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Advanced Industrial Conference on Telecommunications

AICT 2005

Week of July 17, 2005 - Lisbon, Portugal

Preliminary Program



Lisbon, July 17-20, 2005

 Sunday July 17, 2005


Reception Cocktail


Room "Infante" 2nd floor

Holiday Inn Lisbon Continental


Monday July 18, 2005 

08:15 - 09:00

 Opening Session

Marcelino Pousa, PT Inovação

TCP Chairs

Invited Session Chair: Marcelino Pousa, PT Inovação

Invited Speaker: Francisco Fontes, PT Inovação


Operators' Network Evolution in NGN: Challenges and Opportunities for the Creation of New Services

09:00 - 10:45



10:45 - 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 - 13:00



13:00 - 14:00

Lunch on your own

14:00 - 15:45



15:45 - 16:15

Coffee Break

16:15 - 18:00




TPC Meeting

Tuesday July 19, 2005 

08:30 - 10:15



10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:30



12:30 - 14:00

Lunch on your own

14:00 - 15:45



15:45 - 16:15

Coffee Break

16:15 - 18:00




Gala Dinner

Room "Descobrimentos" 2nd floor

Holiday Inn Lisbon Continental

Wednesday July 20, 2005 

08:30 - 10:15



10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:30



12:30 - 14:00

Lunch on your own

14:00 - 15:45



15:45 - 16:30

Closure Session &



 A1: Next Generation Networks
Chair: Seungchul Park

 Anti-Doping: An Approach for Grid Integrity Verification
R. dos Santos, M. Aguilar, P. de Sousa, J. Sousa, and R. Andrade

An Overlay Data Plane for PlanetLab
A. Bavier, M. Huang, and L. Peterson

Stakes of Next-Generation Communication Services
E. Bertin

Implementation of Next Generation VDSL Networks in Metro Ethernet Backbone Environments
S. Park

 A2: Routing
Chair: Grzegorz Danilewicz

Packet Classification Using Adaptive Rules Cutting (ARC)
M. Abdelghani, S. Sezer, E. Garcia, and M. Jun

 Fast Retransmission of Real-Time Traffic in HIPERLAN/2 Systems
J. Afonso and J. Neves

Location-Based Geocasting and Forwarding (LGF) Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
L. Latiff, A. Ali, C.-C. Ooi, and N. Fisal 

Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithm for Metropolitan Optical Packet-Switched Ring Networks
T. Eido, V. Nguyên, and T. Atmaca

 A3: Services
Chair: Thanh van Do

Service Management for End-to-End QoS Multimedia Content Delivery in Heterogeneous Environment
E. Borcoci, A. Asgari, N. Butler, T. Ahmed, A. Mehaoua, G. Kourmentzas, and S. Eccles

On the On-Line Hose-Model VPN Provisioning
Y.-L. Liu, Y. Sun, and M. Chen

Policy-Based Network Management in an Integrated Mobile Network
J. Oliveira, P. Gonçalves, W. Dziunikowski, J. Wszolek, S. Rasmussen, R. Lopes, and V. Roque

A Service-Oriented Architecture Framework for Mobile Services
D. Thanh and I. Jørstad 

A4: Security
Chair: Andrew Bavier

FRAMESEC: A Framework for the Application Development with End-to-End Security Provision in the Mobile Computing Environment
B. Filho, W. Viana, R. Braga, and R. Andrade

The Use of Distributed Network-Based IDS Systems in Detection of Evasion Attacks
I. Basicevic, M. Popovic, and V. Kovacevic

Web Services: Self-adaptable Trust Mechanisms
O. Dini, M. Moh, and A. Clemm

An Enhanced SOS Architecture for DDoS Attack Defense Using Active Network Technology
C.-H. In, C. Hong, J. Wei, and K. Okamura

 A5: Optical Networks
Chair: Joel Rodrigues

RLS Adaptation of Widely Linear Minimum Output Energy Algorithm for DS-CDMA Systems
J.-J. Jeon, J.-S. Lim, J. Andrews, and K.-M. Sung

Impacts of Packet Filling in an Optical Packet Switching Architecture
F. Hacıömeroğlu and T. Atmaca

Analyzing the Effects of Burst Assembly in Optical Burst Switching under Self-similar Traffic
B. Kantarci, S. Oktug, and T. Atmaca

Modeling Multi-Channel Optical Slotted Rings with Fixed Transmitter and Fixed Receivers
M. Chaitou, G. Hébuterne, and H. Castel

A6: QoS Metrics
Chair: Emmanuel Bertin

End-to-End QoS Implementation in a B3G Network
R. Azevedo, A. Oliveira, F. Fontes, D. Guerra, P. Esteves and T. Mota

Multi-Service Routing ¾ A New QoS Routing Approach Supporting Service Differentiation
A. Varela, T. Vazão, and G. Arroz

