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The Fourth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies


July 18 - 25, 2010 - Venice/Mestre, Italy

Preliminary Program

NetWare 2010

MESH 2010 - DEPEND 2010 - AFIN 2010 - CENICS 2010

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Sunday, July 18


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10:00 - 12:30

Tutorial 1

New Technological Platform for Digital and Smart Sensor and Systems Integration

Tutorial 2

Dependability in Mobile Computing Systems

Tutorial 3

Content-aware Networking: Future Internet Perspective

Prof. Dr. Sergey Yurish, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya / IFSA, Spain

Dr. Sarmistha Neogy, Jadavpur University- Kolkata, India

Prof. Dr. Eugen Borcoci, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania



14:00 -14:15

Opening session

14:15 -15:00

Keynote Speaker
Jean-Phillippe Vasseur, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
IP for Smart Object Networks: The Internet of Things

15:00 - 15:15

Coffee Break

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17:00 - 17:15

Coffee Break

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19:15 - 20:15

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, July 19

08:30 - 10:15





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Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

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17:30 - 20:00

Tutorial 4

Evaluating dependability metrics of critical systems: Monte Carlo techniques for rare event analysis

Dr. Gerardo Rubino, INRIA, France

Tuesday, July 20

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

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12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

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15:30 - 15:45

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17:30 - 19:30

1. Industrial Presentation

Rollout of Security Credentials in Industrial Environments
by Rainer Falk, Siemens AG, Germany


Topic: Security in Sensors/Devices/Mesh/Internet infrastructures

Paul Geraci, Technology Survey Group, USA

Expert Panelists:
Aljosa Pasic, Atos Origin, Spain
Rainer Falk, Siemens AG, Germany
Masaru Takesue, Hosei University, Japan
Wolfgang Boehmer, TU-Darmstadt, Germany
Reijo Savola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland - Oulu, Finland

3. Open Discussion: Special Topics on Security

4. On-line Journals

Wednesday, July 21

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

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12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

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17:30 - 19:30

1. Special Keynote Presentation

Future Internet Challenges and Direction in European Research - (FIA) Future Internet Assembly
by Alex Galis, University College London, UK


Topic: Challenges in Future Internet

Petre Dini, Concordia University, Canada / IARIA, USA

Expert Panelists:
Eugen Borcoci, University 'Politehnica' Bucharest, Romania
Alex Galis, University College London, UK
Aljosa Pasic, Atos Origin, Spain
Alessandro Bogliolo, University of Urbino, Italy
Vladimir Sulc, MICRORISC s.r.o., Czech Republic

3. Open Discussion: Special Topics on Internet, Internet of Things

4. On-line Journals

20:00 - 24:00

Gala Dinner

Thursday, July 22

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

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12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

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17:30 - 18:00

Closing session

Friday, July 23

08:15 - 19:00

One day Venice guided visit
(see the registration form, lunch included)

9:00am Meeting the Guide in Piazzale Roma

09:00am - 1 :00 pm 
Visiting the Church of the Frari (interior), Campo San Polo, and the Rialto Bridge, getting into San Marco Square.  
Visiting San Marco Square and the Doge Palace (Palazzo Ducale)

1:00pm -2:30pm Lunch, Aciugheta restaurant

2:30pm  - 6:30pm  Visiting San Giorgio Island
(located across the canal from San Marco Square)
Chiesa e Campanile di San Giorgio Maggiore
(Bell Tower)
Special Venice areas
Visiting San Marco area, the famous Scala del Bovolo, La Fenice Theater, Campo Santo Stefano (Sestiere of San Marco) and its palaces (Palazzo Morosini, Palazzo Loredan, Palazzo Pisani, Palazzo Franchetti)
Return to Piazzale Roma via the Accademia Bridge and Santa Margherita

6:30pm Arrival in Piazzale Roma





Session chair: Chia-Yen Shih

Energy-Efficient Tree Routing Algorithm-Based Destination Family Group in ZigBee Networks
Saeyoung Ahn, Doohyun Ko, Bumjin Kim, Sangbin Lee, and Sunshin An

A Cooperative Power-Saving Technique Using DVS and DMS Based on Load Prediction in Sensor Networks
Takahiro Hamachiyo, Yusuke Yokota, and Eiji Okubo

Optimal Energy-Based Clustering with GPS-Enabled Sensor Nodes
Kowsar Ali, Sarmistha Neogy, and Pradip Kumar Das

Balancing Energy Loads in Wireless Sensor Networks through Uniformly Quantized Energy Levels-Based Clustering
Syed Amjad Ali, Cüneyt Sevgi, and Altan Kocyigit

Session chair: Yusuke Yokota

COLA: Complexity-Reduced Trilateration Approach for 3D Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chia-Yen Shih and Pedro José Marrón

Latency and Packet Loss of an Interferred 802.15.4 Channel in an Industrial Environment
Jerker Delsing, Jens Eliasson, and Viktor Leijon

A Low-Power Multi Resolution Spectrum Sensing (MRSS) Architecture for a Wireless Sensor Network with Cognitive Radio
Shintaro Izumi, Koh Tsuruda, Takashi Takeuchi, Hyeokjong Lee, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, and Masahiko Yoshimoto

Modeling of the RSS Uncertainty for RSS-Based Outdoor Localization and Tracking Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tsenka Stoyanova, Fotis Kerasiotis, Konstantinos Efstathiou, and George Papadopoulos

Session chair: Martin Zlatanski

Characteristics of Three Miniature Bio-inspired Optic Flow Sensors in Natural Environments
Stéphane Viollet, Franck Ruffier, Thomas Ray, Mohsine Menouni, Fabrice Aubépart, Lubin Kerhuel, and Nicolas Franceschini

Modular Sensor Sets for Stationary or On-robot Use in Proteus System
Grzegorz Kowalski

Stacked Photo-Sensing Devices Based on SiC Alloys: A Non-pixelled Architecture for Imagers and Demultiplexing Devices
M. Vieira, P. Louro, M. Fernandes, A. Fantoni, M. A. Vieira, and J. Costa

Autonomous Wireless Sensor Node for Building Climate Conditioning Application
Hynek Raisigel, Gilles Chabanis, Isabelle Ressejac, and Michel Trouillon

Session chair: Grzegorz Kowalski

FreshScan - a sensor plattform for meat evaluation
Jin-U Kim, Rolf Thomasius, and Volker Nestler

WSN Middleware for Existing Smart Homes
Harri Pensas and Jukka Vanhala

CMOS Implementation of POSFET Tactile Sensing Arrays with on Chip Readout
Ravinder S. Dahiya, Andrea Adami, Maurizio Valle, Leandro Lorenzelli, and Giorgio Metta

