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The Fourth International Conference on Access Networks


July 21 - 26, 2013 - Nice, France

Preliminary Program

InfoWare 2013

ICCGI 2013 / ICWMC 2013 / INTERNET 2013 / ACCESS 2013 / COLLA 2013 / VEHICULAR 2013

Conference Location
Hotel Novotel Cap 3000 in Nice/St Laurent du Var
40 avenue du Verdun
06700 Saint Laurent du Var

Sunday, July 21

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13:30 - 16:00

Tutorial 1

Methods for System Performance Improvement of Shadowed Fading Channels

Prof. Dr. Dragana Krstić, University of Nis, Serbia

16:00 - 16:15


16:15 - 18:45

Tutorial 2

EARS:  Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax

John Terzakis, Intel Corporation, USA


19:00 - 20:00

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, July 22

09:00 - 09:15

Opening session

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Wireless Communications Technologies and Research Trends:
LTE-A and Beyond

Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Yarali, Murray State University, USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

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17:30 - 19:15


Topic: Advances in Wireless Communications: Next Challenges

Robert Bestak, CVUT in Prague, Czech Republic

Alexandre Bouard, BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH, Germany
Wolfgang Narzt, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Anurag Jain, HCL Technologies, India
Robert Bestak, CVUT in Prague, Czech Republic

Tuesday, July 23

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Internet Security
Prof. Dr. Dirceu Cavendish, Kyushu Institute of Technology, USA/Japan

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:15


Are the Models Powerful Enough for Information Handling?
Missing Jigsaw Pieces

Abdulrahman Yarali, Murray State University, USA

Teemu Kanstrén, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
Mansour Zand, University of Nebraska, USA
Arno Leist, Massey University, New Zealand
Jean-Denis Mathias, IRSTEA, France
Abdulrahman Yarali, Murray State University, USA

Wednesday, July 24

09:15 -10:15

Keynote Speaker

Evolution in Mobile Radio Networks - Multiple Antenna Systems & Flexible Networks
Dr. Wolfgang Aichmann, Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30


How Much Safe Cooperation Can Internet Handle Now?

Dirceu Cavendish, Kyushu Institute of Technology, USA/Japan

Danco Davcev, University Ss Cyril and Methodius Skopje, R. Macedonia
Yasuhiko Watanabe, Ryukoku University, Japan
Dirceu Cavendish, Kyushu Institute of Technology, USA/Japan
Elena Troubitsyna, Abo Akademi University, Finland


20:00 - 24:00


Thursday, July 25

09:15 -11:00





11:00 - 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 - 13:00





13:00 - 13:30

Closing Session

Friday, July 26

7:45am - 6:30pm
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9h15 Departure to Monaco by train
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11h55 Changing of the guard in front of the Princely Palace
12h Lunch
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13h30 Visit of the Oceanographic museum
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17h45 Arrival at the hotel




ACCESS 2013, The Fourth International Conference on Access Networks

ACCESS 1: Access networks
Session chair: Ali Jemmali

Minimizing the Power by using Genetic Algorithms for Multi-User OFDM Systems
Abdourahmane Ndiaye, Samuel Ouya, Gervais Mendy, Sidi Mohamed Farssi

Impact of Voice Payload Size on Behaviour of the Field Network of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
Zuzana Vranova, Antonin Mazalek


COLLA 2013, The Third International Conference on Advanced Collaborative Networks, Systems and Applications

COLLA 1: Collaborative applications
Session chair: Mateusz Adamczyk

A Collaborative Management Design Model for Career Planning
Weibao Chang, Liqiang Wang

Effective Team Learning in the Cloud
Howard Spoelstra, Peter van Rosmalen, Evert van de Vrie, Peter Sloep

Powwow: A Tool for Collaborative Software Jam Sessions
Paul Ioan Muntean, Damir Ismailović, Sebastian Paetzold, Bernd Bruegge

Exploring Collective Intelligence in Online Brainstorming
Yann Veilleroy, Gabriel Eurin, Frédéric Hoogtoel, Luigi Lancieri

COLLA 2: Collaborative users
Session chair: Howard Spoelstra

Impact of LinkedIn on Boosting Students’ Learning Motivation and Career Prospects
Bernard Montoneri

