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The Fourth International Conference on Advances
in P2P Systems

AP2PS 2012

September 23-28, 2012 - Barcelona, Spain

Preliminary Program

NexTech 2012

UBICOMM 2012 / EMERGING 2012 / AMBIENT 2012 / ADVCOMP 2012

Conference Hotel
Novotel Barcelona Sant Joan Despi
Carrer de la TV3, 2
08970 Sant Joan Despi, Spain

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Sunday, September 23


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15:00 - 18:00


Call-level Performance Analysis of Wired and Wireless Networks

Dr. Ioannis Moscholios, University of Peloponnese, Greece
Prof. Dr. Michael Logothetis, University of Patras, Greece


18:30 - 19:30

Welcome Cocktail

Monday, September 24

09:00 - 09:15


09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Opportunistic Networks
by Prof. Dr. Jorge García Vidal
Technical University of Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:00


Challenges in Selecting Massive Data for Quick Analysis

Sandjai Bhulai, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hwa-Jong Kim, Kangwon National University, Korea
Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO), USA
Vivienne L. Ming,  Socos LLC / Berkeley CA, USA
Sandjai Bhulai, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Norma Ming, Nexus Research & Policy Center, USA

Tuesday, September 25

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Big Data Decision Making: Real-time Optimization for Real-world Problems
by Prof. Dr. Sandjai Bhulai, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30- 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30






17:30 - 19:00


Ubiquity for Everyone; Are we There?

Sergey Yurish, IFSA - Barcelona, Spain

Thomas Pratt, University of Notre Dame, USA
Oleksiy Khriyenko, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Javier Rubio-Loyola, CINVESTAV Mexico, Mexico
Shigeru Sasaki, Teikyo University, Japan

Wednesday, September 26

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Context Awareness in Ambient Environments: Theory vs. Practice
by Prof. Dr. Maarten Weyn, Artesis University College of Antwerp, Belgium

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30- 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30


Ambient Environments and Ambient Intelligence: Where is the Boundary Between Fiction and Future Reality

Maarten Weyn, Artesis University College of Antwerp, Belgium

Carlos Fernando Crispim-Junior, INRIA - Sophia Antipolis, France
Jeroen Doggen, Artesis University College Antwerp, Belgium
Christophe Jacquet, Supelec, France
Kiyohide Ito, Future University Hakodate, Japan
Makoto Okamoto, Future University Hakodate, Japan

17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

17:45 - 19:30


Advanced Features in Emerging Systems and Technologies

Antonio Liotta, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Antonio Sachs, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Horia Vladut Caprita, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Romania
Mikołaj Leszczuk, AGH University of Science and Technology - Krakow, Poland
Antonio Liotta, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


20:00 - 24:00

NexTech 2012 Gala Dinner

Thursday, September 27

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Farewell to Deterministic Networks
by Prof. Dr. Antonio Liotta, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30


Complex and Semantic Computations: Can They be Simpler?

Sigeru Omatu, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Panos Alexopoulos, iSOCO, Spain
Diletta Romana Cacciagrano, University of Camerino, Italy
Sigeru Omatu, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 18:00


Friday, September 28

08:00 - 19:00
check the exact timing at the conference
registration desk

One day trip (bus, lunch, drinks, guide)

(see the registration form; lunch, drinks, and entry fees included)

8:30 Departure from Hotel
Park Güell (walking tour of the park)
Sagrada Familia (inside)
Panoramic drive through district including:

Casa Millà, Casa Battló, Casa Lleó Mora, Casa
Amatller, Triumph Arch, Casa Millà, Cataluña
Square, Gran Via, Pl. España (1929 Fair Grounds),
Bull Rings, Columbus monument.
Panoramic drive on Montjuic Hill with stops at
Olympic Ring and Stadium, viewpoint at Museum of Catalan Art