Integrated Circuit Architectures for High-Speed Time-Resolved Imaging
Martin Zlatanski, Wilfried Uhring, Jean-Pierre Le Normand, Chantal-Virginie Zint, and Daniel Mathiot

A Teleoperated Minimally Invasive Surgical System with an Additional Degree of Freedom Manipulator
Ki-Young Kim, Ho-Seok Song, Jung-Wook Suh, and Jung-Ju Lee

Session chair: Kisung Lee

Derivation of Non-intrusive Cardiac Synthetic Sensor Using Native Instrumentation Metadata
Paul J. Fortier

Using Data Compression for Delay Constrained Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Eugène Pamba Capo-Chichi, Jean-Michel Friedt, and Hervé Guyennet

Advanced Bio-inspired Plausibility Checking in a Wireless Sensor Network Using Neuro-immune Systems: Autonomous Fault Diagnosis in an Intelligent Transportation System
Amir Jabbari and Walter Lang

Optimized Data Aggregation in WSNs Using Adaptive ARMA
Jialiang Lu, Fabrice Valois, Mischa Dohler, and Min-You Wu

Session chair: Paul Fortier

A Middleware for Heterogeneous and Logical Sensor Networks
Kisung Lee, Jun Wook Lee, and Jae Gak Hwang

Hybrid Position-Detection Algorithms for Sensor Nodes Using Received Signal Strength Indication and Control Transmission
Saeyoung Ahn, Sungjun Kim, Jaekeun Yoon, Kyengheum Na, and Sunshin An

Run-Time Compilation of Bytecode in Sensor Networks
Joshua Ellul and Kirk Martinez

Automatic Application Object Migration in Sensor Networks
Paul Hunkin and Tony McGregor

Session chair: Paulo Mendes

Secure Sensor Networks for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Laurent Gomez and Cedric Ulmer

Dissemination Protocols for Reprogramming Wireless Sensor Networks: A Literature Survey
Jun-Zhao Sun

Low-Traffic and Low-Power Data-Intensive Sound Acquisition with Perfect Aggregation Specialized for Microphone Array Networks
Hiroki Noguchi, Tomoya Takagi, Koji Kugata, Masahiko Yoshimoto, and Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Extension of RFID Middleware Platform for Handling Active Sensor Tags
Hyunwoo Kim, Wooseok Ryu, and Bonghee Hong

Session chair: Laurent Gomez

Autonomy Suitability of Wireless Modules for Ambient Assisted Living Applications: WiFi, Zigbee, and Proprietary Devices
Celso P. Figueiredo, Óscar S. Gama, Carlos M. Pereira, Paulo M. Mendes, Sérgio Silva, Leonel Domingues, and K.-P. Hoffmann

A Distributed Sensor Network for Real-Time Acoustic Traffic Monitoring and Early Queue Detection
B. Barbagli, I. Magrini, G. Manes, A. Manes, G. Langer, and M. Bacchi

Wireless Patient Monitoring System
Radosveta Sokullu, Mustafa Alper Akkas, and Hüseyin Ertürk Çetin

An Embedded Wireless Sensor Network System for Cultural Heritage Monitoring
Luca Bencini, Giovanni Collodi, Davide Di Palma, Gianfranco Manes, and Antonio Manes

Session chair: Wojciech Bober

Hybrid Sensor Module and Data Processing Using Low-Power Wakeup in WSN
Sang Gi Hong, Nae Soo Kim, Cheol Sig Pyo, and Whan Woo Kim

Reliability and Latency Enhancements in a ZigBee Remote Sensing System
Jingcheng Zhang, Allan Huynh, Qinzhong Ye, and Shaofang Gong

Ambient Intelligence in Intermodal Transport Services: A Practical Implementation in Road Logistics
Verónica Gutiérrez, Miguel Izaguirre, Jesús Pérez, Luis Muñoz, David López, and Marcos Sánchez

Reliability and Field Aging Time Using Temperature Sensors
Massimo Civilini

Session chair: Massimo Civilini

TrickleTree: A Gossiping Approach to Fast Staggered Scheduling for Data Gathering Wireless Sensor Networks
Wojciech Bober, Xiaoyun Li, and Chris Bleakley

ERTA: Energy Efficient Real Time Target Tracking Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks
Supreet Kaur Sarna and Mukesh Zaveri

Experimental Evaluation of Beacon Scheduling Mechanisms for Multihop IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks
Berta Carballido Villaverde, Rodolfo De Paz Alberola, Susan Rea, and Dirk Pesch

An Energy Efficient Cross Layer Solution Based on Smart Antennas for Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Luca Bencini, Giovanni Collodi, Davide Di Palma, Gianfranco Manes, and Antonio Manes

Session chair: Luca Filipponi

An Experimental Study of RSS-Based Indoor Localization Using Nonparametric Belief Propagation Based on Spanning Trees
Vladimir Savic, Adrián Población, Santiago Zazo, and Mariano García

ER-MAC: A Hybrid MAC Protocol for Emergency Response Wireless Sensor Networks
Lanny Sitanayah, Cormac J. Sreenan, and Kenneth N. Brown

On the Performance of a Hierarchical Clustering Based-Geocast Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks with Guaranteed Delivery
Jean Frédéric Myoupop and Aboubecrine Ould Cheikhna

Low Power Wake-Up in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Free Space Optical Communications
James Mathews, Matthew Barnes, Alex Young, and D. K. Arvind

Session chair: Vladimir Savic

MR-LEACH: Multi-hop Routing with Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy
Muhammad Omer Farooq, Abdul Basit Dogar, and Ghalib Asadullah Shah

Efficient Query Processing on Bulk Data of Sensor and Location
Kwangjae Lee, Sungwoo Ahn, Bonghee Hong, and Kyeongju Kim

Energy-Efficient Multiple Targets Tracking Using Target Kinematics in Wireless Sensor Networks
Akond Ashfaque Ur Rahman, Mahmuda Naznin, and Md. Atiqul Islam Mollah

Smart City: An Event Driven Architecture for Monitoring Public Spaces with Heterogeneous Sensors
Luca Filipponi, Andrea Vitaletti, Giada Landi, Vincenzo Memeo, Giorgio Laura, and Paolo Pucci

Session chair: Valentina Baljak

Sensor Information Decay Process Modeling
Vincent Huang and Jie Chu

Initial Field Test Experiments and Failure Mechanisms for a Wireless Monitoring System for Home Care
Markku J. Rossi and Simo Ojala

MAC Level Data Aggregation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Saeyoung Ahn, Hyunjae Shin, Youngjun Jo, Heongwoo Nam, and Sunshin An

A System-Oriented Approach for Modeling Energy Harvesting Devices in Wireless Sensor-Modules
Eduard Kravcenko, Michael Niedermayer, Stephan Guttowski, Nils F. Nissen, Stephan Benecke, Andreas Middendorf, Andreas Middendorf, and Herbert Reichl

