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The First International Conference on Advances in Satellite and Space Communications


July 20-25, 2009 - Colmar, France


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference.

A diploma will be issued in the name of the authors and mailed to the contact author.


Analysis of the Convergence between DVB-SH and ETSI SDR
Borja de la Cuesta, Isaac Moreno, Ana Yun, and Juan M. Rodriguez

Towards the Reliable and Efficient Interplanetary Internet: A Survey of Possible Advanced Networking and Communications Solutions
Giuseppe Araniti, Igor Bisio, and Mauro De Sanctis

LDPC-Based Iterative Algorithm for Compression of Correlated Sources at Rates Approaching the Slepian-Wolf Bound
Fred Daneshgaran, Massimiliano Laddomada, and Marina Mondin

A Class of Low-Density Parity-Check Product Codes
Marco Baldi, Giovanni Cancellieri, and Franco Chiaraluce

GPS Community Map Generation for Enhanced Routing Methods Based on Trace-Collection by Mobile Phones
Brian Niehöfer, Ralf Burda, Christian Wietfeld, Franziskus Bauer, and Oliver Lueert

Analyses and Suppression Method of Frequency Offset and Timing Offset in FH-OFDM System
Xiupei Zhang, Heung-Gyoon Ryu, Byung Gak Jo, and Gwang Hoon Baek

Analysis of TCP and DTN Retransmission Algorithms in Presence of Channel Disruptions
Carlo Caini, Piero Cornice, Rosario Firrincieli, Marco Livini, and Daniele Lacamera


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