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The First International Conference on Advances in Bioinformatics and Applications


March 7-13, 2010 - Cancun, Mexico

Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program

ICNS 2010 / ICAS 2010 / INTENSIVE 2010 / LMPCNA 2010
BioSciencesWorld 2010

Sunday, March 7


Registration Starts

Note: The registration desk is located in front of the Peninsula conference rooms


16:00 - 18:30


Virtualization, resource management and autonomous systems

Gaston Keller, University of Western Ontario, Canada


19:00 - 20:00

Welcome Cocktail
Location: Mexican Patio

Monday, March 8

09:00 - 09:15

Opening Address

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Intrusion Detection using Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Dr. Juan J. Flores
Universidad Michoacana, Mexico

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 18:30

IARIA Work Group Meeting: Advances on Networking Convergence


Topic: Trends in Networking and Services

Petre Dini, IARIA, USA // Concordia University, Canada

Guest Panelists:
Miklós Molnár, IRISA, INSA Rennes, France
Juan Flores, Universidad Michoacana, Mexico
Jaime Lloret, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Srikant Akella Vardhana, Infosys Technologies Ltd., India

2. Special Topics on Networking

3. On-line Journals

Tuesday, March 9

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30




17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

17:45 - 18:30

Keynote Speaker

The Nature of Robust and Reliable Communications: Theory and Applications
Prof. Dr. Alois Goiser
University of Technology Vienna, Austria

18:30 - 19:30

IARIA Work Group Meeting: Autonomic and Autonomous


Topic: Robustness and Trust in Autonomic Systems

Petre Dini, IARIA, USA // Concordia University, Canada

Guest Panelists:
Lei Chen, Sam Houston State University, USA
Toshio Hirotsu, Hosei University, Japan
Marc Zeller, Fraunhofer Institute for Communication Systems ESK, Germany

2. Advances on A&A

3. On-line Journals

Wednesday, March 10

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30




15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 16:45

Keynote Speaker

Methods for Measuring Offshore Wind Climatology
Dr. Son V. Nghiem
Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California, U.S.A.

16:45 - 18:00

IARIA Working Group Meeting on BIO


Topic: Challenges in Bio-technologies, Systems and Environments

Vladimir Strezov, Macquarie University, Australia

Guest Panelists:
Joel Jeffrey, Northern Illinois University, USA
Kayvan Najarian, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Keat Teong Lee, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Vladimir Strezov, Macquarie University, Australia

2. Advnaced Topics on BIO

3. On-line Journals on BioSciences



19:30 - 24:00

ICNS 2010 // ICAS 2010 // INTENSIVE 2010 // BioSciencesWorld 2010
Location: Condesa 3
Show: Mariachi Team

Thursday, March 11

08:30 - 10:15




10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15




12:15 - 12:45

Closing session

Friday, March 12

8:00 - 18:00

One day visit
(see the registration form)

Mayan Temples and Open Aquarium

Only for those participants who registered via the registration form

Tulum & Xel-Ha - a single day-trip, a perfect tour for its perfect blend of ancient cultures and the great outdoors combining history and nature!
Tulum, situated approximately 81 miles from Cancun, is thought to have been a major Mayan Port. The Mayan built the archaeological zone, a walled-city on a cliff that overlooks a small cove, was built between the 6th and 16th centuries . When strolling among the temples - the mighty El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes and the Temple of the Descending God, you will have a magical encounter with this millenarian culture.

Xe-Ha, also known as “The Largest Natural Aquarium in the World” features an extraordinary network of natural pools and waterways, islands, caves, fed by both - the Caribbean and the region’s network of underground rivers and sweet water springs.    Xel-Ha is a paradise for snorkelers who will be immersed in a sea of brightly-colored fish in varying sizes while they navigate in a river journey through the park.