Session chair: Vincent Huang

A Simulation Study of IEEE 802.15.4 Sensor Networks in Industrial Applications by System-Level Modeling
Wan Du, David Navarro, and Fabien Mieyeville

Wireless Sensor Network for Point Positioning a Falling Rocket Projectile in an Explosive Testing Zone
Hairong Yan, Youzhi Xu, and Zhiguang Wang

Discovery of Configurations for Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks through Use of Simulation in Virtual Worlds
Valentina Baljak and Shinichi Honiden

A Knowledge-Based Multi-agent Geo-simulation Framework: Application to Intelligent Sensor Web Deployment
Mehdi Mekni and Hedi Haddad

Session chair: Yenumula Reddy

Automatic Generation of WSN Simulations: From Callas Applications to VisualSense Models
Duarte Vieira and Francisco Martins

A Survey of RF-Propagation Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks
Marko Korkalainen and Mikko Sallinen

A SystemC Based Framework for the Evaluation of Proactive Power-Management Approaches in Distributed Energy Harvesting Systems
Rolf Thomasius and Stephan Guttowski

A Branch and Bound Heuristic for the Flow Shop Problem
Hamid Hentous and Billal Merabti

Session chair: Mahmuda Naznin

Research on Early-Warning Detecting Tasks Re-scheduling and Sensor Resources Allocation Strategy of Midcourse Maneuverable Ballistic Targets
Tang Shao-xun, Yi Xian-qing, and Luo Xue-shan

INSPIRE-DB: Intelligent Networks Sensor Processing of Information Using Resilient Encoded-Hash DataBase
Vasanth Iyer, S. Sitharama Iyengar, Garmiela Rama Murthy, Kannan Srinathan, Vir Phoha, and Mandalika B. Srinivas

An Efficient De Bruijn Graph Based Fault Tolerant Sensor Networks Design
Anas Abu Taleb, Jimson Mathew, and Dhiraj K. Pradhan

Efficient Spectrum Allocation Using Case-Based Reasoning and Collaborative Filtering Approaches
Yenumula B. Reddy

Session chair: Paulo Felisberto

Revisiting Key-Swapping Collusion Attack on Distributed Sensor Networks
Thanh Dai Tran and Johnson I. Agbinya

Improving the Robustness of Distributed Range-Based Localisation Algorithms
Silas Francisco and Carlos Ribeiro

CiNetView - Graphic Interface for Wireless Sensor Network Deployment and Monitoring
Ismo Hakala, Timo Hongell, and Jari Luomala

Software Development for Malicious Nodes Discovery in Wireless Sensor Network Security
Daniel-Ioan Curiac, Madalin Plastoi, Ovidiu Banias, Constantin Volosencu, Roxana Tudoroiu, and Dan Pescaru

Session chair: Jens Hovem

A Discovery Process for Initializing Underwater Acoustic Networks
Joseph A. Rice and Chee Wei Ong

Tracking Source azimuth Using a Single Vector Sensor
Paulo Felisberto, Paulo Santos, and Sérgio M. Jesus

Underwater Wireless Sensor Network
Jan Erik Faugstadmo, Magne Pettersen, Jens M. Hovem, Arne Lie, and Tor Arne Reinen

Session chair: Guosong Zhang

Optimal Rate Allocation for Gathering Correlated Data with Distortion Guarantee in Sensor Networks
Chun-Lung Lin, Kai-Chao Yang, Chuan-Yu Cho, Jia-Shung Wang, and Hsin-Hua Lee

Hierarchical Data Management for Spatial-Temporal Information in WSNs
Kai-Chao Yang, Yuan-Cheng Yang, Chun-Lung Lin, and Jia-Shung Wang

Do Sensed Atmospheric Variables Affect to the Network QoS Parameters in WLANs?
Diana Bri, Sandra Sendra, Miguel Garcia, and Jaime Lloret

Measurement-Based Admission Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ibrahim Orhan and Thomas Lindh

Session chair: Thomas Lindh

Miniaturized Implantable Wireless Sensor System for Realtime Measurement of Well-Being of Fishes
Carsten Brockmann, Volker Großer, Jan Hefer, Stephan Guttowski, and Herbert Reichl

Experimental Studies of Underwater Acoustic Communications over Multipath Channels
Guosong Zhang, Jens M. Hovem, Hefeng Dong, and Lanbo Liu

Compensating for Source Depth Change and Observing Surface Waves Using Underwater Communication Signals
Salman Ijaz, António Silva, and Sérgio M. Jesus

Session chair: Adrian Kacso

Random Distribution for Data Survival in Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks
Thi My Y Vo and Jerome Talim

Efficient and Robust Secure Aggregation of Encrypted Data in Sensor Networks
Jacques M. Bahi, Christophe Guyeux, and Abdallah Makhoul

Toward Resilient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks: Gradient-Based Routing in Focus
Ochirkhand Erdene-Ochir, Marine Minier, Fabrice Valois, and Apostolos Kountouris

Session chair: Abdallah Makhoul

Dynamic Location Update Scheme for Mobile Sinks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sang-Ha Kim, Fucai Yu, Euisin Lee, and Soochang Park

Receiver-Based Routing Service for T-MAC Protocol
Adrian Fr. Kacsó and Ulrich Schipper

Pizza Forwarding: A Beaconless Routing Protocol Designed for Realistic Radio Assumptions
Ibrahim Amadou and Fabrice Valois

Sensor Network to Measure Electric Parameters
Eduardo Lluna, A. Edith Navarro, Diego Ramírez, and Silvia Casans

Session chair: Youzhi Xu

An Energy Estimation Model for Mobile Sensor Networks
Muhammad Tariq, Martin Macuha, Yong-Jin Park, and Takuro Sato

Energy Efficiency Model of Network-Coded Cooperation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dereje H. Woldegebreal and Holger Karl

Analysis of the Transient Characteristics of a Passive Micro Fuel Cell for Sensor Applications
Matthias Weiland, Herbert Reichl, and Stefan Wagner

Battery Lifetime Prediction Model for a WSN Platform
Fotis Kerasiotis, Aggeliki Prayati, Christos Antonopoulos, Christos Koulamas, and George Papadopoulos

On Autonomous Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks with Directional Antennas
Ying-Chih Chen, Pei-Lun Chung, and Chih-Yu Wen

Session chair: Matthias Weiland

Programming iMote Networks Made Easy
Michel Bauderon, Stéphane Grumbach, Daqing Gu, Xin Qi, Wenwu Qu, Kun Suo, and Yu Zhang

A Smart Gateway for Health Care System Using Wireless Sensor Network
Yaoming Chen, Wei Shen, Hongwei Huo, and Youzhi Xu

