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The Third International Conference on Quantum, Nano and Micro Technologies

ICQNM 2009

February 1-7, 2009 - Cancun, Mexico

Preliminary Program


DigitalWorld 2009

ACHI 2009 // ICDS 2009 // GEOWS 2009 // ICQNM 2009
eTELEMED 2009 // eKNOW 2009 // eL&mL 2009


Conference rooms
Time slots

Peninsula I

Peninsula II

Peninsula III

Peninsula IV

Sunday, February 1


Registration starts

Note: The registration desk is located in front of the Peninsula conference rooms.

14:00 - 17:00


Working in Harmony: Integrating the efforts of usability engineers and agile software developers

Jason Chong Lee
D. Scott McCrickard


Decision support for environmental analysis and planning with the EMDS system

Keith M Reynolds
Mark Jensen
Paul F Hessburg


Geospatial Decision Making in the Semantic Web


Patrick Maué
Sven Schade
Dumitru Roman


19:30 - 20:30

Welcome Cocktail

Note: You must have your badge to attend the cocktail.
Location: Condesa 3

Monday, February 2

09:00 - 9:15

Opening session

Prof. Dr. Petre Dini, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA / Concordia University, Canada

9:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Next Generation of Global e-Infrastructures for Research, Industry, and Education
Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch, EU Project DEISA & Board of Directors of OGF

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:00

Working Group Meeting: Mobility and Privacy In Digital Systems (ICDS)

Kickoff Working Group Meeting: Geospatial (GEOWS)

Service Selection via Extreme Geotagging

Dumitru Roman, Semantics Technology Institute/University of Innsbruck, Austria
Vlad Tanasescu, Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)/The Open University, UK

Decision support for Environmental Analysis and Planning with the EMDS System

Keith M Reynolds
Mark Jensen
Paul F Hessburg

Advanced topics in Digital Systems
Advanced topics in Geographical Applications

Open Discussion: Topics, Journals, Directions

Tuesday, February 3

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:00

Working Group Meeting: Advanced Topics in QNM (ICQNM)

Carrier and spin injection in ZnMnSe/CdSe nanostructures
Weimin Chen, Linköping University, Sweden

Quasiperiodic Quasi-One-Dimensional Metallic Nano-Structures

Paul M. Grant, Stanford University & W2AGZ Technologies, USA

Advanced topics in QNM

Open Discussion: Topics, Journals, Directions

Wednesday, February 4

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 19:30

Working Group Meeting: Telemedicine

Digital decision aids at the Dutch national health and care portal
Hans C. Ossebaard, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment - Postbus, The Netherlands

Sharing the experience of the National Programme for IT in the NHS in England
Mariano Groiso, MD, MSc,
Clinical Director for Iberia and Latin America, BT Health, UK

Establishment of a Sustainable Telehealth Service for Pre-Admission Clinic Consultations
Shayne Stenhouse
Toowoomba Hospital, Australia

Advanced topics in Telemedicine

Open Discussion: Topics, Journals, Directions

Thursday, February 5

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 18:30

Working Group Meeting: CHI (ACHI)
Kickoff Working Group Meeting: Learning and Knowledge Management
(eL&mL, eKNOW)

Improving Workplace Health and Physician Health and Wellness: The Online Learning Solution
Colla MacDonald, University of Ottawa, Canada

Advances in learning, knowledge, and computer-human interaction

Open Discussion: Topics, Journals, Directions


19:30 - 24:00

Gala Dinner


Location: Condesa
Show: Mariachi Team

Friday, February 6

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 12:30

Coffee Break

12:30 - 13:30





13:30 - 13:45

Closing Session

Saturday, February 7

8:00 - 18:00

One day visit
(see the registration form)
Mayan Temples and Open Aquarium
Only for those participants who registered via the registration form

Tulum & Xel-Ha - a single day-trip, a perfect tour for its perfect blend of ancient cultures and the great outdoors combining history and nature!
Tulum, situated approximately 81 miles from Cancun, is thought to have been a major Mayan Port. The Mayan built the archaeological zone, a walled-city on a cliff that overlooks a small cove, was built between the 6th and 16th centuries . When strolling among the temples - the mighty El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes and the Temple of the Descending God, you will have a magical encounter with this millenarian culture.
Xe-Ha, also known as “The Largest Natural Aquarium in the World” features an extraordinary network of natural pools and waterways, islands, caves, fed by both - the Caribbean and the region’s network of underground rivers and sweet water springs.    Xel-Ha is a paradise for snorkelers who will be immersed in a sea of brightly-colored fish in varying sizes while they navigate in a river journey through the park.
Let the colorful tropical fish and the rare corals enchant you and carry you away to an underwater world that is incomparable to any other you have ever seen, or experience the flora and fauna of Xel-Ha that exist in their pristine state and create an exotic, natural setting for the park !!:

  • 09:00 - Departure from the hotel  on the tour with a/c transportation
  • 10:45 - Arrival at the Tulum and guided tour of the archaeological site.
  • 12:00 - Departure from the Tulum  to Xel Ha
  • 12:30 - Arrival at Xel Ha and time at leisure  to enjoy the activities & have lunch [10 open restaurants + all drinks]
  • 15:30 - Departure from the Park to Cancun
  • 17:00 - Return to the hotel

NOTE: Posters will be posted in an open area close to the coffee break area. The authors have the opportunity to present their work in an informal manner during the conference. A special presentation session has been scheduled on Friday, February 6 for a formal presentation of the poster materials.




ACHI 2009

Session Chair: Juan Gonzales

The Design of a Multimodal Platform: Experimentation of Record & Replay
Antoine Bouyer, Florent Chuffart, and Lionel Courval

Comparing Gesture and Touch for Notification System Interactions
Maria Karam, Jason Chong Lee, Travis Rose, Francis Quek, and Scott McCrickard

Clustering Based on Data Attribute Partition and Its Visualization
Yonggong Ren and Alma Leora Culén

Model-Driven Instrumentation of Graphical User Interfaces
Mathias Funk, Philip Hoyer, and Stefan Link

Session Chair: Mathias Funk

Facial Expression Recognition with 3D Deformable Models
Christoph Mayer, Matthias Wimmer, Martin Eggers, and Bernd Radig

Enabling Opportunistic Navigation in Location-Based Notification Systems
Scott Kelly, Ben Hood, Jason Chong Lee, Miten Sampat, Leigh Lally, and D. Scott McCrickard

A Multi-modal User Interface for Agent Assistant Systems
Ahmed Kamel

Word Sequence Models for Single Text Summarization
René Arnulfo García-Hernández and Yulia Ledeneva

Session Chair: Christoph Mayer

An Expectation-Based Model of Web Search Behaviour
Anthony Cox and Maryanne Fisher

