International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing


November 4-9, 2007 - Papeete, French Polynesia (Tahiti)


Tutorial: Towards Semantic Service-Oriented Systems on the Web
by Dumitru Roman


A new paradigm - service-orientation - is emerging nowadays for distributed computing and e-business processing. Recent research which draws on a variety of fields such as Semantic Web, Web Services, knowledge representation, formal methods, software engineering, process modelling, and software agents, is gaining momentum in the context of service-orientation. Research in the mentioned fields can be potentially exploited to automate Web services-related tasks, like discovery, selection, contracting, composition, mediation, monitoring, and invocation, thus enabling seamless interoperation between them while keeping human intervention to a minimum. In this context, this tutorial will give an overview of the main approaches (concepts, models, languages and technologies) that enable semantics in the context of Service-Oriented Systems on the Web.


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