LIEMRO: A Low-Interference Energy-Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Improving QoS in Event-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Marjan Radi, Behnam Dezfouli, Shukor Abd Razak, and Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar

Performance Enhancement Effects of RFID: An Evaluation Model and Empirical Application
Yong-Jae Park and Myung-Hwan Rim

Enabling Sensor as Virtual Services through Lightweight Sensor Description
Sarfraz Alam and Josef Noll

Session chair: Sebastian Bader

SELARP: Scalable and Energy-Aware Learning Automata-Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Amir Hosein Fathy Navid

The CLARITY Modular Ambient Health and Wellness Measurement Platform
Michael Walsh, Michael O’Grady, Mauro Dragone, Richard Tynan, Antonio Ruzzelli, John Barton, Brendan O’Flynn, Gregory O’Hare, and Cian O’Mathuna

Data Aggregation with Spatially Correlated Grouping Technique on Cluster-Based WSNs
Chuan-Yu Cho, Chun-Lung Lin, Yu-Hung Hsiao, Jia-Shung Wang, and Kai-Chao Yang

A Time Backoff-Based Energy-Efficient Geographical Forwarding for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jaehyun Kim, Jaiyong Lee, and Seoggyu Kim

Session chair: Michael Walsh

Analysis of Power Consumption and Efficient Power Saving Techniques for MIMO-OFDM-Based Wireless LAN Receivers
Il-Gu Lee, Jung-Bo Son, Eun-Young Choi, Je-Hun Lee, and Sok-Kyu Lee

Enabling Battery-Less Wireless Sensor Operation Using Solar Energy Harvesting at Locations with Limited Solar Radiation
Sebastian Bader and Bengt Oelmann

Performance Analysis of Sensor Placement Strategies on a Wireless Sensor Network
Majid Bayani Abbasy, Gabriela Barrantes, and Gabriela Marín

Relevant Sampling Applied to Event-Based State-Estimation
Jan Willem Marck and Joris Sijs

Session chair: Diane Desrosiers

Clinic: A Service Oriented Approach for Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohammad Hammoudeh, Sarah Mount, Omar Aldabbas, and Martin Stanton

Real-Time Monitoring and Detection of "Heart Attack" Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Kala John Kappiarukudil and Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh

Wireless Smart Grid Design for Monitoring and Optimizing Electric Transmission in India
Aryadevi Remanidevi Devidas and Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh



SENSORDEVICES 1: Sensor Device Technologies I
Session chair: Guigen Zhang

Chemical Sensors for the Detection of Chlorine and Nitrogen Trichloride at ppb Level
Julien Garcia, Thi-Dinh Nguyen, Thu-Hoa Tran-Thi, and Anne-Marie Laurent

The Printing of Piezoresistive Sensors on Textiles with the Use of Carbon Nanotubes
Ewa Skrzetuska, Izabella Krucinska, and Wieslawa Urbaniak-Domagala

Flexible Film-Based Sensors Structured with a High Piezoresistive Organic Molecular Conductor as an Active Component
Elena Laukhina, Raphael Pfattner, Marta Mas-Torrent, Concepcio´ Rovira, Jaume Veciana, and Vladimir Laukhin

Development of a Machine-Road Simulator for Performance Investigation of Height Measuring Sensors in Earth Moving Machinery
S. Mohammad-Reza Khadem, S. Mohsen Khadem, Ahmad Afsari, and Hamed Dokoohaki

Endless Pulse Repetition: New Method to Measure Cable Lengths, Distances and Positioning
Sergio Elías Hernández, Leopoldo Acosta, and Jonay Toledo

SENSORDEVICES 2: Sensor Device Technologies II
Session chair: Wieslawa Urbaniak-Domagala

Development of a Sensor for Layered Micro-component Measurement Using White Light Interferometry
Cho Jui Tay, Chenggen Quan, and Mingzhou Li

Ambient Energy Harvesting Using Electrostrictive Polymer Composite
Pierre-Jean Cottinet, Daniel Guyomar, Benoit Guiffard, Laurent Lebrun, and Chatchai Putson

Novel surveillance device based on light converting polymeric nanocomposites
Burkhard Elling and Tonino Greco

Intelligent Piezoceramic Sensor for NDT Applications
Irinela Chilibon

SENSORDEVICES 3: Sensor-Based Localization and Tracking Technologies
Session chair: Sandrine Mariano

Quantifying Human Indoor Activity Using a Software Radio-Based Radar
Bruhtesfa Godana, Geert Leus, and André Barroso

Estimating Indoor Walking Velocity Profile Using a Software Radio-Based Radar
Bruhtesfa Godana, Geert Leus, and André Barroso

Design of an IR-UWB Indoor Localization System Based on a Novel RTT Ranging Estimator
Naiara Arrue, Markos Losada, Leticia Zamora-Cadenas, Ainara Jiménez-Irastorza, and Igone Vélez

Numerical Simulation of Multi-path Ultrasonic Flowmeter: Ultrasonic Path Error Analysis
Liu Fei, He Cunfu, Wu Bin, and Jiao Jingpin

SENSORDEVICES 4: Sensors Domain-Oriented Devices, Technologies and Applications
Session chair: Igone Velez

Performance Testing of the Wireless Sensor Network System for Hurricane Monitoring
Frederic Kreit, Guillaume Barberio, Chelakara Subramanian, Ivica Kostanic, and Jean Paul Pinelli

A Stereovision Sensor for Forest Inventories
P.J. Herrera, G. Pajares, M. Guijarro, J.J. Ruz, J.M. Cruz, and F. Montes

Colorimetric Detection of Formaldehyde: A Sensor for Air Quality Measurements and a Pollution-Warning Kit for Homes
S. Mariano, W. Wang, G. Brunelle, Y. Bigay, and T.H. Tran-Thi

Theoretical Investigation of Propagation of Longitudinal Guided Waves in Cylindrical Pipe Filled with Quiescent or Flowing Fluid: A Foundational Experimental Investigation
He Cunfu, Liu Jie, Liu Zenghua, and Wu Bin

SENSORDEVICES 5: Sensors Signal Condition and Interfacing Circuits I
Session chair: Kazushi Yamanaka

PC-Based System for Level Transducer Interfacing
Grigore Stamatescu, Valentin Sgârciu, and Sabin Stamatescu

Concurrent Acquisition Approach for High Resolution Sensor Arrays
Federico Thei, Marco Bennati, Michele Rossi, Marco Crescentini, and Marco Tartagni

A Method of EOG Signal Processing to Detect the Direction of Eye Movements
Manuel Merino, Octavio Rivera, Isabel Gómez, Alberto Molina, and Enrique Dorronzoro

Automatic Generation of Hardware Description Language (HDL) Models for 2D Bio-impedance Microelectrode Sensors Useful in Electrical Simulations
Alberto Yúfera and Estefanía Gallego