12:00 Lunch in Olympic Harbor

14:00 Walking tour through Barcelona Medieval district ( Gothic Quarter): Cathedral of Barcelona; Santa María del Mar and surrounding
Ribera (Aka Born) district

Picasso Museum (inside)
18:30 Return to the hotel Novotel Sant Joan Despi




ADVCOMP 2012, The Sixth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences

ADVCOMP 1: Computing applications in science I
Session chair: Javier Fabra

Power Quality Level Measurement and Estimation Issues
Vatau Doru, Surianu Flavius Dan, Olariu Adrian Flavius

Virtual Reality Technology Applied in Maintaining Interior Walls Painted Buildings
Alcinia Zita Sampaio, Daniel Rosario

Applying Neural Network Architecture in a Multi-Sensor Monitoring System for the Elderly
Shadi Khawandi, Bassam Daya, Pierre Chauvet

Application of the Stacking Regression in Context of the Soil-Water Modelling
Milan Cisty, Juraj Bezak, Jana Skalova

Robust Fuzzy Digital PID Control for Uncertain Dynamic Systems with Time Delay (PRESENTATION)
Ginalber Serra, Danubia Pires

ADVCOMP 2: Computing applications in science II
Session chair: Milan Cisty

Expert System used for Power Quality and Environmental Impact Assessment
Vatau Doru

Intelligent Classification of Odor Data Using Neural Networks
Sigeru Omatu, Hideo Araki, Toru Fujinaka, Mitsuaki Yano

Hybridizing Direct and Indirect Optimal Control Approaches for Aircraft Conflict Avoidance
Loïc Cellier, Sonia Cafieri, Frédéric Messine

COMBAS: a Semantic-Based Model Checking Framework
Eduardo González-López de Murillas, Javier Fabra, Pedro Alvarez, Joaquin Ezpeleta

Applications of Random Finite Element Method in Bearing Capacity Problems
Md. Mizanur Rahman, Hoang Bao Khoi Nguyen

ADVCOMP 3: Grid networks, services and applications
Session chair: Cyril Bordage

RADIC-based Message Passing Fault Tolerance System
Marcela Castro, Dolores Rexachs, Emilio Luque

A QoS Monitoring Framework for Composite Web services in the Cloud
Rima Grati, Khouloud Boukadi, Hanene Ben-Abdallah

Cost Optimization and Quality of Service Assurance in WAN-based Grid Systems
Marcin Markowski

ADVCOMP 4: Advances in computation methods, mechanisms, and techniques
Session chair: Marcin Markowski

A Fuzzy Test Cases Prioritization Technique for Regression Testing Programs with Assertions
Ali Alakeel

Computer-aided Investigation of Mechanical Properties for Integrated Casting and Rolling Processes Using Hybrid Numerical-analytical Model of Mushy Steel Deformation
Miroslaw Glowacki, Marcin Hojny

Parallelization on Heterogeneous Multicore and Multi-GPU Systems of the Fast Multipole Method for the Helmholtz Equation Using a Runtime System
Cyril Bordage

Profile-based Recruiting of New Students
Ray Hashemi, Louis Le Blanc, Azita Bahrami, Kevin Willett, Xaunna Krehn

ADVCOMP 5: Interdisciplinary computing
Session chair: Sigheru Omatu

Engineering Adaptation: A Component-based Model
Nikola Serbedzija

Minmax Regret 1-Center on a Path/Cycle/Tree
Binay Bhattacharya, Tsunehiko Kameda, Zhao Song

The use of Bioinformatics Techniques for Time-Series Motif-Matching: A Case Study
Mark Transell, Carl Sandrock

Bringing Viability to Service-Oriented Enterprises in Cloud Ecosystems
Nizami Jafarov, Edward Lewis, Gary Millar

A Hybrid Method for Extraction of Low-Order Features for Speech Recognition Application
Washington Silva, Ginalber Serra

AMBIENT 2012, The Second International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies

