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The Fourth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances

ICSEA 2009

September 20-25, 2009 - Porto, Portugal

Preliminary Program

SoftNet 2009

ICSNC 2009 // ICSEA 2009 // VALID 2009 // SIMUL 2009 // CENTRIC 2009

Conferences take place at
Rua Diogo Macedo, 220
Vila Nova de Gaia, 4400-107, Portugal

Sunday, September 20


Registration starts

14:00 - 17:00


A Functional Approach to Semantic Retrieval of Text Documents

Vitaly Klyuev, University of Aizu, Japan

18:00 - 19:00

Welcome Cocktail

Monday, September 21

08:30 - 08:45

Opening session

08:45 - 10:15

Keynote Speakers

European Technology Platform NESSI: delivering building blocks for the creation of service based ecosystems
Aljosa Pasic
Atos Research & Innovation, Spain / NESSI, Europe

Future Internet - challenges for the mobile world
Rui Luís Aguiar
University of Aveiro, Portugal / Carnegie Mellon University, USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

17:45 - 19:15





19:15 -  20:30

IARIA Work Group Meeting on Mobile Communications

1. Special Presentation

A User-oriented Web Retrieval Summarizing Tool
Vitaly Klyuev
University of Aizu, Japan

2. Open discussion: ICSNS’s topics, journals, directions

Tuesday, September 22

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 -  10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15;30 - 15;45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

17:45 - 19:15






19:15 - 20:45

 IARIA Kick-off Working Group Meeting on Simulation
IARIA Kick-off Working Group Meeting on Testing & Validation

1. DEMO Session
Parallel demos for those pre-registered with the Prototype Demos Chair, Roy Oberhauser

2. Special Presentaiton

Sensitivity analysis as an ingredient of modelling
Stefano Tarantola
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

3. Open discussion: Simulation, Testing & Validation’s topics, journals, directions

Wednesday, September 23

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 -  10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15;30 - 15;45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 18:15

Keynote Speaker

We are confused about what software engineering activities we are performing!
Mira Kajko-Mattsson
Stockholm University & Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


18:15 - 20:00

 IARIA Work Group Meeting on Software Advances


Long-term Perspective of Agile Methods

Mira Kajko-Mattsson
Stockholm University & Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Ademar Aguiar, University of Porto, Portugal
Kenneth Boness, University of Reading, UK
Hermann Kaindl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Robert Pooley, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Andreas Tael, Mejsla AB - Stockholm, Sweden

2. Open discussion: Software’s topics, journals, directions


20:30 - 24:00

ICSNC 2009 // ICSEA 2009 // CENTRIC 2009 // VALID 2009 // SIMUL 2009
Gala Dinner

Thursday, September 24

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 -  10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

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19:30 - 17:45

Closing session

Friday, September 25

8:00 - 18:00

One day trip by bus
Oporto, Historic Center, Wine Cellars
Lunch included

We'll drive by the famous sights of Oporto: the ancient XII century Cathedral (stop in this medieval quarter), Santa Clara Renaissance church, Batalha square, Santa Catarina shopping street, Bolhão market (typical market where one can buy nearly everything), Aliados Avenue, Liberty square, the Town Hall, São Bento train station, Clerigos church (XVIII century church, with one of the symbols of Oporto: Clerigos tower, 76 meters high, all in granite), Lello bookshop, Carmo church, Stock Exchange palace, Sao Francisco church, Ribeira quay (close to the river, the most typical district, with narrow streets, granite and multicoloured houses), Miragaia quarter, D. Luis and Arrabida bridges, Miragaia quarter, Foz ( largest part of Douro river), Boavista quarter, the Music Hall, Gaia section with Port wine cellars (stop for a visit and taste of Port wine).



ICSEA 2009

ICSEA 1: Advances in Fundamentals for Software Development I
Session chair: Hervig  Mannaert

Bridging the Gap between the Quality Requirements and Implementation
Janne Merilinna and Tomi Räty

Relating Security Requirements and Design Patterns: Reducing Security Requirements Implementation Impacts with Design Patterns
Felipe Silva Ferraz, Rodrigo Elia Assad, and Silvio Romero Lemos Meira

Challenges in Deployment of Model Driven Development
Susanna Teppola, Päivi Parviainen, and Juha Takalo

CMS-Based Web-Application Development Using Model-Driven Languages
João de Sousa Saraiva and Alberto Rodrigues da Silva

ICSEA 2: Advances in Fundamentals for Software Development II
Session chair: João  Saraiva

Deriving Normalized Systems Elements from Business Process Models
Dieter Van Nuffel, Herwig Mannaert, Carlos De Backer, and Jan Verelst

Building a Service-Oriented ERP from an Open Source Software
Georges Edouard Kouamou

UML Specification and Correction of Object-Oriented Anti-patterns
Maria Teresa Llano and Rob Pooley

A Unification of the Essence of Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering
Hermann Kaindl and Patrick Wagner

