Hye Jang, Sang-Hyeob Kim, Chul Huh, Jin-Hun Sohn

Interacting with Navigation Devices: A Case Study
Javier Calle, Esperanza Albacete, Enrique Sánchez, Dolores Cuadra

Kalman Filter for Tracking Robotic Arms Using low cost 3D Vision Systems
Enrique Martinez-Berti, Antonio-José Sanchez-Salmerón, Francesc Benimeli

Predicting Performance and Situation Awareness of Robot Operators in Complex Situations by Unit Task Tests
Tina Mioch, Nanja J. J. M. Smets, Mark A. Neerincx

ACHI 10: Human-computer Interaction in Education and Training I
Session Chair: Tina Mioch

Evaluation of Cognitive Effort in the Perception of Engineering Drawings as 3D Models
Florin Girbacia

A Recommendation Method Based on Contents and User Feedback
So Ryoung Kim, Sang Min Choi, Yo Sub Han, Lae Hyun Kim

Developing a Human Computer Interaction Course for an Information Technology Major
Cynthia Lester

Physical Instructional Support System Using Virtual Avatars
Tomoaki Ogawa, Yasushi Kambayashi

ACHI 11: Human-computer Interaction in Education and Training II
Session Chair: Dominique Scapin

Situated Cognitive Engineering: The Requirements and Design of Automatically Directed Scenario-based Training
Marieke Peeters, Karel van den Bosch, John-Jules Ch. Meyer, Mark A. Neerincx

Augmented Reality in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Lucio Tommaso De Paolis De Paolis, Giovanni Aloisio Aloisio

Increased Cognitive Load in Resolution of Problems Caused by Human Error on New Aircrafts
Edgard Martins

Using Social Media for Collaborative Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study
Na Li, Sandy El Helou, Denis Gillet

AlgoPath: A New Way of Learning Algorithmic
Estelle Perrin, Sébastien Linck, Frédéric Danesi

ACHI 12: Interactive Systems
Session Chair: Marios Belk

Alleyoop: Interactive Information Retrieval System with Sketch Manipulations
Hiroaki Tobita

Interactive Hand Gesture-based Assembly for Augmented Reality Applications
Rafael Radkowski, Christian Stritzke

A Dance Training System that Maps Self-Images onto an Instruction Video
Minoru Fujimoto, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto

Interaction in Augmented Reality by Means of Z-buffer Based Collision Detection
Yasuyuki Souma, Hidemi Yamachi, Yasuhiro Tsujimura, Yasushi Kambayashi

ACHI 13: User Modeling and User Focus I
Session Chair: Adrian Rahaman

The Effect of Metacognition in Cooperation on Team Behaviors
Kohei Nonose, Taro Kanno, Kazuo Furuta

Is the User Perception Similar with Physical and Digital Representation? (POSTER)
Jaime Diaz-Pineda, María José Such, Javier Sanchez-Lacuesta, Begoña Mateo, José Laparra-Hernandez

Educational Playability Analyzing Player Experiences in Educational Video Games
Amer Ibrahim, Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela, José Luis González Sánchez, Natalia Padilla Zea

User Experience: Buzzword or New Paradigm?
Dominique Scapin, Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse, Marc Pallot

Enhancing Automatic Detection of Frustration Induced During HCI with Moment-based Biosignal Features
Dimitris Giakoumis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, George Hassapis

ACHI 14: User Modeling and User Focus II
Session Chair: Cynthia Lester

Adaptivity Considerations for Enhancing User-Centric Web Experience
Marios Belk, Panagiotis Germanakos, Panagiotis Zaharias, George Samaras

Perceived Personality and Preference through the Color on the SNSs (POSTER)
Hyo Sun Kim

Modality Preferences of Different User Groups
Benjamin Weiss, Sebastian Möller, Matthias Schulz

Users’ Trust and Secure Feeling towards Cloud Services
Kaarina Karppinen

To trust or not to trust: Perceived credibility and satisfaction on online reviews by anonymity and characteristic of contents (POSTER)
Jiyoung Kwon, Borum Kim, Kwanghee Han


CYBERLAWS 2012, The Third International Conference on Technical and Legal Aspects of the e-Society

CYBERLAWS 1: Technical and Legal Aspects of the e-Society
Session Chair: Mark Perry

