The Fifteenth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications

AICT 2019

July 28, 2019 to August 02, 2019 - Nice, France



Apr 26, 2019


May 26, 2019


Jun 09, 2019

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Jun 20, 2019

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AICT 2019 - The Fifteenth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications

July 28, 2019 - August 02, 2019

AICT 2019: Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Open Discussion
Theme:  Digital Society: Dealing with Downsides of the Progress

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Petre Dini, IARIA, USA

List of themes under discussion

  • Smart-phones as a Linear Adoption: Our Near-by IoT Spies
  • Pollution via Electric Cars: Migrating the Source
  • Drones Dynasty: Pros and Cons of Flying Engines
  • Robots, you are Welcome! Not quite! Unplug them, if Nasty!
  • Digital Waste Management; Batteries, as a Case Study
  • Social/Society Issues: Aloofness and Loss of Personality
  • Information/knowledge: Artificial Intelligence versus Natural Stupidity
  • Fake or True News: Education and Awareness
  • Digital Assistants:  Liability/Rights/Ethics/Empathy/Trust


Tutorial 2
Theme: Blockchain Definition, Implications, and Potentials: A Hands-on Approach

Tutorial Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Gomaa, University of Scranton, USA

The Tutorial presents an overview of blockchain technology and why it is viewed as an important shift in the digital economy.  With a hands-on approach, It presents how to install a digital wallet, interact on the blockchain, create digital currencies, and validate transactions. It then addresses when should a blockchain solution be considered when considering business models and the supply chain value creation. A number of use cases are presented to show the potentials of Blockchain in different domains. The tutorial agenda is below. it takes 1:30 hours.

  • Outlook
  • What does a blockchain solve?
  • When to use it?
  • How does it work?
  • Tutorial: Install a wallet, interact with the blockchain, Create a currency, Validate transactions
  • How the industry defines it?
  • Showcases : The University of Scranton cryptocurrency experiment for Students Engagement
  • Food Supply Chain
  • Existing Challenges
  • Wrap-up