International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems

International Conference on Networking and Services

Joint ICNS 2005 and ICAS 2005

October 23-28, 2005 - Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Preliminary Program

ICAS 2005 & ICNS 2005

Sunday October 23, 2005

09:00 - 12:30

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12:30 - 14:00

Lunch on your own

14:00 - 17:30

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Monday October 24, 2005

08:00 - 8:30

Opening Address

Ministry of Telecommunications of French Polynesia

8:30 - 10:15



10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

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12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30



15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

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Tuesday October 25, 2005

8:30 - 10:15



10:15 - 10:30

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12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

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Wednesday October 26, 2005

8:30 - 10:15



10:15 - 10:30

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10:30 - 12:15



12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30



15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30


Social Activities

17:30 - 17:45

Closing Session

Thursday October 27, 2005


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Detailed Program

ICNS 1: Routing/Switching
Chair: Paolo Romano

Designing Scalable Routers with a New Switching Architecture
Z. Yue, Y. Zhao, J. Wu, and X. Zhang

An Efficient Round-Robin Algorithm for Combined Input-Crosspoint-Queued Switches
Y. Zheng and C. Shao 

A Path-Diversity Protocol for the Invocation of Distributed Transactions over the Web
P. Romano and F. Quaglia 

Chord6: IPv6 Based Topology-Aware Chord
J. Xiong, Y. Zhang, P. Hong, and J. Li

 ICNS 2: Services, Traffic
Chair:Tatsuya Yamazaky


Emulator Implementation of Service Scenario Description Framework for Home Networked Appliances

T. Yamazaki, D. Kwon, A. Sawada, and M. Minoh


Traffic-Partitioning Approaches to Grooming Ring Networks

K. Srinivasarao and R. Dutta


Performance Evaluation and Improvement of Algorithmic Approaches for Packet Classification

Y. Qi, B. Xu, and J. Li


Improving Scalability and Robustness of NQOSP Algorithm in Dynamic Traffic’s Network

S. Hoceini, A. Mellouk, and Y. Amirat


ICNS 3: Propagation

Chair: Hsin-Piao Lin


A Case Study on the Extensibility of Network Processor Based Systems

B. Ng, S. Uddin, A. Abusin, and D. Chieng


Adaptive Transmission Scheme Based on Rician Channel k-factor for EGPRS Systems

R.-T. Juang, H.-P. Lin, and M.-J. Tseng


Multistage Quasi-orthogonal Minimum Output Energy Multiuser Detector Analysis for Convolutionally Coded CDMA Systems in Frequency-Selective Fading

M. Moustafa


A New Approach for the Construction of ALM Trees Using Layered Coding

Y. Okada, M. Oguro, J. Katto, and S. Okubo


ICNS 4: Transport

Chair: Pascal Lorenz


A Solution to Improve the TCP Performance in the Presence of Handoffs in Wireless IP Networks

O. Rojas and J. Othman


A TCP-Friendly Stateless AQM Scheme for Fair Bandwidth Allocation

C.-Y. Ho, Y.-C. Chan, and Y.-C. Chen


Reno Friendly TCP Westwood Based on Router Buffer Estimation

K. Kaneko and J. Katto


A Transport Layer Approach to Handover in IP Networks

E. Beda and N. Ventura


Effect of Preamplifier on Timing Recovery in Magnetic Recording Channels

R. Venkataramani, M. Erden, and E. Kurtas


ICNS 5: Multicast, Broadcast, Cellular

Chair: Ferdy Hanssen


Proactive Route Maintenance and Overhead Reduction for Application Layer Multicast

T. Kusumoto, Y. Kunichika, J. Katto, and S. Okubo


RTnet: A Distributed Real-Time Protocol for Broadcast-Capable Networks

F. Hanssen, P. Jansen, H. Scholten, and S. Mullender


Implicit Multicast Routing Protocol

T. Venketesan and W.-H. Leung


COSIME: Real-Life Cellular Network on the Desktop

S. Nikkarinen and K. Shemyak


ICNS 6: Middleware

Chair: Sorin Georgescu


Multimodal IMS Services: The Adaptive Keyword Spotting Interaction Paradigm

S.-M. Georgescu and J. Christopher


A Generic Communication Middleware Architecture for Distributed Application and Service Messaging

D. Pakkala, P. Pääkkönen, and M. Sihvonen


An Optimized Message-Oriented Middleware Solution for Extending Enterprise Services to the Mobile Domain