ICSEA 3: Advances in Fundamentals for Software Development III
Session chair: Angelo  Gargantini

A Software Requirements Change Source Taxonomy
Sharon McGee and Des Greer

Handling Non-functional Requirements in Information System Architecture Design
Anargyros Tsadimas, Mara Nikolaidou, and Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos

Reuse-Oriented Deployment of Software Components: Congregation in Service-Oriented Development
Colin Atkinson, Philipp Bostan, and Frederic Fink

Virtualization Techniques for Cross Platform Automated Software Builds, Tests and Deployment
Thomas Müller and Alois Knoll

ICSEA 4: Advances in Fundamentals for Software Development IV
Session chair: Sharon McGee

Symbolic Execution Techniques Extended to Systems
Christophe Gaston, Marc Aiguier, Diane Bahrami, and Arnault Lapitre

Integrating Formal Methods with Model-Driven Engineering
Angelo Gargantini, Elvinia Riccobene, and Patrizia Scandurra

Incentive Systems in Software Organizations
Felipe Santana Furtado Soares, Gibeon Soares de Aquino Júnior, and Sílvio Romero de Lemos Meira

Requirements Engineering by Connecting Requirements Directly to Data and Operations during Modeling
Sukhamay Kundu

ICSEA 5: Advances in Software Testing I
Session chair: Jan Staunton

MFQ & PPDCS - Test Analysis and Test Design for Large Embedded Software Systems
Xiaomei Tai

Program Comprehension for User-Assisted Test Oracle Generation
Teemu Kanstrén

Analysis of the Introduction of Testability Antipatterns during the Development Process
Muhammad Rabee Shaheen and Lydie du Bousquet

Combinatorial Approach for Automated Platform Diversity Testing
Rajendra Singh Sisodia and Vijaykumar Channakeshava

ICSEA 6: Advances in Software Testing II
Session chair: Teemu  Kanstren

A Comparative Study on Automated Software Test Oracle Methods
Seyed Reza Shahamiri, Wan Mohd Nasir Wan Kadir, and Siti Zaiton Mohd-Hashim

Mutation Analysis for SQL Database Applications
Andrea Gonçalves Cabeça, Mario Jino, and Plinio S. Leitao-Junior

Automatic Test Data Generation for Multiple Condition and MCDC Coverage
Kamran Ghani and John A. Clark

Automation Test Method for Automotive Embedded Software Based on AUTOSAR
Huichoun Moon, Gwanghun Kim, Yeongyun Kim, Seokkyoo Shin, Kyoung Kim, and Sanggui Im

ICSEA 7: Specialized Software Advanced Applications I
Session chair: Sted Nadeem Ahsan

Risk Management through Real-Time Wearable Services
Maria Grazia Fugini, Piercarlo Maggiolini, Claudia Raibulet, and Luigi Ubezio

Testing of Image Processing Algorithms on Synthetic Data
Kilian von Neumann-Cosel, Erwin Roth, Daniel Lehmann, Johannes Speth,
and Alois Knoll

Building a Canonical Language for Distributed System Repository
Landry Engelbert Tongo and Georges Edouard Kouamou

Software Requirements for Ubiquitous Ad Hoc Mobile Networks: An Example of a Bluetooth Application
Raquel Lacuesta, Lourdes Peñalver, Luis Fernández-Sanz, Jaime Lloret, and Miguel Garcia

ICSEA 8: Open Source Software & Agile Software Techniques
Session chair: Claudia Raibulet

Model-Driven Open Source Software Development - The Open Models Approach
Pekka Aho, Janne Merilinna, and Eila Ovaska

A Case Study of Developing an IDE for Embedded Software Using Open Source
Dominik Ertl and Harald Krapfenbauer

Semantic Interoperability Problem of OSS Forges
Alicja Ciemniewska, Pawel Kedziora, Bartosz Lewandowski, and Cezary Mazurek

Goal Sketching and the Business Case
Kenneth Boness and Rachel Harrison

ICSEA 9: Software Deployment and Maintenance
Session chair: Pekka Aho

Are There Language Specific Bug Patterns? Results Obtained from a Case Study Using Mozilla
Syed Nadeem Ahsan, Javed Ferzund, and Franz Wotawa

Automatic Software Bug Triage System (BTS) Based on Latent Semantic Indexing and Support Vector Machine
Syed Nadeem Ahsan, Javed Ferzund, and Franz Wotawa

Service System Development Based on Web Process Ontology
Noriaki Izumi, Osamu Takaki, and Kôiti Hasida

An Anonymous Social Network Site to Share Pictures
Miguel Garcia, Sandra Sendra, Jordi Girones, and Jaime Lloret

ICSEA 10: Software Engineering Techniques, Metrics, and Formalisms I
Session chair: Michael Gebhart

Preserving Cohesive Structures for Tool-Based Modularity Reengineering
Kai Spichale, Oleksandr Panchenko, Anja Bog, and Alexander Zeier