Let the colorful tropical fish and the rare corals enchant you and carry you away to an underwater world that is incomparable to any other you have ever seen, or experience the flora and fauna of Xel-Ha that exist in their pristine state and create an exotic, natural setting for the park !!:

  • 09:00 - Departure from the hotel  on the tour with a/c transportation
  • 10:45 - Arrival at the Tulum and guided tour of the archaeological site.
  • 12:00 - Departure from the Tulum  to Xel Ha
  • 12:30 - Arrival at Xel Ha and time at leisure  to enjoy the activities & have lunch [10 open restaurants + all drinks]
  • 15:30 - Departure from the Park to Cancun
  • 17:00 - Return to the hotel




Session chair: Jaime Lloret

Network-Based Context-Aware Input Method Editor
Shinji Suematsu, Yutaka Arakawa, Shigeaki Tagashira, and Akira Fukuda

Horizontal Addressing by Title in a Next Generation Internet
João Henrique de Souza Pereira, Sergio T. Kofuji, and Pedro Frosi Rosa

Task Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
Andrei Voinescu, Dan Stefan Tudose, and Nicolae Tapus

Optimization Proposal for Communication Structure in Local Networks
Eduardo Souza Santos, Fabíola Souza Fernandes Pereira, João Henrique de Souza Pereira, Pedro Frosi Rosa, and Sérgio Takeo Kofuji

Prioritizing Data Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Cosmin Dini and Pascal Lorenz

Session chair: Patcharee Thongtra

FINLAN Packet Delivery Proposal in a Next Generation Internet
Fabíola Souza Fernandes Pereira, Eduardo Souza Santos, João Henrique de Souza Pereira, Pedro Frosi Rosa, and Sérgio Takeo Kofuji

IPTV Transcoding to Avoid Network Congestion
Marcelo Atenas, Alejandro Canovas, Miguel Garcia, and Jaime Lloret

Real-Time Communication Enabler for Web 2.0 Applications
David Linner, Horst Stein, Ulrich Staiger, and Stephan Steglich

A MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Quantizer to Improve the Video Quality in IPTV Services
Marcelo Atenas, Miguel Garcia, Alejandro Canovas, and Jaime Lloret

Session chair: Juan Flores

A Novel Approach to Distributing Service against BGP Path Inflation
Xiao Chen, Nianzu Liu, and Weinong Wang

Monitoring of Non-functional Requirements Using Dynamic Transformation of Components
Imen Ben Lahmar, Hamid Mukhtar, and Djamel Belaïd

Service-Based Models to Provide Group Interaction and Dynamism in Collaborative Applications
Mario Anzures-García, Miguel J. Hornos, Patricia Paderewski, and Luz A. Sánchez-Gálvez

An Adaptable Capability Monitoring System
Patcharee Thongtra and Finn Arve Aagesen

Session chair: Hermann Schloss

UPnP Extensions for Public IPv4 Sharing in IPv6 Environment
Xiaoyu Zhao, Lan Wang, and Daqing Gu

Using RFC4893 Violations to Reveal the Topology of AS Confederations
Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez

IPv6-Only Nodes in Corporate and Academic Networks
Adrian Knoth and David Neuhäuser

IP Upgrade-Engineering Exercise or Necessity?
Srikant Akella Vardhana, Sib Shankar Roy, and Vidyadhar Chakravarthy

Session chair: Adrian Knoth

A New Collision Judgment Algorithm for Pedestrian-Vehicular Collision Avoidance Support System (P-VCASS) in Advanced ITS
Yuki Nakanishi, Ryohta Yamaguchi, Kazushi Fujimoto, Tomotaka Wada, and Hiromi Okada

New Method for Cellular Network Traces Exploitation
Aymen Ayari, Mohamed Ayadi, Houda Khedher, and Sami Tabbane

An Ontology-Based Framework for Autonomous QoS Management in Home Networks
Ernesto Exposito and Jorge Gómez-Montalvo

CARMA Based MST Approximation for Multicast Provision in P2P Networks
Gennadiy Poryev, Hermann Schloss, and Rainer Oechsle

Event Management Ontology: Mechanisms for Semantic-Driven Diagnosis
Manuela Popescu, Pascal Lorenz, Marc Gilg, and Jean Marc Nicod

Session chair: Xingang Liu

WSN as a Tool for Supporting Agriculture in the Precision Irrigation
Gracon H. E. L. de Lima, Lenardo C. e Silva, and Pedro F. R. Neto

Fault-Tolerant Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Laura Gheorghe, Razvan Rughinis, and Nicolae Tapus

A New Scheduler for IEEE 802.16 with Delay Bound Guarantee
Eden Ricardo Dosciatti, Walter Godoy Junior, and Augusto Foronda