Indian Approach to Privacy in Cyberspace
M. Tariq Banday, Farooq Ahmad Mir

Cloud Computing and Data Jurisdiction: A New Challenge for Digital Forensics
Giuseppe Vaciago

Digital Dactyloscopy
Matthias Pocs, Benjamin Stach, Mario Hildebrandt, Stefan Kiltz, Jana Dittmann


eKNOW 2012, The Fourth International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management

eKNOW 1: Knowledge Fundamentals
Session Chair: Daniel Kimmig

Intranet 2.0 Based Knowledge Production
Doris Riedl, Fritz Betz

Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure in E-maintenance
Muhammed Al-Qahtani

Semi-Automatic Schema Pre-Integration in the Integration of Modeling Language Independent Behavioral Schemata
Peter Bellström, Christian Kop, Jürgen Vöhringer

Automatic Keyphrase Extraction: A Comparison of Methods
Richard Hussey, Shirley Williams, Richard Mitchell

How to Acquire Scientific Knowledge for University to Industry Knowledge Transfer
Ioana Suciu, Benoit Le Blanc, Catriona Raboutet, Christophe Fernandez, Amadou Ndiaye

eKNOW 2: Knowledge Management Systems
Session Chair: Sandra Sendra

Web Services Integration with Regard to the Metrics of Data Believability
Adam L. Kaczmarek

A Comprehensive Study on the Reality of Knowledge Management and Lessons Learned in the Projects - A Case Study in Iran Oil and Gas projects
Ahad Nazari, Mohammad Mehdi Mortaheb Mortaheb, Zahra Aghalou Aghalou

Turnover and ICT Contribution in Organizational Knowledge Management
Filipe Fidalgo, Luis Gouveia

The Electronic Silverback
Dirk Malzahn

Semantic Search in a Process-oriented Knowledge Base
Daniel Kimmig, Andreas Schmidt, Klaus Bittner, Markus Dickerhof

eKNOW 3: Decision Support Systems
Session Chair: Manfred Grauer

Strategic Market Analysis in an Electronic Service Market
Gülfem Isiklar Alptekin

An Integrated Decision Support System for Selecting Software Systems
Tuncay Gürbüz, Sadettin Emre Alptekin, Gülfem Işıklar Alptekin

Virtual World Process Perspective Visualization
Ross Brown, Johannes Herter, Daniel Eichhorn

Mastering Security Anomalies in Virtualized Computing Environments via Complex Event Processing
Lars Baumgärtner, Pablo Graubner, Matthias Leinweber, Roland Schwarzkopf, Matthias Schmidt, Bernhard Seeger, Bernd Freisleben

eKNOW 4: Knowledge Identification and Discovery
Session Chair: Kacek Czernuszenko

Knowledge Discovery Using a Service Oriented Web Application
Janez Kranjc, Vid Podpečan, Nada Lavrač

Self-Learning Monitoring and Control of Manufacturing Processes Based on Rule Induction and Event Processing
Daniel Metz, Sachin Karadgi, Ulf Müller, Manfred Grauer

An Overview of Norwegian Linked Open Data
Dumitru Roman, David Norheim

Critical Dimension in Data Mining
Divya Suryakumar, Andrew H. Sung, Qingzhong Liu

eKNOW 5: Knowledge Semantics Processing and Ontology
Session Chair: Johannes Herter

Context-aware Recommendation of Visualization Components
Martin Voigt, Stefan Pietschmann, Lars Grammel, Klaus Meißner

Reflective Case-Writing Environment using a Multi-representation Schema for Medical Service Education
Wei Chen, Masaki Fujii, Liang Cui, Mitsuru Ikeda, Noriyuki Matsuda

Approach to Conceptual Attractors of Business Cycles - Case: Wagon Circulation Process of a Co-Modal Operator (PRESENTATION)
Henrik Mustonen, Jukka Hemilä

A Context-Aware Framework for Semantic Indexing of Research Papers
Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi, Fattaneh Taghiyareh, Koushyar Rajavi, Mohammad Saleh Pirouzi

Taste It! Try It! – A Semantic Web Mobile Review Application
Monika Kaczmarek, Agata Filipowska, Jakub Dzikowski, Szymon Łazaruk, Witold Abramowicz

eKNOW 6: Process Analysis and Modeling
Session Chair: Jukka Hemila

Conceptual Modeling in Wikis: a Reference Architecture and a Tool
Chiara Ghidini, Marco Rospocher, Luciano Serafini