Towards Effective Productivity Measurement in Software Projects
Gibeon Soares de Aquino Júnior and Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira

Validation of Scenario-Based Business Requirements with Coloured Petri Nets
Óscar R. Ribeiro and João M. Fernandes

Framework Characteristics - A Starting Point for Addressing Reuse Difficulties
Sérgio F. Lopes, Francisco Afonso, Adriano Tavares, and João Monteiro

ICSEA 11: Software Engineering Techniques, Metrics, and Formalisms II
Session chair: Sergio Lopez

Integration of PECOS into MARMOT for Embedded Real Time Software Component-Based Development
Suzila Sabil and Dayang Norhayati Abang Jawawi

Rule-Based Service Modeling
Michael Gebhart and Sebastian Abeck

Evaluation of Convertibility Issues between IFPUG and COSMIC Function Points
Md. Forhad Rabbi, Shailendra Natraj, and Olorisade Babatunde Kazeem

Functional Size of Use Case Diagrams: A Fine-Grain Measurement
Asma Sellami and Hanene Ben-Abdallah

ICSEA 12: Software Engineering Techniques, Metrics, and Formalisms III & Software Performance
Session chair: Luigi  Lavazza

Historical Perspective of Two Process Transitions
Natalja Nikitina and Mira Kajko-Mattsson

An Ontology Based Approach to Non-functional Requirements Conceptualization
M. Kassab, O. Ormandjieva, and M. Daneva

Frameworks for the Development of Adaptive Systems: Evaluation of Their Adaptability Feature through Software Metrics
Laura Masciadri and Claudia Raibulet

Flexible Persistence Support for State Machine-Based Workflow Engines
Thomas Weigold, Thorsten Kramp, and Peter Buhler

ICSEA 13: Advanced Design Tools for Developing Software I
Session chair: Natalja Nikitina

Effective Recognition of Patterns in Object Oriented Designs
Trung Nguyen and Rob Pooley

An Emulator for Debugging Service Programs in Ad Hoc Networks
Koji Kawada and Tadashi Ohta

Developing Aspect-Oriented Software Architectures: A Framework Definition
Amparo Navasa, Miguel A. Perez-Toledano, and Juan M. Murillo

Towards a Meta-model for Problem Frames: Conceptual Issues and Tool Building Support
P. Colombo, L. Lavazza, A. Coen-Porisini, and V. del Bianco

ICSEA 14: Advanced Design Tools for Developing Software II
Session chair: Bernd Stadlhofer

A Monolithic Program vs. Modifiability: Enhancing a Visual Data Flow Program with Object-Oriented Techniques
Maija Marttila-Kontio, Marko Hassinen, and Mikko Kontio

Process-Based Approach for Developing Automotive Embeded Software Supporting Tool
JungEun Cha, DongSun Lim, and Chaedeok Lim

Wiki-Based Tool for Requirements Engineering According to the ProjectIT Approach
David de Almeida Ferreira and Alberto Rodrigues da Silva

Integrating Quality Modeling with Feature Modeling in Software Product Lines
Joerg Bartholdt, Marcel Medak, and Roy Oberhauser

ICSEA 15: Specialized Software Advanced Applications II & Software
Session chair: Luigi Lavazza

Economics, Adoption, and Education Enhancements in the Orphan Process for Wireless Personal Area Networks: Real Implementation Scenarios
Antonio-Javier Garcia-Sanchez, Felipe Garcia-Sanchez, and Joan Garcia-Haro

Ontology Driven E-Government
Peter Salhofer, Bernd Stadlhofer, and Gerald Tretter

Teaching Software Engineering Principles Using Micro Project with Eclipse (MPE) Activity: An Evaluation
Latifa Al-Abdulkarim and Maha Al-Yahya

A Practical Course on Mobile-Software Engineering: Mobile Solutions Laboratory
Alireza Hashemi Nekoo and Kaveh Vakili

ICSEA 16: Software Security, Privacy and Safeness
Session chair: Eugenijus Kurilovas

Enhancement of Use Case Diagram to Capture Authorization Requirements
Khaled Alghathbar

Polymorphic Worm Detection Using Double-Honeynet
Mohssen M.Z.E. Mohammed, H. Anthony Chan, Neco Ventura, Mohsin Hashim, and Izzeldin Amin

Identifying Security Requirements Hybrid Technique
Vandana Gandotra, Archana Singhal, and Punam Bedi

A Methodological Tool for Asset Identification in Web Applications: Security Risk Assessment
Brunil D. Romero M., Hisham M. Haddad, and Jorge E. Molero A.