Vairë: A Tool to Improve the Usability in Embedded Applications Based on User Adjustment
Mauro Teófilo, Alexandre Martini, and Wesley Silva

Predictability of a Human Partner in a Pursuit Tracking Task without Haptic Feedback
Raphaela Groten, Jens Hölldampf, Angelika Peer, and Martin Buss

Scene-Motion Thresholds Correlate with Angular Head Motions for Immersive Virtual Environments
Jason Jerald, Frank Steinicke, and Mary Whitton

A Structured Approach to Support 3D User Interface Development
Juan Manuel González-Calleros, Jean Vanderdonckt, and Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga

Session Chair: Cyntia Lester

Programming Style: Influences, Factors, and Elements
Anthony Cox and Maryanne Fisher

A Model-Driven Development Approach Focusing Human Interaction
Stefan Link, Philip Hoyer, Tilmann Kopp, and Sebastian Abeck

Knowledge Reuse through Categorical Breakdown Analysis: A Method for Collaborative Systems Evaluation
Will Humphries, D. Scott McCrickard, and Dennis Neale

Interaction with Information Graphics: A Content-Based Approach
Anna Kämäräinen and Pertti Saariluoma

Session Chair: Stefan Link

Training and Educating Undergraduate Students in the Discipline of HCI
Cynthia Y. Lester

A Study of the Acceptability of a Web 2.0 Application by Higher-Education Students Undertaking Collaborative Laboratory Activities
Sandy El Helou, Denis Gillet, Christophe Salzmann, and Chiu Man Yu

Evaluation of the Cognitive Process during Mental Imaging of Twoor Three-Dimensional Figures
Koji Kashihara

The Effectiveness of Personalization in Delivering E-learning Classes
Leyla Zhuhadar, Elizabeth Romero, and Robert Wyatt

Session Chair: Alexandru Patriciu

A Hybrid Bounding Volume Algorithm to Detect Collisions between Deformable Objects
F. A. Madera, A. M. Day, and S. D. Laycock

SCRABBLE.GZ: A Web-Based Collaborative Game to Promote the Galician Language
Guillermo de Bernardo, Ana Cerdeira-Pena, Oscar Pedreira, Ángeles S. Places, and Diego Seco

A Simulation of a Billiards Game Based on Marker Detection
Lucio T. De Paolis, Giovanni Aloisio, and Marco Pulimeno

FPS Extensions Modelling ESGs
John R. Rankin and Sandra Sampayo Vargas

Session Chair: John Rankin

Nervixxx: A Video Performance System with Neural Interfaces
Satoru Tokuhisa

Quality Characteristics of Collaborative Systems
Ion Ivan and Cristian Ciurea

Understanding Social Robots
Frank Hegel, Claudia Muhl, Britta Wrede, Martina Hielscher-Fastabend, and Gerhard Sagerer

UIML Based Design of Multimodal Interactive Applications with Strict Synchronization Requirements
Philip Leroux, Vincent Verstraete, Filip De Turck, Piet Demeester, Kristof Thys, and Kris Luyten

3D Audio Perception System for Humanoid Robots
Norbert Schmitz, Carsten Spranger, and Karsten Berns

Session Chair: Daniela Constantinescu

Efficient Collision Algorithm for the 3D Haptic Interaction with Solid Organs in Medical Environments
F. J. Badesa, M. L.Pinto, J. M. Sabater, J. M. Azorin, J. Sofrony, and P. Cardenas

Haptic Palpation for the Femoral Pulse in Virtual Interventional Radiology
T. Coles, N. W. John, D. A. Gould, and D. G. Caldwell

Deformation Planning for Robotic Soft Tissue Manipulation
Jerzy Smolen and Alexandru Patriciu

Session Chair: Frank Hegel

From Isolation to Communication: A Case Study Evaluation of Robot Assisted Play for Children with Autism with a Minimally Expressive Humanoid Robot
Ben Robins, Kerstin Dautenhahn, and Paul Dickerson

Multimodal Robot/Human Interaction in an Assistive Technology Context
Ray Jarvis

Five Weeks in the Robot House - Exploratory Human-Robot Interaction Trials in a Domestic Setting
Kheng Lee Koay, Dag Sverre Syrdal, Michael L. Walters, and Kerstin Dautenhahn

Adaptive Training Strategy of Distal Movements by Means of a Wrist-Robot
Lorenzo Masia, Nestor Nava Rodriguez, Maura Casadio, Pietro Morasso, Giulio Sandini, and Psiche Giannoni

Session Chair: Ray Jarvis

Reconfiguration of Vibro-tactile Feedback Based on Drivers’ Sitting Attitude
Andreas Riener and Alois Ferscha

Networked Haptic Cooperation Using Remote Dynamic Proxies
Zhi Li and Daniela Constantinescu

Modelling Perceptual Elements of Music in a Vibrotactile Display for Deaf Users: A Field Study
Maria Karam, Gabe Nespoli, Frank Russo, and Deborah I. Fels

Haptic Teleoperated Robotic System for an Effective Obstacle Avoidance
Nadia Garcia-Hernandez and Vicente Parra-Vega

Session Chair: Silvana Roncagliolo

A Preliminary Experiment of Checking Usability Principles with Formal Methods
Steinar Kristoffersen

Spatial Auditory Interface for Word Processing Application
Jaka Sodnik and Sašo Tomažic

Concept and Design of a Contextual Mobile Multimedia Content Usability Study
Zahid Hussain, Martin Lechner, Harald Milchrahm, Sara Shahzad, Wolfgang Slany, Martin Umgeher, and Peter Wolkerstorfer

Investigating the Comprehension Support for Effective Visualization Tools - A Case Study
Harkirat Padda, Ahmed Seffah, and Sudhir Mudur

Session Chair: Stefan Link

Why Developers Insert Security Vulnerabilities into Their Code
Kaarina Karppinen, Lyly Yonkwa, and Mikael Lindvall

Evaluation and Modeling of User Performance for Pointing and Scrolling Tasks on Handheld Devices Using Tilt Sensor
Hamed H. Sad and Franck Poirier

Usability and Security Patterns
Andrei Ferreira, Cristian Rusu, and Silvana Roncagliolo

Virtual Reality-Based Scenarios for Visuo-motor Conflicts Studies: Preliminary Results
L. Demougeot, N. Mollet, A. Sciutti, R. Chellali, and T. Pozzo

Session Chair: Kaarina Karppinen

Virtual Environments and Scenario Languages for Advanced Teleoperation of Groups of Real Robots: Real Case Application
Nicolas Mollet, Luca Giulio Brayda, Ryad Chellali, and Jean-Guy Fontaine

