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The Fourth International Conference on Digital Telecommunications

ICDT 2009

July 20-25, 2009 - Colmar, France

Preliminary Program

NexComm 2009
July 20-24, 2009
ICDT 2009 // CTRQ 2009 // MMEDIA 2009 // SPACOMM 2009
Place of the Conferences

Université de Haute Alsace
Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) de Colmar

34, Grillenbreit Street, 68008 Colmar

Conference rooms

Time slots





Monday, July 20


Registration starts


16:00 - 19:00


Multimedia Standards

Prof. Dr. Peter Stanchev
Kettering University, USA // Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria


19:30 - 20:30

Welcome cocktail

Salle de la Decapole - Koïfhus
29 Grand'Rue
68000 Colmar

Tuesday, July 21

09:00 - 9:15

Opening session

Prof. Dr. Dan Burdescu, University of Craiova, Romania
Prof. Dr.Petre Dini, IARIA / Concordia University, Canada
Prof. Dr. Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace, France
Prof. Dr. Joel Rodrigues, University of Beria Interior, Portugal

9:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speaker

Multimedia, Quo vadis?

Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Laszlo Böszörmenyi
Klagenfurt University, Austria

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:30





17:30 - 17.45

Coffee break

17:45 - 18:45

MMEDIA Expert Panel

Thinking of a Picture and Finding it: Evolving MMedia Computer Interfaces

Petre Dini, IARIA, USA / Concordia University, Canada

Expert panelists:
Erwan Baynaud, Alcatel-Lucent France, Bell Labs, France
Laszlo Böszörmenyi, Klagenfurt University, Austria
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, University of Craiova, Romania
Philip Davies, BPC &  Bournemouth University, UK

18:45 - 19:45

 Working Group Meeting: Digital Telecommunications
Kick-off Working Group Meeting: Multimedia

Open Discussion: Topics, Journals, Directions

Wednesday, July 22

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:45

Lunch on your own

13:45 - 15:30





15:30 - 15:45

Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:30

SPACOMM Expert Panel

Challenges and Hopes in Space Navigation and Communication: From Nano- to Macro-satellites

Petre Dini, IARIA / Concordia University, Canada

Expert Panelists:
Igor Bisio, University of Genoa, Italy, Italy
David Evans, ESA/ESOC, Germany
Freddy Pranajaya, UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory, Canada
Ross M. Jones, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

17:30 - 19:15

1. Special Presentation

Sigma-Point Kalman Filters for Multipath Channel Estimation in CDMA Networks
by Zahid Ali, Mohamed Deriche, Adnan Landalousi

2. Kick-off Working Group Meeting: Reliability & QoS
3. Kick-off Working Group Meeting: Space communications
4. Open Discussion: Topics, Journals, Directions



20:00 - 24:00

ICDT 2009 - SPACOMM 2009 - MMEDIA 2009 - CTRQ 2009

Meistermann Restaurant
2, Avenue de la République
68000 Colmar, + 33 3 89 41 65 64

Thursday, July 23

08:30 -10:15





10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:15





12:15 - 12:30

Closing session

Friday, July 24

8:30 - 18:00

Colmar, Strasbourg, Haut Koenigsbourg, Riquewihr

One day trip including lunch

Departure from Hotel Ibis-Colmar
10, rue Saint Eloi 68000 Colmar

  • Guided visit of Château du Haut Koenigsbourg
  • Going to Strasbourg
  • Lunch during a Boat Tour, departing from the Quai des Pêcheurs
  • [Châteaux des Rohan, l’Ancienne Douane, La Petite France, La Petite Venise strasbourgeoise, La Terrasse Panoramique, Le Canal du Rhône au Rhin, Dusuzeau, Strassbourg]
  • Guided visit of l’Horloge Astronomique, chef d’oeuvre, from Renaissance -1842
  • [European Parliament, Notre Dame Cathedral]
  • Departure to Riquewihr and outskirts
  • Stop for three Alsacian cellars for wine tasting
  • Back to Colmar




MMEDIA 1: Multimedia Applications
Session Chair: David Newell

Audio Compression Using a Munich and Cambridge Morlet Wavelet
Khalil Abid and Kais Ouni