AMBIENT 1: Ambient services, technology and platforms
Session chair: Maarten Weyn

TeleMedSys - Web-based Telemedicine System to Support Diagnosis in Rural Areas
Reinhard Dr. Langmann, Zoila Gonzalez Videuax

Ambient Traffic Services Based on the use of Agile Warning and Notification System Radio-Help
Klara Antlova, David Kubat, Jiri Kviz, Jan Skrbek, Tomas Zizka

An Ambient Assisted Living Framework Supporting Personalization Based on Ontologies
Christophe Jacquet, Marie Mateos, Pierre Bretault, Bruno Jean-Bart, Indrawati Schnepp, Ahmed Mohamed, Yacine Bellik

Context-Based Generation of Multimodal Feedbacks for Natural Interaction in Smart Environments
Didier Perroud, Leonardo Angelini, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini

A Multi-Sensor Approach for Activity Recognition in Older Patients
Carlos Fernando Crispim Junior, Veronique Joumier, Francois Bremond

AMBIENT 2: Ambient computing environments, sensors and hardware
Session chair: Leonado Angelini

Hierarchical Human Activity Recognition Using GMM
Prateek Srivastava, Wai-Choong Wong

Autonomous Wheelchair: Concept and Exploration
Rafael Berkvens, Wouter Rymenants, Maarten Weyn, Willy Loockx, Simon Sleutel

Wireless Sensor Network Protocol for Smart Parking Application Experimental Study on the Arduino Platform
Luis Ostiz Urdiain, Carlos Pita Romero, Jeroen Doggen, Tim Dams, Patrick Van Houtven

Integrating Tiny Heterogenous and Autonomous Data Sources
Kim Tâm Huynh, Béatrice Finance, Mokrane Bouzeghoub

AMBIENT 3: Ambient computing and modeling
Session chair: Jeroen Doggen

User Privacy in Applications for Well-being and Well-working
Wouter Bokhove, Bob Hulsebosch, Bas Van Schoonhoven, Maya Sappelli, Kees Wouters

Development of the Future Body-Finger: A Novel Travel aid for the Blind
Kiyohide Ito, Yoshiharu Fujimoto, Junichi Akita, Ryoko Otsuki, Akihiro Masatani, Takanori Komatsu, Makoto Okamoto, Tetsuo Ono

User-Trained, Zero-Configuration, Self-Adaptive Opportunistic Wi-Fi Localization for Room-Level Accuracy
Jef Lathouwers, Maarten Weyn, Charles Vercauteren

Requirements of Task Modeling in Ambient Intelligent Environment
Asma Gharsellaoui, Yacine Bellik, Christophe Jacquet

Framework for Modelling Multiple Input Complex Aggregations for Interactive Installations
Nicolas Padfield, Troels Andreasen

AP2PS 2012, The Fourth International Conference on Advances in P2P Systems

Session chair: Constandinos Mavromoustakis

Subscription Awareness Meets Rendezvous Routing
Fatemeh Rahimian, Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Amir H. Payberah, Seif Haridi

What are the Services of an Information-centric Network, and Who Provides Them?
Anders Eriksson, Börje Ohlman, Karl-Åke Persson

Using Real-Time Backward Traffic Difference Estimation for Energy Conservation in Wireless Devices
Constandinos Mavromoustakis, Christos D. Dimitriou, George Mastorakis

Using Spacial Locality and Replication to Increase P2P Network Performance in MMO Games
Ross Humphrey, Alexander Allan, Giuseppe Di Fatta

Fingerprint Verification Using Cloud Services with Message Passing Interface Over PC Clusters
Fazal Noor, Majed Alhaisoni, Antonio Liotta

DATA ANALYTICS 2012, The First International Conference on Data Analytics

DATA ANALYTICS 1: Target analytics
Session chair: Jaakko Talonen

Complexity Analysis in the Language of Information Technology Companies
Mary Luz Mouronte López