SENSORDEVICES 6: Sensor Devices I
Session chair: Grigore Stamatescu

Methane Detection by MIM Sensor Devices Based on Nano ZnO Thin Films Obtained by Sol-Gel and by Anodization: A Comparative Study
Partha Bhattacharyya, Palash Kumar Basu, and Sukumar Basu

Integrated Micro/Nano Structures as Electrodes in Biosensors
Guigen Zhang

Multiple Organic Gas Detection by the Ball Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor
Kazushi Yamanaka, Toshihiro Sakamoto, Yutato Yamamoto, Kentaro Kobari, Toshihiro Tsuji, Shingo Akao, and Noritaka Nakaso

SENSORDEVICES 7: Sensor Devices II
Session chair: Luca Mesin

Surface Modified Nanoporous Materials for Hydrogen Sensing
Jayita Kanungo, Palash Kumar Basu, Sukumar Basu, and Anita Lloyd Spetz

ITO Thin Films by RF Sputtering for Ethanol Sensing
Sudhir Chandra, H.J. Pandya, and A.L. Vyas

Double Pin Photodiodes with Two Optical Gate Connections for Light Triggering
Manuel A. Vieira, Manuela Vieira, João Costa, Paula Louro, and Miguel Fernandes

Monolithic a-SiC:H Architectures as Tunable Optical Filters for Spectral Analysis
M. Vieira, P. Louro, M.A. Vieira, J. Costa, M. Fernandes, Y. Vygranenko, and M. Barata

Session chair: Manuela Vieira

Optical Processing Devices Based on Multilayered a-SiC:H p-i-n Structures for Short Range Optical Communications
P. Louro, M.A. Vieira, M. Vieira, J. Costa, and M. Fernandes

Charge-Sensitive Infrared Phototransisotrs: Ultra-sensitive Detectors in the Wavelength Range of 5-50μm
Takeji Ueda and Susumu Komiyama

In Field Application of an Innovative Sensor for Monitoring Road and Runway Surfaces
Luca Mesin, Amedeo Troiano, and Eros Pasero

The Sky-Scanner System for Air Traffic Management: Test Sessions and Statistical Analysis
Mario Salerno, Giovanni Costantini, Massimo Carota, Daniele Casali, Massimiliano Todisco, and Giuseppe Pomarico

SENSORDEVICES 9: Sensor Devices IV
Session chair: Sukumar Basu

Integrating Geophone Network to Real-Time Wireless Sensor Network System for Landslide Detection
Abishek Thekkeyil Kunnath and Maneesha V. Ramesh

Design of Low-Cost Noise Measurement Sensor Network: Sensor Function Design
Ismo Hakala, Ilkka Kivelä, Jukka Ihalainen, Jari Luomala, and Chao Gao

Button Heat-Pulse Sensor for Soil Water Content Measurements
Antonio Valente, Salviano Soares, Raul Morais, José Manuel Baptista, and Manuel Cabral

Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators as Passive Buried Sensors
J.M. Friedt, T. Rétornaz, G. Martin, T. Laroche, S. Alzuaga, T. Baron, É Carry, S. Ballandras, and J.P. Simonnet

SENSORDEVICES 10: Sensor Devices V
Session chair: Thierry Laroche

Enlarged Sample Holder for Optical AFM Imaging: Millimeter Scanning with High Resolution
A. Sinno, P. Ruaux, L. Chassagne, S. Topcu, Y. Alalyli, G. Lerondel, S. Blaize, A. Bruyant, and P. Royer

Micro Device for Mechanical Evaluation of Axi-symmetric Nanometric Samples: A Feasibility Study
Jorge A. Gómez and Alfredo Márquez-Lucero

Technology of Sensor Devices with Metrological Self-Check
Roald Taymanov and Ksenia Sapozhnikova

A New Concept for an Effective Leak Detection in Multiphase Fluid Pipelines
Mahmoud Meribout, Mohamed Abdu Galeel, Mohamed Al Marzouqi, and Marwan Abu Aasi

SENSORDEVICES 11: Sensors Signal Conditioning and Interfacing Circuits II
Session chair: Anna Cysewska

Universal Interfacing Circuit for Resistive-Bridge Sensors
Sergey Y. Yurish

A Glove Based Adaptive Sensor Interface for Live Musical Performances
Giovanni Costantini, Giovanni Saggio, and Massimiliano Todisco

Improving the Performance of an Accelerometer by Using a BLMS Adaptive Filter
Wilmar Hernandez, Jesús de Vicente, Oleg Sergiyenko, and Eduardo Fernández

Thresholds for the Identification of Commercial Wireless SAW ID-Tags
Gustavo Cerda-Villafana and Yuriy S. Shmaliy

SENSORDEVICES 12: Medical Devices and Sensors Applications
Session chair: Sergey Yurish

Finite Element Simulation of Microelectrodes for Bio-impedance Sensor Applications
Alberto Olmo and Alberto Yúfera

Influence of Alcohol Consumption on Blood Flow as Detected Using a Micro Integrated Laser Doppler Blood Flowmeter
Wataru Iwasaki, Hiroki Ito, Hirofumi Nogami, Renshi Sawada, Yoshinori Kimura, Atsushi Onoe, Satoshi Takeuchi, Masutaka Furue, and Eiji Higurashi

Application of a Multi-sensor Set for Comparative Evaluation of the Photoplethysmographic Waveforms
Dariusz Prokop, Anna Cysewska-Sobusiak, and Arkadiusz Hulewicz

Development of express breath analysis with semiconductor sensors for medical diagnostics
Sergey Krutovertsev, Maxim Chuprin, and Olga Ivanova

SENSORDEVICES 13: Sensor Device Technologies III
Session chair: Sudhir Chandra

Fabrication of Single Crystal Silicon Nanowire Bridge
Kyung Tea Park, Hyeon Cheol Kim, and Kukjin Chun

Response Differences of Binary Vapors from Mixtures in Liquid and Gas Phases
Rawat Jaisutti, Tippavan Hongkachern, and Tanakorn Osotchan

A Microfluidic Device with Embedded Capacitive Sensor for Fluid Discrimination and Characterization
Marco Demori, Vittorio Ferrari, Pietro Poesio, and Domenico Strazza

Investigation on Electrical Output Combination Options in a Piezoelectric Multifrequency Converter Array for Energy Harvesting in Autonomous Sensors
Marco Ferrari, Vittorio Ferrari, Michele Guizzetti, and Daniele Marioli



Session chair: Reijo Savola

Vulnerabilities and Improvements of Du-Xiao-Chen-Wu's Secure Cell Relay Routing Protocol for Sensor Networks
Keunwoo Rhee, Byunghee Lee, Dongho Won, Hac Yun Na, and Seungjoo Kim