Rapid Software Prototyping Using Ajax and Google Map API
Francis Rousseaux and Kevin Lhoste

How Applicable is Your Evaluation Methods - Really? Analysis and Re-design of Evaluation Methods for Fun and Entertainment
Charlotte Wiberg, Kalle Jegers, and Heather Desurvire

gReader: A Universally Designed, Device-Independent Email Client
Lindsay D. Grace

Session Chair: Les Miller

Machine-Generated Multimedia Content
Nathan Nichols and Kristian Hammond

Interface Design for MicroBiomanipulation and Teleoperation
Leonardo Mattos and Darwin Caldwell

Control Concept for a Hydraulic Mobile Machine Using a Haptic Operating Device
Henning Hayn and Dieter Schwarzmann

Ground Truth Verification Tool (GTVT) for Video Surveillance Systems
Amol Ambardekar, Mircea Nicolescu, and Sergiu Dascalu

Session Chair: Maxime Delorme

Applying the Chilean Educational Experience in HCI to Peruvian Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
Jose Antonio Pow-Sang, Cristian Rusu, Claudia Zapata, and Silvana Roncagliolo

Improving Usability of HTA Charts
Raja Jamilah Raja Yusof and Khairuddin Hashim

Toward the Study of Sign Language Coarticulation: Methodology Proposal
Jérémie Segouat and Annelies Braffort

Using an Error Detection Strategy for Improving Web Accessibility for Older Adults
Alfred Taylor Sr., Les Miller, Sree Nilakanta, Jeffry Sander, Saayan Mitra, Anurag Sharda, and Bachar Chama

Designing and Evaluating Interactive Television from a Usability Perspective
César A. Collazos, Cristian Rusu, José L. Arciniegas, and Silvana Roncagliolo


eKNOW 2009

eKNOW 1: Process analysis & modeling
Session Chair: Claus Atzenbeck

A Model for Enhancing Knowledge Creation, Application, and Succession While Facilitating Leadership Change within Virtual Work Environments
Michael Charles Hitson

Constraint Specification for Active Process Models
Kevin Finch and Weigang Wang

SLA-Driven Business Process Distribution
Faramarz Safi Esfahani, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad, Md. Nasir Sulaiman, and Nur Izura Udzir

Process Diagnostics: A Method Based on Process Mining
Melike Bozkaya, Joost Gabriels, and Jan Martijn van der Werf

eKNOW 2: Knowledge Management systems
Session Chair: Jan Martijn van der Werf

Encouraging the Reuse of Knowledge in Communitites of Practice by Using a Trust Model
Aurora Vizcaíno, Javier Portillo-Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Soto, and Mario Piattini

Integrating Time into Spatially Represented Knowledge Structures
Claus Atzenbeck and David L. Hicks

Visual Middle-Out Modeling of Problem Spaces
Andrea Valente

Enterprise Knowledge Clouds: Next Generation KM Systems?
Kemal A. Delic and Jeff A. Riley

eKNOW 3: Decision Support Systems
Session Chair: Olivier Gendreau

An Integrated Approach for Defining Pricing Strategies in Competitive Markets
Gülfem Isıklar Alptekin and S. Emre Alptekin

Towards a Context-Based Dialog Management Layer for Expert Systems
Victor Hung, Avelino Gonzalez, and Ronald DeMara

Improving Semantic in the Decision Support System K-DSS
Sabine Bruaux and Inès Saad

A Decision Support Methodology for the Control of Alternative Penalties - A Case-Based Reasoning Approach
Expedito Carlos Lopes, Ulrich Schiel, and Gilson Pereira dos Santos Jr.

eKNOW 4: Knowledge Fundamentals
Session Chair: Sabine Bruaux

Knowledge Management Challenges in Customer Support: A Case Study
Marko Jäntti, Kirsi Tanskanen, and Jukka Kaukola

The Method for a Summarization of Product Reviews Using the User's Opinion
Jung-Yeon Yang, Jaeseok Myung, and Sang-goo Lee

Massive Pruning for Building an Operational Set of Association Rules: Metarules for Eliminating Conflicting and Redundant Rules
Martine Cadot and Alain Lelu

Exploring Knowledge Flow in Software Project Development
Olivier Gendreau and Pierre N. Robillard

eKNOW 5: Knowledge Semantics Processing & Ontology
Session Chair: Sabine Bruaux

Ontology Development for a Manufacturing Data Base for Products with Graded Properties
M. Reyes Perez, J. Gausemeier, and D. Nordsiek

Towards the Automation of Modeling Language Independent Schema Integration
Peter Bellström and Jürgen Vöhringer

Semantic modelling of collaborative business processes
Witold Abramowicz, Konstanty Haniewicz, Monika Kaczmarek, and Dominik Zyskowski

Ontology-based Focused Crawling
Hiep Phuc Luong, Susan Gauch, and Qiang Wang

eKNOW 6: Information Management
Session Chair: Hiep Luong

Product Improvement by Selecting Appropriate Suppliers: A Case Study
S.Emre Alptekin and Gülfem Isıklar Alptekin

Towards Flexible Information Architecture for Fractal Information Systems
Marite Kirikova

Proposing a Conceptual Readiness Assessment Model of MIS/IS Deployment in Manufacturing Companies (A Case Study Conducted on the Applications of the Suggested Model in MehrCamPars Co.1)
Jale Mirzaei and Fariborz Mosavi Madani

Improving the New Product Development Process through ICT Systems in the Aerospace Industry - A Report on Case Study Research
Raul Brandao and Martin Wynn

Developing a Knowledge Sharing Platform: The Case of a Bio-Industry Research Consortium
Luc Cassivi, Anne-Laure Saives, Elkbir Labzagui, and Pierre Hadaya


eL&mL 2009

eL&mL 1: On-line Learning
Session Chair: Daniel Chamberland-Tremblay

Generating Interactive Learning Objects from Configurable Samples
Peng Han and Bernd J. Krämer

Content-Based Tag Generation for the Grouping of Tags
K. O. Chow, K. Y. K. Fan, A. Y. K. Chan, and G. T. L. Wong

Interactive 3D Web-Based Environments for Online Learning: Case Studies, Technologies and Challenges
Felix G. Hamza-Lup, Priya T. Goeser, Wayne Johnson, Tina Thompson, Elena Railean, Dorin M. Popovici, and Georgiana Hamza-Lup

eL&mL 2: Mobile Learning
Session Chair: Karsten Morisse

Educating the Educators Online
Ursula Donnelly and Philip Turbitt

Mobile eLearning Platform for Interactive Patient Education
Joseph Finkelstein and Jeffrey Wood