How to Find Important Users in a Web Community? Mining Similarity Graphs
Clemens Schefels

Characterization of Network Traffic Data:A Data Preprocessing and Data Mining Application
Esra Kahya-Özyirmidokuz, Ali Gezer, Cebrail Ciflikli

Structured Data and Source Code Analysis for Financial Fraud Investigations
Joe Sremack

DATA ANALYTICS 2: Application-oriented analytics I
Session chair: Sandjai Bhulai

Integrity, or Lack Thereof, of the Electronic Record Systems of the Courts of the State of Israel
Joseph Zernik

Network Visualization of Car Inspection Data using Graph Layout
Jaakko Talonen, Miki Sirola, Mika Sulkava

Trend Visualization on Twitter: What's Hot and What's Not?
Sandjai Bhulai, Peter Kampstra, Lidewij Kooiman, Ger Koole, Marijn Deurloo, Bert Kok

Travel Time Estimation Results with Supervised Non-parametric Machine Learning Algorithms
Ivana Cavar, Zvonko Kavran, Ruder Michael Rapajic

Automated Predictive Assessment from Unstructured Student Writing
Norma C. Ming, Vivienne Ming

DATA ANALYTICS 3: Application-oriented analytics II
Session chair: Andreas Textor

Building OLAP Data Analytics by Storing Path-Enumeration Keys into Sorted Sets of Key-Value Store Databases
Luis Loyola, Fernando Wong, Daniel Pereira

Ontology-Guided Data Acquisition and Analysis
Dominic Girardi, Klaus Arthofer, Michael Giretzlehner

Analysis of Streaming Service Quality Using Data Analytics of Network Parameters
Jie Zhang, Hwa-Jong Kim, Doo-Heon Ahn

Modeling Team-Compatibility Factors Using a Semi-Markov Decision Process: A Data-Driven Framework for Performance Analysis in Soccer
Ali Jarvandi, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas Mazzuchi

Design and Operation of the Electronic Record Systems of the US Courts are Linked to Failing Banking Regulation
Joseph Zernik

DATA ANALYTICS 4: Fundamentals for data analytics
Session chair: Luis Loyola

The Open Data Interface (ODI) Framework for Public Utilization of Big Data
Hwa-Jong Kim, Seung-Teak Lee, Yi-Chul Kang

Evaluating Data Minability Through Compression - An Experimental Study
Dan Simovici, Dan Pletea, Saaid Baraty

A New Measure of Rule Importance Using Hellinger Divergence
Chang-Hwan Lee

An Architecture for Semantically Enriched Data Stream Mining
Andreas Textor, Fabian Meyer, Marcus Thoss, Jan Schaefer, Reinhold Kroeger, Michael Frey

Extraction and Visualisation of Semantic Concepts from Document-Sets using Taxonomies (POSTER)
Andreas Schmidt, Daniel Kimmig, Robert Senger

EMERGING 2012, The Fourth International Conference on Emerging Network Intelligence

EMERGING 1: Advanced network elements
Session chair: Ioannis Moscholios

Improving Performance of Multithreaded Scalar Architectures for Embedded Microcontrollers
Horia Vladut Caprita, Mircea Popa, Ioan Mihu

Optimization of Proxy Caches Using Proxy Filters
Fabian Weber, Marcel Daneck, Christoph Reich

The Impact of the Floorplan of Functional Units on 3D Multi-core Processors
Hyung Gyu Jeon, Hong Jun Choi, Jong Myon Kim, Cheol Hong Kim

A Plug-in Node Architecture for Dynamic Traffic Control
Wangbong Lee, Dong Won Kang, Joon Kyung Lee

EMERGING 2: Emerging technologies and applications
Session chair: Sandra Sendra

Emerging Function Concept Applied to Photonic Packet Switching Network
Antonio Sachs, Ricardo Rocha, Fernando Redigolo, Tereza Carvalho

