The First International Workshop on Nano and Bio Robotics

NBR 2007

January 2-6, 2007, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

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This workshop is part of ICQNM 2007.


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NBR 2007 is focusing on robotic systems working at the very small scales, i.e., millimeter/molecule size, biologically inspired micro/nano-systems, as well as biological nano-robots.  The workshop intends to present the most recent achievements on nano-manufactured robots and bio-robots, their utilization, and their control.

Developing nanoscale-manufactured robots presents fabrication and control challenges. The evolution of mechatronics system and robotic system requires advanced functions for control. Special methods and technologies have been developed to design, analyze, build, controls, and apply micro/nano-robotic systems for biotechnology, medical, information technology, materials, etc. A particular application of nano-robots would be in carrying out projects in hostile environments, utilizing local materials and local energy. Ultra-miniature robotic systems and nano-mechanical devices will be the biomolecular electro-mechanical hardware of future manufacturing and biomedical industry.

Nowadays, there are tremendous attempts to develop new bio-molecular machines, components that can be assembled in nano-devices. Bio-robotics entities are able to manipulate the nano-world components, convey information from the nano/nano to the nano/macro world and navigate at the nano-environment level. Additionally, they are able to self replicate, leading to the bio-robot factory. Protein-based nano-motors and nano-robots, as well as biomolecular components interfaces.

We solicit research and industrial contributions covering nano-manufactured robots and bio-robots. The NBR 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services and posted on IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


Autonomous and teleoperated nano-manufacturing systems
Microscope nano-probes, optical tweezers, and dielectrophoresis
Carbon nano-tubes and biological objects (DNA, RNA, cell, tissue, etc.)
Biologically inspired miniature space robots and micro-/nano-systems
Nano-particles and nano-wires
Micro-/nano-electromechanical systems

Performance models of nano- and bio-robots
Dynamics and kinematics of bio-nano robots
Molecular kinematics
Limitations of nano-robot colonies

Nano-robots and nano-assembly
Nano-robots control design
Computational nano-robotics
Nano-robotics simulation
Nano-robotics communications techniques
Evolutionary nano-robots

Cellular robotics and micro/nano robotics systems
Viral proteins motors
Protein-based nano-motors and nano-robots
Biomolecular components interfaces (DNA joints and carbon-nanotube rigid links)

Nano-robots in nano-medicine
Surgical micro-robots inside the human body
Nano-robotics and biomedical applications
Medical nano-robots feasibility


The NBR 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services and on-line via IEEE XPlore Digital Library. IEEE will index the papers with major indexes.

Important deadlines:

Full paper submission August 15, 2006 September 8, 2006
Author notification September 10, 2006 September 30, 2006
Registration and Camera ready September 30, 2006 October 15, 2006

Best paper awards will be granted by the IARIA award selection committee.

Only .pdf or .doc files will be accepted for paper submission. All received papers will be acknowledged via the EDAS system.

Final author manuscripts will be 8.5" x 11" (two columns IEEE format), not exceeding 6 pages; max 4 extra pages allowed at additional cost. The formatting instructions can be found on the Instructions page.

Once you receive the notification of paper acceptance, you will be provided by the IEEE CS Press an online author kit with all the steps an author needs to follow to submit the final version. The author kits URL will be included in the letter of acceptance.

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Tutorials provide overviews of current high interest topics. Proposals can be for half or full day tutorials. Please send your proposals to

Panel proposals:

The organizers encourage scientists and industry leaders to organize dedicated panels dealing with controversial and challenging topics and paradigms. Panel moderators are asked to identify their guests and manage that their appropriate talk supports timely reach our deadlines. Moderators must specifically submit an official proposal, indicating their background, panelist names, their affiliation, the topic of the panel, as well as short biographies.

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Marianna Bei, Harvard Medical School/ Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Nicolas Chaillet, Universite de Franche-Comte, France
Ronald Fearing, Berkeley University, USA
Robert A. Freitas Jr., Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, USA
Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan
Constantinos Mavroidis, Northeastern University, USA
Metin Sitti, CMU, USA


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