Web-Based Technology Use and Computer Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Faculty Perceptions of Support for the Implementation of eLearning
Elizabeth Romero, Leyla Zhuhadar, Christopher Wagner, and Robert Wyatt

eL&mL 3: Hybrid Learning
Session Chair: Elizabeth Romero

Space-Mediated Learning at the Locus of Action in a Heterogeneous Team of Mobile Workers
Daniel Chamberland-Tremblay, Sylvain Giroux, Claude Caron, and Michel Berthiaume

A Mobile Blended Learning Approach Based on Podcasts with Respect to the Students’ Media Literacy
Karsten Morisse, Michaela Ramm, Thomas Schüler, and Svenja Wichelhaus

Towards an Understanding of Collaboration in Teaching Technology Subjects in an Amalgamated Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Elaine Lawrence, Lian Loke, Richard Raban, Wayne Brookes, and Tim Aubrey

eL&mL 4: Tools & Platforms I
Session Chair: Kenroy Granville

Platform Support for Situated Collaborative Learning
Surya Bahadur Kathayat and Rolv Bræk

Towards Utilizing Open Data for Interactive Knowledge Transfer
Monika Steinberg and Jürgen Brehm

New Classification Algorithms for Developing Online Program Recommendation Systems
Thomas Meller, Eric Wang, Fuhua Lin, and Chunsheng Yang

Making Equitable Education in Rural China through Distance Learning
Shiling Mcquaide

eL&mL 5: Tools & Platforms II
Session Chair: Monika Steinberg

Designing a Mixed Training Method (Synchronous and Asynchronous) to Be Offered Online for the Development of Skills for Teachers in Training
Louise Sauvé, Louis Villardier, and Wilfried Probst

The Role of Laptop as a Platform in an Outcome-Based Learning Environment
Emad Bataineh and Abdallah Tubaishat

Using Distributed Mutual Exclusion for Coordinating Virtual Meeting in an Ubiquitous Chat System
Berto de Tacio Preira Gomes, Omar Andres Carmona Cortes, and Rafael Fernandes Lopes

CollabEd: A Platform for Collaboratizing Existing Editors
Kenroy G. Granville and Timothy J. Hickey

A Model Driven Approach to Adapt Instructional Strategies Modelling Language to Different Design Contexts
Rim Drira, Mona Laroussi, Xavier Le Pallec, Alain Derycke, and Henda Ben Ghezala



eTELEMED 1: Classical Medicine & eHealth Integration
Session Chair: Kari Harno

Using Timeline Displays to Improve Medication Reconciliation
Xinxin Zhu, Sigfried Gold, Albert Lai, George Hripcsak, and James J. Cimino

Multi Site Cardiac Rehabilitation Programming for Residents of Northwestern Ontario
Gwen Third, Lori Marshall, Caterina Kmill, Catherine Collinson, Laurie Sherrington, and Darlene Steven

Continua: The Impact of a Personal Telehealth Ecosystem
Frank Wartena, Johan Muskens, and Lars Schmitt

Drivers and Challenges of Wireless Solutions in Future Healthcare
Esko Alasaarela, Ravi Nemana, and Steven DeMello

eTELEMED 2: eHealth Systems & Communications I
Session Chair: Radu Dobrescu

Medical MoteCare: A Distributed Personal Healthcare Monitoring System
Karla Felix Navarro, Elaine Lawrence, and Brian Lim

An Optimized Communication for Emergency Health Situations
Sandra Reichert, Raymond Gass, Amir Hajjam, Abderrafiaa Koukam, and Emmanuel Andres

SEMPATH: Semantic Adaptive and Personalized Clinical Pathways
Dimitrios Alexandrou, Fotis Xenikoudakis, and Gregoris Mentzas

Healthcare Information Exchange in Regional eHealth Networks Implications for Initiatives in Advancing Shared Care
Kari Harno, Pirkko Nykänen, Jukka Ohtonen, Antto Seppälä, and Kyösti Kopra

eTELEMED 3: eHealth Systems & Communications II
Session Chair: Gwen Third

Evaluation of an Internet-Based Application for Supporting Self-Care of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Nicol Nijland, Erwin R. Seydel, Julia E. W. C. van Gemert-Pijnen, Bart Brandenburg, Saskia M. Kelders, and Marijke Will

Breaks in Continuity of Surgical Care: Considerations for eHealth Systems Design
Svetlena Taneva, Gudela Grote, Effie Law, and Jacqueline Higgins

Research Challenges for Achieving Healthcare Business Process Interoperability
Dimitrios Alexandrou and Gregoris Mentzas

Embedded Wireless Homecare Monitoring System
Radu Dobrescu, Matei Dobrescu, Dan Popescu, and Henri George Coanda

Incorporation of Telehealth Resources in Belo Horizonte's SAMU: Qualifying and Improving Care
Alaneir de Fátima dos Santos, Cláudio de Souza, Neuslene Rivers de Queiroz, Gustavo Cancela e Penna, Eliete Miriam Neves de Pinho e Medeiros, and Humberto José Alves

eTELEMED 4: eHealth Systems & Communications III
Session Chair: Stefan Hey

Hemophilia Information System of Macedonia
Vanco Cabukovski

Validation Results of the User Interaction in a Heart Failure Management System
Elena Villalba, Dario Salvi, Ignacio Peinado, Manuel Ottaviano, and María Teresa Arredondo

Design of Software Services for Computer-Based Infection Control and Antibiotic Management in the Intensive Care Unit
Kristof Steurbaut, Sofie Van Hoecke, Kristof Taveirne, Kristof Lamont, Filip De Turck, Kirsten Colpaert, Pieter Depuydt, Dominique Benoit, Chris Danneels, and Johan Decruyenaere

Fingerprint Based Temporary Identity Supporting Emergency Actions in Collective Accidents
Adina Astilean, Camelia Avram, Tiberiu Letia, and Florian Mihele

eTELEMED 5: eHealth Technology & Devices
Session Chair: Kristof Steurbaut

Pulse Vector Magnetic Potential and Its Influence on Live Cells
Ivan Rampl, Vladimír Boudný, Milan Cíž, Antonín Lojek, and Pavel Hyršl

New Approach in Rapid Viruses Detection and Its Implementation on a Chip
Jaromír Hubálek, Vojtech Adam, and René Kizek

Continuous Noninvasive Pulse Transit Time Measurement for Psycho-physiological Stress Monitoring
Stefan Hey, Adnene Gharbi, Birte von Haaren, Katrin Walter, Nils König, and Simone Löffler

A New Telemedicine System for the Home Monitoring of Lung Function in Patients with Obstructive Respiratory Diseases
Alessandro Gobbi, Ilaria Milesi, Leonardo Govoni, Antonio Pedotti, and Raffaele L. Dellaca'

eTELEMED 6: Nurse Team Applications
Session Chair: Robert Rosati

The Development of a Web-Based Tool for Compliance with Safe Work Practices; a Case Study about Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Fenne Verhoeven, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, and Ron Hendrix