Fighting Botnets - A Systematic Approach
Nuno G. Rodrigues, António Nogueira, Paulo Salvador

A Cluster Head Election Method with Adaptive Separation Distance and Load Distribution for Wireless Sensor Networks
Cosmin Cirstea, Mihail Cernaianu, Aurel Gontean

Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network System for Localization
Sila Ozen, Ture Peken, Sema Oktug

A Context-Relational Approach for the Internet of Things
Jamie Walters, Theo Kanter

EMERGING 3: Quality
Session chair: Sigeru Omatu

A Quasi-random Multirate Loss Model Supporting Elastic and Adaptive Traffic
Ioannis Moscholios, John Vardakas, Michael Logothetis, Michael Koukias

A New Architecture for Trustworthy Autonomic Systems
Thaddeus Eze, Richard Anthony, Chris Walshaw, Alan Soper

Quality Assessment for Recognition Tasks (QART)
Mikołaj Leszczuk, Joel Dumke

Development of Remote Support Service by Augmented Reality Videophone
Atsushi Fukayama, Shunsuke Takamiya, Junichi Nakagawa, Shinyo Muto, Naoki Uchida

Monitoring of Audiovisual Quality by Key Indicators (MOAVI) (IDEA PROPOSAL)
Emmanuel Wyckens, Mikołaj Leszczuk, Silvio Borer

SEMAPRO 2012, The Sixth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing

SEMAPRO 1: Semantic applications/platforms/tools I
Session chair: Marc Schaaf

A Robust Scene Change Detection Using Mode Distribution in H.264
Young-Suk Yoon, Won-Young Yoo, Young-Ho Suh

Towards an Agile E-Commerce
Daniela Wolff, Marc Schaaf, Stella Gatziu Grivas

Enabling High Performance Computing for Semantic Web Applications by Means of Open MPI Java Bindings
Alexey Cheptsov

Ontological Representation of Knowledge Related to Building Energy-efficiency
German Nemirovski, Alvaro Sicilia, Fàtima Galán, Marco Massetti, Leandro Madrazo

SEMAPRO 2: Semantic applications/platforms/tools II
Session chair: Panos Alexopoulos

Ontology Search Engines: Overview and recommendations
Isabel Azevedo, Carlos Carvalho, Eurico Carrapatoso

Semantic Supply Chain Management
Katalin Ternai, Ildikó Szabó

Semantics on the Cloud: Toward an Ubiquitous Business Intelligence 2.0 ERP Desktop
Diletta Romana Cacciagrano, Emanuela Merelli, Leonardo Vito, Andrea Sergiacomi, Serena Carota

Automatic Generation Application of Components over the Specification SCA (PRESENTATION)
Clara Marcela Ovalle Cuervo, Sebastián Ramírez Corredor, Clara Ardila, Javier Dario Fajardo Rodriguez, Julio Barón Velandia

Semantic Search for Restaurant Service (POSTER)
Ricardo Piña Arellano, Ivan Humberto Peña Mercado, Joel Benjamin Ruiz Centeno, Miguel Féliz Mata Rivera

SEMAPRO 3: Semantic content searching
Session chair: Diletta Romana Cacciagrano

Using DBPedia to Bootstrap new Linked Data
Alexiei Dingli, Silvio Abela

Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Distance Metric Learning from Training Documents
Minoru Sasaki, Hiroyuki Shinnou

Searching Documents with Semantically Related Keyphrases
Ibrahim Aygul, Nihan Cicekli, Ilyas Cicekli

Optimizing Geographical Entity and Scope Resolution in Texts Using Non-Geographical Semantic Information
Panos Alexopoulos, Carlos Ruiz

SEMAPRO 4: Ontology fundamentals for semantic processing
Session chair: Xavier Desmarais