Reorganization of KM-Oriented Medium Voltage Power System Planning Process
Ricardo Guembarovski, Jose Todesco, Murialdo Loch, Jeferson Souza

Enhancing Bayesian Network Model for Integrated Software Quality Prediction
Lukasz Radlinski

Mapping OBI and XPDL to a MDE Framework for Laboratory Information Processing
Alessandro Maccagnan, Nicola Cannata, Giorgio Valle, Tullio Vardanega

Modular verification of inter-enterprise Business Processes
Kais Klai, Hanen Ochi


eLmL 2012, The Fourth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning

eLmL 1: Learning-oriented Technologies
Session Chair: Vesa Korhonen

Evaluation of a Blended Learning Approach Used in an Anatomy and Physiology Module for Pre-registration Healthcare Students
Stephen White, Andrew Sykes

Learning and Information Technologies Cartography
Pamela Catherine Flores Naranjo, Nelson Medinilla Martínez

Defining a Metadata Schema for Serious Games as Learning Objects
Maurice Hendrix, Aristidis Protopsaltis, Catherine Rolland, Ian Dunwell, Sara de Freitas, Sylvester Arnab, Panagiotis Petridis, Julien LLanas

RESTful Service Oriented Architecture for Querying and Publishing Learning Objects in Repositories
Sergio Mazo, Salvador Otón, Luis de-Marcos, Antonio García, Eva García

Virtual Reality Using Stereoscopic Vision for Teaching/Learning of Descriptive Geometry
Karla Guedes, Marcelle Guimarães, José Méxas

eLmL 2: On-line Learning
Session Chair: Salvador Oton

Use of Social Media for Health Education: An Example of Online Support Group for Individuals with Atrial Fibrillation
Joseph Finkelstein, Eunme Cha, Jeffrey Wood

Being There with Bluetooth
Vesa Korhonen

Experiences in use Tablet PC to Support Student´s Activities: Five Years of an Exploratory Study
André da Silva, Heloísa da Rocha

NORMALDB – A Logic-Based Interactive e-Learning Tool for Database Normalization and Denormalization
Lule Ahmedi, Naxhije Jakupi, Edmond Jajaga

M-learning System for Learning how to Prepare a Negotiation
Allan Freitas Girão, Sergio Assis Rodrigues, Evandro Rocha, Jano Moreira de Souza

eLmL 3: Tools and Platforms I
Session Chair: Bernd Krämer

Writing as a Mode of Engagement for Online Courses (IDEA)
Lynn Patterson

Integration of Exer-Learning Games in School. Integration of Exer-Learning Games in School
Kati Kraußer, Martina Lucht

Knowledge-Building Support through Social Navigation in Learning Community
Fumihiko Anma, Toshio Okamoto

Understanding and Improving Personal Negotiation Skills With E-learning Tools
Sergio Rodrigues, Ekaterina Tskhakaya, Jano Souza

E-learning and M-learning in African Languages: A Survey of Oshikwanyama Students at a Northern Namibian School
Aletta M Hamwedi, Lorenzo Dalvit

eLmL 4: Tools and Platforms II
Session Chair: Stephen White

Development of a Mobile Scheduling System for Interactive iLabs
Cosmas Mwikirize, Davis Agaba, Sharlotte Andinda, Paul Isaac Musasizi, Phil Bailey

PLAIME: Multimedia Platform for the Integration of Handicapped Children in Music Education
Maria-Dolores Cano, Antonio Martinez-Rojo, Ramon Sanchez-Iborra, Andrés Cabrera-Lozoya, Fernando Cerdan

From Lecturing to Apprenticeship Introducing Play in Museum Learning Practice
Emanuela Marchetti, Eva Petersson Brooks

Integration of Learning Management Systems with Social Networking Platforms
Jernej Rožac, Félix Buendía, José Ballester, Andrej Kos, Matevž Pogačnik

E-learning for Global Citizenship with Conectando Mundos: A South African Experience
Fortunate Gunzo, Lorenzo Dalvit, Areta Sobeiraj, Barahona Rodrigo