Computer Generated Self-Care Advice via Web-Based Triage of Complaints in Primary Care
Nicol Nijland, Karlijn Cranen, Stef F. F. Verlinden, Saskia M. Kelders, Henk Boer, and Julia E. W. C. van Gemert-Pijnen

Evaluating Patient’s Health by a Hierarchical Decision Model
Olga Šušteršic, Uroš Rajkovic, Vesna Prijatelj, and Vladislav Rajkovic

Life Assistance Protocols (LAP) - A Model for the Personalization of Lifestyle Support for Health and Wellbeing
Teresa Meneu, Vicente Traver, Carlos Fernández, Riccardo Serafin, David Domínguez, and Sergio Guillén

eTELEMED 7: Telemedicine/eHealth Services
Session Chair: Lisette van Gemert

Noise Cancellation on ECG and Heart Rate Signals Using the Undecimated Wavelet Transform
Oscar Hernández and Edgar Olvera

Evaluation of Remote Monitoring in Home Health Care
Robert J. Rosati

Medical Digital Library Services as an Improvement of the Teleconsultation System in the Regional Health Network
Michal Kosiedowski, Cezary Mazurek, Maciej Stroinski, and Jan Weglarz

Towards a Tele-assistance Service for the Cognitive Stimulation of Elders with Cognitive Decline
Alberto L. Morán and Victoria Meza-Kubo

eTELEMED 8: Telemedicine/eHealth Applications I
Session Chair: Andrea Taylor

A Review of Mobile Terminal-Based Applications for Self-Management of Patients with Diabetes
Naoe Tatara, Eirik Årsand, Heidi Nilsen, and Gunnar Hartvigsen

New Directions in Electronic Disease Surveillance: Detection of Infectious Diseases during the Incubation Period
Taxiarchis Botsis, Johan Gustav Bellika, and Gunnar Hartvigsen

An Open, Ubiquitous and Adaptive Chronic Disease Management Platform for Chronic Respiratory and Renal Diseases (CHRONIOUS)
R. Farré, A. Papadopoulos, G. Munaro, and R. Rosso

Using Knowledge Management Technologies in Searching Medicinal Learning Objects
Juha Puustjärvi and Leena Puustjärvi

eTELEMED 9: Telemedicine/eHealth Applications II
Session Chair: Juha Puustjärvi

A Home Health Monitoring System Designed to Support Carers in Their Caring Role
Andrea Taylor, Richard Wilson, and Stefan Agamanolis

The Brazilian National Telehealth Program in the State of Minas Gerais - Brazil
Maria do Carmo B. de Melo, Alaneir de F. dos Santos, Humberto J. Alves, Simone F. dos Santos, Renata T. Campos, Gustavo Cancela e Penna, and Claudio de Souza

The Role of Telemedicine in Helping to Manage Hypertension - A Review of Health Outcomes and Cost Benefit
E. F. Grange, V. Warren, S. Khemka, A. N. Theodorou, and A. J. Vallance-Owen

A Novel Simple Internet-Based System for Real Time Monitoring and Optimizing Home Mechanical Ventilation
Raffaele L. Dellaca’, Alessandro Gobbi, Leonardo Govoni, Daniel Navajas, Antonio Pedotti, and Ramon Farré

eTELEMED 10: Telemedicine/eHealth Applications III
Session Chair: Sofie Van Hoecke

Mobile Services Provide Value by Decoupling the Time and Location Constraints in Healthcare Delivery
Karita Ilvonen, Johan Groop, and Paul Lillrank

Design and Implementation of Home Automated Telemanagement System for Patients with Ulcerative Colitis
Joseph Finkelstein, Jeffrey Wood, and Raymond Cross

A Workflow Solution for Electronic Health Records to Improve Healthcare Delivery Efficiency in Rural India
Anant R. Koppar and V. Sridhar

MEDBOLI: Medical Diagnosis Based on Ontologies and Logical Inference Alejandro Rodríguez, Myriam Mencke, Giner Alor-Hernandez, Ruben Posada-Gomez, Juan Miguel Gomez, and Alberto A. Aguilar-Lasserre

eTELEMED 11: eHealth Information Processing
Session Chair: Joseph Finkelstein

iARRIVE: An Incremental Algorithm for Robust Relative Influence Values Elicitation
S. E. Hegazy and C. D. Buckingham

Defining an OWL Ontology That Could Be Used to Integrate Mental-Health Risk Information within a Decision Support System
Naomi Wrighton and Christopher D. Buckingham

Automatic WS-BPEL Composition of Medical Support Services in the ICU
Sofie Van Hoecke, Kristof Steurbaut, Yannick Beheyt, Frederik Debruyne, Bart Dhoedt, Johan Decruyenaere, and Filip De Turck

Improving Disease Early Detection and Prevention by Multiplex Longitudinal Outcomes Marker Modeling
Edward C. Conley and David R. Owens

Improving Korean Service Delivery System in Health Care: Focusing on National E-health System
Hee Jeong Cheong, Na Yoon Shin, and Youn Baek Joeng


ICDS 2009

ICDS 1: Citizen-Centric
Session Chair: Lasse Berntzen

An Optimized eHealth Platfom to Provide Electronic Services over Dynamic Networking Environments
Pierre Plaza, Nuria Sanz, and Jose Luis Gonzalez

PaTac: Urban, Ubiquitous, Personalized Services for Citizens and Tourists
Luigi Ceccaroni, Victor Codina, Manel Palau, and Marc Pous

Security and User Guidelines for the Design of the Future Networked Systems
Seppo Heikkinen, Sari Kinnari, and Kari Heikkinen

Personalizing Education in Post-Industrial Society
Ilya Levin and Andrei Kojukhov

ICDS 2: eGovernment Services I
Session Chair: Seppo Heikkinen

E-election in Digital Society
Mohamad Taghi Isaai, Fatemeh Firoozi, and Mahmood Reza Hemyari

The Application Research of e-Government Procurement in China Based on Business Component Framework
Zheng Qin and Daifeng Li

Self-Service e-Transactions for Citizens - Concept and Case Study
Freimut Bodendorf

Political Participation and Democracy in the Information Age: Effects of ICT-Based Communication Forms between the Authorities and the Citizens on Traditional Channels of Participation and Democracy
Bernt Krohn Solvang

Digital Television and Banking Inclusion in Brazil: Alternatives to Access Technologies
Rivaldo Guedes Corrêa Jr. and Paulo R. L. Gondim