An Adaptive Mechanism for Multipath Video Streaming over Video Distribution Network (VDN)
Majd Ghareeb, Cesar Viho, and Adlen Ksentini

Contextual Metadata in Practice
Martin Svensson

Integrating Lecture Recordings with Social Networks
Patrick Fox, Johannes Emden, Nicolas Neubauer, and Oliver Vornberger

MMEDIA 2: Multimedia Services
Session Chair: Patrick Fox

Video Sequence Deinterlacing Using Intensity Gradient Filter and Median Filter with Texture Detection
Kunhwa Kang, Joohyeok Kim, and Jechang Jeong

Virtualization as a Strategy for Maintaining Future Access to Multimedia Content
Knut Holmqvist, Till Halbach, and Thor Kristoffersen

Advanced Bilinear Image Interpolation Based on Edge Features
Heechang Kim, Sangjun Park, Jin Wang, Yonghoon Kim, and Jechang Jeong

S3: A Spectral and Spatial Sharpness Measure
Cuong T. Vu and Damon M. Chandler

MMEDIA 3: Multimedia Content and Modeling
Session Chair: Dan Burdescu

The Visualization and Animation of Algorithmically Generated 3D Models Using Open Source Software
Nick Rowe

Collaborative Multimedia Content Caching Algorithms for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Y. Abdelmalek and T. Saadawi

A New Adaptive Linear Interpolation Algorithm Using Pattern Weight Based on Inverse Gradient
Joohyeok Kim and Jechang Jeong

Requirements for an Adaptive Multimedia Presentation System with Contextual Supplemental Support Media
Suzy Cutts, Philip Davies, David Newell, and Nick Rowe

MMEDIA 4: Multimedia Control & Management, Multimedia ontology, Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
Session Chair: Knut Holmquist

A Drift-Reduced Hierarchical Wavelet Coding Scheme for Scalable Video Transmissions
Roya Choupani, Stephan Wong, and Mehmet R. Tolun

Generation and Maintenance of Semantic Metadata for Personal Multimedia Document Management
Annett Mitschick and Klaus Meißner

Streaming Mobile Multimedia Optimization for Video-Conferencing Scenarios
David Esteban Inés, Kazutoshi Fujikawa, Eiji Kawai, and Hideki Sunahara

Rapidly Building Multimedia Management Interfaces for Ubiquitous Computing Services
Ichiro Satoh

MMEDIA 5: Fundamentals in Multimedia I
Session Chair: Annett Mitschick

Fast Mode Decision Algorithm Using Efficient Block Skip Techniques for H.264 P Slices
Youngsub Jo, Jongmin You, Wonkyun Kim, and Jechang Jeong

Improving QoS in P2P Video Streaming
Majed Alhaisoni, Mohammed Ghanbari, and Antonio Liotta

Optimal Layer-Based Unequal Error Protection for Robust JPEG 2000 Images and Video Transmission over Wireless Channels
Max Agueh and Henoc Soude

Prefetching Optimization in P2P VoD Applications
Yifeng He and Ling Guan

MMEDIA 6: Fundamentals in Multimedia II
Session Chair: Anita Sobe

Network Scanning on Multi Function Device
Dong-Hoon Lee and Sung-Gi Min

A Design of Multi-threaded Shader Processor with Dual-Phase Pipeline Architecture
Kwang-Yeob Lee, Tae-Ryoung Park, Jae-Chang Kwak, and Yong-Seo Koo

A Motion Vector Coding Scheme Based on Bottom-Up Merging Procedure
Shou-Yi Tseng and Che-How Mak

Parameterized User-Centered Design for Interacting with Multimedia Repositories
Ayman Moghnieh, Sergio Sayago, Ernesto Arroyo, Gasper Sopi, and Josep Blat

MMEDIA 7: Fundamentals in Multimedia III and Multimedia Content-Based Retrieval and Analysis I
Session Chair: Laszlo Böszörmenyi

An Enhanced Lenient Merging Scheme for H.264 Variable Block Size Selection
Ihab Amer, Rana Hamed, Wael Badawy, Graham Jullien, and James W. Haslett

Synthetic Video Generation with Camera Motion Patterns to Evaluate Sprite Generation
Yi Chen and Ramazan S. Aygün

Computer Vision Method in Music Interaction
Manitsaris Sotirios and Pekos Georgios