Using Virtual Spaces for Learning Communities to Facilitate Project Development and Collaborative Learning
Katya Toneva, Kathy Doncaster, Darryll Bravenboer


eTELEMED 2012, The Fourth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine

eTELEMED 1: Telemedicine/eHealth Applications I
Session Chair: Miriam Vollenbroek

Multicenter Support Network for CPAP Therapy Follow-up in Sleep Apnea
Valentina Isetta, Josep M. Montserrat, Carmen León, David Fonollosa, Josep Roca, Ramon Farré

Human Centered Development of a Web-based Intervention for the Prevention of Depression
Saskia Kelders, Maarten Jan Oskam, Ernst Bohlmeijer, Julia Van Gemert-Pijnen

Guiding People with Early Dementia Home with the TalkMeHome Service
Jan Nauta, Lammie Van den Bosch, Cristian Hesselman, Jeffrey Brangert, Martine De Jong, Marcel Roest, Matti Groot, Marike Hettinga

Tele-Rehabilitation Therapy vs. Face-to-Face Therapy for Aphasic Patients
Nofia Fridler, Keren Rosen, Maya Menahemi-Falkov, Orly Herzberg, Anita Lev, Dafna Kaplan, Yoram Feldman, Dafna Grosberg, Minka Hildesheimer, Mordechai Shani

Towards a Mobile, Assistive and Intuitive Videoconferencing
Víctor Torres-Padrosa, Eusebi Calle, Jose L. Marzo, Mercè Rovira

eTELEMED 2: Telemedicine/eHealth Applications II
Session Chair: Victor Torres

The Potential of Telemedicine for Patients with Chronic Disorders Experiencing Problems with Their Functioning
Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten, Hermie Hermens, Richard Evering, Marit Dekker-van Weering, Stephanie Kosterink, Rianne Huis in 't Veld

Repeatable Experimental Framework for Wellness Indicator Testing/Evaluation: Environmental Setup
Chitsutha Soomlek, Luigi Benedicenti

Concordance of Needle Biopsy and Final Surgical Pathology for Diagnosing Invasive Breast Cancer in Women with Ductal-Carcinoma-in-situ and High Risk Lesions (POSTER)
Ripple Sheth, Liao Lydia

m3DICOM: A Platform for Mobile DICOM Visualization Based on X3D
Iuliana Ojog, Miguel Arias-Estrada

Region Marking Software Tool for Medical Images
Dinu Dragan, Dragan Ivetic

eTELEMED 3: Telemedicine/eHealth Services I
Session Chair: Kari Dyb

Developing Nations’ eHealth and Telemedicine: Lessons Learned, Especially for Africa
Sinclair Wynchank, Jill Fortuin

Telenursing Service for Neonatal Post-discharge Home Care
Valentina Isetta, Carmen Lopez-Agustina, Montserrat Vila, Asunción Clemente, Meritxell Cucala, Ramon Farré

Evaluation of HelloDoctor 24x7 Healthcare Services in Rural India: A Case Study
Ashish Joshi, Navya Ramesh, Pinaki Panigrahi

HIV Self-testing Combined with Internet Counselling: A low Threshold Strategy to Increase Diagnoses of HIV-infections
Freke Zuure, Jannie van der Helm, Udi Davidovich, Maria Prins

eTELEMED 4: Telemedicine/eHealth Services II
Session Chair: Valentina Isetta

Designing Physical Telerehabilitation System for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Joseph Finkelstein, Jeffrey Wood

Improved Treatment of Cerebral Stroke Patients in Small Hospitals? Reporting from a Telestroke Service in North Norway
Kari Dyb, Terje Solvoll, Ellen Rygh, Tove Sørensen

A Maturity Model for Telemedicine Implementation
Liezl Van Dyk, Jill Fortuin, Corne Schutte

Doctors, Patients, and Service Providers: A cloud-based approach for managing healthcare processes
Ayman Moghnieh, Oriol Galimany, Joaquim Colas Colas, Alan Tapscott, Miguel Angel Carralero, Josep Blat

How to Communicate STI and HIV Test Results Online to MSM?
Esther Moekotte, Joyce Karreman, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, Udi Davidovich

eTELEMED 5: eHealth Data Records
Session Chair: David Schmoldt

SPoC: Protecting Patient Privacy for e-Health Services in the Cloud
Lu Fan, Owen Lo, William Buchanan, Elias Ekonomou, Christoph Thuemmler, Omair Uthmani, Alistair Lawson, Tabassum Sharif, Craig Sheridan