ICDS 3: eGovernment Services II
Session Chair: Bernt Krohn Solvang

On Privacy Protection in Biometric Passports
György Kálmán and Josef Noll

Self Protecting Data for De-perimeterised Information Sharing
Pete Burnap and Jeremy Hilton

A Conceptual Model of e-Government Acceptance in Public Sector
Sinawong Sang and Jeong-Dong Lee

Benchmarking e-Government - A Comparative Review of Three International Benchmarking Studies
Lasse Berntzen and Morten Goodwin Olsen

ICDS 4: Networking & Telecommunications I
Session Chair: Freimut Bodendorf

DVB-H Performance Simulations in Dense Urban Area
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

Near Field Communication Network Services
Jorma Ylinen, Mikko Koskela, Lari Iso-Anttila, and Pekka Loula

Interference and Outage Evaluation of a Network Coding Based Detection and Defense Mechanism for WRN
Rafaela Villalpando Hdz., César Vargas Rosales, and David Munoz Rodríguez

Secure Wireless Network in Quadrilateral Region
M. Sattari, M. Reza Salehnamadi, and S. Mortezaiefard

ICDS 5: Networking & Telecommunications II
Session Chair: Tobias Wegner

An Efficient Networking Management for a Protocol Processor
Yul Chu and Amit Uppal

A Hybrid Approach for Clustering-Based Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Woo-Sung Jung, Keun-Woo Lim, Young-Bae Ko, and Sang-Joon Park

Wireless Routing Protocol Based on Auto - Learning Algorithm
Ben Arbia Anis, Azza Nguira, and Youssef Habib

Recognition of Low-Dimensional Patterns in Radio Access Network Data
Berna Sayrac

ICDS 6: Consumer-Oriented I
Session Chair: Wolfgang Woerndl

Research and Realization of Improved Algorithm for H.264/AVC Oriented to Video Conference under the RTI Framework
Wei Zheng, Jun Cao, Chenglie Du, and Shuming Zhang

Status Sensitive Components: Adapting Rich Internet Applications to Their Runtime Context
Norbert Heidenbluth and Franz Schweiggert

Study on Finger Pointers Using Gray Theory
Yasumasa Numata, Ichiro Yuyama, Hiroshi Hasegawa, and Yu Watanabe

Using LDAP as a Management Solution for Distributed OSGi
Tobias Wegner, Frank Uptmoor, and Jürgen Kemper

ICDS 7: Consumer-Oriented II
Session Chair: Marc Pous

Recommending Resources in Mobile Personal Information Management
Wolfgang Woerndl and Aleksandar Hristov

A Brief Review of Studies of Wikipedia in Peer-Reviewed Journals
Chitu Okoli

Tacit Suggestions Extraction Process for Consumer-Oriented Services
Marta Cimitile, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Gemma Mastelloni, and Giuseppe Visaggio

ICDS 8: Internet & Web Services I
Session Chair: Mikael Wiberg

Semantic Exchange of Medicinal Data: A Way Towards Open Healthcare Systems
Juha Puustjärvi and Leena Puustjärvi

Utilizing Web2.0 in Web Service Ranking
Ioan Toma, Ying Ding, Krissada Chalermsook, Elena Simperl, and Dieter Fensel

Open Internet Portal for Elementary and High Schools
Radek Kuchta, Radimír Vrba, Jaroslav Kadlec, and Michal Pavlík

A Framework to Handle Component-Based Software Transactions with Semantics
Juan Miguel Gomez, Giner Alor-Hernandez, Myriam Mencke, Ruben Posada-Gomez, Ulises Juarez-Martinez, Gerardo Aguila-Rodriguez, and Guillermo Cortes-Robles

ICDS 9: Internet & Web Services II
Session Chair: Juha Puustjärvi

Anticipating the Digital University
Mihai Nadin

Reactive Planning Model for Web Service Composition under Time Restrictions
Jaime A. Guzmán Luna and Demetrio A. Ovalle Carranza

Market-Based Batch System
Michal Koštál and Pavel Tvrdík

Mobile Media for Heterogeneous Interaction Landscapes - Towards Integrated Liquid Media Ojects
Mikael Wiberg

ICDS 10: eCommerce & eBusiness
Session Chair: Andreas Lumbe Aas

Techno-Economic Modeling of Post-Payment Copyrights
Mikko V. J. Heikkinen and Heikki Kokkinen

IT-Enabled Business Transformation - Insights from Japanese Used-Car Industry
Oh Jung Yun

Mapping UML Diagrams for Generating WS-CDL Code
Giner Alor-Hernandez, Isaac Machorro-Cano, Juan Miguel Gomez, Jesus Cruz-Ahuactzi, Ruben Posada-Gomez, Myriam Mencke, and Ulises Juarez-Martinez

Drivers and Barriers of E-banking Adoption: Case of Karafarin Bank
Amir Albadvi and Roudabeh Gharaee

ICDS 11: eDefense
Session Chair: Mikko Heikkinen

Technical Patterns for Long Term Trusted Archiving
Jan Porekar, Svetlana Šaljic, Tomaž Klobucar, and Aljoša Jerman- Blažic

Detecting P2P Botnets Using a Multi-phased Flow Model
Sang-Kyun Noh, Joo-Hyung Oh, Jae-Seo Lee, Bong-Nam Noh, and Hyun-Cheol Jeong

Using E-Mail SPAM DNS Blacklists for Qualifying the SPAM-over-Internet-Telephony Probability of a SIP Call
M. Hirschbichler, C. Egger, O. Pasteka, and A. Berger

Mobile Agents and Packet Marking for Real-Time IP Traceback
S. Armoogum and N. Mohamudally

ICDS 12: Software & System Robustness
Session Chair: Lasse Berntzen

A Methodology for Mapping SysML Activity Diagram to Time Petri Net for Requirement Validation of Embedded Real-Time Systems with Energy Constraints
Ermeson Andrade, Paulo Maciel, Gustavo Callou, and Bruno Nogueira

Probing Human Error as Causal Factor in Incidents with Major Accident Potential
Andreas Lumbe Aas

An Iterative Method to Design Traffic Flow Models
Juan Manuel González-Calleros, Jorge Martínez-Carballido, Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga, and Josefina Guerrero-García

Structural Formalization of Design-Pattern Based Software Design
Pushpendra B. Singh and Banshi D. Chaudhary

VLPM: A Tool to Support BPR in Public Administration
Aaron Ciaghi, Adolfo Villafiorita, and Andrea Mattioli

ICDS 13: Digital Analysis & Processing
Session Chair: Åsa Smedberg

Local Contrast Segmentation to Binarize Images
Marco Block and Raúl Rojas

Image Content Extraction Using a Bottom-Up Visual Attention Model
Ionuþ Pirnog, Cristina Oprea, and Constantin Paleologu