Non-interactive Authentication Scheme Providing Privacy among Drivers in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Networks
Fatty M. Salem, Maged H. Ibrahim, and I. I. Ibrahim

Session chair: Miklos Molnar

A Novel Urgent Communications Technologies for Sharing Evacuation Support Information in Panic-Type Disasters
Chikara Okada, Ryosuke Miyamoto, Akinori Yamane, Tomotaka Wada, Kazuhiro Ohtsuki, and Hiromi Okada

Supporting Fixed Mobile Convergence in an All-Optical Access-Metro Network
Charlotte Roger and Philippe Niger

No Break of Virtual Network during Live Migration
Xingang Liu, Jinpeng Huai, Qin Li, and Tianyu Wo

Real-Time Databases Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
Luana Dantas Chagas, Eduardo Pereira Lima, and Pedro Fernandes Ribeiro Neto

Session chair: Walter Godoy Junior

A Decision Support Service Platform for Neurodegenerative Disease Patients
Kambiz Madani, Mahboubeh Lohi, and Abdolkhalil Lohi

Optimal Period Length for the CGS Sensor Network Scheduling Algorithm
Gábor Bergmann, Miklós Molnár, László Gönczy, and Bernard Cousin

An Object Tracking Method based on Scenario-Type Hypothesis Tracking in Segmented Multiple Regions
Masakazu Murata, Yoshiaki Taniguchi, Go Hasegawa, and Hirotaka Nakano

Distributed Simulation Environment for the ShoX Network Simulator
Peter Janacik, Johannes Lessmann, and Michael Karch

Session chair: Steve Cosgrove

SLA Perspective in Security Management for Cloud Computing
Shirlei Aparecida de Chaves, Carlos Becker Westphall, and Flavio Rodrigo Lamin

A Semantic Framework for Resource Discovery Based on Ontology
Francisca A. P. Pinto, Giovanni C. Barroso, Antônio de B. Serra, and Mario F. Aguilar

Performance Analysis of a Dynamic Architecture for Reconfiguration of Web Servers Clusters
Carla Katarina M. Marques, Sergio Ilarri, José Merseguer, and Giovanni C. Barroso

Session chair: Peter Janacik

Extended Distribution System for Electronic Document Distribution as the Application Realized on the Network Introducing DACS Scheme
Kazuya Odagiri, Syougo Shimizu, Rihito Yaegashi, and Naohiro Ishii

Simple Statistical Analysis Method for the Behaviour of Autonomous Systems
Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez

Attack Evaluation and Mitigation Framework
Laura Gheorghe, Razvan Rughinis, and Nicolae Tapus

An Empirical Study of the NETCONF Protocol
James Yu and Imad Al Ajarmeh

Session chair: Shirlei Chaves

A Distance-Optimized Load Balancing Scheme for Network Management
Yantao Sun, Fangnan Yang, Qiang Liu, and Zhiqiang Shi

Time Slot Assignment Algorithms in IEEE 802.16 Multi-hop Relay Networks
Rintaro Ishii, Go Hasegawa, Yoshiaki Taniguchi, and Hirotaka Nakano

Evolving HMMs for Network Anomaly Detection - Learning through Evolutionary Computation
Juan J. Flores, Anastacio Antolino, and Juan M. Garcia

Detection of Zero-Day Polymorphic Worms Using Principal Component Analysis
Mohssen M. Z. E. Mohammed, H. Anthony Chan, Neco Ventura, Mohsim Hashim, Izzeldin Amin, and Eihab Bashier

Session chair: Petre Dini

An Implementation and Its Evaluation of a Framework for Managing States of Nodes among Structured Overlay Networks
Kimihiro Mizutani, Satoshi Matsuura, Shinichi Doi, Kazutoshi Fujikawa, and Hideki Sunahara

Active Safety Evaluation in Car-to-Car Networks
Juan Angel Ferreiro-Lage, Pablo Vazquez-Caderno, Juan Francisco Gálvez Gálvez, Oscar Rubiños, and Fernando Aguado-Agelet

Optimization and Evaluation of an Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol for WASNs
Flavio Corradini, Michele Papalini, Alberto Polzonetti, and Oliviero Riganelli