Creation of OAIS-Compliant Archival Packages for Long-Term Preservation of Regulatory Metadata, Records and Dossiers
Hrvoje Stancic, Kresimir Pavlina, Arian Rajh, Vito Strasberger

Patient Privacy Preservation: P-RBAC vs OrBAC in Patient Controlled Records Type of Centralized Healthcare Information System. Case study of Walloon Healthcare Network, Belgium
Thavy Mony Annanda Rath, Jean-Noël Colin

Clinical Wall applied for Polypathological Patient Care
Alicia Martínez García, Alberto Moreno Conde, Carlos Parra Calderón, Francisco Javier Galindo Ocaña, Manuel Ollero Baturone

Integrated Vocabulary Service for Health Data Interoperability
Sarah N. Lim Choi Keung, Lei Zhao, Edward Tyler, F. D. Richard Hobbs, Theodoros N. Arvanitis

eTELEMED 6: eHealth Technology and Devices I
Session Chair: Hrvoje Stancic

Personas: The Linking Pin in Holistic Design for eHealth
Lex Van Velsen, Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen, Nicol Nijland, Desirée Beaujean, Jim Van Steenbergen

Health tech trust: undeserved or justified?
Hans Ossebaard, Robert Geertsma, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen

Improved Surveillance of Haemophilia Home Treatment Using Mobile Phones
David Schmoldt, Andreas Rösch, Ulrich Hasenkamp, Wolfgang Mondorf, Hartmut Pollmann

A Monitoring and Feedback Tool to Support Patients in Achieving a more Active Lifestyle
Renée Verwey, Sanne van der Weegen, Marieke Spreeuwenberg, Huibert Tange, Trudy van der Weijden, Luc de Witte

eHealth Traffic Detection and Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques
Monika Grajzer, Piotr Szczechowiak

eTELEMED 7: Social and Financial Aspects
Session Chair: Stuart Nelson

The e-genetics project: Highlighting the importance of patient preferences when utilising technology in cancer genetics services (POSTER)
Jennifer Hilgart, Rachel Iredale, Julie Hayward

A Systematic Review of Trust in Automation and Assistance Systems for Older Persons’ Overall Requirements
Frederick Steinke, Tobias Fritsch, Lina Silbermann

Barriers to Cost and Clinical Efficiency with Telehomecare and Proposed Solutions
Kathryn H. Bowles, Melissa O’Connor, Alexandra Hanlon, Mary D. Naylor, Barbara Riegel, Mark Weiner, Henry Glick

Toward a Business Continuity Plan for Home-Care Systems
Olfa Rejeb, Elyes Lamine, François Marmier, Hervé Pingaud, Rémi Bastide

Addressing Barriers to Wider Adoption of Telehealth in the Homes of Older People: An Exploratory Study in the Irish Context
Brenda Reginatto

eTELEMED 8: eHealth Technology and Devices II
Session Chair: Stuart Nelson

eHealth Wikiplatform to Increase the Uptake and Impact of eHealth Technologies
Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, Nicol Nijland, Maarten van Limburg, Saskia Kelders, Lex van Velsen, Hans C. Ossebaard, Bart Brandenburg

Technological Changes in High Reliability Organization: Implementation of a Telematic Rescue Assistance System into German Emergency Medical Services
Marie-Therese Schneiders, Daniel Schilberg, Ingrid Isenhardt, Sabina Jeschke

Co-creation with stakeholders: a Web 2.0 Antibiotic Stewardship Program
Jobke Wentzel, Maarten van Limburg, Joyce Karreman, Ron Hendrix, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen

Mobile MyMedicationList and Mobile MyRxPad: Personal Medication Records and Electronic Prescriptions on Smartphones (POSTER)
Stuart Nelson, Kelly Zeng, Wei Ma, Andrew Rickert, John Kilbourne, Chris Hui

eTELEMED 9: eHealth Information Processing
Session Chair: Ana Belén Sánchez Calzón

Personalized Motivation in Dementia Management through Detection of Behavior Patterns
Ana Belén Sánchez Calzón, Carlos Fernández-Llatas, Juan Carlos Naranjo, Teresa Meneu

MIRAGE: An E-repository of Medical Images for Learning Biomedical Informatics
Xiaohong Gao, Yu Qian