Music Ontology for Mood and Situation Reasoning to Support Music Retrieval and Recommendation
Seheon Song, Minkoo Kim, Seungmin Rho, and Eenjun Hwang

Computer Based Karyotyping
Xiaoli Yang, Ding Wen, Yuhua Cui, Xiang Cao, Jason Lacny, and Charles Tseng

ICDS 14: Intelligent Computation
Session Chair: Ionut Pirnog

Design Trade-Offs in Packetizing Mechanism for Network-on-Chip
Shijun Lin, Li Su, Haibo Su, Depeng Jin, and Lieguang Zeng

Using Wikipedia-Based Conceptual Contexts to Calculate Document Similarity
Fabian Kaiser, Holger Schwarz, and Mihály Jakob

Indeterministic Behavior in Computing Systems and Its Possible Impact on the Digital Society
Bertil Ekdahl

Making Programs to Perceive Time Flow
Mauro Marcelo Mattos

Computer Aided Detection and Measurement of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Using Computed Tomography Digital Images
J. Dehmeshki, H. Amin, M. Ebadian-Dehkordi, A. Jouannic, and S. Qanadli


ICQNM 2009

Session Chair: Stefano Pirandola

Spectral Characterisation of Spontaneous Parametric-Down Conversion Entangled Photons Source in Femtosecond Pulsed Regime
G. Brida, V. Caricato, M. Genovese, M. Gramegna, S. P. Kulik, M. V. Fedorov, and L. A. Krivitsky

Quantum-Zeno Control of Collisional Entanglement in a Bose-Josephson Junction
Amichay Vardi, Yuri Khodorkovsky, and Gershon Kurizki

Does Quantum Mechanics Need Interpretation?
Louis Marchildon

Experimentally Testable State-Independent Violation of Bell-Type Inequalities for Quantum Contextuality
Adán Cabello

Session Chair: Louis Marchildon

Game-Theoretic Security Analysis of Quantum Networks
Stefan Rass and Peter Schartner

An Efficient Method to Convert Arbitrary Quantum Circuits to Ones on a Linear Nearest Neighbor Architecture
Yuichi Hirata, Masaki Nakanishi, Shigeru Yamashita, and Yasuhiko Nakashima

All Languages in NP Have Very Short Quantum Proofs
Hugue Blier and Alain Tapp

Eavesdropping of Two-Way Coherent-State Quantum Cryptography via Gaussian Quantum Cloning Machines
Stefano Pirandola, Stefano Mancini, Seth Lloyd, and Samuel L. Braunstein

Session Chair: Anne Broadbent

Spin-Chains as Quantum Channels for Qubit-State Transfer
Giulia Gualdi, Irene Marzoli, and Paolo Tombesi

Encoding Subsystem Codes with and without Noisy Gauge Qubits
Pradeep Kiran Sarvepalli and Andreas Klappenecker

On/off Detection Method for Reconstructing the Statistics of Quantum Optical States: An Overview
G. Brida, M. Genovese, M. Gramegna, F. Piacentini, S. Olivares, and M. G. A. Paris

Session Chair: Mario Pivk

The GHZ State in Secret Sharing and Entanglement Simulation
Anne Broadbent, Paul-Robert Chouha, and Alain Tapp

The Quantum Locker Puzzle
David Avis and Anne Broadbent

Six Conjectures in Quantum Physics and Computational Neuroscience
Wen-Ran Zhang

Session Chair: Elzbieta Jankowska

Heat Transfer in Thin Films
Thomas V. Prevenslik

Efficient Frequency Converters Based on Stimulated Raman Scattering in Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibres Filled with Nonlinear Liquids
Sylvie Lebrun, Philippe Delaye, Robert Frey, and Gérald Roosen

Micromotor of Less Than 1 mm^3 Volume for In Vivo Medical Procedures
Brett Watson, James Friend, and Leslie Yeo

Fabrication and Testing of a TMMF S2030 Based Micro Fluidic Device for Single Cell Analysis
V. R. S. S. Mokkapati, L. Zhang, R. Hanfoug, J. Mollinger, J. Bastemeijer, and A. Bossche

Session Chair: Paolo Tombesi

Adaptive Error Correction with Dynamic Initial Block Size in Quantum Cryptographic Key Distribution Protocols
Stefan Rass and Christian Kollmitzer

SSL/TLS with Quantum Cryptography
Mario Pivk, Christian Kollmitzer, and Stefan Rass

Oblivious Transfer à la Merkle
Gilles Brassard, Louis Salvail, and Alain Tapp

Statistical Analysis of QKD Networks in Real-Life Environments
Katharina Lessiak, Christian Kollmitzer, Stefan Schauer, Jürgen Pilz, and Stefan Rass

Session Chair: Gerald Roosen

Open-Loop Control of Particle Systems Based on a Model of Coupled Stochastic Oscillators
Gerasimos G. Rigatos

CrossBeam, Principles and Application
Antonio Casares and Peter Gnauck

Large-Area Arrays of Pillar-Based Metal Nanostructures
V. Ovchinnikov and A. Shevchenko

Superior-Order Curvature-Corrected Logarithmic CMOS Nanostructure
Cosmin Popa

Session Chair: Victor Ovchinnikov

Low-Field Microwave Phenomena in CoFeSiB Amorphous Magnetic Microwires
M. Vázquez, G. Badidni-Confalonieri, J. Torrejón, R. Valenzuela, H. Montiel, and G. Alvarez

The Study of the Crystalline Structure of the Phases in the Al-Ni Alloys Ultra Rapid Solidification
Lidia Cristea and Enona Cristea

Synthesis of Silver Colloids: Experiment and Computational Model
Ionel Halaciuga, Daniel T. Robb, Vladimir Privman, and Dan V. Goia

Emission of Nanosize Particles in the Process of Nanoclay Blending
Elzbieta Jankowska and Wojciech Zatorski

Leaky Coplanar Waveguide Antenna with Tunable Beamwidth and Radiation Angle Using Composite Right/Left-Handed Materials
Abdelaziz Hamdi, Ammar B. Kouki, and Abdelaziz Samet


GEOWS 2009

GEOWS 1: 2D & 3D Information Visualization I
Session Chair: David Valentine

Informed Virtual Geographic Environments: An Accurate Topological Approach
Sébastien Paris, Mehdi Mekni, and Bernard Moulin

WebGIS-Based Flood Emergency Management Scenario
Rifaat Abdalla and Keith Niall

Using Parallel MultiCore and HPC Systems for Dynamical Visualisation
Claus-Peter Rückemann