Content-Based Classification and Segmentation of Mixed-Type Audio by Using MPEG-7 Features
Ebru Doğan, Mustafa Sert, and Adnan Yazıcı

MMEDIA 8: Work In Progress
Session Chair: Ihab  Amer

Non-sequential Multimedia Caching
Anita Sobe and Laszlo Böszörmenyi

Evaluation Platform for a Multimedia Content Suggestion System
Virginie Galtier and Erwan Baynaud

Work in Progress: Visualizing a Semantic Search in a Room-Based Knowledge Space
Nadine Ludwig

MMEDIA 9: Multimedia Content-Based Retrieval and Analysis II
Session Chair: Ramazan Aygun

Database Kernel for Image Retrieval
Cosmin Stoica Spahiu, Cristian Marian Mihaescu, Liana Stanescu, Dan Burdescu, and Marius Brezovan

Hixosfs_Music: A Filesystem in Linux Kernel Space for Musical Files
Nicola Corriero and Vittoria Cozza

Color Harmonies and Contrasts Search in Art Image Collections
Krassimira Ivanova and Peter Stanchev

Automatic Music Genre Classification Using a Hierarchical Clustering and a Language Model Approach
Thibault Langlois and Gonçalo Marques

A Hierarchical Classification Scheme for Semantic Image Annotation
Nicolas Tsapatsoulis


ICDT 2009

Session Chair: Jesus Martinez Barbero

A Comparative Study of VoIP Standards with Asterisk
Pablo Montoro and Eduardo Casilari

Phase Lock Loop Used in Carrier Frequency and in Data Symbols
António D. Reis, José F. Rocha, Atilio S. Gameiro, and José P. Carvalho

Object-Oriented Framework for Development of Telephony Applications
Ilija Basicevic

Data Symbol Phase Synchronizers of Open Loop
António D. Reis, José F. Rocha, Atilio S. Gameiro, and José P. Carvalho

Session Chair: Ilija Basicevic

Serial Concatenation of LDPC and Turbo Code for GPRS System under Different Fading Channels
Marwa M. Tharwat, S. Elnoubi, and M. Amr Mokhtar

Study on Requirements for Service Interaction
Evelina Pencheva, Ivaylo Atanasov, Georgi Tzompov, and Petya Ilieva

Performance Analysis of Downlink Inter Cell Interference Coordination in the LTE-Advanced System
Sang Goo Kim, Kyongkuk Cho, Dongweon Yoon, Young-Jo Ko, and Jae Kyun Kwon

Verification and Method Act Comparison of the Simulator and Emulator Result Based on NS-2
Ju-Young Shin and Jong-Wook Jang

Session Chair: Evelina Pencheva

Carrier Wave Phase Synchronizers
António D. Reis, José F. Rocha, Atilio S. Gameiro, and José P. Carvalho

Narrowband Interference Suppression for IEEE UWB Channels
Miglen Ovtcharov, Vladimir Poulkov, Georgi Iliev, and Zlatka Nikolova

Data Transmission for Major Sporting Events on MPEG-2
Jesús Martínez Barbero, Eugenio Santos Menéndez, and Abraham Gutierrez Rodríguez

Adaptive Multiplexing Based on E-model for Reducing Network Overhead in Voice over IP Security Ensuring Conversation Quality
Rafael Mendes Pereira and Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco

Session Chair: Joel Rodrigues

Skin Detection Using Contourlet-Based Texture Analysis
Mehran Fotouhi, Mohammad H. Rohban, and Shohreh Kasaei

Real-Time Estimation Method of the Number of Pedestrians in Video Sequences
Sayaka Kuriyama, Go Hasegawa, and Hirotaka Nakano

Internet TV Broadcast: What Next?
Raquel Pérez Leal, Encarna Pastor Martín, and Juan Ángel Cachinero

Automatic Testing and Measurement of QoE in IPTV Using Image and Video Comparison
José Valerdi, Antonio González, and Francisco J. Garrido

Session Chair: Marc Gilg

Fast and Robust Multiframe Superresolution Using Inhibition Principle
Hamid Palangi and Shohreh Kasaei

Evaluation of Transmission and Quality Performance of Digital Secure Voice Communications in an HF Network
Kihong Kim and Jinkeun Hong

