The Second Workshop on Entertainment Systems

ENSYS 2007

May 13-19, 2007 - Mauritius

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This workshop is part of ICIW 2007.


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Entertainment systems became one of the most business-oriented and challenging area of distributed real-time software applications’ and special devices’ industry. Developing entertainment systems and applications for a unique user or multiple users requires special platforms and network capabilities.

Particular traffic, QoS/SLA, reliability and high availability are some of the desired features of such systems. Real-time access raises problems of user identity, customized access, and navigation.
Particular services such interactive television, car/train/flight games, music and system distribution, and sport entertainment led to ubiquitous systems. These systems use mobile, wearable devices, and wireless technologies.

Interactive game applications require particular methodologies, frameworks, platforms, tools and languages.  State-of-the-art games today can embody the most sophisticated technology and the most fully developed applications of programming capabilities available in the public domain.

We solicit research and industrial contributions. The ENSYS 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services and posted on IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

TOPICS OF SPECIAL INTEREST (but not limited to)

Developing entertainment systems and applications 
Platforms for entertainment systems 
Speech technology & its usability for entertainment systems 
Networking requirements for entertainment systems
Traffic generated by entertainment applications
QoS/SLA on entertainment systems
Reliability and high availability of entertainment systems
Identify aspects in entertainment systems
Real-time access to entertainment systems
Customized access entertainment systems
Navigation and entertainment systems
Integration and interoperability aspects in entertainment systems
Entertainment systems and applications
Networking and system support for entertainment systems
Wireless and mobile technologies for entertainment
Wireless multimedia for entertainment
Systems for music and movie distribution
Games on mobile and resource-constrained devices
Mobile video entertainment systems
Car/flight/train entertainment systems
Ubiquitous entertainment systems
Interactive television
Technologies for sport and entertainment
WiFi wireless home entertainment systems
Wearable technologies for entertainment 


The ENSYS 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services and on-line via IEEE XPlore Digital Library. IEEE will index the papers with major indexes.

Important dates:

Submission deadline December 1, 2006 December 12, 2006
Notification January 15, 2007 January 19, 2007
Registration and Camera ready February 5, 2007 February 8, 2007

Only .pdf or .doc files will be accepted for paper submission. All received papers will be acknowledged via the EDAS system.

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Once you receive the notification of paper acceptance, you will be provided by the IEEE CS Press an online author kit with all the steps an author needs to follow to submit the final version. The author kits URL will be included in the letter of acceptance.

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The conference initiates a series of business, technical marketing, and positioning presentations on the same topics. Speakers must submit a 10-12 slide deck presentations with substantial notes accompanying the slides, in the .ppt format (.pdf-ed). The slide deck will be published in the conference’s CD collection, together with the regular papers. Please send your presentations to


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Panel proposals:

The organizers encourage scientists and industry leaders to organize dedicated panels dealing with controversial and challenging topics and paradigms. Panel moderators are asked to identify their guests and manage that their appropriate talk supports timely reach our deadlines. Moderators must specifically submit an official proposal, indicating their background, panelist names, their affiliation, the topic of the panel, as well as short biographies.

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Workshop proposals

We welcome workshop proposals on issues complementary to the topics of this conference. Your requests should be forwarded to .


TPC Members:

Danny Hughes, Lancaster University, UK
Ara V. Nefian, Intel Corporation, USA
Alf Inge Wang, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Hamid Arabnia, Georgia State University, USA
Louise Barkhuus, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Steve Benford, University of Nottingham, UK
Barry Brown, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Sergiu Dascalu, University of Nevada at Reno, USA
Narayan Debnath, Winona State University, USA
Alexandre François, University of Southern California, USA
Rafael Dueire Lins, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Michael Fowle, University of Edinburgh, UK
Fayez Gargouri, ISIN - Sfax, Tunisia
Kiel Gilleade, Lancaster University, UK
James Graham, University of Louisville, USA
Bidyut Gupta, Southern Illinois University, USA
Frederick Harris, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Danny Hughes, Lancaster University, UK
Jalal Karam, Arab Open University, Beirut-Lebanon
Marcel Karam, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Michael James Katchabaw, The University of Western Ontario, Canada
Angkul Kongmunvattana, Columbus State University, USA
Gordon Lee, San Diego State University, USA
Sushil Louis, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
F. Mario Martins, Universidade do Minho em Braga, Portugal
Nelson Mascarenhas, Universidade de São Carlos, Brazil
Bertrand Mathieu, France Tlcom, R&D Division , France
Ronaldo Menezes, Florida Tech, USA
Ara V. Nefian, Intel Corporation, USA
Mircea Nicolescu, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Adrian Pasculescu, Protana Inc., Canada
Paulo da Fonseca Pinto, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Trevor Smedley, Dalhousie University, Canada
Waleed Smari, University of Dayton, Ohio, USA
Stephane Some, University of Ottawa, Canada
Pierre Tiako, Langston University, Oklahoma, USA
Amund Tveit, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Yaakov Varol, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Alf Inge Wang, NTNU, Norway


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