Recording and Modeling Paleolithic Caves through Laser Scanning
D. Gonzalez-Aguilera, A. L. Muñoz, J. G. Lahoz, J. S. Herrero, M. S. Corchón, and E. García

GEOWS 2: 2D & 3D Information Visualization II
Session Chair: Rifaat Abdalla

Visible Space by Landscape Recognition by Local Inhabitants and the Composition
Hirotomo Ohuchi, Satoshi Yamada, and Setsuko Ouchi

In-situ Quantification of 3D Scene Complexity
Ioan Marius Bilasco, Rafael Lozano Espinosa, and Hervé Martin

Extending Spatial Data Infrastructures 3D by Geoprocessing Functionality - 3D Simulations in Disaster Management and environmental Research
Georg Walenciak, Beate Stollberg, Steffen Neubauer, and Alexander Zipf

3D Dynamic Scene Surveillance and Management Using a 3D Kinetic Spatial Data Structure
Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi, Leila Hashemi Beni, and Marina Gavrilova

GEOWS 3: Web Services & Geospatial Systems
Session Chair: Beate Stollberg

Geo-information Services to Rural Extension Community for Rural Development Planning - A Framework
D. Sudharsan, J. Adinarayana, and A. K. Tripathy

Web Services in the U.S. Geological Survey StreamStats Web Application
John D. Guthrie, Christine Dartiguenave, and Kernell G. Ries III

Standardizing Access to Hydrologic Data Repositories through Web Services
Bora Beran, Jonathan Goodall, David Valentine, Ilya Zaslavsky, and Michael Piasecki

GI-Cat: A Mediation Solution for Building a Clearinghouse Catalog Service
Stefano Nativi, Lorenzo Bigagli, Paolo Mazzetti, Enrico Boldrini, and Fabrizio Papeschi

GEOWS 4: Integrated Architectures for Geospatial Information
Session Chair: Bastian Schäffer

GIS-Enabled Desktop Software Development Pardigms
Ahmad O. Aburizaiza and Daniel P. Ames

Stream-Network Navigation in the U.S. Geological Survey StreamStats Web Application
Kernell G. Ries III, Peter A. Steeves, John D. Guthrie, Alan H. Rea, and David W. Stewart

A Framework for Integrating 3D Geographical Simulation Systems and Related Geo-information Web Resources
Zhen-Sheng Guo, Masahiko Itoh, and Yuzuru Tanaka

Real-Time Geo-awareness - Sensor Data Integration for Environmental Monitoring in the City
Bernd Resch, Manfred Mittlboeck, Fabien Girardin, Rex Britter, and Carlo Ratti

GEOWS 5: Geoinformation Processing
Session Chair: Kernell Ries

Integrating OGC Web Processing Services into Geospatial Mass-Market Applications
Theodor Foerster, Bastian Schaeffer, Johannes Brauner, and Simon Jirka

Providing Near Real-Time Traffic Information within Spatial Data Infrastructures
Christian Mayer, Beate Stollberg, and Alexander Zipf

UAV Path Planning Based on Event Density Detection
Roberto Henriques, Fernando Bacao, and Victor Lobo

Fusion of Digital Elevation Models from Various Data Sources
Haris Papasaika, Daniela Poli, and Emmanuel Baltsavias

GEOWS 6: Web-based Geographic Information Systems
Session Chair: Bernd Resch

Web-Client Based Distributed Generalization and Geoprocessing
Eric B. Wolf and Kevin Howe

A Mechanism to Create Community Maps for Non-technical Users
Claire Ellul, Mordechai (Muki) Haklay, Louise Francis, and Hanif Rahemtulla

Development of Rural Amenity Resources Information System
Kim Sang Bum, Rhee Sang Young, and Kim Young Wook

GEOWS 8: Spatial Data Infrastructure
Session Chair: Eric Wolf

An Operation-Based Communication of Spatial Data Quality
Amin Zargar and Rodolphe Devillers

Categories of Geospatial and Temporal Integrity Constraints
Stephan Mäs and Wolfgang Reinhardt

Landscape Features, Standards, and Semantics in U.S. National Topographic Mapping Databases
Dalia Varanka

Contextualized Space-Time Accessibility Modeling and Measurements with NeuroFuzzy Proximity Relations
Thi Hong Diep Dao and Jean-Claude Thill

Measuring Transaction Costs in Spatial Data Infrastructures: Examples of Sweden and Germany
Alenka Krek

GEOWS 9: Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
Session Chair: Dalia Varanka

GIS Tool for Rural Electrification with Renewable Energies in Latin America
Javier Domínguez and Irene Pinedo-Pascua

Uncovering Interaction Patterns in Mobile Outdoor Gaming
Daniel Orellana, Monica Wachowicz, Natalia Andrienko, and Gennady Andrienko

Towards a Highly Interactive Web Exploration of Spatial and Historical Aggregations from Data Marts
Sonia Fernandes Silva

Service Selection via Extreme Geotagging
Vlad Tanasescu, Dumitru Roman, and John Bruno Domingue



 POSTER 1 / Materials (ICQNM)
Session Chair: Vladimir Privman

Characterization of hydrothermally prepared Eu3+-doped YBO3 nanosheet
Sungho Choi, Young-Min Moon, Ha-Kyun Jung

Fabrication of Activated Carbon Electrodes by Inkjet Deposition
Véronique Conédéra, Fabien Mesnilgrente, Magali Brunet, and Norbert Fabre

Modeling of Selective Carbon Nanotubes Growth for Non-classical Memory Applications
Satyender Goel and Artëm E. Masunov

POSTER 2 / Technologies (eL&mL, ICDS, ACHI, eKNOW)
Session Chair: Bernd Kraemer

New Wireless Communication Platform for Home Automation - Case Study
Radek Kuchta, Radimir Vrba, and Vladimir Sulc

Miology: A Web Application for Organizing Personal Domain Ontologies
Mirco Speretta and Susan Gauch

Animation Generation Process for Sign Language Synthesis
M. Delorme, M. Filhol, and A. Braffort

Developing a Multi-professional e-Learning Mentor Update Package
Karen J. Ousey and Stephen A. White

 POSTER 3 / eHealth (eTelemed)
Session Chair: Teresa Meneu

Forumclinic: An Interactive Program for Patients with Chronic Illnesses
I. Grau, J. Gene-Badia, E. Sánchez Freire, M. Bernardo, and M. deSemir

Physician Websites: Current Trends
Maria H. Sanchez and Peter M. Sanchez

Evaluation of an Interactive Web-Based Application to Promote Healthy Behavior in Order to Maintain a Healthy Weight - Preliminary Findings
Saskia M. Kelders, Susanne Kerkhof, Julia E. W. C. van Gemert-Pijnen, E. R. Seydel, Fleur Markus, and Andrea Werkman


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