P. Pääkkönen, D. Pakkala, and M. Sihvonen


Building Latency-Aware Overlay Topologies with QuickPeer

A. Ceccanti and G. Jesi


ICNS 7: Monitoring/Management

Chair: Petre Dini


A Distributed Service Discovery Architecture for Pervasive Environments

S. Subramani, N. Dhanakoti, S. Gopalan, and V. Sridhar


Configuration Management Policy Based on DEB Cost Model in OBS Networks

H.-W. Song, S.-I. Lee, and C.-H. Youn


Effect of Channel Estimation and Prediction Errors on Adaptive M-PSK Systems

M. Ammari, F. Gagnon, and J. Belzile


Pricing and Charging for QoS

S. Faizullah and I. Marsic


A WBEM Based Solution for a 4G Network Integrated Management

P. Gonçalves, J. Oliveira, and R. Aguiar



Chair: Laurent George


Quality of Service Vertical and Horizontal Integration in Active Nodes

D. Fuin, E. Garcia, H. Guyennet, and E. Jeanvoine


Deterministic QoS Guarantees for Multicast Multimedia Applications

S. Martin, P. Minet, and L. George


HOTS: An OWAMP-Compliant Hardware Packet Timestamp Recorder

Z. Shu and K. Kobayashi


QoS Provision for IPv6 Traffic Using Dynamic Packet State

G. Tan, H. Yao, Y. Liu, and N. Han


ICNS 9: Security, Trust

Chair: Rui Aguiar


Definition of Protocols for Secure Anonymous Purchase

B. Richart, R. Martí, J. Delgado, A. Sadka, and P. Sweeney


A Security Gateway System for Medical Communication Networks - Inter-hospital Use of the Secure Socket Layer -

T. Oida, T. Okuyama, and M. Finley, Jr.


Authentication Platform for Seamless Handover in Heterogeneous Environments

D. Nikitopoulos, N. Papaoulakis, A. Trakos, A. Giamas, E. Sykas, and M. Theologou


A New Trust Model for PKI Interoperability

Z. Guo, T. Okuyama, and M. Finley, Jr.


ICNS 10: P2P, Location-Aware

Chair: Juan Jose Ramos-Munoz


Approaches to P2P Internet Application Development

T. Kathiravelu and A. Pears


Two Levels SPF-Based System to Interconnect Partially Decentralized P2P File Sharing Networks

J. Lloret, F. Boronat, C. Palau, and M. Esteve


ToA3: Beyond the Limit of Unstructured P2P Networks

X. Huang, Y. Li, F. Liu, and F. Ma


Location-Aware Call Transfer Using JAIN SCF

M. Koskela, S. Gratschew, J. Ylinen, and P. Loula


ICNS 11: Anomalies, Beliefs

Chair: Zhiging Shao


Network Anomaly Detection Using Time Series Analysis

Q. Wu and Z. Shao


Virtual Topology Reconfiguration for Node Failures in Wavelength Routed Optical Networks

N. Sreenath and P. Ramaswamy


Performance Benefits of Avoiding Head-of-Line Blocking in SCTP

K.-J. Grinnemo, T. Andersson, and A. Brunstrom


Belief Propagation over MIMO Frequency Selective Fading Channels

M. Kaynak, T. Duman, and E. Kurtas


ICNS 12: Mobility

Chair: Marc Gilg


Topology Selection for Fault-Tolerant Beacon Vector Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

L. Demoracski and D. Avresky


A Totally Distributed and Adjustable Scheduling Algorithm in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

M. Gilg and P. Lorenz


Dynamic Energy Efficient TDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Cho, K. Kanuri, J.-W. Cho, J.-Y. Lee, and S.-D. June


Improving APS with Anchor Selection in Anisotropic Sensor Networks

K.-Y. Cheng, V. Tam, and K.-S. Lui


ICNS 13: Multimedia

Chair: Eva Hladka


Dynamically Adapted Streaming of Video for a Real-Time Multimedia Application

A. Thakur, B. Lines, and P. Reynolds


Stereoscopic Video over IP Networks

E. Hladká, M. Liška, and T. Rebok


Efficient Allocation for VoIP Packet Losses Detection Services in Programmable and Active Networks

J. Ramos-Munoz and J. Lopez-Soler


Load Regulation in Mobile Network with Planned Pricing Model Based on User Behaviour

M. Oughdi, A. Caminada, S. Lamrous, and B. Morin


Integrated Knowledge Base for Environmental Research

S. Erdogan, T. Shaneyfelt, A. Honma, and C. Muir


ICNS 14: Performance, Protection

Chair: Elisa Turrini


Performance Evaluations of SSCOP Layer

L. Vidyasagar and K. Sree Latha Reddy


Analyzing the Impact of Components Replication in High Available J2EE Clusters

D. Rossi and E. Turrini


Protecting TFRC from a Selfish Receiver

M. Georg and S. Gorinsky


COOP - A Cooperative Caching Service in MANETs

Y. Du and S. Gupta


MPQSI 1: Architecture

Chair: Leo Lehmann


Combined Mobility between H.323 Multimedia Systems and GPRS/IMT2000 Networks: Architecture & QoS Aspects