Error Performance Analysis for 4+12+16 APSK Signal over a Satellite Channel
Jaeyoon Lee, Dongweon Yoon, Sang Kyu Park, and Sang Goo Kim

A Study on Scalable Object Replication Method for the Distributed Cooperative Storage System
Hirokazu Yoshinaga, Takeshi Tsuchiya, Hiroaki Sawano, and Keiichi Koyanagi

Session Chair: Benoit Hilt

Formant Vowel Structure Tracking by Goertzel Algorithm
Božo Tomas and Marko Obad

Blind Source Separation Using Virtual Sensors
Mahdi Mahdi Khani and Mohammad Hossein Kahaei

Design and Evaluation of a Text-to-Speech System for Azerbaijani Turkish Language and Database Generation
Mir Saeed Damadi and Bahram Zahir Azami

Implementation of a Text-to-Speech System for Kurdish Language
Fatemeh Daneshfar, Wafa Barkhoda, and Bahram Zahir Azami

Statistical Evaluation of Speech Features for Emotion Recognition
Theodoros Iliou and Christos-Nikolaos Anagnostopoulos

ICDT 7: SARP, TRACK and Work in Progress
Session Chair: Theodoros Iliou

A Domain Specific Approach to Network Software Architecture: Assuring Conformance between Architecture and Code
Yan Wang and Verónica Gaspes

Dynamic Languages Integration Path for Telecom Applications
Amer Hasanovic, Nermin Suljanovic, Aljo Mujcic, and Radovan Sernec

Telecommunications Convergence and Broadband Internetworking Technologies Services for Market Evolution and Competitiveness in Mexico
Gerardo Chavez

The MediaSense Framework
Theo Kanter, Patrik Österberg, Jamie Walters, Victor Kardeby, Stefan Forsström, and Stefan Pettersson


CTRQ 2009

CTRQ 1: Reliability
Session Chair: Arnaldo Spalvieri

SRGMs Based on Stochastic Differential Equations
Archana Kumar and Prof. Pramod Kumar Kapur

Test Purpose Generation for Timed Protocol Testing
Sebastien Salva and Antoine Rollet

Maximizing the Availability and Reliability of Videos in VoD System Using Markov Chain
R. Ashok Kumar, K. Hareesh, K. Ganesan, and D.H. Manjaiah

Attacker Independent Stability Guarantees for Peer-2-Peer-Live-Streaming Topologies
Andreas Brieg, Michael Brinkmeier, Sascha Grau, Mathias Fischer, and Guenter Schaefer

CTRQ 2: Quality of Service
Session Chair: Sascha Grau

Priority Transmission of SIP Signaling Flows in Case of IP Link Congestion
Jasmina Barakovic, Himzo Bajric, and Mladen Kos

LAR Image Transmission over Fading Channels: A Hierarchical Protection Solution
Wassim Hamidouche, Hervé Boeglen, Marie Babel, Olivier Déforges, Christian Olivier, and Pascal Lorenz

Measurement-Based Connection Admission Control Methods for Real-Time Services in IEEE 802.16e
Jani Lakkakorpi and Alexander Sayenko

A Clustering-Based Scalable Key Management Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Chadi Maghmoumi, Hafid Abouaissa, Jaafar Gaber, and Pascal Lorenz

CTRQ 3: Communication Theory I
Session Chair: Jani Lakkakorpi

Minimum Timing Jitter in Timing Recovery Based on Pre-filtered Square-Law Timing Detection
Arnaldo Spalvieri and Maurizio Magarini

Active Worm Propagation in Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Network Management Systems
Zahra Zohoor Saadat, Saleh Yousefi, and Mahmood Fathy

A Novel Method for Task Scheduling in Distributed Systems Using Memetic
Mohsen Jahanshahi, Majid Gholipour, Mohammad Sadegh Kordafshari, and Amir Masoud Rahmani

Self Fault-Managed and High Available P2P Architecture for Next Generation Network Management Systems
Maryam Barshan, Mahmood Fathy, and Saleh Yousefi

CTRQ 4: Communication Theory II
Session Chair: Miklos Molnar

A New Approach For Election Algorithm in Distributed Systems
M. Gholipour, M.S. Kordafshari, M. Jahanshahi, and A.M. Rahmani