Does the Acquaintance Relation Close up the Administrator Community of Polish Wikipedia? Analysing Polish Wikipedia Administrator Community with use of Multidimensional Behavioural Social Network
Justyna Spychała, Piotr Turek, Mateusz Adamczyk

Developing an Online Academic Community of Practice
Katya Toneva, Iain Cross, Martin Scarrott

Lebanese Industrial Center for Assessment and Development: A Collaboration Platform
Ramy Harik, Wissam El Hachem, Alexandre Durupt, Benoit Eynard

COLLA 3: Cooperation and collaboration mechanisms
Session chair: Benjamin Knoke

Experiments in Collaborative Cloud-based Distance Learning
Aleksandar Karadimce, Danco Davcev

Argument schemes and provenance to support collaborative intelligence analysis
Alice Toniolo, Federico Cerutti, Nir Oren, Timothy J. Norman

Privacy Policy Negotiation Architecture for Pervasive Computing Environments
Nidal Qwasmi, Khalil El-khatib, Ramiro Liscano, Julie Thorpe

MobWEL - Mobile Context-Aware Content-Centric Workflow Execution Language
Anna Kocurova, Samia Oussena, Peter Komisarczuk, Tony Clark

Search Computing for E-government
Alessandro Campi, Matteo Aletti, Yao Cheng, Edoardo Colombo, Piero Franceschini, Mariangela Rizzo, Davide Sanapo

COLLA 4: Collaborative architectures and mechanisms
Session chair: Katya Toneva

A Proposal of New Autonomous Decentralized Structure Formation Based on Huygens’ Principle and Renormalization
Kenji Takagi, Masaki Aida, Chisa Takano, Makoto Naruse

Context Awareness Monitoring Model for Smart Office Environment
Nor Azlina Aziz Fadzillah, Nasiroh Omar, Siti Zaleha Zainal Abidin, Nor Azylia Ahmad Azam

Intelligent Product States: Exploring the Synergy of Intelligent Products and State Characteristics in Collaborative Manufacturing
Benjamin Knoke, Thorsten Wuest, Karl Hribernik, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

Structured Analysis of Interactions in Collaborative Environments
Elena Troubitsyna


ICCGI 2013, The Eighth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology

ICCGI 1: Internet and web technologies
Session chair: Robert Law

Restoring Information Needed for Social Internetworking Analysis from Anonymized Data
Francesco Buccafurri, Daniele Caridi, Gianluca Lax, Antonino Nocera, Domenico Ursino

The Impact of the Internet and the World Wide Web On Distance and Collaborative Learning
Franklyn Chukwunonso, Roliana Binti Ibrahim, Ali Bin Selamat, Adamu Idama, Wadzani A. Gadzama

A New Approach Based on Computer Vision and Collaborative Social Networking for Environmental Preservation: Theory, Tools and Results of Italian ACI Project
Maria Grazia Albanesi, Roberto Albanesi

Impact of the Network Structure on the SIR Model Spreading Phenomena in Online Networks
Marek Opuszko, Johannes Ruhland

ICCGI 2: Mobile and distance education
Session chair: Teemu Kanstren

Using Quick Response Codes For Student Interaction During Lectures
Robert Law

Administration of Knowledge Assessment at Riga Technical University
Natalija Prokofjeva, Alla Anohina-Naumeca, Olga Lebedeva

ICT Related Tasks and Challenges in the New Model of Technical Teacher Training
György Molnár, András Benedek

Quixotic Potentialities of ICT in the Running of ESBS/IMT Polyair Distance Education Programmes in Nigeria (PRESENTATION)
Ezeja Ogili

E-Learning in Multi-User Virtual Environments (POSTER)
Juraj Fabus, Nada Krivonakova, Iveta Kremenova

ICCGI 3: Software development and deployment
Session chair: Marek Opuszko

The Impact of Requirements on Software Quality Across Three Product Generations
John Terzakis

A Review of Domain-Specific Modelling and Software Testing
Teemu Kanstren

Lack of Software Engineering Practices in the Development of Bioinformatics Software
Dhawal Verma, Jon Gesell, Harvey Siy, Mansour Zand

Pinpoint Analysis of Software Usability
Divya K. V. Dasari, Dan E. Tamir,, Oleg V. Komogortsev,, Gregory R. LaKomski, Carl J. Mueller

