The Second International Conference on Systems

ICONS 2007

April 22 - 28, 2007 - Sainte-Luce, Martinique


Bridging Requirements, Use Cases and Object-Oriented Modeling for Systems Engineering

Prof. Dr. Hermann Kaindl

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Technology


The participants will understand several important issues with regard to object-oriented approaches that are relevant for enterprise modeling and systems development. They will experience UML as a language for representing OO models, but also the need to be clear about what kind of objects are represented. In addition, participants will see how scenarios and use cases can be utilized for requirements engineering. But they will also see the additional need to specify the functional requirements for the system to be built.

The purpose of this proposed tutorial is to bridge requirements engineering and object-oriented modeling, so that practitioners can apply the best from both “worlds” together for systems engineering.


  • Background - Requirements
    • Use cases
    • Object-oriented modeling features
    • Iterative and incremental development
  • Functional requirements, goals and scenarios / use cases
    • Relation between scenarios and functions
    • Relation between goals and scenarios
    • Composition of these relations
  • Requirements and object-oriented models
    • Metamodel in UML
    • Requirements and objects
    • Taxonomy of requirements
  • Systematic process
    • Navigation in the metamodel graph
    • Partial sequences of steps
    • Improvements through this process
  • Final discussion

Target audience

Systems engineers, requirements engineers, software engineers, project managers


Copyright (c) 2006, IARIA