A Framework to Radio Layer Operation in Cognitive Networks
Rafael de Souza Mendes, Carlos Becker Westphall, and Everton Rodrigues Garcia

Session chair: Oliviero Riganelli

A Content and Peer Reputation Method for Suppressing Harmful Content in Relay-Transfer P2P File Sharing
Akira Tanaka, Kenji Masui, and Katsuyoshi Iida

Access Control Mechansim for Mobile Ad Hoc Network of Networks (MANoN)
Ali Al-Bayatti, Hussein Zedan, and François Siewe

Latency Evaluation of WDM-Based Packet/Path Integrated Networks
Norimitsu Tsutsui, Shin’ichi Arakawa, and Masayuki Murata

Session chair: Andrew Smith

Adaptation and Intelligent Retrieval of Learning Content to Enhance On-line Courses
Marian Cristian Mihaescu, Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Costel Marian Ionascu, and Bogdan Logofatu

Large Scale Delivery of Cisco Networking Academy Program by Blended Distance Learning
Nicky Moss and Andrew Smith

Individual Practice and Collaborative Inquiry: Instructional Configurations in a Simulation Environment
Kristen E. DiCerbo, Ron Kovac Patti West, Dennis C. Frezzo, John T. Behrens, and J. Sehnalakova

Easy-EIGRP: A Didactic Application for Teaching and Learning of the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
Jesús Expósito, Valentina Trujillo, and Eric Gamess

Session chair: Kristen DiCerbo

Walk the Talk: Using Knowledge from the Network Academy to Build a Research Network
Steve Cosgrove

Visual Learning Tools for Teaching/Learning Computer Networks: Cisco Networking Academy and Packet Tracer
Jozef Janitor, František Jakab, and Karol Kniewald

Multiuser Collaborative Practical Learning Using Packet Tracer
Andrew Smith and Colin Bluck

Session chair: Petre Dini

Scheduling Algorithm of Load Balancing Based on Dynamic Policies
Jie Chang, Wen’an Zhou, Junde Song, and Zhiqi Lin

Testing Environment for Real-Time Communications Intensive Systems
Diana Alina Serbanescu and Ina Schieferdecker

An Adaptive Deformation Method Based on Hierarchical Progressive Meshes
Wei Lu and Jingui Pan

Linear Time Invariant Homogeneous Matrix Descriptor (Singular) Discrete-Time Systems with Non Consistent Initial Conditions
Athanasios A. Pantelous, Athanasios D. Karageorgos, and Grigoris I. Kalogeropoulos

Session chair: Christoph Rasche

Autonomic Energy Management in a Replicated Server System
Aeiman Gadafi, Laurent Broto, Amal Sayah, Daniel Hagimont, and Noel Depalma

Introducing Queuing Network-Based Performance Awareness in Autonomic Systems
Ahmed Harbaoui, Nabila Salmi, Bruno Dillenseger, and Jean-Marc Vincent

Mapping Policies to a Causal Network for Diagnosis
Michael Tighe and Michael Bauer

Thinking Autonomic for Sensing Devices
Rémi Sharrock, Amin Cherbal, Levent Gürgen, Thierry Monteil, and Shinichi Honiden

Session chair: Michael Tighe

Fail-Safe Data Management in Self-Healing Automotive Systems
Marc Zeller, Stefan Grosse, Dirk Eilers, and Rudi Knorr

A Cluster-Based Implementation of a Fault Tolerant Parallel Reduction Algorithm Using Swarm-Array Computing
Blesson Varghese, Gerard McKee, and Vassil Alexandrov

Orchestrating Safe Behavioural Adaptations of Component-Based Systems
Najla Hadj Kacem, Ahmed Hadj Kacem, and Khalil Drira

Ontology-Based Engineering of Autonomous Systems
Julita Bermejo-Alonso, Ricardo Sanz, Manuel Rodríguez, and Carlos Hernández

Session chair: Marc Zeller

Combining Autonomous Exploration, Goal-Oriented Coordination and Task Allocation in Multi-UAV Scenarios
Christoph Rasche, Claudius Stern, Willi Richert, Lisa Kleinjohann, and Bernd Kleinjohann

Dynamic Change of Services in Wireless Sensor Network Middleware Based on Semantic Technologies
Francisco Cassimiro Neto and Claudia M. F. A. Ribeiro