Evaluating the Impact of Storage Capacity Constraints on Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks
Vasco Nuno da Gama de Jesus Soares, Farid Farahmand, and Joel José Puga Coelho Rodrigues

A Variable Neighborhood Search Heuristic for Point Coverage, Sink Location and Data Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Evren Gûney, Í. Kuban Altınel, Necati Aras, and Cem Ersoy

A Distributed Fuzzy-Based Failure Management for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shahram Nourizadeh, Y.Q. Song, and J.P. Thomesse

CTRQ 5: Communication Theory III
Session Chair: Sandy Rahme

On the Optimal Tree-Based Explicit Multicast Routing
Mikllos Molnar

FUNNet - A Novel Biologically-Inspired Routing Algorithm Based on Fungi
Xu Hao, Ruth Falconer, David Bradley, and John Crawford

Time-Varying PLC Network Modeling with Wavelet MDFB and Weighted OFDM Precoders
Tae-Eung Sung

CTRQ 6: Work in Progress
Session Chair: Joel Rodrigues

A Novel Routing Optimization in Optical Burst Switching Networks
Yahaya Coulibaly, Muhammad Shafie Abd Latiff, and Ali Selamat

Sliding Mode Observer for Anomaly Detection in TCP/AQM Networks
Sandy Rahmé, Yann Labit, and Frédéric Gouaisbaut

Region of Interest Extraction Method Using Wavelets
Julio-Cesar Garcia-Alvarez and Cesar-German Castellanos-Dominguez

Performance of RFID EPC C1 Gen2 Anti-collision in Multi-path Fading Environments
Ki Yong Jeon and Sung Ho Cho



SPACOMM 1: Satellite and Space Communications
Session Chair: Daniel Massicotte

Terabit Satellite: Myth or Reality?
Jean-Didier Gayrard

Rateless Codes for File Transfer over DVB-S
Francesco Zampognaro, Pasquale Cataldi, and Mario Gerla

Analysis of the Convergence between DVB-SH and ETSI SDR
Borja de la Cuesta, Isaac Moreno, Ana Yun, and Juan M. Rodriguez

Enhancing TCP Performance over Hybrid Wireless Terrestrial-Satellite Networks
C. Roseti, F. Zampognaro, and M. Luglio

SPACOMM 2: Satellite and Space Communications II
Session Chair: Jean-Didier Gayrard

Some Remarks on the Problem of Spurious Frequencies in High Data Rate Space Missions
Marco Baldi, Franco Chiaraluce, Gian Paolo Calzolari, and Roberto Garello

Towards the Reliable and Efficient Interplanetary Internet: A Survey of Possible Advanced Networking and Communications Solutions
Giuseppe Araniti, Igor Bisio, and Mauro De Sanctis

Housekeeping Telemetry Compression: When, How and Why Bother?
José-Antonio Martínez-Heras, David Evans, and Rainer Timm

Advances in Latin American Satellite Communications
Abddulrahman Yarali and Sebastian Coe

SPACOMM 3: Signal Processing in Telecommunications I
Session Chair: David Evans

Reduced Cluster Search ML Decoding for QO-STBC Systems
Isaque Suzuki, Taufik Abrão, Bruno A. Angélico, Fernando Ciriaco, Paul Jean E. Jeszensky, and Fernando Casadevall

Voice Activity Detection Based on Wavelet Packet Transform in Communication Nonlinear Channel
Roberto Chiodi and Daniel Massicotte

A Study on Quality Management for Aerospace Product with Multilevel Suppliers
Haoli Chang, Haicheng Yang, Haibin Liu, and Junjie Hou

Research on Process Modeling of Rockets Design Based on Knowledge Reuse
Haibin Liu, Shengyou Shi, Shikai Jing, and Junwu Yan

SPACOMM 4: Signal Processing in Telecommunications II
Session Chair: Marco Baldi

Two-Hop MIMO Relaying Systems Using Random Unitary Beamforming in Gaussian Broadcast Channels
Do-Hoon Kim, Jin-Hee Lee, and Young-Chai Ko

LDPC-Based Iterative Algorithm for Compression of Correlated Sources at Rates Approaching the Slepian-Wolf Bound
Fred Daneshgaran, Massimiliano Laddomada, and Marina Mondin