ICCGI 4: Bio-technologies
Session chair: Ondrej Krejcar

Gender Classification of Face with Moment Descriptors
Wen-Shiung Chen, Po-Yi Lee, Lili Hsieh

Artificial Immune Memory Formed by Dynamics of Antibody Networks
Chung-Ming Ou, Chung-Jen Ou

High Performance Grid Environment for Parallel Multiple Biological Sequence Alignment
Plamenka Borovska, Veska Gancheva, Nikolay Landzhev

Biometric Wireless Handheld Device Controlled by Low Power Architecture (PRESENTATION)
Marek Penhaker, Jan Kijonka

ICCGI 5: Digital information processing I
Session chair: Youcef Abdelsadek

A New Method of Vehicle Initiative Safety: Heart Sound Acquisition and Identification Technology
Cheng Yu-han, Ma Yong

Global Illumination-Invariant Fast Sub-Pixel Image Registration
Andrew Gilman, Arno Leist

Filtering of Large Signal Sets: An Almost Blind Case
Anatholi Torokhti, Phil Howlett, Hamid Laga

A P300-Based Word Typing Brain Computer Interface System Using a Smart Dictionary and Random Forest Classifier
Faraz Akram, Hee-Sok Han, Tae-Seong Kim

ICCGI 6: Digital information processing II
Session chair: Veska Gancheva

Research and Application of the Radar Intelligent Fault Diagnosis System Based on Dual-Mode Fusion
Cheng Xie-feng, Cheng Hui-zhong

Automated Analysis of CT Slices for Detection of Ideal Midline from Brain CT Scans
Xuguang Qi, Sharad Shandilya, Ashwin Belle, Rosalyn Hargraves, Charles Cockrell, Yang Tang, Kevin Ward, Kayvan Najarian

Actual Brain Midline Detection using Level Set Segmentation and Window Selection
Xuguang Qi, Ashwin Belle, Sharad Shandilya, Rosalyn Hargraves, Charles Cockrell, Yang Tang, Kevin Ward, Kayvan Najarian

Detection of Brain Tumor Using Zernike Moments on Magnetic Resonance Images
Kiran Thapaliya, Goo-Rak Kwon

ICCGI 7: Information Systems
Session chair: Ali Jemmali

A Meta Model-Based Web Framework for Domain Independent Data Acquisition
Dominic Girardi, Johannes Dirnberger, Johannes Trenkler

Cancer and Deadly Infection in Institutions: Developing Use Cases for an MBE Application to Prevent another Enron or Barings
Thang Nguyen

Temporal Data Management
Michal Kvet, Anton Lieskovsky

Evaluation of Visual structure for Industrial size Software Product Line Architecture
Abeer Khalid, Salma Imtiaz

ICCGI 8: Mobility and multimedia systems
Session chair: Thang Nguyen

A Novel Multiple Attributes Decision Making Approach For Multimedia Session Selection
Tein-Yaw Chung, Ibrahim Mashal, Fong-Ching Yuan, Yuan-Hao Chiang, Osam Alsaryrah

A Novel Algorithm for Selecting Multimedia Network Connections in Next Generation Networks
Tein-Yaw Chung, Ibrahim Mashal, Fong-Ching Yuan, Yuan-Hao Chiang, Osama Alsaryrah

Reducing Power Consumption using Improved Wakelock on Android Platform
Joonkyo Kim, Jaehyun Park

A Survey of MIMO-OFDM System Model (PRESENTATION)
Abdelhamid Laraki, Driss El Ouadghiri, Abdellah Jamali

ICCGI 9: Modeling I
Session chair: Anna Antonova

Using an Individual-Based Model of Uneven-Aged Forests for Studying Trade-off Between Timber Production and Deadwood Preservation
Bruno Bonté, Valentine Lafond, Thomas Cordonnier, Jean-Denis Mathias

Stability analysis of global FCFS and presorting service discipline
Willem Mélange, Joris Walraevens, Dieter Claeys, Bart Steyaert, Herwig Bruneel

Development of Logistical Model Based on Integration of Ontology, Multi-Agent Approach and Simulation
Konstantin Aksyonov, Eugene Bykov, Olga Aksyonova, Alena Nevolina

A Detailed Kinetic Model for a Bistable Genetic Network (PRESENTATION)
Aditya Singh, Jeremy Edwards