Autonomous High Precision Positioning of Surgical Instruments in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery under Visual Guidance
Christoph Staub, Alois Knoll, Takayuki Osa, and Robert Bauernschmitt

Session chair: Marcelino Campos Oliveira Silva

Dynamic Indoor Location Determination: Mechanisms and Robustness Evaluation
Yiming Ji and Lei Chen

Large Scale Deployment
Mahamadou Toure, Patricia Stolf, Daniel Hagimont, and Laurent Broto

A System for Distributed Context Reasoning
Stamatia Rizou, Kai Häussermann, Frank Dürr, Nazario Cipriani, and Kurt Rothermel

Context-Aware Virtual Agents in Open Environments
T. Steel, D. Kuiper, and R. Z. Wenkstern

Session chair: Stamatia Rizou

Modified Mecanum Wheels for Traversing Rough Terrains
A. Ramirez-Serrano and R. Kuzyk

A Policy Management Framework for Self-Protection of Pervasive Systems
Ruan He, Marc Lacoste, and Jean Leneutre

Discarding Similar Data with Autonomic Data Killing Framework Based on High-Level Petri Net Rules: An RSS Implementation
Wallace Pinheiro, Marcelino Campos Oliveira Silva, Thiago Rodrigues, Geraldo Xexéo, and Jano Souza

A Decentralized Evolutional Approach to Handle Schedule Execution in Software Projects
Nora Houari and Behrouz H. Far

Session chair: Alosi Goiser

An Integrated Software Concept for Autonomous Driving in the Context of Intermodal Freight Traffic
Dieter Zöbel and Christian Weyand

Planning for Autonomous Planetary Vehicles
Giuseppe Della Penna, Benedetto Intrigila, Daniele Magazzeni, and Fabio Mercorio

Replication and Migration as Resource Management Mechanisms for Virtualized Environments
Gastón Keller and Hanan Lutfiyya

A Virtualization-Based SaaS Enabling Architecture for Cloud Computing
Liang Zhong, Tianyu Wo, Jianxin Li, and Bo Li

Session chair: Dieter Zoebel

A Rule-Based Web Service Composition Approach
Yujie Yao and Haopeng Chen

Model-Driven Architecture Approach for Data Warehouse
Lúcia Abrunhosa Fernandes, Beatriz Helena Neto, Vladimir Fagundes, Geraldo Zimbrão, Jano Moreira de Souza, and Rodrigo Salvador

A Model of Link Capacities in ISP's Router-Level Topology
Shigehiro Hosoki, Shin'ichi Arakawa, and Masayuki Murata

Dynamic Feedback for Service Reputation Updates
Oana Dini, Pascal Lorenz, Abdelhafid Abouaissa, and Hervé Guyennet

Session chair: Shigehiro Hosoki

Robust and Reliable Communication Meets Future Mobile Communication Demands
Alois M. J. Goiser and Samar Khattab

Greedy by Chance - Stochastic Greedy Algorithms
Viswanathan Kodaganallur and Anup K. Sen

A Light-Weight Autonomous Power Saving Method for Wireless Sensor Networks
Toshio Hirotsu, Shinnosuke Nishitani, Hirotake Abe, Kyoji Umemura, Kensuke Fukuda, Satoshio Kurihara, and Toshiharu Sugawara

Session chair: Giuseppe Narzisi

Synthesis and Surface Modification of Poly (dimethylsiloxane) - Gold Nanocomposite Films for Biosensing Applications
Pooja Devi, Alaa Yahya Mahmoud, Simona Badilescu, Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Pethaiyan Jeevanandam, and Vo-Van Truong

Performance Comparison of Volterra Predictor and Neural Network for Breathing Prediction
Pavani Davuluri, Rosalyn S. Hobson, Martin J. Murphy, and Kayvan Najarian

Vessel Extraction of Microcirculatory Video Recordings Using Multi-thresholding Based Verification Algorithm
Sumeyra U. Demir, Nazanin Mirshahi, Kevin Ward, Roya Hakimzadeh, Rosalyn Hobson, and Kayvan Najarian