Bi-Directional Ontology Updates Using Lenses
Andreas Textor

Capturing Knowledge Representations Using Semantic Relationships An Ontology-based Approach
Ruben Costa, Paulo Figueiras, Luis Paiva, Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves, Celson Lima

Higher Education Qualification Evaluation
Ildikó Szabó

Consolidation of Linked Data Resources upon Heterogeneous Schemas
Aynaz Taheri, Mehrnoush Shamsfard

SEMAPRO 5: Basics on semantics
Session chair: Klaus Arthofer

Strategies for Semantic Integration of Energy Data in Distributed Knowledge Bases
Alvaro Sicilia, Fàtima Galán, Leandro Madrazo

A Semantic Environmental GIS for Solid Waste Management
Miguel Felix Mata Rivera, Roberto Eswart Zagal Flores, Consuelo Varinia Garcia Mendoza, Diana Gabriela Castro Frontana

Comparing a Rule-Based and a Machine Learning Approach for Semantic Analysis
François-Xavier Desmarais, Michel Gagnon, Amal Zouaq

Hyponym Extraction from the Web based on Property Inheritance of Text and Image Features
Shun Hattori

UBICOMM 2012, The Sixth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies

UBICOMM 1: Ubiquitous mobile services and protocols
Session chair: Feng Gao

Compass and WLAN Integration for Indoor Tracking on Mobile Phones
Moritz Kessel, Martin Werner, Claudia Linnhoff-Popien

Performance Evolutions of Velocity-Aware Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Muneer Bani Yassein, Alaa N. Alslaity, Ismail M. Ababneh

The Context Manager: Personalized Information and Services in Mobile Environments
Pablo Curiel, Ana B. Lago

An Ontology-based Context Management System for Smart Environments
Laura M. McAvoy, Liming Chen, Mark Donnelly

UBICOMM 2: Mobility
Session chair: Martin Werner

Extending Moodle Services to Mobile Devices: The Moodbile Project
María José Casany, Marc Alier, Enric Mayol, Jordi Piguillem, Nikolas Galanis, Francisco Javier García-Peñalvo, Miguel Angel Conde

Exploring Efficient Methods to Extract Pedestrian Flows on a Mobile Adhoc Network
Ryo Nishide, Hideyuki Takada

Analyzing Moodle/LMS Logs to Measure Mobile Access
María José Casany, Marc Alier, Enric Mayol, Nikolas Galanis, Jordi Piguillem

Elckerlyc Goes Mobile Enabling Technology for ECAs in Mobile Applications
Randy Klaassen, Jordi Hendrix, Dennis Reidsma, Rieks op den Akker

User-Centric Personalization and Autonomous Reconfiguration Across Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Kevin O' Mahony, Jian Liang, Kieran Delaney

UBICOMM 3: Information ubiquity
Session chair: Jian Liang

An Aspect-Based Resource Recommendation System for Smart Hotels
Aitor Almeida, Eduardo Castillejo, Diego López-de-Ipiña, Marcos Sacristán, Javier Diego

A Metadata Monitoring System for Ubiquitous Computing
Caio Batista, Gustavo Alves, Everton Cavalcante, Frederico Lopes, Thais Batista, Flávia Delicato, Paulo Pires

User-centric Complex Event Modeling and Implementation Based on Ubiquitous Data Service
Feng Gao, Sami Bhiri

Using Unsupervised Learning to Improve the Naive Bayes Classifier for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ardjan Zwartjes, Paul Havinga, Gerard Smit, Johann Hurink

A Distributed Infrastructure for Real-time Continuous VOC Monitoring in Hazardous Sites
Gianfranco Manes, Giovanni Collodi, Francesco Chiti, Romano Fantacci, Rosanna Fusco, Leonardo Gelpi, Antonio Manes

UBICOMM 4: Collaborative ubiquitous systems
Session chair: Sandra Sendra

MAD Science: Increasing Engagement in STEM Education Through Participatory Sensing
Scott Heggen, Osarieme Omokaro, Jamie Payton

