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International Workshop on Enterprise Information Systems


October 26-31, 2008 - Sliema, Malta

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This workshop is part of ICSEA 2008.

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Call for Papers:

The literature in innovation adoption and diffusion has strong roots in many disciplines including economics, sociology, marketing, information system, and technology management. Information system researchers in these fields have generally focused on identifying the factors that increase or inhibit the adoption by the members of the community and studying the implementation process of different system applications. 

While considerable efforts have been made to discuss the implementation process, there have been only a few researches studying the post-implementation stage. Moreover, most of the realized studies that have examined the issue of systems implementation have implicitly assumed that ending the project on time and within budget would eventually guarantee long term advantages, ignoring the events which could emerge later which could radically change the project’s performance. All these issues raise questions about the critical post-implementation stage for the system’s survival and its assimilation in the company.  These suggests that there is a strong need to develop an adequate understanding of how and why the post-implementation period of some system contribute to the provision of more business benefits than others.  There is also a need to better understand how the system and process knowledge is spread within an organization and within the enterprise supply chain and how enterprise systems are customized to meet the changing needs of organizations.  Also, in the actual context of highly changing demand conditions, research still need to be explored in order to facilitate the integration and modification of optimization models in enterprise software applications after their initial implementation.

We invite researchers and practitioners to present recent advances and new research directions in these domains.

Recommended Topics

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit complete original papers dealing with the following topics but are not limited to:

  • ERP, SCM, MES, PLM, CRM, e-commerce systems
  • System adoption and diffusion
  • Assimilation
  • Post-implementation and continuous improvement program 
  • On-line decision support systems
  • Simulation
  • Optimisation model and integration


The workshop proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services and on-line via IEEE XPlore Digital Library

Important deadlines:

Full paper submission May 10, 2008 May 23, 2008
Authors notification June 20, 2008 June 23, 2008
Registration and camera ready July 10, 2008

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Once you receive the notification of paper acceptance, you will be provided by the IEEE CS Press an online author kit with all the steps an author needs to follow to submit the final version. The author kits URL will be included in the letter of acceptance.

Technical marketing/business/positioning presentations

The conference initiates a series of business, technical marketing, and positioning presentations on the same topics. Speakers must submit a 10-12 slide deck presentations with substantial notes accompanying the slides, in the .ppt format (.pdf-ed). The slide deck will be published in the conference’s CD collection, together with the regular papers. Please send your presentations to, and


Tutorials provide overviews of current high interest topics. Proposals can be for half day. Please send your proposals to mail to

Panel proposals

The organizers encourage scientists and industry leaders to organize dedicated panels dealing with controversial and challenging topics and paradigms. Panel moderators are asked to identify their guests and manage that their appropriate talk supports timely reach our deadlines. Moderators must specifically submit an official proposal, indicating their background, panelist names, their affiliation, the topic of the panel, as well as short biographies. Please send your proposals to, and



Robert Pellerin, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
Diane Poulin, Université Laval, Canada

Technical Program Committee

+Abdelhakim Artiba, SupMéca, Paris, France
+Gilbert Babin, HEC Montreal, Canada
+Jose M. Framinan, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
+Jean-Marc Frayet, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
+Rémy Glardon, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
+Robert W Grubbstrom, Linkoping Institute of Technology, Sweden
+Pierre Hadaya, UQAM, Montréal, Canada
+Pierre-Majorique Léger, HEC Montreal, Canada
+Kai Mertins, Fraunhofer IPK, Germany
+Robert Pellerin, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
+Diane Poulin, Université Laval, Canada
+François Vernadat, Cour des Comptes Européenne, Luxembourg
+Brett Wagner, Western Michigan University, USA


Tutorials are available from the hosting conference page, ICSEA 2008.

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Preliminary program is available from the hosting conference page, ICSEA 2008.

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