Introducing Vulnerability Awareness to Common Criteria's Security Targets
Shanai Ardi and Nahid Shahmehri

ICSEA 17: Advanced Mechanisms for Software Development I
Session chair: Visar Januzaj

Comparative Evaluation of the State-of-the Art on Approaches to Software Adaptation
Nor Hazilawati Awang, Wan M.N. Wan Kadir, and Shamsul Shahibuddin

Exploiting Adaptive Mechanisms to Enhance Functionalities: ABC4All - A Case Study
Fabio Bolis and Claudia Raibulet

Scenario-Based Genetic Synthesis of Software Architecture
Outi Räihä, Kai Koskimies, and Erkki Mäkinen

Discussing the Difference between Model Driven Architecture and Model Driven Development in the Context of Supporting Tools
Oksana Nikiforova, Antons Cernickins, and Natalja Pavlova

ICSEA 18: Advanced Mechanisms for Software Development II
Session chair: Outi  Raiha

Towards Simulation-Based Design of the Software Systems
Radek Kocí and Vladimír Janoušek

BIRF: Keeping Software Development under Control across the Organization
Paulo Marques, Paulo Gomes, Marco Vieira, Juan Prieto, Vicente Navarro, and Mauro Pecchioli

Towards End-to-End Traceability: Insights and Implications from Five Case Studies
Lars Klimpke and Tobias Hildenbrand

Integrating Context-Aware and Fuzzy Rule to Data Mining Model for Supply Chain Finance Cooperative Systems
Liu Xiang

ICSEA 19: Advanced Facilities for Accessing Software & Work InProgress
Session chair: Oksana Nikiforova

Evaluation and Optimisation of e-Learning Software Packages: Learning Object Repositories
Eugenijus Kurilovas

Goal-Oriented Service Selection in Business Processes
Roland Ukor and Andy Carpenter

Towards Resource Consumption-Aware Programming
Andreas Holzer, Visar Januzaj, and Stefan Kugele

Checking Component Assembly in Acme: An Approach Applied on UML 2.0 Components Model
Mourad Kmimech, Mohamed Tahar Bhiri, and Phillipe Aniorté

SEDES 2009

SEDES 1: Software Engineering I
Session chair: Ricardo Machado

Development of CMS-Based Web-Applications Using a Model-Driven Approach
João de Sousa Saraiva and Alberto Rodrigues da Silva

Managing Features and Aspect Interactions in Software Product Lines
Jorge Barreiros and Ana Moreira

Software Process Improvement in Multimodel Environments
Andre Ferreira and Ricardo Machado

SEDES 2: Software Engineering II
Session chair: João Miguel Fernandes

A Controlled Natural Language Approach for Integrating Requirements and Model-Driven Engineering
David de Almeida Ferreira and Alberto Rodrigues da Silva

Patterns and Tools for Improving Framework Understanding: A Collaborative Approach
Nuno Flores and Ademar Aguiar

Adaptive Object-Modelling: Patterns, Tools and Applications
Hugo Sereno Ferreira, Ademar Aguiar, and João Pascoal Faria

SEDES 3: Software Engineering III
Session chair: Ricardo Machado

Inception of Software Validation and Verification Practices within CMMI Level 2
Paula Monteiro, Ricardo J. Machado, and Rick Kazman

Software Knowledge Capture and Acquisition: Tool Support for Agile Settings
Filipe Figueiredo Correia and Ademar Aguiar

Testing for Unexpected Interactions in AOP
André Restivo and Ademar Aguiar

SEDES 4: Software Engineering IV
Session chair: João Miguel Fernandes

Integrating IT Service Management within the Enterprise Architecture
Anacleto Correia and Fernando Brito e Abreu

An Ontology-Based Approach to Model-Driven Software Product Lines
Nuno Ferreira, Ricardo J. Machado, and Dragan Gaševic

Multistage Model Transformations in Software Product Lines
Sofia Azevedo, Ricardo J. Machado, and Dirk Muthig

Strengthening Refactoring: Towards Software Evolution with Quantitative and Experimental Grounds
Sérgio Bryton and Fernando Brito e Abreu

Exploring and Overcoming Major Challenges in IT Infrastructures Faced by IT Executives
Luís Alexandre Ferreira da Silva and Fernando Brito e Abreu


CENTRIC 1: User-Centric Advanced Applications
Session chair: Georg Aichholzer

Elder Care Modular Solution
Isabel Marcelino and António Pereira

Survey of Assistive Technology Devices and Applications for Aging in Place
Andrea O'Brien and Rónán Mac Ruairí

Cultural Heritage Experience with Virtual Reality According to User Preferences
Nikoletta Mavrogeorgi, Stefanos Koutsoutos, Angelos Yannopoulos, Theodora Varvarigou, and George Kambourakis

Generating User Interface from Task, User and Domain Models
Vi Tran, Jean Vanderdonckt, Manuel Kolp, and Stéphane Faulkner

CENTRIC 2: User-Centric Networking and Services & Centric Views
Session chair: Andrea O'Brian

A Framework for Serving Inclusive Web Forms to Disabled and Elderly Individuals
Till Halbach

Towards Dynamic Representation of Rich Internet Applications through Web Service Invocation
Giner Alor-Hernandez, Raquel Vasquez-Ramirez, Ruben Posada-Gomez, Ulises Juarez-Martinez, Juan Miguel Gomez, Myriam Mencke, and Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez

RIA Optimization to Support Web Service Invocations on Mobile Safari for iPhone
Giner Alor-Hernandez, Cristian Aaron Rodriguez-Enriquez, Ruben Posada-Gomez, Ulises Juarez-Martinez, Anselmo Osorio-Mirón, Juan Miguel Gomez, Myriam Mencke, and Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez

The Citizen's Role in National Electronic Identity Management - A Case-study on Austria
Georg Aichholzer and Stefan Strauß

CENTRIC 3: Work in Progress
Session chair: Christian Bünnig

Otorob (Ortho Robot) with Docmata (Doctor's Eye): Role of Remote Presence in Developing Countries
M. Iftikhar and M. Mariappan

Individual Access to IT Resources Using User Context
Lars Krueger

Towards Mobile Collaborative Exergaming
Levent Gorgu, Gregory M.P. O’Hare, and Michael J. O’Grady

CENTRIC 4: User-Centric Supporting Mechanisms
Session chair: Michael O'Grady

Fuzzy Modeling of Resource Consumption for Service Composition Evaluation
Steffen Krüssel, Heiko Pfeffer, and Stephan Steglich

A User-Oriented Web Retrieval Summarization Tool
Denis Vazhenin, Satoru Ishikawa, and Vitaly Klyuev

Use of Granularity and Coverage in a User Profile Model to Personalise Visual Content Retrieval
Kraisak Kesorn, Zekeng Liang, and Stefan Poslad

CENTRIC 5: Privacy and Anonymity & Technologies for Personalized Services
Session chair: Heiko Pfeffer

Ad Hoc Privacy Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Christian Bünnig and Clemens H. Cap

Personalized Systems Need Adaptable Privacy Statements! How to Make Privacy-related Legal Aspects Usable and Retraceable
Victor Manuel García-Barrios, Ariane Hemmelmayr, and Helmut Leitner

Semantic Personalization Framework for Connected Set-Top Box Environment
Sarfraz Alam, Zahid Iqbal, Josef Noll, and Mohammad M. R. Chowdhury

Context Sensitive Personalization Utilizing User Profiles: Standardization Work at European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
Françoise Petersen, Giovanni Bartolomeo, Mike Pluke, and Tatiana Kovacikova

ICSNC 2009

Session chair: Tijani Chahed

Relaying Controller Area Network Frames over Wireless Internetworks for Automotive Testing Applications
Mathias Johanson, Lennart Karlsson, and Tore Risch

The Optimal Radio Propagation Model in VANET
Khalid Abdel Hafeez, Lian Zhao, Zaiyi Liao, and Bobby Ngok-Wah Ma

Sensitivity Analysis on Flexray Dynamic Segment Design Parameters
Sri Kanajan and Jeffrey Abell

Managing QoS in a NGN Using a PBM Approach
Pedro Gonçalves, José Luis Oliveira, Rui Aguiar, and Ricardo Azevedo

Session chair: Ibrahim Idris

MA-AODV: Mobility Aware Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Yaser Khamayseh, Omar M. Darwish, and Sana A. Wedian

Immuning Routing Protocols from the Wormhole Attack in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Marianne A. Azer, Sherif M. El-Kassas, and Magdy S. El-Soudani

Performance Analysis of Fast Handover Schemes for Proxy Mobile IPv6
Soo-Duek Kim, Jong-Hyouk Lee, and Tai-Myoung Chung

Session chair: Pedro Gonçalves

A Geographic Scheme with Location Update for Ad Hoc Routing
Chia-Chang Hsu and Chin-Laung Lei

Route Optimization Mechanisms Performance Evaluation in Proxy Mobile IPv6
Young-Hyun Choi, Jong-Hyouk Lee, and Tai-Myoung Chung

Multi-point Relaying Techniques with OSPF on Ad Hoc Networks
Emmanuel Baccelli, Juan Antonio Cordero, and Philippe Jacquet

Extending the Ad Hoc Horizon in Dense 802.11 Networks Using Fountain Codes
Amel Ksentini and Tijani Chahed

Session chair: Soo-Duek Kim

Regulatory Approach to Introduction of WiMAX in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kemal Huseinovic, Mirko Skrbic, and Zlatko Lagumdzija

Wireless Channel Model Based on SoC Design Methodology
N.A. Ahmed, I.A. Aref, F. Rodríguez-Salazar, and K. Elgaid

Performance Assessment of Single and Multiple Antenna Relays for the Uplink OFDM Systems
Hugo Lima, Andreia Moço, Adão Silva, and Atílio Gameiro

Error Rate of DS-IR with RAKE Reception in Frequency Selective Channels
Lorenzo Piazzo

Session chair: Ajmal Muhammad

Maximum SINR Circular Weight Design of Multiple Transmitter Multiple Receiver System
Tetsuki Taniguchi, Yoshio Karasawa, and Nobuo Nakajima