ICCGI 10: Modeling II
Session chair: Mehdi Mekni

An Eclipse Plug-in for Aspect-Oriented Bidirectional Engineering
Oscar Pulido-Prieto, Ulises Juárez-Martínez

Strategic Goal Oriented Supplier Selection
Chang Joo Yun, Chung-Hsing Yeh

Enacting a Requirement Engineering Process with Meta-Tools: an Exploratory Project
Sana Damak Mallouli, Saïd Assar

Finding an Optimal Model for Prediction of Shock Outcomes through Machine Learning
Sharad Shandilya, Xuguang Qi, Kayvan Najarian, Kevin Ward, Michael Kurz, Rosalyn Hargraves

ICCGI 11: Autonomic and autonomous systems
Session chair: Sharad Shandilya

A Design of Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Scheme based on FlexRay used for Smart Hybrid Powerpack
Leilei Shi, Jekwang Choi, Hunmo Kim

Sensor Web Deployment Using Informed Virtual Geographic Environments
Mehdi Mekni

Block Algorithm and Its Implementation for Cholesky Factorization
Jianping Chen, Zhe Jin, Quan Shi, Jianlin Qiu, Weifu Liu

Vector Model for Hand Gesture Recognition (POSTER)
Changmin Lee, Hyungu Yim, DaeEun Kim

ICCGI 12: Optimization
Session chair: John Terzakis

Multiagent Genetic Optimization to Solve the Project Scheduling Problem
Konstantin Aksyonov, Anna Antonova

Robust Optimization for Stochastic Wireless CDMA/TDMA Networks
Belarmino Núñez, Pablo Adasme, Ismael Soto, Abdel Lisser

Towards an Efficient Handling of the Maximum Triangle Packing Problem
Youcef Abdelsadek, Francine Herrmann, Imed Kacem, Benoît Otjacques

Trial Testing Efficiency of Algorithms for Task Execution in Multi-Processor Systems
Magdalena Respondek, Leszek Koszalka, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak

ICCGI 13: Networking and telecommunications
Session chair: Tadeusz Pankowski

Preprocessing of Binary Executable Files Towards Retargetable Decompilation
Jakub Křoustek, Dušan Kolář

EKOCA: Energy Aware Overlapping Multihop Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
Eman Ramadan, Moustafa A. Youssef, Magdy Abd-ElAzim Ahmed, Mohamed Nazih El-Derini

Quantum Key Distribution over Collective Amplitude Damping Quantum Channels
Elloa B. Guedes, Francisco M. de Assis

Live Replication of Virtualized VoIP Servers
Jiri Hlavacek, Robert Bestak

ICCGI 14: Intelligent techniques, logics, and systems
Session chair: Jakub Kroustek

Reasoning About Consistency of Relational Knowledge Bases
Tadeusz Pankowski

Predicting Early Students with High Risk to Drop Out of University using a Neural Network-Based Approach
Miguel Angel Gil Rios, Norma Griselda Reyes Ávila, María Dolores Juárez Ramírez, Emmanuel Espitia Rea, Julio César Mosqueda Gómez, Myriam Soria García

A Kinetic Light Shelf Unit as an Integrated Intelligent Control Device for Optimizing Interior Illumination
Ok-Kyun Im, Kyoung-Hee Kim, Seung-Hoon Han

The Study on Cloud Service for Information Resource Management (PRESENTATION)
Peng Hao, Xiu-zhen Feng


ICWMC 2013, The Ninth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications

ICWMC 1: Protocols for wireless and mobility
Session chair: Wolfgang Aichmann

MAC Protocols and Mobility Management for Real-time Applications Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Muhsin Atto, Chris Guy

The Application and Improvement of Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm in Swarm Network with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Nodes
Zhongqiang Zhai, Jun Du, Yong Ren

Towards the Definition of a Mobility-based Clustering Environment for MANET
Aida Ben Chehida, Ryma Abassi, Sihem Guemara

Power Efficient Hopping Method Using Position Information in S-MAC (POSTER)
Ae-Ran Byun, Youn-Seon Jang

ICWMC 2: Wireless and mobile network deployment
Session chair: Muhsin Atto

Creating Frame Structures for Position-based Hybrid Routing Algorithm
Resul Kara, Ibrahim Ozcelik, Huseyin Ekiz, Murat Iskefiyeli