Protecting Kernel Data through Virtualization Technology
Donghai Tian, Deguang Kong, Hu Changzhen, and Peng Liu

An Information Flow Approach for Preventing Race Conditions: Dynamic Protection of the Linux OS
Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas, Patrice Clemente, and Christian Toinard

Towards Sybil Resistant Authentication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Saorsh Hashmi and John Brooke

Session chair: Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas

Security-Measurability-Enhancing Mechanisms for a Distributed Adaptive Security Monitoring System
Reijo M. Savola and Petri Heinonen

Improving the Efficiency of a Highly-Used Access Control Scheme
Jin Tamura

Forthcoming Aggregating Intrusion Detection System Alerts Framework
Homam El-Taj, Omar Abouabdalla, Ahmed Manasrah, Ahmed Al-Madi, Muhammad Imran Sarwar, and Sureswaran Ramadass

Strategies for Managed Software Integrity Protection
Manfred Schäfer and Wolf-Dietrich Moeller

Security Analysis of Firewall Rule Sets in Computer Networks
Bilal Khan, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Maqsood Mahmud, and Khaled S. Alghathbar

Session chair: Rainer Falk

SOA-Based Security Governance Middleware
Pierre de Leusse and Theo Dimitrakos

A Security Adaptation Reference Monitor (SARM) for Highly Dynamic Wireless Environments
Tewfiq El Maliki and Jean-Marc Seigneur

Prospect of Fine Grain Dynamic Memory Access Control with Profiling
Dongkyun Ahn and Gyungho Lee

Identity Management without Revocation
Anders Fongen

Session chair: Anders Fongen

Heuristic Search in Encrypted Graphs
Pierluigi Failla

Performance Evaluation of SNR Estimation Methods in Forensic Speaker Recognition
Francesco Beritelli, Salvatore Casale, Rosario Grasso, and Andrea Spadaccini

A Statistical Approach to Biometric Identity Verification Based on Heart Sounds
Francesco Beritelli and Andrea Spadaccini

Industrial Sensor Network Security Architecture
Rainer Falk and Hans-Joachim Hof

Session chair: Pekka Pietikainen

Blind Detectors in Spread Spectrum Watermarking for Interference Reduction
Cagatay Karabat and Mehmet Keskinoz

Analysis of Strongly and Weakly Coupled Management Systems in Information Security
Wolfgang Boehmer

Shifting the Paradigm: Training Undergraduate Students in Software Security
Cynthia Y. Lester

Session chair: Wolfgang Boemer

BlogCrypt: Private Content Publishing on the Web
Tamás Paulik, Ádám Máté Földes, and Gábor György Gulyás

Verifying Hotspot Quality User Rating with Certified QoS Evidence
Xavier Titi and Jean-Marc Seigneur

RBAC+: Dynamic Access Control for RBAC-Administered Web-Based Databases
Ahlem Bouchahda, Nhan Le Thanh, Adel Bouhoula, and Faten Labbene

Socio-technical Security Assessment of a VoIP System
Pekka Pietikäinen, Kati Karjalainen, Juha Röning, and Juhani Eronen

Session chair: Jaziar Radianti

An Analysis of the Asprox Botnet
Ravishankar Borgaonkar

Eliciting Information on the Vulnerability Black Market from Interviews
Jaziar Radianti

Cascaded Simple Filters for Accurate and Lightweight Email-Spam Detection
Masaru Takesue

Exploiting the x86 Architecture to Derive Virtual Machine State Information
Jonas Pfoh, Christian Schneider, and Claudia Eckert

Session chair: Masaru Takesue

Patch Scheduling for Risk Exposure Mitigation under Service Disruption Constraints
Praveen Bommannavar and Nicholas Bambos

Discovery of Invariant Bot Behavior through Visual Network Monitoring System
Alireza Shahrestani, Maryam Feily, Rodina Ahmad, and Sureswaran Ramadass

A Study of a Social Behavior inside the Online Black Markets
Jaziar Radianti

Defaming Botnet Toolkits: A Bottom-Up Approach to Mitigating the Threat
Thomas Ormerod, Lingyu Wang, Mourad Debbabi, Amr Youssef, Hamad Binsalleeh, Amine Boukhtouta, and Prosenjit Sinha

Session chair: Francisco Bellido

A Shuffling Scheme with Strict and Strong Security
Kun Peng and Feng Bao

Biometric Transaction Authentication Protocol
Daniel Hartung and Christoph Busch

Applications of SAT Solvers to AES Key Recovery from Decayed Key Schedule Images
Abdel Alim Kamal and Amr M. Youssef

Analyzing the DPA Leakage of the Masked S-box via Digital Simulation and Reducing the Leakage by Inserting Delay Cells
Sedat Soydan

An Efficient Acceleration of Symmetric Key Cryptography Using General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit
Fan Wu, Chung-han Chen, and Hira Narang

Session chair: Daniel Hartung

An Efficient Vein Pattern-Based Recognition System
Mohit Soni, Sandesh Gupta, M.S. Rao, and Phalguni Gupta

Detection Methods Improving Reliability of Automatic Human Tracking System
Hiroto Kakiuchi, Takao Kawamura, Toshihiko Sasama, and Kazunori Sugahara

Universal Bluetooth Access Control and Security System for e-Keys Enviroments
Francisco José Bellido Outeiriño, Pedro Canales Aranda, José Luis de la Cruz Fernández, and Benito Pérez Jarauta

An Access Control Architecture for Context-Risk-Aware Access Control: Architectural Design and Performance Evaluation
Ali Ahmed and Ning Zhang

Session chair: Pierre de Leusse

A Security Control Architecture for SOAP-Based Services
Boulares Ouchenne and Ousmane Koné

Protecting Next Generation High Speed Network Protocol - UDT through Generic Security Service Application Program Interface - GSS-API
Danilo Valeros Bernardo and Doan Hoang

Protection of a Shared HPC Cluster
Mathieu Blanc, Jérémy Briffaut, Thibault Coullet, Maxime Fonda, and Christian Toinard

Towards a Structural Secure Design Process
S. Hasan Mirjalili and Arjen K. Lenstra


MESH 2010

MESH 1: Frameworks & Performance
Session chair: Robert Nagel

The Achievable Cell Capacity in Cellular Wireless Mesh Networks
Dong Zhang, Rick Bunt, and Nathaniel Osgood

Performance Evaluation of AODV and OLSR-Meshed IP-Enabled IEEE802.15.4
Andreas Lewandowski, Volker Köster, and Christian Wietfeld

Experimental Procedure for the Characterization and Optimization of the Power Consumption and Reliability in ZigBee Mesh Networks
Jose María Castillo-Secilla, Pedro Canales Aranda, Francisco José Bellido Outeiriño, and Joaquín Olivares