Can an Ad-hoc ontology Beat a Medical Search Engine? The Chronious Search Engine case.
Piero Giacomelli, Giulia Munaro, Roberto Rosso

eTELEMED 10: eHealth Systems and Communications
Session Chair: Ripple Sheth

Enforcing Security in Pervasive Healthcare Monitoring Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Stefano Bromuri, Johannes Krampf, René Schumann, Michael Ignaz Schumacher

Towards Object-aware Process Support in Healthcare Information Systems
Carolina Ming Chiao, Vera Künzle, Manfred Reichert

RFID-based Body Sensors for e-Health Systems and Communications
Vijeyananthan Thayananthan, Ahmed Alzahrani

Design of a Mobile Phone App Prototype for Reflections on Perceived Stress
Åsa Smedberg, Hélène Sandmark

Representation System of Quality Indicators towards Accurate Evaluation of Medical Services Based on Medical Databases
Osamu Takaki, Izumi Takeuti, Koichi Takahashi, Koichiro Murata, Noriaki Izumi, Koiti Hasida


GEOProcessing 2012, The Fourth International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services

GEOProcessing 1: Geo-spatial Web Services
Session Chair: Femke Reitsma

Which Service Interfaces fit the Model Web?
Sven Shade, Nicole Ostländer, Carlos Granell, Michael Shulz, Daniel McInerney, Gregoire Dubois, Lorenzino Vaccari, Michele Chinosi, Laura Díaz, Lucy Bastin, Richard Jones

One Click Focusing: An SQL-based Fast Loop Road Extraction Method for Mobile Map Services
Daisuke Yamamoto, Hiroki Itoh, Naohisa Takahashi

Schema Transformation as a Tool for Data Reuse in Web Service Environment
Lassi Lehto

Bus Coming: A Service for Tracking Buses in Rural Areas based on Passenger Locations
Arthur Thompson, Wayne Goodridge

Live Cities and Urban Services - A Multi-dimensional Stress Field between Technology, Innovation and Society
Bernd Resch, Alexander Zipf, Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, Euro Beinat, Marc Boher

GEOProcessing 2: Specific geo-data Processing I
Session Chair: Lassi Lehto

Comparison of Stacking Methods Regarding Processing and Computing of Geoscientific Depth Data
Claus-Peter Rückemann

Automatic Classification of Points-of-Interest for Land-use Analysis
Filipe Rodrigues, Ana O. Alves, Francisco C. Pereira, Shan Jiang, Joshep Ferreira

Algorithm Based Methodology for the Creation of a Regularly Updated Global Online Map Derived From Volunteered Geographic Information
Marcus Goetz, Johannes Lauer, Michael Auer

Integrated Geoprocessing for Generation of Affected Assets and Rights Reports for High Voltage Electrical Infrastructures
Federico-Vladimir Gutiérrez-Corea, Miguel-Ángel Manso-Callejo, Francisco-Javier Moreno-Marimbaldo, Emerson Castaneda-Sanabria

Towards Identifying the Best New Connection in a Spatial Network: Optimising the Performance of Hole Discovery
Femke Reitsma, Tony Dale, William Pearse

GEOProcessing 3: Specific geo-data Processing II
Session Chair: Anne-Francoise Marique

Development of an Acoustic Transceiver for Positioning Systems in Underwater Neutrino Telescopes
Giuseppina Larosa, Miguel Ardid, Carlos David Llorens, Manuel Bou Cabo, Juan Antonio Martínez Mora, Silvia Adrían Martínez

Data Cleansing and Selective Query Processing in Sensor Networks
Maria Drougka, Theodore Tsiligiridis

e-Report Generator Supporting Communications and Fieldwork: A Practical Case of Electrical Network Expansion Projects
Emerson Castaneda-Sanabria, Miguel-Ángel Manso-Callejo, Francisco-Javier Moreno-Marimbaldo, Federico-Vladimir Gutiérrez-Corea

Level Sets and Voronoi based Feature Extraction from any Imagery
Ojaswa Sharma, François Anton, Darka Mioc

Spatial Characterization of Extreme Precipitation in Madeira Island Using Geostatistical Procedures and a 3D SOM
Jorge Gorricha, Ana Costa, Victor Lobo

GEOProcessing 4: GIS
Session Chair: Francois Anton

Fast and Accurate Visibility Computation in a 3D Urban Environment
Oren Gal, Yerach Doytsher