An Improved Extended Kalman Filter for Localization of a Mobile Node with NLOS Anchors
siamak yousefi, Xiao-Wen Chang, Benoit Champagne

An Overview of Underwater Sensor Networks
Christina Peach, Abdulrahman Yarali

A Self-Organization of Tree-Topological Network in Underwater Acoustic Channel (POSTER)
Ho-Shin Cho, Hee-Won Kim, Jungchae Shin

Downlink Coexistence Performance Enhancement Methods of Cellular High Altitude Platform Station and Terrestrial Mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e (POSTER)
Iskandar Iskandar, Andi Wahyudi

ICWMC 3: Wireless communications basics I
Session chair: Abdulrahman Yarali

Smart Relay Protocols for Throughput Optimization using AMC in LTE-Advanced Systems
Saransh Malik, Sangmi Moon, Bora Kim, Daejin Kim, Youngil Kim, Kunmin Yeo, Intae Hwang

Second Best Codeword for MIMO Broadcast Channels with Limited Feedback
Mouncef Benmimoune, Daniel Massicotte, Sébastien Roy

Further Results on Channel Estimation Based on Weighted Moving Average in T-DMB Receivers
Sung Ik Park, Heung Mook Kim, Jin-Ho Chung, Jeongchang Kim

Adaptive Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Nourhene Maalel, Pierre Roux, Mounir Kellil, Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah

ICWMC 4: Circuits and spectrum allocation
Session chair: Pascal Lorenz

Design for a UWB Down-Conversion Mixer for Multi-Band Applications
Wu-Shiung Feng, Chin-I Yeh, Prasenjit Chatterjee, Chen-Yu Hsu

A Microwave Triplexer Based on Coupled Resonators Approach
Lidiane S. Araújo, Antonio J. B. de Oliveira

Spectral Resource Sharing for Uncoordinated Networks
Ayman Assra, Tricia Willink

Performance Analysis of Coordinated Multi-Point with Scheduling and Precoding schemes in the Heterogeneous Network
Bora Kim, Saransh Malik, Sangmi Moon, Daejin Kim, Youngil Kim, Kunmin Yeo, Intae Hwang

ICWMC 5: Design and implementation
Session chair: Anton Dogadaev

A New Approach for Multistage Analog Complex Filter Design
Daniele Grasso, Giuseppe Avellone

QoS-aware Traffic Offloading in 4G/WiFi Multi-RAT Heterogeneous Networks: Opnet-based Simulations and Real Prototyping Implementation
Ahmed Ibrahim, Ahmed Darwish, Shady Elbassiouny, Hani Elgebaly

A Top-Down Heuristic for TCFA Problem in WAN
Roza Goscien, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, Andrzej Kasprzak

Frequency and Time Resource Allocation for Enhanced Interference Management in a Heterogeneous Network based on the LTE-Advanced
Sangmi Moon, Bora Kim, Saransh Malik, Cheolsung Kim, Intae Hwang, Kunmin Yeo, Youngil Kim

ICWMC 6: Traffic and congestion control, QoS, resource management
Session chair: Abdul R. Yarali

A New No Reference Metric for Estimation Video Quality Based on Blur Effect
Jean Araujo, Claudio Monteiro

Traffic Steering Framework for Mobile-Assisted Resource Management in Heterogeneous Networks
Anton Dogadaev, Aleksandra Checko, Andrijana Popovska Avramova, Anna Zakrzewska, Ying Yan, Sarah Ruepp, Michael Berger, Lars Dittmann, Henrik Christiansen

A Proposal of Prediction of Peak-Signal-to-Noise-Ratio based on QoS Networks
Carlos Junior, Claudio Monteiro

Effective ARP Based Call Admission Control (CAC) Scheme For LTE Systems
Abhishek Nayak, Sauarbh Verma, Anurag Jain

ICWMC 7: Wireless communications basics II
Session chair: Francisco Blánquez Casado

Performance Limitation of HSDPA MIMO by Pre-Coding Induced Phase Distortion
Wolfgang Aichmann

Cooperative Communications Using Multilevel Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulations
Hadi Sawaya

An Improved MU-MIMO OFDM Scheme for the 3GPP LTE-Advanced Standard
Yuechao Wang, Zhanji Wu, Guanghao Wu