Self-Organizing Mobile Mesh Networks with Peer-to-Peer Routing and Information Search Services
Gabriele Monti, Gianluca Moro, Marco Rosetti, and Giacomo Tufano

MESH 2: Resource Alloction, Emergency/Disaster, WiMax
Session chair:Volker Köster

Altruistic Traffic Limits Computation in Wireless Broadcast Networks
Robert Nagel

Simulation-Based Optimization for Wireless Mesh Network Planning
Gleicy Aparecida Cabral and Geraldo Robson Mateus

Analysis of Emergency Message Transmission Delays in Vehicular Wireless Mesh Network
Antanas Vindasius and Sarunas Stanaitis

Multihop Interference and Multihop Propagation of Control Signaling in IEEE 802.16d Mesh Networks
Chee-Wei Ang

MESH 3: Access & Routing Protocols
Session chair: Vladimir Sulc

A Realistic Beamforming Model for ns-2
Silke Meister and Christian Hartmann

Bayesian VoIP Quality Evaluation Using the Time Between Retried Calls
Zoltan Gaspar, Izabella Gocza, and Gheorghe Toacse

Mobility-Aware Hybrid Routing Approach for Wireless Mesh Networks
Dong-Won Kum, Jin-Su Park, You-Ze Cho, Byoung-Yoon Cheon, and Daejea Cho

The Effect of RTS/CTS Frames on the Performance of Ad Hoc-Based Mobile LAN
Ha Cheol Lee

Application of Line Graph for Link Scheduling in Wireless Networks under M-hop Interference Model
Ali Ghiasian, Hossein Saidi, and Behnaz Omoomi

MESH 4: Telemed, Security, Scheduling
Session chair: Silke Meister

Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and Its Application to E-Health
Cosmin Porumb, Sanda Porumb, Bogdan Orza, and Dinu Budura

Algorithms for Extraction and Visualization of Metadata from Domain Name Server Records
Arley Barros Leal da Silveira and Nuno M. Garcia

A Novel Approach for Scheduling in STDMA for High-Throughput Backbone Wireless Mesh Networks Operating within 60-80 GHz
Vladimir M. Vishnevsky and Andrey A. Larionov

MESH 5: Real-Time and Non-real Time Communications
Session chair: Gleicy Cabral

Data Acquisition in Oceanographic Research Vessels
Oscar García, Joan Olivé, Dulce Afonso, Eduardo Arilla, Alberto Hernández, Juan Luis Ruiz, Xoan Romero, Antonio Sandoval, José Alberto Serrano, Jordi Sorribas, Enric Trullols, and Joaquin del Río

DVB-S2 Reception On-Board of the High-Speed Trains
Eros Feltrin, Stefano Pezzana, Elisabeth Weller, and David Sanz

IQRF Smart House - A Case Study
Vladimir Sulc, Radek Kuchta, and Radimir Vrba


AFIN 2010

AFIN 1: Challenging Features I
Session chair: Eugen Borcoci

Using Relevance Feedback in Bridging Semantic Gaps in Content-Based Image Retrieval
Sagarmay Deb

A Privacy Service for Locator/Identifier-Split Architectures Based on Mobile IP Mechanisms
Oliver Hanka

Smoothing Selfishness by Isolating Non-cooperative Nodes in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Maurizio D'Arienzo, Francesco Oliviero, and Simon Pietro Romano

NOL: Name Overlay Service for Improving Internet Routing Scalability
Yangyang Wang, Jun Bi, and Jianping Wu

AFIN 2: Challenging Features II
Session chair: Oliver Hanka

User-Provided Wireless Neutral Access Networks
Andrea Seraghiti and Alessandro Bogliolo

Service-Oriented Multi Agent Middleware Using Information Fusion and Service Prediction in Pervasive Environments
Zion Hwang, Yoonsik Uhm, Minsoo Lee, Yong Kim, and Sehyun Park

MAC Protocol with Low Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensors Network
Mohamed Guerroumi, Nadjib Badache, and Samira Moussaoui

An Innovative QoS Paradigm Based on Cognitive In-network Management of Resources for a Future Unified Network Architecture: I-NAME QoS Model
Emanuel Puschița, Tudor Palade, Ancuþa Moldovan, Rebeca Colda, and Irina Vermesan

AFIN 3: Internet Services and Applications I
Session chair: Brandeis Marshall

An Internet File Transfer Service for Mobile Phones with Limited Connectivity
Mario A. Gomez-Rodriguez, Victor J. Sosa-Sosa, and Ivan Lopez-Arevalo

A Framework for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Devices in Ubiquitous Home
Hojin Park, Jun-Hee Park, and Nam Kim

Distance-Aware Avatar Interaction in Online Virtual Environments
Markus Esch and Jean Botev

An Opportunistic Multi-server Scheduling Approach for Service Guarantees through Mobile Routers
Syed Zubair Ahmad, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, and Abdelaziz Bouras

AFIN 4: Internet Services and Applications II
Session chair: Markus Esch

Seamless Handoff in Heterogeneous Network for VoIP Applications
Dang Duc Nguyen, Teck-Meng Lim, Chai-Kiat Yeo, and Bu-Sung Lee

Query Processing over Distributed Heterogeneous Sensor Networks in Future Internet: Scalable Architecture and Challenges
A. K. M. Azad, Joarder Kamruzzaman, Balasubramaniam Srinivasan, KH Mahmudul Alam, and Shaila Pervin

PHcenter: A Platform for Process Diagnosis and Control via Internet
Daniel Merezeanu, Dan Popescu, Gheorghe Florea, and Corneliu Rusu

AFIN 5: Internet Mechanisms
Session chair: Dan Merezeanu

Performance of AQM Routers in the Presence of New TCP Variants
Andrzej Chydzinski and Agnieszka Brachman

Three-Phase Cross-Cloud Federation Model: The Cloud SSO Authentication
Antonio Celesti, Francesco Tusa, Massimo Villari, and Antonio Puliafito

Using the Social Networking Graph for Image Organization
Brandeis Marshall and Siddharth Pandey

An IPv6 Translation Scheme for Small and Medium Scale Deployment
Yang Xia, Bu Sung Lee, Chai Kiat Yeo, and Vincent Lim Sok Seng



DEPEND 1: Dependability, Adaptability and New Technologies
Session chair: Gerardo Rubino

End-to-End Transfer Rate Adjustment Mechanism for VANET
Tomoyuki Ohta, Kazuki Ogasawara, and Yoshiaki Kakuda

Randomized Consensus in Wireless Environments: A Case Where More is Better
Bruno Vavala, Nuno Neves, Henrique Moniz, and Paulo Veríssimo

Software-Implemented Fault Injection at Firmware Level
Peter Tröger, Felix Salfner, and Steffen Tschirpke