Wireless Link Dimensiong: Priority versus Sharing
M. Marques and I. Bonatti

Implementing High Speed IP Address Lookups in Hardware
K. McLaughlin, S. O’Kane, and S. Sezer 

A7: Multicast
Chair: Herwig Mannaert

Multicast Connections in a Virtual Circuit Switching Node
M. Głąbowski, M. Stasiak, and P. Zwierzykowski

Intelligent Multicast Router Discovery Mechanism in Mobile Multicast
H. Lee and S. Han

Performance Analysis of Multicast Routing Protocol PIM-SM
D. Li, J. Wu, K. Xu, Y. Cui, Y. Liu, and X. Zhang 

Placement of Repair Proxies to Improve Inter-receiver Delivery Delay Fairness in Hierarchical Reliable Multicast Networks
S.-S. Byun and C. Yoo

A8: Assessing Models
Chair: Eugen Borcoci

Multiuser Detection and Blind Adaptive Vector Channel Estimation for CDMA Systems in Mobile Channels
S.-M. Tseng, H.-C. Yu, and C.-H. Lin

A Policy Based Context-aware Agent Framework to Support Users Mobility
H. Harroud and A. Karmouch

Using Neural Networks to Classify Internet Users
A. Nogueira, M. de Oliveira, P. Salvador, R. Valadas, and A. Pacheco

Assessing Capacity in WLAN-UMTS Integrated Networks
E. Garcia-Palacios, M. Abdelghani, A. Hussain, and S. Walsh

 A9: Switching
Chair: Yeali Sun

Hierachical Round-Robin Matching for Virtual Output Queuing Switches
A. Baranowska and W. Kabaciński

Lower Bounds for WSNB Multi-Log2N Switching Networks
W. Kabaciński and M. Michalski

Modeling and Simulation of an Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet
H. Charara and C. Fraboul

A Layered Architecture for Supporting Optical Burst Switching
F. Farahmand, J. Jue, V. Vokkarane, J. Rodrigues, and M. Freire 

A10: Performance Evaluation
Chair: Jose Afonso

Performance Evaluation of the V-BLAST System under Correlated Fading Channels
T. Duong, H. Trang, E. Hong, and S. Lee

Performance of Turbo Codes with SOVA Algorithm in DSSS over Channels with Non-White Additive Gaussian Noise
M. Bykowski

A Comparison between Two Maintenance Session Protocols
A. Cavalli, T. Griffin, and D. Vieira

Throughput Comparison between RACH and CPCH in 3GPP
R. Soares and J. Brito

A11: Communication Systems
Chair: Jose Brito

Convolutional Turbo Coded OFDM/TDD Mobile Communication System for High Speed Multimedia Services
S. Cho, J. Kim, K. Lee, and K. Cho

A Flexible Mobile Communication Infrastructure Mechanism
Y. Yan, K. Kim, and D. Park

Admission Control for Streaming Services over HSDPA
E. Rodrigues and J. Olsson

A Seamless Handover between cdma2000 and WLAN for 3G-WLAN Interworking Service Continuity
H. Cho and W. Kim

A12: Propagation
Chair: Claus Bauer 

P-CPICH Power and Antenna Tilt Optimization in UMTS Networks
I. Siomina

Proposal of New EBG Ground Planes in the Electric Size Reduction Design of Planar Antennas
G. Fontgalland, P. Ferreira, T.-P. Vuong, N. Raveu, and H. Baudrand

Assessing the Impact of Rainfall on System Bandwidth for Broadband Fixed Wireless Applications
S. Walsh, E. Garcia, and S. Sezer

A New Decision Feedback Equalizer Using Filtering Diversity to Mitigate Error Propagation
F. Duarte, E. Pinto, and J. Galdino

A13: Evaluation Techniques (I)
Chair: Philippe Vidal

Anomaly Detection for Network Servers Using Digital Signature of Network Segment
M. Proença, B. Zarpelão, and L. Mendes

Reconfigurable Instruction Interface Architecture for Private-Key Cryptography on the Altera Nios-II Processor
P. Moore, M. McLoone, and S. Sezer

Approximations to Maximum Weight Matching Scheduling Algorithms of Low Complexity
C. Bauer

Application of the Saddle Point Method for the Evaluation of the Probability Density Function of Pre-Amplified OOK Systems in the Presence of Intrachannel Crosstalk
L. Cancela and J. Pires

 A14: Evaluation Techniques (II)
Chair: Sakir Sezer

Cost-effective Maximum Lifetime Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Hossain, O. Chae, M. Rashid, and C. Hong

Implementation and Evaluation of AntNet, A Distributed Shortest-Path Algorithm
M. Strobbe, V. Verstraete, E. Van Breusegem, J. Coppens, M. Pickavet, and P. Demeester

Cost Analysis of Grooming Ports for IP-over-WDM Network Protection
N. Correia and M. Medeiros

