The First International Workshop on Knowledge-based User Interface

KUI 2007

June 19-25, 2007 - Athens, Greece

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This workshop is part of ICAS 2007.


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Traditionally, user interface design is a knowledge-intensive task complying with specific domains, yet being user friendly. Besides operational requirements, design recommendations refer to standards of the application domain or corporate guidelines.

Commonly there is a set of general user interface guidelines; the challenge is due to a need for cross-team expertise.  Required knowledge differs from one application domain to another, and the core knowledge is subject to constant changes and to individual perception and skills.

Passive approaches allow designers to initiate the search for information in a knowledge-database to make accessible the design information for designers during the design process. Active approaches, e.g., constraints and critics, have been also developed and tested. These mechanisms deliver information (critics) or restrict the design space (constraints) actively, according to the rules and guidelines. Active and passive approaches are usually combined to capture a useful user interface design.

The International Workshop on Knowledge-based User Interface, KUI’07, brings together practitioners and researchers for discussion and work on the emerging aspects pertaining to advanced techniques for knowledge-based interfaces.

TOPICS OF SPECIAL INTEREST (but not limited to):

  • Evolving intelligent user interface for WWW
  • User interface design in autonomic systems
  • Adaptive interfaces in a knowledge-based design
  • Knowledge-based support for the user interface design process
  • Built-in knowledge in adaptive user interfaces
  • Requirements for interface knowledge representation
  • Levels for knowledge-based user interface
  • User interface knowledge on the dynamic behavior
  • Support techniques for knowledge-based user interfaces
  • Intelligent user interface for real-time systems
  • Planning-based control of interface animation
  • Model-based user interface design
  • Knowledge-based user interface migration
  • Automated user interface requirements discovery for scientific computing
  • Knowledge-based user interface management systems
  • 3D User interface design
  • Task-oriented knowledge user interfaces
  • User-interfaces in a domestic environment
  • Centralised control in the home
  • User-interfaces for the elderly or disabled
  • User-interfaces for the visually, aurally, or mobility impaired
  • Interfacing with ambient intelligence systems
  • Assisted living interfaces
  • Interfaces for security/alarm systems


The KUI 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services, posted on IEEE Xplore Digital Library, and indexed with major indexes.

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Submission deadline December 20, 2006
Notification of acceptance March 13, 2007
Registration and camera ready March 30 , 2007

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Cosmin Dini, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
Vic Grout, University of Wales, UK

TPC Members:

Raluca Budiu, Palo Alto Research Center, USA
Andrew J. Cowell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Cosmin Dini, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
Jacob Eisenstein, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, USA
Bill Hefley, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Lichan Hong, PARC, USA
(to be completed)


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