802.21-MPA-IMS Architecture
Carlos Miguel de Jesus Rodrigues, Carlos Manuel da Silva Rabadão, and António Manuel de Jesus Pereira

Wireless Networks Interoperability - Wifi Wimax Handover
Luís Filipe Calado Carvalho de Figueiredo, Hugues Mickael Carreira da Silva, Carlos Manuel da Silva Rabadão, and António Manuel de Jesus Pereira

Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols for MANET
Idris Skloul Ibrahim, Peter J.B King, and Robert Pooley

Session chair: Idris Skloul  Ibrahim

A Proposed Model for QoS Provisioning in IMS-Based IPTV Subsystem
Mehdi Samie, Hassan Yeganeh, and Maryam Shakiba

Experiments with and Enhancements to Echo Hiding
Sameer Mitra and Sathiamoorthy Manoharan

Effect of Buffer Placement on Performance When Communicating Over a Rate-Variable Channel
Ajmal Muhammad, Peter Johansson, and Robert Forchheimer

Generic Application Level Rate Control for Scalable Video Using Shadow Probing
Bjørnar Libæk and Øivind Kure

Session chair: Bjornar Libaek

A Key Distribution Method Based on an Adaptive Combined Coding and Cryptographic System
Ackburally M. Fezal and Soyjaudah K.M. Sunjiv

Sliding Window-Based Erasure Correction Using Biased Sampling
Tuomas Tirronen

Towards Understanding the Evolution of Wars in Virtual and Real Worlds
Géza Szabó, András Veres, and Sándor Molnár

Development and Enhancement of RLab - A Remote Laboratory System
Michael Straatsma, Daniel Cox, Christoph Ctistis, and Rainer Bartz

Session chair: Tuomas Tirronen

A Short Overview of the RFID Technology in Healthcare
Antti Lahtela

RFID Authentication of Academic Transcripts: In the Context of a RFID Rationale and Deployment Methodology
Eugene Lutton, Brian Regan, and Geoff Skinner

A Decentralized RFID Authentication Solution for Embedded Systems
Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues, Fábio D. Beirão, and Binod Vaidya

Session chair: Noriharu  Miyaho

A Novel Applicable Model for IMS Network Based on Proposed Physical Components
Hassan Yeganeh, AmirHassan Darvishan, Farshad Sarabchi, and Parisa Eghtedari

Optical Transport Network Design for Inverse-Multiplexed 100 Gb/s Ethernet Services with Minimum Capacity and Buffer Requirements
João Santos, João Pedro, Paulo Monteiro, and João Pires

Data Symbol Phase Synchronizers of Mixed Loop
António Domingos Reis, José Rodrigues Ferreira da Rocha, Atilio Manuel Silva Gameiro, and José Alberto Ribeiro Pacheco Carvalho

Using Wavelets for Compression and Detecting Events in Anomalous Network Traffic
Konstantinos G. Kyriakopoulos and David J. Parish

Session chair: Joel Rodrigues

Novel Speech Secure Communication System Based on Information Hiding and Compressed Sensing
Tingting Xu, Zhen Yang, and Xi Shao

FSS-Id/A Fast Safe Identity-Based Multi Signature Scheme
Sami Harari

Credible BGP - Extensions to BGP for Secure Networking
Junaid Israr, Mouhcine Guennoun, and Hussein T. Mouftah

Study on a Disaster Recovery Network Mechanism by Using Widely Distributed Client Nodes
N. Miyaho, Y. Ueno, S. Suzuki, K. Mori, and K. Ichihara

A Dynamic Conditional Access System for IPTV Multimedia Systems
Jinyoung Moon, Jungtae Kim, Jongyoul Park, Euihyun Paik, and Kwangro Park

Session chair: Martin Brandl

A Novel Multi Channel Sensor Network MAC Protocol 230
Ali Chodari Khosrowshahi, Mehdi Dehghan, Hossein Pedram, and Mohammad Alizadeh

Relation Between Gradients and Geographic Distances in Dense Sensor Networks with Greedy Message Forwarding
Antonio Caruso, Stefano Chessa, and Swades De

Robustness in Autonomous and Central Wireless Sensor Network: The Orchard Example
Amir M. Jafari, Dirk Hentschel, and Walter Lang

Enhanced Location Based Sleep Scheduling for Target Tracking Applications in Travel Constrained Smart Space Environments
Ben Harrison and Alan Marshall

Session chair: Antonio Caruso

A Simple Pheromone Based On-Demand Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Martin Brandl, Thomas Posnicek, Karlheinz Kellner, Andreas Kos, Christoph Mayerhofer, and Christian Fabian

Wireless Monitoring of a Computerized City Using SafeMobile Units
Nasui Dorel, Oprea Bogdan, Ene Cristian, Rancea Irina, Sgarciu Valentin, Tanase Cristian, and Negulescu Cristian