Priority-Based Congestion Control in MPLS-Based Networks
S. Fowler and S. Zeadally

A15: Evaluation Techniques (III)
Chair: Tulin Atmaca

Passive Cluster Based Clock Synchronization in Sensor Network
M. Rashid, C. Hong, and C.-H. In

The Realization of Mobile Number Portability in Korea
Y. Jeong and W. Kim

The Design and Implementation of a Shared Packet Buffer Architecture for Fixed and Variable Sized Packets
S. O’Kane, C. McKillen, and S. Sezer

A 10 Gbps GFP Frame Delineation Circuit with Single Bit Error Correction on an FPGA
C. Toal and S. Sezer


S1: Handling PI Resources
Chair: Mari Carmen Domingo

Managing Pi-resources in 4G Wireless Systems: The Opportunistic Way
P. Sobral, L. Bernardo, and P. Pinto

Searching for PI Resources on MANETs Using JXTA
R. Oliveira, L. Bernardo, N. Ruivo, and P. Pinto

A Scheduling Engine to Allocate Resources for Multicast Transmissions over a Satellite Link
H. Mannaert and P. Adriaenssens

Efficient Resource Management for the P2P Web Caching
K. Kim and D. Park

S2: Routing
Chair: Piotr Zwierzykowshi

A Cooperation Model and Routing Protocol for QoS Support in Ad Hoc Networks Connected to Fixed IP Networks
M. Domingo and D. Remondo

A Two-Phase Algorithm for Off-line Inter-domain Traffic Optimization
M. Pedro, E. Monteiro, and F. Boavida

Uplink Blocking Probability for a Cell with WCDMA Radio Interface and Differently Loaded Neighbouring Cells
M. Stasiak, A. Wisniewski, and P. Zwierzykowski

Introduction to Multi-Agent Modified Q-Learning Routing for Computer Networks
R. Rudek, L. Koszałka, and I. Pozniak-Koszałka 

S3: Monitoring and Measurements
Chair: Carlos Becker Westphall

On the Use of Traffic Monitoring and Measurements for Improving Networking
S. Farraposo, P. Owezarski, and E. Monteiro

A DRM Architecture to Distribute and Protect Digital Contents Using Digital Licenses
V. Rosset, C. Filippin, and C. Westphall

A Framework for Service Quality Assurance Using Event Correlation Techniques
A. Hanemann and M. Sailer

Performance Analysis and Service Differentiation in the MAC SubLayer of IEEE 802.11e Ad Hoc Networks
M. da Silva and C. Westphall

S4: Web Services
Chair: Luis Bernardo 

Web Services Based Systems for Network Management and Provisioning: A Case Study
H. Mannaert and P. Adriaenssens

Models for the Supervision of Web Services Orchestration with Dynamic Changes
T. Chatain and C. Jard

A Distributed Service Discovery and Selection Framework in Pervasive Service Environments
N. Dhanakoti, S. Gopalan, V. Sridhar, and S. Subramani


 E1: Models
Chair: Pawel Szulakiewicz

Links Models in Multi-Service Networks
M. Głąbowski, S. Hanczewski, M. Stasiak, and P. Zwierzykowski

 A Semantic Lifecycle Approach to Learning Object Repositories
M.-A. Sicilia, E. García-Barriocanal, S. Sánchez-Alonso, and J. Soto

An Ontology-Based Mechanism for Assembling Learning Objects
L. Santacruz-Valencia, A. Navarro, I. Aedo, and C. Kloos

Bridging the Gap between Learning Management Systems and Learning Object Repositories: Exploiting Learning Context Information
J. Broisin, P. Vidal, M. Meire, and E. Duval

E2: Internet and Web-Based e-Learning
Chair: Sylvia Encheva

Internet-Based Training in Decoding Algorithms and MAC Protocols
R. Kotrys, P. Remlein, A. Stelter, and P. Szulakiewicz 

eLearning in Manufacturing Processes: Implementation by Integrated Web Services and Streaming Services
M. Zimmermann

Educational Materials for E-Learning about Signalling Systems in Telecommunication Networks
G. Danilwwicz, W. Kabaciński, and M. Michalski

Cooperative Learning Objects in an Intelligent Web-Based Tutoring System
S. Encheva and S. Tumin

E3: Experiences
Chair: Christian Callegari 

Teaching Experiences with E-Learning Network Infrastructures
D. Adami, C. Callegari, S. Giordano, F. Mustacchio, R. Secchi

Strategic Planning and Service Models for the ELViRA Project
G. Scollo, G. Bianco, R. Fattorini, O. Forlani, N. Piccinini, and U. Savardi

Teaching Educational Management
R. Dumbraveanu and G. Karlsson

Tele-Pedagogy in the Virtual Educational Communities
S. Delouis and M. Jalobeanu

Distance Tutoring of Mechanics in a Global Framework
G. Karlsson, I. Cohen, T. Burden, and D. Dodd


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