Carrier Frequency Recovery for Oversampled Perfect Reconstruction Filter Bank Transceivers
Siavash Rahimi, Benoit Chanpagne

ICWMC 8: Wireless communications basics III
Session chair: Wolfgang  Aichmann

A Semi-Analytical Performance Prediction of Turbo Coded SC-FDMA
Fatima Ezzahra Naamane, Mohamed Et-tolba, Mostafa Belkasmi

The Effect of Human Bodies on Path Loss Model in an Indoor LOS Environment
Young-Hoon Kim, Seong-Cheol Kim

Equal Gain Combining SC-FDMA Performance over Correlated Shadowed Rice Land Mobile Satellite Channel
Jyoti Gangane, Mari-Carmen Aguayo-Torres, Juan Sánchez-Sánchez, Francisco Blánquez-Casado4

Scattering Analysis of Graphene Nanoantennas with Different Shapes (POSTER)
K. Q. Costa, V. Dmitriev, C. M. Nascimento, and G. L. Silvano

ICWMC 9: Performance evaluation, simulation and modeling
Session chair: Robert Bestak

Linear Node Movement Patterns in MANETS
Mohammed Alzaylaee, John DeDourek, Przemyslaw Pochec

A Proposed Real–Time Scheduling Algorithm for WiMAX Networks
Nada Elshennawy, Mostafa Youssef, Mohamed El-Derini, Mahmoud Fahmy

On the Performance of Selective Decode and Forward Relaying over Imperfectly Known Fading Relay Channels
Ali Zarei Ghanavati, Daniel Lee

Fast Association Scheme over IEEE 802.15.4 based Mobile Sensor Network
Pranesh Sthapit, Yeon-Sang Choi, Goo-Rak Kwon, Jae-Young Pyun, Suk-seung Hwang

ICWMC 10: Wireless and mobile technologies
Session chair: Mohammed Alzaylaee

An Application of Second-Order Reed-Muller Codes for Multiple Target Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Thu Lam Ngoc Nguyen, Jaejin Lee, Yoan Shin

Bit Error Rate Analysis of MIMO Schemes in LTE Systems
Ali Jemmali, Jean Conan, Mohammad Torabi

The Performance Analysis of Complex SSC/MRC Combiner in Rice Fading Channel
Dragana Krstić, Petar Nikolić, Aleksandar Stevanović, Goran Stamenovic

Intercell Interference Coordination for the ePDCCH in LTE-Advanced Macrocellular Deployments
David González G, Mario Garcia-Lozano, Silvia Ruiz Boque

ICWMC 11: Management for real time applications using WSNs
Session chair: Youcef Abdelsadek

Modeling and Simulation of Radio Signals Attenuation Using Informed Virtual Geographic Environments
Mehdi Mekni

A New Physical Cell Indetifier Structure in Femtocell Networks
Robert Bestak

A New Bio-Crypto System Approach to Enhance Security Of 4G Mobile Networks
Saeed Ashry, Abdulatif Elkouny, Hesham Elbadawy, Salwa Elramly, Ahmed El-Sherbini

The Advantage of Moving Nodes in Formations in MANETs and M2ANETs
Abdullah Alshehri, Przemyslaw Pochec, John DeDourek

ICWMC 12: Wireless and mobility
Session chair: Ondrej Krejcar

BER Performance of BICM-coded Cooperative Networks with Selection Decode-and-Forward Relaying over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Tsang-Wei Yu, Wern-Ho Sheen

High-Level Energy Saving Strategies for Mobile Location-Based Services on Android Devices
Wolfgang Narzt

Efficient Mobility Management in 6LoWPAN Wireless Sensor Networks
Abdelwahed Berguiga, Habib Youssef

Mobile Ad-Hoc Search and Retrieval in the iTrust over Wi-Fi Direct Network
Isaí Michel Lombera, Louise Moser, Peter Melliar-Smith, Yung-Ting Chuang

ICWMC 13: Applications and services based on wireless infrastructures
Session chair: Wolfgang Nerzt

Proposal to Reduce the Computational Cost of Wireless Network Selection Process
Francirley Borges, Claudio Monteiro

Challenges of Operationalizing PACS on Cloud Over Wireless Networks
Ricardo Ferraro de Souza, Carlos Becker Westphal, Daniel Ricardo dos Santos, Carla Merke Westphall