Capacity Improvement of DS-CDMA Mobile Satellite Communication System Using the Adaptive Duplicated Filters and Interference Canceller
François Nougarou and Daniel Massicotte

Automatic Registration of Satellite Images
Chahira Serief, Youcef Bentoutou, and Mourad Barkat

SPACOMM 5: Signal Processing in Telecommunications III
Session Chair: Fabio Mesiti

Reuse of Product Design Knowledge in Space Industry
Shikai Jing, Xiaoxiao Wu, Huan Xiong, and Haibin Liu

New Approaches in Image Compression and Noise Removal
Luminita State, Catalina Cocianu, Corina Sararu, and Panayiotis Vlamos

TCP Noordwijk for High-Speed Trains
Michele Luglio, Cesare Roseti, Gianluca Savone, and Francesco Zampognaro

A Class of Low-Density Parity-Check Product Codes
Marco Baldi, Giovanni Cancellieri, and Franco Chiaraluce

SPACOMM 6: Signal Processing in Telecommunications IV, Satellites and Nano-Satellites
Session Chair: Ross Jones

Design of an LUT-Based Predistorter for Power Amplifier Linearization
Zhiwen Zhu and Xingping Huang

Knowledge Modeling of Innovation Design for Complex Product Based
on Ontology
Qian Shi, Haibin Liu, Shikai Jing, Huan Xiong, and Hao Zhang

Analyses and Suppression Method of Frequency Offset and Timing Offset in FH-OFDM System
Xiupei Zhang, Heung-Gyoon Ryu, Byung Gak Jo, and Gwang Hoon Baek

Determining Optimal Orbital Path of a Nanosatellite for Efficient Exploitation of the Solar Energy Captured
Bogdan Mocanu, Maria-Mihaela Burlacu, Josephine Kohlenberg, Mahendiran Prathaban, Pascal Lorenz, and Ruxandra Tapu

The Generic Nanosatellite Bus: From Space Astronomy to Formation Flying Demo to Responsive Space
Freddy M. Pranajaya and Robert E. Zee

SPACOMM 7: Geographic Information and Applications
Session Chair: Freddy  Pranajaya

Indoor/Outdoor Seamless Positioning Technologies Integrated on Smart Phone
Ling Pei, Ruizhi Chen, Yuewei Chen, Helena Leppäkoski, and Arto Perttula

Real-Time Fleet Ship Monitoring System Using Satellite Broadband Communications and Google Earth
J. Sorribas, D. Afonso, E. Arilla, O. Garcia, A. Hernández, J. Olivé, J.L. Ruiz, X. Romero, A. Sandoval, J.A. Serrano, E. Trullols, and J. del Río

GPS Community Map Generation for Enhanced Routing Methods Based on Trace-Collection by Mobile Phones
Brian Niehöfer, Ralf Burda, Christian Wietfeld, Franziskus Bauer, and Oliver Lueert

A Very First Geometric Dilution of Precision Proposal for Wireless Access Mobile Networks
Soumaya Zirari, Philippe Canalda, and Francois Spies

SPACOMM 8: Satellite/Space Communications-Based Applications, Delay Tolerant Networks, Work in Progress
Session Chair: Brian Niehoefer

Easy-to-Deploy Emergency Communication System Based on a Transparent Telecommunication Satellite
Mathieu Dervin, Isabelle Buret, and Céline Loisel

Analysis of TCP and DTN Retransmission Algorithms in Presence of Channel Disruptions
Carlo Caini, Piero Cornice, Rosario Firrincieli, Marco Livini, and Daniele Lacamera

Satellite Communication Systems On-Board Spanish Oceanographic Vessels: Performance and Optimization Analysis
D. Afonso, E. Arilla, O. Garcia, A. Hernández, J. Olivé, J. L. Ruiz, X. Romero, A. Sandoval J. A. Serrano, J. Sorribas, E. Trullols, and J. del Río

Disruption Tolerant Networking Flight Validation Experiment on NASA’s EPOXI Mission
Jay Wyatt, Scott Burleigh, Ross Jones, Leigh Torgerson, and Steve Wissler

Network Centric Core Avionics
Sergio Montenegro


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