The Third International Conference on Networking and Services

ICNS 2007

June 19-25, 2007 - Athens, Greece


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference.

A diploma will be issued in the name of the authors and mailed to the contact author.


Host Identity Specific Multicast
Zsolt Kovácshazi and Rolland Vida

Reservation-Based Data Flow Scheduling in Distributed Control Applications
Anca Hangan, Ramona Marfievici, and Gheorghe Sebestyen

Towards System-Level Optimization for High Performance Unified Threat Management
Yaxuan Qi, Baohua Yang, Bo Xu, and Jun Li

Point-to-Point Services in Hybrid Networks: Technologies and Performance Metrics
Athanassios Liakopoulos, Andreas Hanemann, and Afrodite Sevasti

A Theoretical Framework for End-to-End Video Quality Prediction of MPEG-based Sequences
Harilaos Koumaras, Anastasios Kourtis, Cheng-Han Lin, and Ce-Kuen Shieh

Quality-of-Service Provisioning Using Hierarchical Scheduling in Optical Burst Switched Network
Suriani Mohd Sam, Norsheila Fisal, and Sharifah Hafizah Syed Ariffin

Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using an Autoregression Technique
Daniel-Ioan Curiac, Ovidiu Banias, Constantin Volosencu, Florin Dragan and Octavian Dranga

An Adaptive Approach to Enhance the Performance of Content-Addressable Networks
Balazs Kovacs and Rolland Vida

An Optical Burst Switched Network Architecture with Passive Access
Arnaud Cauvin, Philippe Niger, Julio Orozco, and Gilles Bertrand

From High Availability Systems to Fault Tolerant Production Infrastructures
Emmanouil Serrelis and Nikos Alexandris

Efficiency Analysis of Multicast Routing Algorithms in Large Networks
Maciej Piechowiak and Piotr Zwierzykowski

Application-Level Adaptive Congestion Detection and Control for VoIP
Teck-Kuen Chua and David C. Pheanis

On the Performance of a Hybrid Wireless Network for Emergency Communications in Disaster Areas
Hoang Nam Nguyen, Koichi Gyoda, Kazunori Okada, and Osamu Takizawa

Keeping Order: Determining the Effect of TCP Packet Reordering
Colin M. Arthur, Andrew Lehane, and David Harle

Erlang Reduced Load Model for Optical Burst Switched Grids
Marc De Leenheer, Chris Develder, Filip De Turck, Bart Dhoedt, and Piet Demeester

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