Performance Evaluation of Multisatge Service System Using Matrix Geometric Method
Wajiha Shah, Syed Asif Ali Shah, Safeeullah Soomro, Farrukh Zeeshan Khan, and Gordhan Das Menghwar

Data Symbol Phase Synchronizers of Closed Loop
António Domingos Reis, José Rodrigues Ferreira da Rocha, Atilio Manuel Silva Gameiro, and José Alberto Ribeiro Pacheco Carvalho

Primitive Operations for Prioritized Data Reduction in Wireless Sensor Network Nodes
Cosmin Dini and Pascal Lorenz

SIMUL 2009

SIMUL 1: Simulation Models
Session chair: Ricky Andriansyah

An Index Based Threat Modeling Method for Path Planning
Juan Liu, Xiao-bo Li, Yong-lin Lei, and Wei-ping Wang

A Monte Carlo Based Procedure for Analyzing Discrete-Time, Nonstationary Simulation Responses Using Classical Time Series Models
Rita Marques Brandão and Acácio M.O. Porta Nova

Comparison of Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo Sampling Methods in High Dimensional Model Representation
Balazs Feil, Sergei Kucherenko, and Nilay Shah

Two Level Approach for Validation of Microscopic Simulation Models
Stefan Detering and Eckehard Schnieder

SIMUL 2: Process Simulation
Session chair: Sergei Kucherenko

Simulation Model of a Single-Server Order Picking Workstation Using Aggregate Process Times
Ricky Andriansyah, Pascal Etman, and Jacobus Rooda

Modeling for Web Services Composition System with Restricted Resources
Huaizhou Yang and Zengzhi Li

Priority Cycle Time Behavior Modeling for Semiconductor Fabs
Shi-Chung Chang, Bo-Jiun Liao, Yu-Ting Kao, and Argon Chen

A Simulation of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain to Provide Realistic Test Data
Jürgen Müller, Conrad Pöpke, Michaela Urbat, Alexander Zeier, and Hasso Plattner

SIMUL 3: Simulation Methodologies
Session chair: Christos Siaterlis

Modelling of the Uncertainty of Nuclear Fuel Thermal Behaviour Using the URANIE Framework
Antoine Bouloré, Christine Struzik, and Fabrice Gaudier

Toward a Collection of Principles, Techniques, and Elements of Modeling and Simulation Software
Jan Himmelspach

Experiments with Single Core, Multi-core, and GPU Based Computation of Cellular Automata
Stefan Rybacki, Jan Himmelspach, and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher

SIMUL 4: Simulation Tools and Platforms I
Session chair: Jan Himmelspach

An Ontology for Aircraft Route Planning
Juan Liu, Su-yan Tang, Qun Li, and Wei-ping Wang

A Design of Network Simulation Environment Using SSFNet
Sunghyun Yoon and Young Boo Kim

A Review of Available Software for the Creation of Testbeds for Internet Security Research
Christos Siaterlis and Marcelo Masera

G-Sense - A Graphical Interface for SENSE Simulator
Pedro M.P. Rosa, Paulo A.C.S. Neves, Binod Vaidya, and Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues

SIMUL 5: Simulation Tools and Platforms II & Simulations in Advanced Environments
Session chair: Peter Sekler

Uncertainty Assessments in Severe Nuclear Accident Scenarios
Bertrand Iooss, Fabrice Gaudier, Michel Marques, Bertrand Spindler, and Bruno Tourniaire

Numerical Study of the Metamodel Validation Process
Bertrand Iooss

Guided Uncertainty Reduction in Automatically Generated Business Simulations
Mathias Fritzsche, Roger Kilian-Kehr, and Wasif Gilani

The Simulation of DARC (Dynamic Architecture for Reconfiguration of Web Servers Clusters) in Petri Nets
Carla Marques, Antonio de Barros Serra, Isabel Oliveira, Giovanni Barroso, and Mario Fiallos

SIMUL 6: Experience Report on Ready-to-Use Tools & Simulation Mechanisms
Session chair: Bertrand Ioos

System Simulation Tools for Data Acquisition in High Energy Physics Experiments
Alberto Aloisio and Sergio Cavaliere

FlashSim: A Simulator for NAND Flash-Based Solid-State Drives
Youngjae Kim, Brendan Tauras, Aayush Gupta, and Bhuvan Urgaonkar

Two-Stage Process Modeling for Simulation in BPR
Volker Gruhn and Thomas Richter

TIB: A Time Management Algorithm of PDES for Automatically Detecting Concurrency
Lili Chen and Yiping Yao

SIMUL 7: Social Simulation & Work in Progress
Session chair: Mathias Fritzsche

Real-Time Computation of the System Behaviour of Lightweight Machines
Peter Sekler and Alexander Verl

An Agent-Based Simulation Model to Analyze Team Performance on Jobs with a Stochastic Structure
José A. Rojas and Ronald E. Giachetti

