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The Fifth International Conference on Advances in
System Simulation

SIMUL 2013
October 27 - November 1, 2013 - Venice, Italy


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference. For the awarded papers, a digital award will be issued in the name of the authors.

Awarded Papers

Application of Lean Thinking Using Simulation Modeling in a Private Hospital
Ayman Tobail, Patricia Egan, Waleed Abo-Hamad, Amr Arisha

Concept for a Task–Specific Reconfigurable Driving Simulator
Bassem Hassan, Jürgen Gausemeier

A Flexible Analytic Model for a Dynamic Task-Scheduling Unit for Heterogeneous MPSoCs
Oliver Arnold, Benedikt Noethen, Gerhard Fettweis

Evaluating Options of Viennese Commuters to Use Sustainable Transport Modes
Gerda Hartl, Gabriel Wurzer

Physical Layer Simulation of Large Distributed Automation Systems in SPICE
Patrick Diekhake, Eckehard Schnieder

The Impact of Control Setpoints on Building Energy Use
Stephen Treado, Xing Liu


The following papers have been selected on the basis of their contents, specificaly for lending themselves to an interesting extended work. The authors of these papers are receiving invitations to submit an extended article version to one of the IARIA Journals.

Papers Invited for IARIA Journals

Rapid Weighted Random Selection in Agent-based Models of Infectious Disease Dynamics Using Augmented B-trees
Roel Bakker, Tony Busker, Richard G. White, Sunil Choenni

Design and Simulation of an Energy-Positive Building
Catalina Tiberiu, Popescu Razvan, Soare Martha, Serban Ovidiu, Bajenaru Nicolae


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