Combining Territorial Data With Thermal Simulations to Improve Energy Management of Suburban Areas
Anne-Francoise Marique, Maud Pétel, Asma Hamdi, Sigrid Reiter

Vehicle Position Determination — Using Markers and Speed Reports
Bruce Beyeler, David C. Pheanis

A GIS-Based Approach for Representation of Air Pollution- A Case Study: Tabriz City
Davood Parvinnezhad Hokmabadi, Arash Rahmanizadeh, Shahla Taghizadeh Sufiani

Study on the Composition of the Residential Environment and Environmental Cognition in Collective Housing
Hirotomo Ohuchi, Setsuko Ouchi, Katsuhito Chiba, Yuta Takano

GEOProcessing 5: Geo-modeling
Session Chair: Katja Polojarvi

Automated Extraction and Geographical Structuring of Flickr Tags
Omair Chaudhry, William Mackaness

From Point Clouds to 3D City Models: The Case Study of Villalba (Madrid)
Juan Mancera-Taboada, Pablo Rodriguez-Gonzalvez, Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera, Benjamin Arias-Perez, David Hernandez-Lopez, Beatriz Felipe-Garcia

A Novel Health Monitoring System using Patient Trajectory Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities
Shayma Alkobaisi, Wan D. Bae, Sada Narayanappa, Cheng C. Liu

Open source GIS Tools to Map Earthquake Damage Scenarios and to Support Emergency
Maurizio Pollino, Antonio Bruno Della Rocca, Grazia Fattoruso, Luigi La Porta, Sergio Lo Curzio, Agnese Arolchi, Valentina James, Carmine Pascale

Incorporating the Analyses of Urban Form into the Geocomputational Modelling The Morphological Approach
Malgorzata Hanzl

GEOProcessing 6: Management & Simulation of Geo-spatial Data
Session Chair: Malgorzata Hanzl

Using GIS for Impact Analysis from Industries Installation
Camila Thomasi, Gerson Nunes, Márcio Jugueiro, Diana Adamatti

Distributed System Architectures, Standardization, and Web-Service Solutions in Precision Agriculture
Katja Polojärvi, Mika Luimula, Pertti Verronen, Mika Pahkasalo, Markku Koistinen, Jouni Tervonen

Footprint-Based 3D Generalization of Building Groups for Virtual City Visualization
Shuang He, Guillaume Moreau, Jean-Yves Martin

A Web-based Environment for Analysis and Visualization of Spatio-temporal Data provided by OGC Services
Maxwell Oliveira, Cláudio Baptista, Ana Falcão

A Heuristic-based Approach for Merging Layers Information in a GIS
Wilfried Segretier, Martine Collard, Enguerran Grandchamp

GEOProcessing 7: Geo-spatial Fundamentals
Session Chair: Claus-Peter Rückemann

Computationally Feasible Query Answering over Spatio-thematic Ontologies
Özgür Lütfü Özcep, Ralf Möller

O*-W: An Efficient O* algorithm to Process Optimal Sequence Traversal Query in a Complete Directed Graph
Qifeng Lu, Kathleen Hancock

An Architecture for Geographic Information Systems on the Web - WebGIS
Mariano Pascual, Eluzai Alves, Henrique Roig, Tati de Almeida, George Sand de França, Maristela Holanda

D-WCPS: A Framework for Service Based Distributed Processing of Coverages
Michael Owonibi, Peter Baumann

Modeling and Querying Mobile Location Sensor Data
Iulian Sandu Popa, Karine Zeitouni

GEOProcessing 8: Digital Cartography Data
Session Chair: Javier Neme-Lozano

Land-use Mapping of Valencia City Area from Aerial Images and LiDAR Data
Txomin Hermosilla, Luis Angel Ruiz, Jorge Abel Recio, José Balsa-Barreiro

Generation and Validation of Workflows for On-Demand Mapping
Nicholas Gould, Omair Chaudhry

TREmaps, a webGIS tool for visualizing multi-temporal satellite radar data (POSTER)
Diego Savardi, Andrea Boriero, Jacopo Allievi, Roberto Ciatti, Oi Sato

A new methodology for the collection and handling of geological data
Rodrigo Cipullo, Henrique Roig

