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The Third International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection

ICIMP 2008

June 29 - July 5, 2008 - Bucharest, Romania

Hotels and Travel

From Airport to Hotel

We recommend that you travel from airport to hotel via Fly Taxi. This will avoid any unexpected issues you may encounter. The taxi fare with Fly Taxi is in the order of 2.5 RON per kilometer (roughly 1 Euro per kilometer that is). Other private tax drivers may try to obtain up to five times that amount.


Hotel IBIS Palatul Parlamentului - Bucharest
Izvor 8284, Sector 1


The history of Romania is a major part of the hist ory of Central-Eastern Europe. Rooted in the Roman Empire of the first millennium AD, Romanians have continuously inhabited the same geographical area. Romania is a Latin language country.

Historically Bucharest has been founded in 1459 on the banks of the Dambovita river in the south-eastern part of the country by the ruler Vlad Tepes and became later the capital city of the Princely Court. After the achievement of the Romanian national unity (1859), Bucharest became and remained the capital of the country with more than two million of inhabitants today. Bucharest is served by Otopeni International Airport, and Subway Network.

Bucharest has a lot of parks, gardens and natural lakes (Herastrau, Cismigiu etc.), hosts many industrial companies' headquarters, and stays as the main cultural center of Romania, with many universities, theatres, operas, and museums.

Not far away from Bucharest are Prahova Valley and Carpathian Mountains (100 miles/160 km), where some on-demand trips could be organized for visiting medieval castles, monasteries and churches and... Dracula's Castle is just there!

Bucharest Map

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Passport and Visa

All foreigners possessing valid passports recognized by the Romanian state are allowed to enter the country. Visas can be obtained either early from the Romanian consular offices abroad or at the entry points from the visa officers. Please check for visa rules and fees since they are subject to change.

Electrical current

The electrical current in Romania is 220V ( 50 Hz ). The plugs have 2 round prongs. Plugs and sockets are the same as in the European continental countries. In case your equipment requires different voltage, an electrical transformer will be needed.

Time difference

Local time is GMT+2.00 hours during winter (October to March) and GMT+3.00 hours during summer (March to October).


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