Crowd Psychology Simulation Incorporating Psychometrics and Intervention of Relationship Spaces
Bonan Hou, Bing Wang, Yiping Yao, Dongsheng Liao, and Jifeng Liu

VALID 2009

VALID 1: Testing Techniques and Mechanisms I
Session chair: Thierry Coq

Reusing Component Test Cases for Integration Testing of Retarding Embedded System Components
Abel Marrero Pérez and Stefan Kaiser

Fault Models for Neural Hardware
Amit Prakash Singh, Pravin Chandra, and Chandra Sekhar Rai

A Web-Based Application to Verify Open Mobile Alliance Device Management Specifications
Jose Felipe Mejia Bernal, Paolo Falcarin, and Maurizio Morisio

Towards Automated Test Practice Detection and Governance
Roy Oberhauser

VALID 2: Testing Techniques and Mechanisms II & Work in Progress
Session chair: Roy Oberhauser

SAT-Based On-Line Fault Isolation in Serial Systems
Jinseong Jeon, Sangwon Kim, and Dongkeun Lee

Agile Testing
Krishna Murthy and Varun Venkat

Scenario-Based Test Case Generation Using Event-B Models
Qaisar Ahmad Malk, Johan Lilius, and Linas Laibinis

An Open Real Time Test System Approach
Nicolas Belanger, Nicolas Favarcq, and Yann Fusero

VALID 3: Robust Design Methodologies & Defects and Debugging
Session chair: Mikko Nieminen

Is Depth of Inheritance Tree a Good Cost Prediction for Branch Coverage Testing?
Muhammad Rabee Shaheen and Lydie du Bousquet

Improving TTCN-3 Test System Robustness Using Software Fault Tolerance
Juho Perälä

Verification and Validation in the Recommended Practice for Integrated Software-Dependent Systems
Thierry Coq

A High-Level Language and Compiler to Configure the Multi-core Debug Solution (MCDS)
Jens Braunes and Rainer G. Spallek

VALID 4: Software Verification and Validation I
Session chair: Juho  Perala

Security Inspection Scenarios - A Facet of Security
Alexander Klaus and Frank Elberzhager

An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Assertion Verification
Ulises Juarez-Martinez, Giner Alor-Hernández, Rubén Posada-Gómez, Joaquín Santos-Luna, Juan Miguel Gómez, and Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez

Integration Test Order Strategies to Consider Test Focus and Simulation Effort
Lars Borner and Barbara Paech

Using the Testability Analysis Methodology for the Validation of AIRBUS Systems
Fassely Doumbia, Odile Laurent, Chantal Robach, and Michel Delaunay

VALID 5: Software Verification and Validation II
Session chair: Fassely Doumbia

Quality of Code Can Be Planned and Automatically Controlled
Yegor Bugayenko

Stress Testing the Logical Decision Making Server of a Surveillance System
Mikko Nieminen, Tomi Räty, and Jukka Palokangas

Automated Refactoring Suggestions Using the Results of Code Analysis Tools
Steffen Herbold, Jens Grabowski, and Helmut Neukirchen

Time-Optimal Real-Time Test Case Generation Using Prioritized Time Petri Nets
Noureddine Adjir, Pierre de Saqui-Sannes, and Mustapha Kamel Rahmouni

VALID 6: Software Verification and Validation III & Domain Oriented Testing
Session chair: Arnaud Virazel

Validating the Behavioral Equivalence of TTCN-3 Test Cases
Philip Makedonski, Jens Grabowski, and Helmut Neukirchen

Tracing Requirements in a Model-Based Testing Approach
Fredrik Abbors, Dragos Truscan, and Johan Lilius

Model-Based Development and Testing of Process-Aware Information Systems
Ronny S. Mans, Wil M.P. van der Aalst, Nick C. Russell, Piet J.M. Bakker, and Arnold J. Moleman

FPGA-Accelerated Baseband Design and Verification of Broadband MIMO Wireless Systems
Amirhossein Alimohammad, Saeed Fouladi Fard, and Bruce F. Cockburn

VALID 7: Diagnosis & System and Feature Testing
Session chair: Ronnt  Mans

A Low-Cost FPGA-Based Test and Diagnosis Architecture for SRAMs
Stefano Di Carlo, Paolo Prinetto, Alberto Scionti, Joan Figueras, Salvador Manich, and Rosa Rodriguez-Montañés

Diagnosability of Input Output Symbolic Transition Systems
Gauvain Bourgne, Philippe Dague, Farid Nouioua, and Nicolas Rapin

Using TMR Architectures for SoC Yield Improvement
J. Vial, A. Virazel, A. Bosio, L. Dilillo, P. Girard, C. Landrault, and S. Pravossoudovitch

Problem Space and Special Characteristics of Security Testing in Live and Operational Environments of Large Systems Exemplified by a Nationwide IT Infrastructure
Christian Schanes, Florian Fankhauser, Thomas Grechenig, Michael Schafferer, Kai Behning, and Dieter Hovemeyer


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