Monitoring the Severity of Blood Loss by Integrating Knowledge from the Multiple-Physiological Signals
Soo-Yeon Ji, Abed Al Raoof Bsoul, Sharad Shandilya, Roya Hakimzadeh, Kathy Ryan, Caroline Rickards, Victor Convertino, Kevin Ward, Kasra Daneshvar, and Kayvan Najarian

Session chair: Priyum Koonjul

Proteomic Data Analysis Optimization Using a Parallel MPI C Approach
Razvan Bocu and Sabin Tabirca

Development of a Nonlinear K-Law Spectral Signature Index to Classify Basophilic Inclusion Bodies of the White Spot Syndrome Virus
Mario Alonso Bueno Ibarra, María Cristina Chávez Sánchez, and Josué Álvarez-Borrego

Behavioral Indexing of Neuroscience Data
H. Joel Jeffey

Robust Bio-active Peptide Prediction Using Multi-objective Optimization
Giuseppe Narzisi, Giuseppe Nicosia, and Giovanni Stracquadanio

Quantum Chemical Studies on Reactivity of Glycine, Leucine and Aniline towards Nucleophilic and Electrophilic Attacks with Iron
Ekwumemgbo Patricia Adamma, Eddy Okon Nnabuk, and Kehinde Israel

Session chair: Roger Mailler

Wavelet Thresholding Techniques in MRI Domain
Jiri Prinosil, Zdenek Smekal, and Karel Bartusek

A Multi-resolution Entropic-Based Image Processing Technique for Diagnostic Analysis of Microcirculation Videos
Nazanin Mirshahi, Sumeyra U. Demir, Kevin Ward, Rosalyn Hobson, Roya Hakimzadeh, and Kayvan Najarian

A Resourceome for the Automation of In-silico Biological Experiments
Ezio Bartocci, Diletta Cacciagrano, Flavio Corradini, Emanuela Merelli, and Leonardo Vito

Session chair: Jiri Prinosil

Multi-objective Evolutionary Registration of Medical Images with the Direct Piece-Wise Transformation in Image Response Space
Igor V. Maslov and Izidor Gertner

A Biologically Accurate 3D Model of the Locomotion of Caenorhabditis Elegans
Roger Mailler, Jason Avery, Jacob Graves, and Nathan Willy

Frustration Detection with Electrocardiograph Signal Using Wavelet Transform
Ashwin Belle, Soo-Yeon Ji, Sardar Ansari, Roya Hakimzadeh, Kevin Ward, and Kayvan Najarian

Session chair: Anatoliy Vorobyev

Malaysian palm oil: Surviving the food versus fuel dispute for a sustainable future
Keat Teong Lee, Man Kee Lam, Kok Tat Tan

Renewable Energy in the European Union: An Econometric Approach to Trends and Effects
Ana Jesús López and Blanca Moreno

Solutions to Power Management Based on Voltage and Current Control Methods Applied to Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems
Francisca Segura, José Manuel Andújar, and Juan Manuel Tomé

A Sustainability Assessment of Electricity Generation
Annette Evans and Vladimir Strezov

Wind Turbine Productivity and Development in Iran
Ali Mostafaeipour and Saeid Abesi

Session chair: Francisca Segura

Application of Fuzzy Logic and Immune Response Feedback for PV Generating System
Xiangdong Qi and Hong Li

New Method to Measure High-Resolution Wind from a Decade of NASA Satellite Scatterometer Data for Offshore Wind Energy Development
S. V. Nghiem and G. Neumann

Using Renewable Energy to Include Off-grid Rural Schools into the National Equity Project Plan Ceibal
Ismael Schinca and Isabel Amigo

Solar Absorber Surfaces Treated by Femtosecond Laser
Anatoliy Y. Vorobyev and Chunlei Guo

Session chair: Lee Keat Teong

In situ Evidence on the Role of Benthic Invertebrates on the Decomposition of Drifting Algal Mats in a Brackish Water Ecosystem
Jonne Kotta, Helen Orav-Kotta, and Tiina Paalme

Seasonal Changes in Biodeposition and Grazing Potential of the Suspension Feeding Bivalve Mytilus trossulus
Helen Orav-Kotta, Jonne Kotta, Kaire Kaljurand, and Ilmar Kotta

Mapping of Structural and Functional Characteristics of Reef Habitats
Tiia Möller, Jonne Kotta, and Georg Martin


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