Comparison Between Generalization Processes at Large and Small Scales
Jacqueleen Joubran Abu Daoud, Izabela Karsznia


ICDS 2012, The Sixth International Conference on Digital Society

ICDS 1: eGovernment Services in the Context of Digital Society I
Session Chair: Peter Schartner

Polish E-Government at Local Level: Heavy Road to Citizens’ Empowerment
Leszek Porebski

Community Detection based on Structural and Attribute Similarities
The Anh Dang, Emmanuel Viennet

The Evolution of the e-ID card in Belgium: Data Privacy and Multi-Application Usage
Alea Fairchild, Bruno de Vuyst

Analyzing Social Roles using Enriched Social Network on On-Line Sub-Communities.
Mathilde Forestier, Julien Velcin, Djamel A. Zighed

ICDS 2: eGovernment Services in the Context of Digital Society II
Session Chair: Lasse Berntzen

Unique Domain-specific Identification for E-Government Applications
Peter Schartner

Sociological Reflections on E-government
Maria João Simões

SSEDIC: Building a Thematic Network for European eID
Victoriano Giralt, Hugo Kerschot, Jon Shamah

Designing National Identity: An Organisational Perspective on Requirements for National Identity Management Systems
Adrian Rahaman, Martina Angela Sasse

Towards the Automatic Management of Vaccination Process in Jordan
Edward Jaser, Islam Ahmad

ICDS 3: Digital Analysis and Processing
Session Chair: Syed Naqvi

Three Dimensional Printing: An Introduction for Information Professionals
Julie Marcoux, Kenneth-Roy Bonin

Unsupervised Personality Recognition for Social Network Sites
Fabio Celli

Cellular Automata: Simulations Using Matlab
Stavros Athanassopoulos, Christos Kaklamanis, Gerasimos Kalfoutzos, Evi Papaioannou

3D Mesh Model Based Hash Functions (POSTER)
Suk-Hwan Lee, Ki-Ryong Kwon, Eung-Joo Lee, Won-Joo Hwang, Kwang-Seok Moon

Fast Polynomial Approximation Acceleration on the GPU
Lumír Janošek, Martin Němec

ICDS 4: eCommerce and eBusiness
Session Chair: Victoriano Giralt

Generating Context-aware Recommendations using Banking Data in a Mobile Recommender System
Daniel Gallego Vico, Gabriel Huecas, Joaquín Salvachúa Rodríguez

Web Personalization; Implications and Challenges
Ahmad Kardan, Amirhossein Roshanzamir

New Service Development Method for Prosumer Environments
Ramon Alcarria, Tomás Robles, Augusto Morales, Sergio González-Miranda

Digital Investigations for Enterprise Information Architectures
Syed Naqvi, Gautier Dallons, Christophe Ponsard

ICDS 5: Management and Control
Session Chair: Ilija Basicevic

Shadow IT - Management and Control of Unofficial IT
Christopher Rentrop, Stephan Zimmermann

A Secure and Distributed Infrastructure for Health Record Access
Victoriano Giralt

Active Mechanisms for Cloud Environments
Irina Astrova, Arne Koschel, Stella Gatziu Grivas, Marc Schaaf, Ilja Hellwich, Sven Kasten, Nedim Vaizovic, Christoph Wiens

Information Technology Planning For Collaborative Product Development Through Fuzzy QFD
Jbid Arsenyan, Gülçin Büyüközkan

Indoor IEEE 802.11g Radio Coverage Study
Sandra Sendra, Laura Ferrando, Jaime Lloret, Alejando Canovas

ICDS 6: eDefense for Security and Protection
Session Chair: Stephan Zimmermann

Security Issues of WiMAX Networks with High Altitude Platforms
Ilija Basicevic, Miroslav Popovic

Alteration Method of Schedule Information on Public Cloud
Tatsuya Miyagami, Atsushi Kanai, Noriaki Saito, Shigeaki Tanimoto, Hiroyuki Sato

Identifying Potentially Useful Email Header Features for Email Spam Filtering
Omar Al-Jarrah, Ismail Khater, Basheer Al-Duwairi

Fault Tolerant Distributed Embedded Architecture and Verification
Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, Prasanna Vetrivel, Srinath Badri, Sriram Badri

Determining Authentication Strength for Smart Card-based Authentication Use Cases
Ramaswamy Chandramouli


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