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The Fourth International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems

ICAS 2008

March 16-21, 2008 - Gosier, Guadeloupe


The papers listed below have been selected as "Best Papers" based on the reviews of the original submission, the camera-ready version, and the presentation during the conference.

A diploma will be issued in the name of the authors and mailed to the contact author.


Expertise Recommendation: A Two-Way Knowledge Communication Channel
Debbie Richards, Meredith Taylor, and Peter Busch

Adapting to Run-Time Changes in Policies Driving Autonomic Management
Raphael M. Bahati and Michael A. Bauer

Implementation of a Generic Autonomic Framework
Radu Calinescu

High-Level Modeling of Software-Management Interactions and Tasks for Autonomic Computing
Edin Arnautovic, Hermann Kaindl, Jürgen Falb, and Roman Popp

Task Dependency of User Perceived Utility in Autonomic VoIP Systems
Edward Stehle, Maxim Shevertalov, Paul de Grandis, Spiros Mancoridis, and Moshe Kam

Towards Autonomic Service Control in Next Generation Networks
Andreas Klenk, Michael Kleis, Benoit Radier, Sanaa Elmoumouhi, Georg Carle, and Mikael Salaun

Increasing the Autonomy of Mobile Robots by On-line Learning Simultaneously at Different Levels of Abstraction
Willi Richert, Olaf Lüke, Bastian Nordmeyer, and Bernd Kleinjohann


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