L. Lehmann


QoS Issues in the Research and Academic Networks: The Case of GRNET

C. Bouras, A. Karaliotas, M. Oikonamakos, M. Paraskevas, D. Primpas, and C. Sintoris


ITU-T SG16 QoS Architecture for Multimedia Systems

S. Dhesikan and S.-H. Jeong


Application of General Perception-Based QoS Model to Find Providers’ Responsibilities. Case Study: User Perceived Web Service Performance

F. Liberal, A. Ferro, J. Jodra, and J. Fajardo


MPQSI 2: Traffic

Chair: Wojciech Burakowski


Admissible Traffic Load of Real Time Class of Service for Inter-domain Peers

H. Tarasiuk, R. Janowski, and W. Burakowski


Supporting Consistency Management in Dynamic Content Distribution Overlays

Z. Su, J. Katto, and Y. Yasuda


Exploiting Self-Similar Traffic Analysis in Network Resource Control: The IP over WDM Networks Case

H. Elbiaze and O. Cherkaoui


Comparative Analysis of New High Data Rate Wireless Communication Technologies “from Wi-Fi to WiMAX”

N. Fourty, T. Val, P. Fraisse, and J.-J. Mercier


MODEL 1: Modeling and Planning

Chair: Jose Costa-Requena


End-User Specification of Quality of Service Applying the Model-Driven Approach

D. Durand and C. Logé


Open Loop Control and Business Planning - A Preliminary

C. Nourani and R. Moudi


Optimal Size of a Feedforward Neural Network: How Much Does It Matter?

L. Wang, H. Quek, K. Tee, N. Zhou, and C. Wan


Incentive Problem for Ad Hoc Networks Scalability

J. Costa-Requena, R. Kantola, and N. Beijar


ICAS 1: Adaptive Mobile Environments

Chair: Petre Dini


Off-Line Robot Programming Framework

V. Bottazzi and J. Fonseca


Local Authentication with Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Devices

F. Dellutri, G. Me, and M. Strangio


AutoMAGI - An Autonomic Middleware for Enabling Mobile Access to Grid Infrastructure

A. Sajjad, H. Jameel, U. Kalim, S. Han, Y.-K. Lee, and S. Lee


su-chef: Adaptive Coordination of Intelligent Home Environments

E. Kotsovinos and M. Vukovic


ICAS 2: Adaptive Services

Chair: Tales Heimfarth


Timing Performance Control in Web Server Systems Utilizing Server Internal State Information

X. Liu, R. Zheng, J. Heo, Q. Wang, and L. Sha


Using Real-Time Dependability in Adaptive Service Selection

M. Huebscher and J. McCann


An OS for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Ant Based Heuristic to Distribute Mobile Services

T. Heimfarth, K. Danne, and F. Rammig


Chinese Postman Problem in Stochastic Networks

G. Tan, X. Cui, and Y. Zhang


ICAS 3: Tolerance and Vulnerabilities

Chair: Pascal Lorenz


Web Query Automatic Expansion Based on Tolerance Rough Set

G. Yi and H. Hu


Towards Autonomic Minimization of Security Vulnerabilities Exploitation in Hybrid Network Environments

R. Cardoso and M. Freire


An Interval Set Classification Based on Support Vector Machines

Y. Zhao, Q. He, and Q. Chen


GRID 1: GRID Services

Chair: Paolo Mori


Towards Continuous Usage Control on Grid Computational Services

F. Martinelli, P. Mori, and A. Vaccarelli


A Layered-Rings Overlay Network for On-Demand Media Streaming Service and Its Performance Analysis

D. Deng and H. Jin


A Repository Service for Grid Workflow Components

G. von Laszewski and D. Kodeboyina


Computational Federation Service: Dynamic Resource Virtualization for Extensible Grid Service Design

F. Breg, A. Jukan, and C. Polychronopoulos


GRID 2: Technologies for GRID

Chair: Freimut Bodendorf


Utility-Based On-Demand Heuristic Strategy to Grid Computing

L. Liu, Y. Wang, Y. Yang, and S. Liu


Traffic Isolation and Network Resource Sharing for Performance Control in Grids

P. Primet and J. Zeng


Agent Based Transaction Support in Commercial Grids

F. Lang and F. Bodendorf


Using Divisible Load Theory to Dimension Optical Transport Networks for Grid Excess Load Handling

P. Thysebaert, M. De Leenheer, B. Volckaert, F. De Turck, B. Dhoedt, and P. Demeester


GRID 3: GRID Metrics and Applications

Chair: Gregor von Laszewski


Design of DLC Layer for Wireless QoS

J. Kim and N. Park


HiPoP: Highly Distributed Platform of Computing

F. Hantz and H. Guyennet


Quality Assured Ad Hoc Grids

K. Amin, G. von Laszewski, and A. Mikler


Image Programming for Scientific Visualization by Cluster Computing

K. Skala, N. Pavković, and Z. Šojat


Copyright (c) 2006, IARIA