Evaluation of a Cooperative Caching Scheme for Grid Ad Hoc Networks
Francisco J. González-Cañete, Eduardo Casilari

User-assisted Semantic Interoperability in Internet of Things: Visually-facilitated Ontology Alignment through Visually-enriched Ontology and Thing Descriptions
Oleksiy Khriyenko, Vagan Terziyan, Olena Kaikova

Fair Power Control in Cooperative Systems Based on Evolutionary Techniques
Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis, Roi Arapoglou, Andreas Merentitis, Nancy Alonistioti

UBICOMM 5: Users, applications, and business models I
Session chair: Oleksiy Khriyenko

Single-Handed Typing with Minimal Eye Commitment: A Text-Entry Study
Adrian Tarniceriu, Pierre Dillenbourg, Bixio Rimoldi

Ameliorating Compound Logistics Processes using Virtual Geo-Sensors
Wolfgang Narzt

Techniques for Interacting With Small Devices
Javier Oliver, Begoña García

UBICOMM 6: Users, applications, and business models II
Session chair: Bruno Beauvais

Development of m-Sahayak- the Innovative Android based Application for Real-time Assistance in Indian Agriculture and Health Sectors
Biswajit Saha, Kowsar Ali, Premankur Basak, Amit Chaudhuri

Mobile Gesture Recognition Using Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory
Myeong-Chun Lee, Sung-Bae Cho

Business Impact Assessment for Autonomic Network Management: Identifying Business Impact Indicators From Use Case Requirements
Sander Spek, Vânia Gonçalves, Simon Delaere

UBICOMM 7: Ubiquitous software and security
Session chair: Alexander Spek

Permission Tracking in Android
Michael Kern, Johannes Sametinger

MyVigi : An Android Application to Detect Fall and Wandering
Bruno Stanislas Beauvais, Vincent Rialle, Juliette Sablier

An Autonomous Traceability Mechanism for a Group of RFID Tags
Yann Glouche, Paul Couderc

A Remote Control System to Configure Network Devices
Sandra Sendra, Emilio Granell, Ismael Climent, Jaime Lloret

UBICOMM 8: Wireless technologies
Session chair: Shigeru Sasaki

A new Strategy to Improve the Pathfinding in Wireless ad-hoc Networks
Andreas Redmer, Andreas Heuer

Codeset Overlay for Complementary Code Keying Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
Farzad Talebi, Thomas Pratt

Analysis and Compensation for HPA Nonlinearity with Neural Network in MIMO-STBC Systems
Oussama Ben Hadj Belkacem, Mohamed Lassaad Ammari, Rafik Zayani, Ridha Bouallegue

Towards Self-Organizing Network Orchestration Management for LTE Mobile Communication Systems
Javier Rubio-Loyola, Hiram Galeana-Zapién, Ramón Agüero

Propensity to Use Smartphone Applications (PRESENTATION)
Hannu Verkasalo

UBICOMM 9: Ubiquitous multimedia systems and processing
Session chair: Andreas Heuer

A Musical Feast: How Musical Performance Using Playful Utensils Can Enrich the Cooking and Dining Experience
Yan Yan Cao, Jeffrey Tzu Kwan Koh

HDR Video Compression Using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
Yuanyuan Dong, Panos Nasiopoulos, Mahsa T. Pourazad

Development of a 3D Stereo Comic Creation Tool and a Display System for the 3D Android Smartphone
Shigeru Sasaki, Masafumi Furuta, Seiichi Tanaka, Marika Kishi, Yui Takifuji

Internet of Things to Provide Scalability in Product-Service Systems
Danúbia Espíndola, Nelson Duarte Filho, Silvia Botelho, Jônata Carvalho, Carlos Pereira

Improving TelEduc Environment With GPL Software: The Visualization Content Case for Computers and Mobile Devices
Andre da Silva, Heloísa da Rocha


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