Mobile Application for Comfort Remote Control and Monitoring of Remote Device (PRESENTATION)
Ondrej Krejcar


INTERNET 2013, The Fifth International Conference on Evolving Internet

INTERNET 1: Advanced Internet mechanisms
Session chair: Dirceu Cavendish

Direct Routing for Mobile Multicasting in Distributed Mobility Management Domain
Yongwon Kim, Truong Xuan Do, Younghan Kim

An Efficient Query Scheme for Semantic Web on Mobile P2P Network
Jun-Li Kuo, Chen-Hua Shih, Yaw-Chung Chen

Generating Web Traffic based on User Behavioral Model
Guo-feng Zhao, Min-chang Yu, Chuan Xu, Hong Tang

Performance Characterization of Streaming Video over TCP Variants
Dirceu Cavendish, Gaku Wataabe, Kazumi Kumazoe, Daiki Nobayashi, Takeshi Ikenaga, Yuji Oie

INTERNET 2: Internet challenges
Session chair: Sung-Soon Park

A Novel Component Carrier Selection Algorithm for LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks
Zanyu Chen, Tsungnan Lin

An Analysis of Users in a Q&A Site Submitted Many Answers Where First Polar Words are Negative Words
Masashi Minamiguchi, Kenji Umemoto, Yasuhiko Watanabe, Ryo Nishimura, Yoshihiro Okada

An Analysis of Unsounded Code Strings in Online Messages of a Q&A Site and a Micro Blog
Kunihiro Nakajima, Subaru Nakayama, Yasuhiko Watanabe, Kenji Umemoto, Ryo Nishimura, Yoshihiro Okada

A Collaboration Mechanism Between Wireless Sensor Network and a Cloud Through a Pub/Sub-based Middleware Service
Mohammad Hasmat Ullah, Sung-Soon Park, Jaechun No, Gyeong Hun Kim

A Novel Cloud Routing Protocol Based On Limited Deflection Mechanism (PRESENTATION)
Yanjun Li, Guoqing Zhang, Guoqiang Zhang

INTERNET 3: Internet security mechanisms, Internet performance
Session chair: Kunihiro Nakajima

A Network-based Solution to Kaminsky DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
Tien-Hao Tsai, Yu-Sheng Su, Shih-Jen Chen, Yan-Ling Hwang, Fu-Hau Hsu, Min-Hao Wu

Advanced OTP Authentication Protocol using PUFs
Jonghoon Lee, Jungsoo Park, Seungwook Jung, Souhwan Jung

HMAC-based RFID Authentication Protocol with Minimal Retrieval at Server
Seung Wook Jung, Souhwan Jung

Network Neutrality -- Measures and Measurements: A Survey
Clemens Cap, Andreas Dähn, Thomas Mundt


VEHICULAR 2013, The Second International Conference on Advances in Vehicular Systems, Technologies and Applications

VEHICULAR 1: Evaluation
Session chair: Pascal Lorenz

Leveraging In-Car Security by Combining Information Flow Monitoring Techniques
Alexandre Bouard, Hendrik Schweppe, Benjamin Weyl, Claudia Eckert

Simulation of a Security Function Based on Vehicle-to-X Communication and Automotive Lighting
Peter Knapik, Elmar Schoch, Frank Kargl

Automatic Estimation of Moving Targets By MUSIC Algorithm Considering Doppler Effect
Xin Wang, Heung-Gyoon Ryu

Piloting with the PSUM Scale: Establishing Usability First (POSTER)
Sarah Greenstein, Ben Sawyer, Elisabeth Niederman, Paul Oppold, Peter Hancock

VEHICULAR 2: Protocols and mechanisms
Session chair: Peter Knapik

An Opportunistic Dissemination Model for Traffic Congestion Management in Vehicular Networks
Zhangyin Qian, Yue Wu

The Charge Collector System
João Dias, João Nuno Matos, Arnaldo Oliveira

Low-power TPMS Data Transmission Technique Based on Optimal Tire Condition
Suk-seung Hwang, Seong-min Kim, Jae-Young Pyun, Goo-Rak Kwon

A Time-series Clustering Approach for Sybil Attack Detection in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
Neelanjana Dutta, Sriram Chellappan


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