A User Requirement-Driven Service Dynamic Personalized QoS Model
Yan Gao, Bin Zhang, Shao-wei Shi, Hong-ning Zhu, Jun Na, and Fu-cai Zhou

DEPEND 2: Dependability Facets I
Session chair: Bruno Vavala

From Formal Specification in Event-B to Probabilistic Reliability Assessment
Anton Tarasyuk, Elena Troubitsyna, and Linas Laibinis

FTDIS: A Fault Tolerant Dynamic Instruction Scheduling
Roza Ghamari and Amir Rajabzadeh

Dependability of a Network Monitoring Hardware
Sándor Plósz, István Moldován, Pál Varga, and Lászlo Kántor

Estimating Reliability of Mobile Agent System for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Chandreyee Chowdhury and Sarmistha Neogy

DEPEND 3: Dependability Facets II
Session chair: Manuel Perez

Software-Implemented Hardware Error Detection: Costs and Gains
Ute Schiffel, André Schmitt, Martin Süßkraut, and Christof Fetzer

Feature Specific Control Flow Checking in COTS-Based Embedded Systems
Amir Rajabzadeh and Seyed Ghassem Miremadi

Effective Data Dissemination for Large-Scale Complex Critical Infrastructures
Christian Esposito, Catello Di Martino, Marcello Cinque, and Domenico Cotroneo

Performability Comparison of Schedulability Conditions in Real-Time Embedded Systems
Mohsen Bashiri and Seyed Ghassem Miremadi

DEPEND 4: Trust, System Dependability and Security
Session chair: Aljosa Pasic

Advanced Policies for the Administrative Delegation in Federated Environments
Manuel Gil Pérez, Gabriel López, Antonio F. Gómez Skarmeta, and Aljosa Pasic

A Survey on Trust-Based Web Service Provision Approaches
Nicola Dragoni

Enhanced Vulnerability Ontology for Information Risk Assessment and Dependability Management
Marco D. Aime and Fabio Guasconi

An Intrusion Tolerance Approach to Enhance Single Sign on Server Protection
David Pham and Arun K. Sood

DEPEND 5: Dependability Facets III
Session chair: Teemu Kanstren

Towards Dependable Business Processes with Fault-Tolerance Approach
Angel Jesus Varela-Vaca, Rafael M. Gasca, Diana Borrego, and Sergio Pozo

RMAP: A Reliability-Aware Application Mapping for Network-on-Chips
Ahmad Patooghy, Hamed Tabkhi, and Seyed Ghassem Miremadi

System Fault Behavior Model Considering the Effects of Structural Factors and Method of Its Description
Zhao Guangyan, Kang Rui, Sun Yufeng, and Zhao Gang

DEPEND 6: Dependability Facets III and Self-Adaptability
Session chair: Guangyan Zhao

A Computational Approach to Multi-level Analysis of Network Resilience
Christian Doerr and Javier Martin Hernandez

Emergence: A New Source of Failures in Complex Systems
Lorenzo Vinerbi, Andrea Bondavalli, and Paolo Lollini

Coordination and Deployment of Mobile Agents on Dependable Systems
Ichiro Satoh

Improved Adaptation of Web Service Composition Based on Change Impact Probability
Jun Na, Yan Gao, Bin Zhang, Li-ping Huang, and Zhi-liang Zhu

DEPEND 7: Adaptability and Dependability
Session chair: Mohsen Bashiri

Definition of Core Requirements and a Reference Architecture for a Dependable, Secure and Adaptive Distributed Monitoring Framework
Teemu Kanstrén and Reijo Savola

Handling Crash and Software Faults Efficiently in Distributed Event Stream Processing
Andrey Brito, Stefan Weigert, Martin Süßkraut, Christof Fetzer, and Pascal Felber

On Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Reconfiguration of Dependable Real-Time Systems
Manuel Mazzara and Anirban Bhattacharyya

Classification and Impact Analysis of Faults in Automated System Management
Barry McLarnon, Philip Robinson, Paul Sage, and Peter Milligan



CENICS 1: Application-Oriented Electronics
Session chair: Stefania Perry

Design and Development of a Novel MEMS Force Sensor for Plantar Pressure Measurement
Zhang Xuefeng, Zhao Yulong, and Xu Yi

Embedded System Design for Impedance Measurement of Multi-piezo Sensor
Abdulrahman Hamed, Etienne Tisserand, Yves Berviller, and Patrick Schweitzer

Influence of the the Distance between Bluetooth 2.0 Nodes and Their Link Mode with the Communication Delay
Josu Etxaniz, Agustín Alonso, and Gerardo Aranguren

UWB-Based Time-of-Arrival Ranging System for Multipath Indoor Environments
Markos Losada, Leticia Zamora-Cadenas, Ainara Jiménez-Irastorza, Naiara Arrue, and Igone Vélez

CENICS 2: Special Circuits
Session chair: Abdulrahman Hamed

VLSI Circuits for Accurate Motion Estimation
Stefania Perri, Pasquale Corsonello, and Giuseppe Cocorullo

Hardware Acceleration of BLOB Detection for Image Processing
Alexander Bochem, Rainer Herpers, and Kenneth B. Kent

A Forward Phase Detector for GSamples/s Phase-Locked Loops
Ting-Hsu Chien, Chi-Sheng Lin, and Chin-Long Wey

A New Approach to Compression of Medical Ultrasound Images Using Wavelet Transform
Elham Shahhoseini, Nasrin Ahmadi Nejad, Hamid Behnam, and Amir Shahhoseini

CENICS 3: Design, Models, Languages & Semiconductors/Applications
Session chair: Josu Etxaniz Marañon

Meta-functional Languages for Hardware Design and Verification
Gordon J. Pace and Christian Tabone

Effects of Modulation Current Shape on a Directly Modulated DFB-Laser Chirp at 2.5 Gbit/s
Carmina del Río Campos, Paloma R. Horche, and Alfredo Martín-Mínguez

Transmission Performance Improvement of Directly Modulated 1.5 μm VCSEL: Simulations and Experiments
Antonio Consoli, Francisco J. López-Hernández, Paloma R. Horche, and Carmina del Río Campos

Two Complementary Methods for Parasitic Coupling Reduction within MMIC's
Olivier Tesson and Sidina Wane

CENICS 4: Electronic Technologies
Session chair: Antonio Consoli

Development of 3.6 Gbps RF Transceiver for Wireless Nomadic Local Area Networks
Il-Gu Lee, Minho Cheong, Deuk-Su Lyu, and Sok-Kyu Lee

A Novel CMOS Tunable Transversal Active Filter Adaptable to Temperature Variations and Circuit Elements Tolerance
Massoud Dousti, Zahra Shabani, and Amir Abolfazl Suratgar


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